Two weeks later . . . .

Anna and Alex were walking through the graveyard slowly a bunch of flowers in their hand. Neither spoke as they made their way over to the gravestone which sat in the centre of the field.

Both were dressed casually and they strolled slowly towards the stone. When they finally got there both kneeled down in front of it with glassy eyes. Anna lifted her hand and her fingers traced the soft grooves of the stone where her name had been carved into.

She hadn't thought about her in a while surprisingly. Neither of them had with everything that had been going on. "We miss you so much" Alex said from beside her sister and she felt Anna's hand slip into her's and squeeze it lightly.

"Yeah we do" Anna added looking down on the grave. Things hadn't been the same ever since. Ever since she had gone everything had changed.

"Brought you these" Anna said holding up the flowers in her hand. "Lillies, your favourite" she said as she placed them in front of the headstone. "Why did you have to leave" she added as she looked at her sister dejectedly.

"It was her time Anna" Alex said to her sister. She had taken it hard when they lost her but she stayed strong for Anna, she blocked everything out to protect her.

"She didn't deserve to go, why was her time so early" Anna countered looking at her tanned sister once more. Alex didn't have an answer to that. It was something she wanted to know as well.

Anna took a quick glance at her watch and sighed. "We gotta go now" she said to the headstone quietly and her hand once more brushed across the marble. "We love you" she said as the two girls got to their feet. Anna kissed the tips of her fingers and pressed them to the cold marble and sighed.

"We love you mom" she said once more and the two girls walked away from their mothers grave slowly heading towards their dads car.

Anna was sat in her room headphones stuck into her ears deep in thought. She thought about everything. Everything that had happened in the past. Everything that will happen in the future. About the people around her.

A loud knock on her door snapped her out of her reverie and she beckoned for them to come in. But she was shocked at who had walked in.

"Hey kiddo" Amy said as she shut the door behind her and walked over to Anna on the bed. Before she even knew what was happening Anna was right in front of her arms squeezing her tightly. "Woah watch it, i'm still sore you know" Amy said and Anna instantly released her grip and began muttering apologies.

"I didn't think you were coming home from the hospital till next week" Anna said looking at her sister in shock. She could easily see how bruised and cut her face was still.

"I was meant to be, but I convinced them that I would recover better at home" Amy smiled and she sat down on the bed next to her sister. Anna just smiled and rested her head on the girls shoulder.

"I'm glad, I've missed you" Anna said softly to her injured sibling. Amy slid one arm around Anna's shoulder and pulled her into her side firmly. Anna's arm went around her back and rested gently around her waist.

"I missed you too Midge" she laughed referring to her sister's nickname which mocked her height. Anna just narrowed her eyes but a small laugh emitted from her mouth. As much as she hated the name it was good to hear it.

"Does Alex know you're here" Anna said lifting her head and looking up at Amy. Amy nodded.

"Yeah she caught me when I was on my way in, I'm surprised you couldn't hear her screaming" she giggled remembering her sister's excitement at her being back with them.

"I can imagine" Anna laughed as well as she buried herself closer into her sister. She could remember the last time she had been this close to her sister. Had been holding her.

She could vaguely register herself falling down next to Amy and trying to help the girl.

"I can't fight it any longer Anna, it's too hard" she remembered her saying her voice strained. Millions of thoughts were racing through her head as Amy said those words. Words she never thought the girl would ever say.

"Please keep fighting Amy, i lost mom, I lost Matt, I cannot lose you as well" the fear that was seeping through her bones and her veins was unbearable. She couldn't lose anymore people. Especially not her sister.

"You haven't lost Alex, or dad, you'll have to hold on for them". What was she saying. It had to be the blood loss, just delirious that's all. How could she be such a hypocrite.

"But I'd be losing you" She could remember screaming those words her heart shattering into thousands of pieces as her sister prepared herself for what was to come. But it was impossible for Anna to do. Impossible to think of a life without her.

And the words that really did burn her heart to ashes came out of Amy's cracked and bloodied lips. "I love you yeah just remember that I love you kiddo". And then she was gone. Just like that her body gave up and she had died, right there in her arms.

