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Oh gods. Gai Shishioh, meet Shinji Ikari.

Mission 1: START!

The boy awakened again, only to see the same surroundings as before. He noted the lights were dimmer, and he...

… he was having trouble breathing. Not that it bothered him. "Life support... this is it, then. Maybe... it is better this way."

Fate, however, decided to disagree with the boy's thoughts. And it did so by having a certain entity kick a certain purple giant right in the crotch. Inside, Shinji Ikari suddenly snapped from his depressed state, repressing the urge of shrieking form the feedback pain.

The entity wasn't quite done, though. She slapped the Evangelion's helmet repeatedly, while giving the pilot a few pieces of her mind. "You wimp, you actually thought of laying down and waiting for death? Are you stupid or something? Oh, please, somebody put some sense in this guy's brain!"

Her request was granted by a certain soul, finally freed from a long lethargic state. Yui Ikari quickly realized she should act fast, as the thing she cherished the most was dangerously close to being lost forever. "Shinji," she whispered, saddened by her inability to actually touch him, to give him a tight, warm hug, "don't give up. Please."

The azure-eyes boy completely forgot about his pain, as he frantically searched in his mind for the source of that voice in his mind. It was her. After all this time, he could actually hear her voice once again. "Mother... where are you?"

She gently poked his mind once again, trying to make him realize the obvious. "Right at your side, son. And above, and below..." As the boy realized the meaning of her words, the doctor could barely suppress a giggle."Right. I was with you all the way from the beginning."

For the first time in his life after arriving at Tokyo-3, Shinji felt true happiness, and a pang of guilt. The thing he hated the most turned out to hold one of the few persons who genuinely cared about him. Suddenly, his first battle made sense. That reaction after he went unconscious, it wasn't the trashing of a berserk being, it was the fight of a mother defending her kin. "Mother... I... you are right. I can't give up. Not now, but what about the life support?"

A new presence was felt on the mind of Shinji. Strong like a thousand flames and deep like a black hole. "You idiot, you never though about the reason you can actually breathe better now?"

The Evangelion pilot turned his head, only to find the girl staring, not at the Eva, but at the place where his Entry Plug should be. "Who are you? How can you be here, inside the Angel?"

The girl blinked twice, astonished. "Oh my, you really ARE stupid. Let me tell you a small story." She seemed to sit in mid-air, and took a deep breath, before starting her tale. "Long, long time ago, a certain being decided to have children. One of those children was able to go here and there, you know, travel through dimensions and stuff. It was a good life, but that children knew one day she would have to return to her father. It was all fine and stuff," she said with an annoyed face, "but I digress. One day, that girl found two nice young boys, who thought her a valuable lesson. Suddenly, the objective of returning to her father wasn't that fun any more, mostly because it involved a genocide."

The pilot looked at the girl, mouth wide open. "You are an Angel?"

The girl nodded, with a smirk on her face. "Ah, looks like you aren't that stupid then. Yes, I am, or at least I WAS an Angel. Turns out those kind little boys decided to help me and set me free. He also asked me to find his friends and see if they were all right. Suffice to say, I fully intend to keep that promise, and I think you could also benefit from it."

The Evangelion's eyes flashed. "Explain, please. How could we benefit from your promise?"

The girl chuckled. "Apart from the possibility of giving your son a happy life, getting out of that giant AND saving the Earth? I dunno."

Inside her little world, the good doctor smiled. "Shinji? What do you think?" The boy bit his lower lip. The decision was already made in his heart, but he felt a pang of regret for the worries he would cause Misato and... yeah, pretty much Misato only. Sighing deeply, ha decided to go through the path his heart chose. "All right, let's do this. You never told me your name, though."

The girl flashed him a smile, the first one without irony. Just a pure, simple smile. "Call me Leliel. Now, let's make some preparations before we actually leave. You can rest for a while, your mum and I will take care of everything."

The pilot nodded, as he laid back on his chair and closed his eyes. "Thank you, Leliel, Mother..." he whispered, just before he fell asleep.


Later, in the (late) Sol Masters Dimension... (bad pun, I know)


A group of people were currently in the bridge of the J-Ark-class battleship. While the captain of the ship, Soldato J was absent from the group, due to the energy spent in the final battle, the Ship's AI, Tomoro-0117, was providing much needed processing power for the group's delicate task. An old man with a purple Mohawk lookalike scratched his chin. "Hmm... the space where we are is contracting... slowly but surely. We are caught in a dimension pocket. Tomoro, how much time do we have before the dimension gets too small for us to fit in?"

"We still have 15 minutes, if the contraction speed keeps its current value. ES-Engines are down, and the chance of being able to generate enough energy to escape, even if the engines were in perfect condition would be around 0,1%." The battleship computer replied, unable to express its own musings about the current situation.

Liger Shishioh, the old man, grimaced. "This is it, then. Courage can only go so far, at least without the G-Stone or any other mean of transforming it into the power to give mankind the ability to write its own fate. Chief Taiga, your orders?"

