So basically Alex never died in the fire, only her mother did, Rachel was the one who started the fire to finally bump the mother off, and Alex and Anna have an older sister who comes to visit unexpectedly and gets caught up in the events.

"There's something off about her, i really don't think she is who she says she is" Anna said to Alex as the two sat idly on the dock kicking their legs through the water slowly.

"I've been thinking that too, i can't believe dad's actually marrying her" Alex grumbled as she thought of the blonde nurse who was sat indoors probably draped over her father.

"Me neither, i can't get over how quick she's jumped into mom's place" Anna groaned her blood boiling at the woman's actions. She absentmindedly began to rub at the scars on her wrist, it's something she always did when she thought of her mother's death.

"She'll never be mom, she thinks she can be, but she won't" Alex replied taking a hold of her younger sisters hand. Squeezing it lightly she tried to avert her eyes away from the scars but it was unsuccessful. A cold shiver went through her as she remembered how the girl had acquired them.

"Anna, you in here" Alex called as she hurried into the girls room. Looking around she noticed that it was completely empty. She narrowed her eyes in confusion at the Anna's absence and spun on the spot.

"Come on, you know what he's like sis he didn't mean it like that" she shouted through the upstairs as she walked out of her sisters bedroom and over towards the bathroom. Looking through the blurred glass she could see the outline of her sister sat up against the wall.

"Anna, please come out and talk, we talk about everything" Alex pleaded as she stood looking through the cloudy glass. She looked closely and noticed that Anna still hadn't moved from the position she was in when she first got there.

"Look i don't care what you say i'm coming in" Alex said and with that she threw the door open and took a step in. But suddenly her body recoiled in horror at what was in front of her. There sprawled up against the wall was Anna blood pooling around both of her arms which hung limply at her sides.

"No, no, no" Alex screamed as she bolted forward sliding to her knees next to her little sister. Alex pulled Anna into her lap tightly.

"What have you done, come on Anna answer me" Alex yelled as she watched her sister's head loll limply in her arms. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head no concentration in them what so ever.

"Help, please somebody help, Dad" she screamed at the top of her lungs trying to get anyone's attention. Suddenly she could hear thumping footsteps and her dad skidded into the bathroom.

"Oh my god" he said his voice barely above a whisper.

"Get an ambulance, dad ring the paramedics now" she screamed tears rolling down her tanned face. Her father just nodded numbly and sprinted from the room his head all over the place.

"Come on Anna, keep your eyes open, please do it for me, I lost mom I don't wanna lose you to, I can't lose you" she cried as she cradled the girl in her hands.

Anna was trying to say something but all the energy she had had been completely drained from her. " 'm sorry" she managed to get out weakly trying to steady her head but not being able to.

"Shh, keep your energy" Alex cooed as she stroked the girls hair lovingly. She could feel her heart thumping hard against the inside of her ribcage and it felt as if it was about to burst out.

"Just stay with me yeah".

"So what are we going to do, you know to find out about who she really is" Anna sad snapping Alex out of her reverie. Alex shook the memory out of her head.

"I say we make a few phonecalls, and find a bit out about those three kids" Alex said not really sure if it would work but was willing to try anything she could to bring the woman down.

"Yeah that sounds good" Anna grinned looking at her sister. She was about to add on to what she said when behind them they could hear a car pulling into their driveway.

"I didn't know we had visitors" Anna said looking up to where the sound was coming from.

"Me neither" Alex said getting to her feet and hurrying up to the driveway. Anna got a up a little slower and looked out at the water. She shivered as she remembered Matt's body being pulled from the lake. His back broken. Just like in her dream.

Shuddering she turned on her heel and disappeared after her sister.

When Anna finally got up to the driveway she stopped in shock at who was stood in front of her. But finally she found her voice and ran forward.

"Amy" she cried jumping straight into her eldest sister's arms. The older girl embraced her little sister tightly a wide smile on her face.

"Hey kiddo" she grinned as she finally pulled away from her.

"I'm only two years younger you know, you can't call me that anymore i'm eighteen" Anna laughed and Amy just rolled her eyes.

"I can call you whatever you want because i'm the oldest, that goes for you too smart ass" she said looking over at Alex who had already locked her in a bone crushing hug.

"I didn't know you were coming home this weekend" Anna asked as she looked at the raven haired girl. Her hair was long and tied back into a loose ponytail. She was a little taller than Alex and her skin was slightly more tanned, but her features were a mix of Alex's and Anna's.

"I just thought i would surprise you that's all, what can't i stop by to see my little sister's" she laughed as she slung one arm over Anna's shoulder and the other over Alex's. "So where's the old man" she grinned referring to her father.

"Who knows, more than likely with that bitch" Alex snarled as her thoughts turned to the blonde woman once more.

"Oh this is interesting, wait dad has a girlfriend" Amy replied slightly stunned at what the girl had said.

"Yeah and never guess who it is" Anna said pushing the question at Amy. She narrowed her eyes in concentration.

"I don't know give me a clue" she said wanting a little aide in figuring it out.

"Tall, Blonde, a little crazy, lived with us for a while and is now a permanent feature" Anna said and Amy's face completely dropped as she realised who it was.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me, please don't tell me it's Rachel" Amy said spitting the sentence out in disgust. Of all the people he had to pick it was her. You should have seen this coming, they were having an affair after all she thought to herself feeling slightly nauseous.

"Nope, now she wants to play mommy dearest with us, but we think she's not who she says she is" Alex said as the three slowly walked towards the house.

"What are you" she began but stopped when she saw her dad and Rachel walking towards them. "Hold that thought" she mumbled quietly and broke away from the two and embraced her father.

"Well look who's flown back to the nest" her father grinned pulling back from his eldest daughter.

"Hey daddy" she grinned back putting a soft kiss on his cheek. Finally her eyes managed to meet Rachel's and instantly a scowl made itself known on the youngsters face.

"Amy it's so nice to see you again" Rachel said the falsest smile you could ever imagine on her face.

"Wish i could say the same thing Rachel" Amy said casually. Behind her she could hear Anna and Alex stifle a laugh and her dad glared warningly at her.

Rachel just kept that fake smile on her face stopping herself from biting back. Ever since she had first met the girl the two had taken an instant dislike to each other.

"Amelia I'm warning you" her dad whispered quietly in her ear. Amy just rolled her eyes and turned back towards her car.

"Where are you going" he asked wondering why she was going back that way.

"To get my stuff from the car, not getting rid of me that easily" she laughed as she opened the boot and reached in pulling out a big duffel bag.

Rachel who was stood right at the back by the front door listened to the girl's words closely. Let's hope you can back that up she thought silently watching as the eldest gathered her stuff.

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