The pain that was shooting through her was intolerable and she let out a loud cry of anguish. She could remember Alex come into the room and breaking down next to her as well.

Then more footsteps were heard and before she could even fight them the paramedics were prying her away from Amy trying their hardest to save the girl.

"Shocking 300" one of the paramedics said and an electric current zapped through Amy's body. Everytime they did this Anna could feel it go through her as well. She could feel the stab that was pushing the life back into her sister.

Finally after five minutes of trying a heartbeat was registered on the small monitor the paramedics had and they quickly whisked her off to the ambulance.

The ride there took forever as Anna and Alex huddled next to her whilst the paramedics looked over their wounds.

The rest was a blur. Amy had disappeared into theatre. Doctors came and went most with no news on their sister. Their father turned up and began to break down in shock.

And she couldn't even touch him. Couldn't comfort him for his pain, because it was his fault that this was happening to them all. If he had only believed them.

"Anna, hey you okay" Amy said waving her hand in Anna's face. The girl instantly snapped out of her memory and gave her sister another hug just to make sure that she was really there.

"Never better" she grinned as she held onto her sister tightly but not too hard because of the injuries.

After around five minutes of the two just sitting there Amy spoke once more.

"So how has things been around here whilst I was in hospital" Amy asked and Anna turned to look at her.

"Been better" she said sullenly as she thought of the transition the place and the people had gone through. "Alex is finally back into her own room now that it's been cleaned" Anna said as she looked through the door that led to her sister's room. "But she's still staying in here with me" she added.

Amy completely understood why she slept in with her sister. They'd been through something traumatic and they needed each other.

"Have you spoken to dad since it happened" Amy said wondering what the situation was between the two.

Anna shook her head side to side. "Not really, we've made small talk you know like what do you want to eat and all that but not really" Anna said shrugging her shoulders. She still hadn't come to forgive her father. She knew it wasn't completely his fault but she couldn't help but hold some resentment for him.

"Anna you need to talk to him" Amy said looking down at her little sister. "He feels bad enough about this as it is without his kids hating him, I've forgiven him because I know that Rachel had him wrapped around her little finger, you know he didn't think I heard him breaking down at my bedside last week" Amy said and Anna's eyes widened slightly in shock.

"He thought I was out cold but I was wide awake, and he cried his eyes out, saying how sorry he was, and how he should have believed us over her, that as well as losing his wife he was that close to losing his kids" Amy said trying to coerce Anna into actually talking to their father.

"Really" Anna said listening intently to her words. She hadn't seen her father show much emotion over the past two weeks and this had really hit her for ten.

"Yeah, so please just try to talk to him, tell him how you're feeling, but don't blame him any longer, because he's suffering as much as we are" Amy said squeezing the girl shoulder on which her hand was on.

"I suppose I can at least try" Anna conceded knowing that she would have to have it out with her father sooner or later.

"Good" Amy said smiling at her sister. She wanted peace in the house not conflict. There had been enough conflict already. "Oh and by the way" Amy said to her sister her gaze a little harder. "Thanks for wrapping my car around a tree" she laughed as she thought of her trashed car which was currently being repaired. Anna held her hands up in mock defeat.

"Sorry about that" she said back knowing that it was all meant in light heartedness.

Amy smiled lightly. She didn't care about the car. The only thing she cared about concerning the car was her sister.

Anna walked slowly down the stairs and into the living room where she knew her father would be sat. She stopped at the doorway her breath hitching in her throat. She didn't know what she would say, she hadn't really planned anything in advance.

"Dad" Anna said quietly as she took slow steps into the room. Her father turned in his seat and looked at her. It was the first word she had said to him in a while.

"Hey Anna" he answered back pulling of his glasses and placing them down on the table in front of him. "What's up" he asked softly looking up at his youngest girl.

"Dad, i just" she began but her words got lodged in her throat. When did they get like this? That they couldn't talk the way they used too?. "I just wanna say that, I'm sorry" she said biting her lip hard trying to stop the tears that were threatening to fall any second.

"Anna honey you have nothing to be sorry for" he said quickly jumping to his feet and walking over to her. He dropped one hand on her shoulder and squeezed it gently.