The hot blooded chief of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard crossed his arms, before replying to the professor's query. "All that's left to do now is to spend our last minutes with our friends and closest ones. All of you... enjoy your time. This is your last mission." Everyone nodded, before leaving the bridge of the J-Ark. The expression 'Carpe Diem' was the most adequate to describe their mood. If they were going out, then let them go out with a smile and giving the finger to the souls of the Sol Masters who trapped them there.

Of course, they knew nothing of the beings who were just outside the space bubble.

Yui Ikari, now freed of the vessel that held her soul for years, and clad in a spare plugsuit stored behind the seat (much to Shinji's surprise), was helping the new core entity in understanding its own functions as a co-pilot. While the ability to accomplish said functions was preset, the soul, a shapeless mass of thoughts by the time Yui was absorbed, and in time grew into something very close to a human, was having some problems in shaping the AT field in the form Shinji was concentrating. Leliel was sitting in the Evangelion's shoulder, whispering words of encouragement to the inexperienced soul.

Shinji himself had a hard time understanding what Leliel wanted him to do, until she reminded him of some simple things that the AT field could respect to its advantage: "The smaller are you apply a force into, the greater is the pressure in that area. In short," she said back then, "I intend to tear the wall apart in one point with brute force. Not very refined, but it works."

"Wait, I think I got it. Try again, please." the soul asked. Shinji nodded, and resumed his task of thinking about a conical shaped AT-Field focused on the right hand. After a moment where nothing happened, the octagonal outline of an AT field finally started to form, warping in the desired shape and, strangely enough, spinning.

The older Ikari shook her head. "Okay... I guess that does it. Shaping a drill is more than we asked for, but it looks like you had an easier time doing that."

Leliel nodded in approval. "Good job. Now, do you remember the place I indicated you?" The Evangelion's eyes flashed, as a small tracker appeared in the Entry Plug's visual interface. "Good. Let's punch it. If all goes well, and my senses don't betray me, they should be on the other side of this dimensional boundary."

Both Angel and Evangelion brought their fists back, before delivering an AT-reinforced drill punch into the dimensional wall. The wall seemed to hold the brutal hit it took, but that illusion only lasted a brief moment, as the wall finally caved, revealing a shrinking space with a white ship in the centre.

Shinji felt something off, and turned his head to the place where the Tokyo-3 entrance should be. The sight before his eyes froze the blood in his veins. "Uh... we should get out of here. The people at Tokyo-3 just emptied a bucket-load of N2 mines in your Dirac Sea." Leliel's eyes went wide. "Quickly, into that dimension. I can fix this wall once we get there."

With some flashes from the AT-Field being used as a manoeuvring thruster, the former occupants of the Dirac Sea managed to enter the new dimension, effectively leaving the kill zone of the explosive devices. Extending her AT Field, the Angel joined the jagged edges of the dimensional wall, allowing them to unite again and closing the Tokyo-3 Dirac Sea, that would soon collapse in an explosive way. "Well, guess we can't go back this way any more," she mused. "Let's take the ship before this dimension collapses. I think I have another place where we can go."


Meanwhile, in the J-Ark...


Tomoro snapped out of its self-diagnosis mode when he detected the new energy signatures. Wondering if the newcomers were a blessing or a curse, he activated the ship's internal communication system. "This is Tomoro-0117, energy signatures approaching. Unable to say if they are friend or foe."

A crackle of static later, the voice of Yui Ikari could be heard in the ship. "J-Ark, right? Somebody asked my friend here," the Evangelion pointed at Leliel, "to check out on you. Can you move?"

Soldato shook his head, forgetting that only the ship's bridge had the hardware for a visual link. "Negative. We're effectively dead in space. I advise you to get out of here before the dimension collapses."

A glance between Leliel and Eva-01 later, Yui's answer was heard. "Sure, we'll get out of here quickly... but not without you. Sit back and let Unit-01 take care of your movement problems."

The Angel nodded. "Shinji, you heard your mother. Please get the J-Ark and move it in..." she closed her eyes, trying to seek another weak point in the dimensional fabric, "... there." she said, pointing her finger to the right. The soul, always helpful, immediately marked the zone that she pointed to, giving a reference to the Eva pilot.

Inside the Entry Plug, Shinji nodded, manoeuvring the Evangelion with help from his mother about the direction he should apply the field. Meanwhile, Leliel darted to the weakness in the fabric, trying to find the exact spot to apply the AT Field. Since the hole had to fit a battleship, she couldn't do it the same way she did before, now she actually had to find a line in space that allowed her to separate the particles, instead of tearing through them. "Hmm," she thought, "this seems a good spot. Now I just need to wait for Shinji and Yui to get closer, I have no idea abut the time we will have once I open the hole."

Meanwhile, Shinji was having some problems with moving the ship. While the Eva had a certain mass, the J-Ark's mass was way bigger, leading to Shinji's attempts at moving the battleship to be complete failures, at least until he decided to apply a stronger AT-Field. Finally, albeit slowly, the J-Ark was moving in the desired direction.

