The Death of Nick

WARNING: This is rated M for bloody violence, sexual content with the most hated fanon NxG, Language, and the song "100 Years" by Five for Fighting.

Nicks Point of View

I felt shearing pain as a knife was in my leg. Blood poured out like a fluid river. I knew my life was ending. Trent grabbed the knife and stabbed me in the heart. I felt my heart stop in sudden blood. I fell down, blood pouring out of my mouth.

"Fucking pussy!" Trent yelled out, in a powerful voice. He grabbed his gutiar and crashed it against my body. I saw red in my vision. I slowly died, while Trent was killing me with the knife.

I had the balls to call the cops on Trent, and he got arrested for murder. after that crap, Gwen came to where I died. She gasped. She shook me. She started weeping. "Oh my.. god.." Gwen whispered. "No.. No... NO! Don't die Nick! You were so young... " Gwen kept on crying, while I watched from heaven. I felt so sad to leave Gwen.

I felt bad.. as the funeral started after 3 days that I died, I saw Gwen kiss me in the casket, and put in a rose. How I felt so sad when I cryed. John Lennon came, and told me something about love being lost.

"It must be bad to leave her at 10 and a half like that." John said.

"It does.."

After that, I went along into heaven, trying to cheer up, Dead actors helped me get comfy in heaven. Dennis Hopper told me his complaints of the Super Mario movie.

Michael Jackson hugged me and took me to bowling up in heaven. (Its a term for Thunderstorms) But, I felt something strange happen to me at the 8th day in heaven.

I felt my life rewinding, and changing before my very eyes. I then got a scene. It was Camp Wawanakwa. It felt weird to go back to my life. but then, I heard moaning and groaning. I went through the door, and I saw myself and Gwen. We were naked, and kissing.

Nick's POV in the cabin

I caressed Gwen's breasts and licked her tounge. She moaned so loud that I started straddling her. Then I came inside of her. She moaned loud, and I kept on getting in and out. She moans so loud that I have to quiet her. "N-nick.. I'm gonna c-cum.." Gwen said.

I kept on going faster and faster, feeling her vaginal walls close to my cock. We both explode with cum, and I moan. I panted, with sweat on my body. "Fuck.. That.. was... unbelieveable.." I said. "I love you, Nick." Gwen said. "Love ya too babe." I said, feeling great that I lost my virginity.

Nick's POV as a ghost

I thought What the fuck? I am such an asshole. Then, I went back to heaven.


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