Lies He Told


He was halfway out the door when the phone rang. He paused and waited for the answering machine to pick up the call, not wanting to walk across the room to check the number being displayed on the caller id. After a few more rings, their familiar message permeated through the quiet apartment he leased with a couple of his friends.

"Hey, you lucky person you, you've reached the home of fashion designer, Brooke Davis-"

"Owner of Red Bedroom Records, Peyton Sawyer-"

His best friends, really. They had met when they were only kids, at 5 years of age, and after everything that had happened in their lives, with family, school and friends, they had only grown closer, stronger.

"And NBA All-Star Nathan Scott. Now the sad thing is: none of us are home at the moment. I'm training-"

"I'd most likely be in the studio, trying not to kill Chris-"

"And I'm currently having to deal with Victoria, enough said really. So, if it's really important you can try reaching us on our cell phones, which you'd have the numbers of if you really matter-"

"Unlike my ex-wife and bastard brother-"

There was a story behind that, of course, and the story was that during their final year in high school, they had been betrayed by the Rivercourt duo. He shouldn't be surprised, really. Yes, Lucas was his brother and, yeah, Haley was his wife, but he had never fully trusted them. At least, not when they were alone together.

He had ignored it, refused to believe that they would hurt him or their friends; he wished that he had listened to the little voice in his head.

Haley had told him that she was pregnant... And that the child may be Lucas's.

"Or you can do what others usually do: ignore Nate and leave a message after the beep."

"But if you're ex-rocker Haley James or one-hit wonder author Lucas Scott, don't even bother."



A groan was heard. "We are going to have to do this all over again or else they're going to think we're either bitter or crazy."

"We should just keep it."

"Yeah. I kind of like it."

"I like it too, but it's too long. The machine will cut us off soon-"

"It should have do-"-"


A deep inhale of breath before, "Hey, it's Lucas. Hales doesn't know I'm calling-"

Nathan Scott rolled his eyes the moment his brother's voice was heard over the answering machine. Asshole never could listen, he thought as he crossed the room with the intention of picking up the phone and giving his brother a piece of his mind. But his next words caused him to stop and stare in shock.

"We're getting married in a couple of weeks and we'd love to have you guys there. I know we have a pretty rough past, but we were hoping we could get passed that and start fresh. It'd really mean a lot to us if you guys would attend." A pause in his carefully thought over speech.

"Jaime really misses his aunts and his uncle, I just thought you guys should know." Another pause and another inhale of breath, "Anyway, we're still living in Tree Hill and our wedding is set for the thirtieth of the month, I hope that you're all not too busy and can make it-"

"Hey Luke," the phone was pressed against Nathan's ear.

"Nate? Hey," surprise was evident in the older Scott's voice. "How are-"

"We'll be there," Nathan's eyes widened.

What the hell am I saying? He wondered to himself, but words continued to escape through his lips, "Our schedules are kind of tight, but we'll manage somehow. We'll be bringing dates, of course."

Another pause, Lucas stuttered, "Su-sure, but uh, I-I wasn't aware that any of you were seeing anyone."

"Not that many people know. With our lifestyles right now, we all want to keep things under wraps," Nathan lied.

"Oh right, of course."

Yet another pause on the other end left Nathan with the distinct feeling that his brother was going to ask more than he should.

And he did, "Any of it serious or is it just-"

"Yeah, it's pretty serious, for all of us," another lie.

"Brooke is practically living with her boyfriend, he's this indie movie producer she met when we were in Los Angeles," a tiny little fib. Brooke does spend a lot of time with Julian, she talks about him a lot and she does tend to spend the night at this apartment whenever she 'accidentally' locks herself out of ours... So what if they aren't dating?

"I've been seeing an old friend for a couple of years." Not going too much into detail there.

"What about Peyton?" Lucas just had to ask.

Of course, Nathan thought.

"She's engaged herself, actually," He paused, eyes darting around the living room until they settled on a picture of Peyton, her arms wrapped around- "To Jake Jagielski, he managed to snag her after all, huh?" Peyton is going to kill me.

Silence was heard on Lucas's end. Another moment passed before he could compose himself, clearing his throat, "Yeah, I guess so, but that's good. Good for them."

He cleared his throat again, changing topics, "Anyway, the wedding, you'll all really be there?"

"I'll have to talk to everyone and let them know, but we'll be there. You can count on it." If they don't kill me for this, that is.

"All right then, it was nice talking to you, Nate. Tell Brooke and Peyton that we miss them and you'll hear from us again soon."

"Uh, yeah, Luke, it was nice talking to you, too." I really shouldn't have picked up the phone.

"But, one small little favor, little brother, if you don't mind that is."


"The message on your answering machine... If you could just change it or possibly cut out the part about me and Hales?"

Nathan chuckled. "I don't know, man. We're all pretty attached to it, been there since we moved in together, but I'll see what I can do. Not making any promises."

"That's all that I ask. Call me after you've spoken to the girls, there are a few more details that I'll have to get into. Take care of yourself, Brooke, and Peyton, Nate."

"I always do, don't I?" Nathan returned the phone back on its stand, effectively hanging up on the blond before he had the chance to say anything else.

He stood in the room, going over everything that had happened in the last ten minutes or so.

"I'm fucking dead."