Inside the battleship, everybody was crossing their fingers. Geki Hyuuma, hearing the nervous talks of the people observing the contraction of the dimensional space, crushed a walkie-talkie (his 100th or so), and got rewarded with a mock-glare of Soldato. "Hyuuma-san, please do not break the J-Ark's communicators. We don't have replacements for those, you know." The muscular member of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard grinned at the comment from the Red Planet Warrior, and sat in a nearby chair. Now, everything was in the hands of their saviours.

Leliel eyes the approaching J-Ark, waiting for the time to open the hole. 'Closer, just a bit closer... Perfect!' she thought, turning around and throwing her AT Field at the hole point. "Shinji, hurry, it won't hold for long!"

Hearing the Angel's request by the mental link, Shinji threw caution to the bushes and speeded up, in an urge to get to a safe zone and do it fast. Inside the ship, each crew member chose one of two sentences that reflected their state of mind. Either "We're not gonna make it," or "Shut up and let the man drive, god damn it!". Strangely enough, Kosuke Entouji chose the latter, and was shouting it rather hot bloodedly... right at Kazuo Ushiyama's ears, who quickly stopped his pessimistic chanting.

After what it seemed an eternity, the J-Ark entered the hole, with Leliel and Eva-01 standing in the upper deck, watching the psychedelic array of colours unfurl over their eyes, taking them to some place else, while the dimension they were finally collapsed.

In the Other Side, the 11 Sol Masters made a sound of disappointment and threw some less-than-polite comments at Eva-01 and Leliel. The result? Iruel "hacked" Palparepa's rear end with Ramiel's drill at full speed, while the 5th Angel spew death upon the other morons who though insulting an Angel right next to other Angels was perfectly acceptable. It seemed like they never noticed the big scarves and messages of "We love Lelly" and "Unit-01 haz 1337 skillz."


At Tokyo-3, things were about to change...


Seeing the 13th Angel going out in a blaze of N2 explosions, along with a strange show of green and red light, Gendo stood motionless, with Fuyutsuki staying in the shadows. "It is over, Sensei. The damn kid couldn't help but mess up! Now I lost Yui!"

A click of a gun being primed later, Gendo Ikari nearly wet his pants at Fuyutsuki's death sentence. "You only cared for her, didn't you. You have a kid, but you sent him away like a dog. I've been waiting for this moment, Ikari. This is a new beginning. The Seer spoke, and was ignored. Her words were the right ones. The Covenant of the Stones. But you will not be alive to see the triumphant return." His tone wasn't the one of the professor Gendo knew for many years, It was a tone of barely restrained rage at the way he treated everyone. And deep down, the commander of NERV knew his Sub-Commander was right. Which is why he made no movement, and said nothing, choosing to take his well-earned brain rape by bullet.

It was only at that moment that Fuyutsuki noticed the unshaven man who was also hiding in the shadows. "So, one plan failed, and I guess the prophecy covers the other plan for Third Impact?" The old man shook his head. "The prophecy itself does not guarantee the survival of mankind, but it gives us hope. This rebellion of mine was just the first step, Mister Kaji. You know what to do now. The password is 'Return'. This will hamper the committee. And don't give me that look. I noticed a while ago that you don't work with SEELE's best interests in mind. I served for a while as a spy, too."

The unshaven man nodded. "It is good to see that there's still someone here who thinks straight. I'll be going then. I need to get that report ready."

Fuyutsuki nodded. "Thank you, Mr. Kaji. Oh, and please, could you call Dr. Akagi, Major Katsuragi and Miss Ibuki, please? I have the feeling I'll need more trustworthy people... and I guess explaining the Major about our plan is the only way to keep her from killing the good doctor."

"All right, I will call them. Although I must say I'm impressed. Never thought Dr. Akagi was one of playing for two sides." Kaji admitted.

The Sub-commander chuckled. "She played on my side all along. We just think it was too bad she had to get so intimate with that pig, but now he have a free way." Seeing the spy's surprised face, he grinned. "She likes older man. You really though she would hook up with Gendo?"

Kaji let out a good-hearted smile. "Oh, this is just great. I thought she wasn't on her right mind when I learned about it, and here you are, revealing this was all a way to lower his guard. Well done, sir, well done. Looks like I still have much to learn." he said, before leaving.

Kozo Fuyutsuki smiled, as he looked through the glass. "Don't worry Mr. Kaji, this comes with age." If all things went well, SEELE would take a strong blow, and even if they didn't, their final project wasn't ready yet. It all amounted to a matter of timing.'Good luck, Shinji, Yui,' he thought,'It is all in your hands, now. Do not fail us.'

Oh no! Gendo's dead! Fuyutsuki killed him. Nooooooo... I mean, YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!

As you can see, Yui Ikari is out of her Eva, and we have a new soul on Eva-01. and Leliel met Mamoru and Kaidou, looks like it screwed up with the Dead Sea Scrolls. Oops.

Anyway, where is the J-Ark headed?