"But I do dad, I took everything out on you, when I slit my wrists I pointed the finger at you, when mom died I took it out on you and you didn't deserve it, and I really am sorry" she said her voice breaking and finally the tears fell from her large brown eyes.

Steven quickly took a hold of his daughter in his arms and held her tightly as she wept. Tears of his own were beginning to fall as he clutched her tightly never wanting to let go. His daughter had come back to him.

"Hey kiddo" Amy called from her room and Anna skipped on still happy every time she saw her sister sat there alive and breathing.

"What's up Ames" she asked as she laid herself down on the bed next to her eldest sister.

"Nothing" she said back gingerly rolling over onto her side to look at the youngest sibling. "Just wondering how It went with dad?" she said placing one arm over her waist and one under her head trying to get herself comfy.

"It was good" she said back with a small smile. "We've sorted it all" she added relief swimming her body everytime she thought of the conversation.

"Good, we need to start getting back to normal I think" Amy said with a grin and Anna nodded her head and rolled over so she was tucked in tightly to her sister's body. Amy moved her arm over Anna and cuddled her lightly. She knew the girl was still hurting. Hell they all were.

"How can we ever be normal again?" she replied to Amy who's head was resting on her's. For the first time in her life she didn't have a clue how to answer it.

"We're just gonna have to try I think" Amy answered simply. She wished she knew the answer to put her sisters mind at ease but it was impossible to know the future.

Anna didn't reply and the two fell into a comforting silence as they both lay there pondering their thoughts. Before the two knew it they had both dropped off to sleep. Amy due to her pain medication and Anna due to the emotional trauma of the day.

Alex walked into Amy's room to find her two sisters sound asleep on the bed Anna cuddled into Amy's side and the elder girls arm around her protectively. She smiled at the sight. Something she thought she would ever see again. As quietly as she could she crawled onto the bed next to them.

Amy rolled over a little and opened her eyes to look at her other sister who was on the opposite side of her so she was now sandwiched in between the two younger Ivers.

"Hey" she said her voice rather hoarse as she had been asleep.

"Hey, sorry did I wake you?" Alex asked apologetically as she looked at her sister the girls hair all over the place.

"Nah it's alright I wasn't in a deep sleep anyway" she said back with a small smile on her pretty yet bruised face. "Where have you been?" she asked softly wondering where her sister had disappeared all day.

"Just into town to get a few things" she said back quietly as to not to disturb Anna who was snoring quietly. "She looks comfy" Alex spoke with a light laugh as she looked at the girl.

"Yeah she is I think" Amy said as she brushed a stray strand of hair off of the youngsters face. "We're gonna be okay, you know that right" Amy said looking at the tanned girl next to her.

Alex nodded her head. "I hope so" she said her voice filled with weariness. She really didn't know what their futures would bring to them.

"Hey none of that hope so you, we will be" she said her voice a little firmer and Alex nodded once more trying to make the words sink in.

"Okay" she conceded trying to take the advice given to her. "So when you going back?" Alex said her voice low and Amy could hear the distress in it.

"I don't know" Amy said wit a light shrug. "But I'm thinking never, I mean I can't leave you two to run amuck here now can I" she chuckled lightly with a grin.

Alex's eyes lit up her words. "So you're really gonna stay here with us again?" Alex added just to make sure she had heard the girls words correctly.

"Yeah I am, got nothing keeping me from here now have I" she smirked and she couldn't help but laugh at the bonecrushing hug Alex pulled her into. She lifted her arm and placed it around Alex's shoulders so she now had an arm around both her siblings.

"Did I hear that right?" came Anna's muffled voice to her right. The two girls smiled and Amy squeezed her lightly.

"Yeah you heard right kiddo" she grinned planting a kiss on the top of her head and then doing the same with Alex. "I'm back for good now" she smiled as she shut her eyes to fall asleep once more her two sisters following suit.

And she knew. They all knew. That as long as they had each other that nothing could touch them. Though that theory was about to be tested a lot faster than they expected.

So there we are guys. Finished. I do hope you enjoyed and I'm planning on doing a sequel to this. So let me know your thoughts and thank you so much for the support as much as I screwed you lot over with my unreliable updates haaa. Thanks you guys.