Ello there peoples! This is my first fanfic that I've actually published so far and I'm really nervous... I guess I'm kinda insecure about my writing, but it's time to face my fears! Reviews are 100% appreciated. I actually have a character profile for Annabel so if you want to see it let me knows and I'll post it for ya :) Well thanks for reading ma story. I'm also open to any suggestions you may have for chapters :D So yeah... Enjoy (and I'm sorry the chapters are so short... I'm not really used to actually writing something in chapters...)

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Hi there, my name is Annabel Cosette Madeline Laroux. I'm a purifier and I moved in with Nyx and his crew about four months ago. It was a tough decision to leave my sister and school, but it had to be done. Since then I have saved many lives and I don't regret leaving them in the least. Besides, I still get to see my sister every once in a while. I've also made some good friends at the mansion. I have Angelique, who is always there when I'm having a mental breakdown over some stupid little female issue or I just need another girl to be around. Then I've got Rayne, who is always there when I need to talk, or if I just need some peace and quiet. He's got one of the best book collections I've even seen and he always lets me read them. I'll usually visit with him and read when he's working on an experiment so I don't disrupt him.

"Hey Rayne, can I come in?" I knocked lightly on his door and waited for a response. When I didn't get one I assumed he must have fallen asleep while doing research like he has so many times before and I decided to go on a walk around the garden instead. I slipped on a pair of black ankle books that went with my dress, tied my hair up in a loose bun, and headed outside. It was about 5:30 so the sun was just starting to set and the sky was a bright golden with pink highlights. It was beautiful. Sunsets are always my favorite part of the day, they just make life feel like a dream and anything is possible. They're one of the few things in the world that are still peaceful.

As I roamed around, occasionally sniffing a rose, my mind started to wander freely and I couldn't help but ask myself how I had gotten so fortunate. I have a sister who would take a bullet for me, two friends who will listen to even my most idiotic of complaints, and I had the best parents a girl could ask for. As I thought of my dad I could hear my mum and Rachel playing the piano as dad and I danced. I got so wrapped up in the moment that I actually started to waltz with myself.

After about ten minutes I realized that I wasn't dancing by myself anymore. When I opened my eyes I saw Nyx smiling down at me with his soft blue eyes. I felt a light blush rise to my cheeks, "O-oh, hello Nyx. What are you doing here?" "I could ask you the same thing. I was on my way to drink tea in the center of the garden when I saw you dancing by yourself." "Oh… Well I was going to see Rayne, but he didn't answer so I assumed he was asleep and then I diced to go on a walk around the garden. When I got here I started thinking about how I used to dance with my father and I guess I just got swept in to the memory." My blush deepened. "Ah, I see… So I haven't gotten to talk to you very much since you've joined us. How are you enjoying yourself?" He lifted his arm for me to spin. "Quite well, thank you. Everyone has been so kind to me, especially Angelique and Rayne." "Rayne? Really? He's never really been the 'friendly/kind' type." "I know, and he's not, but he's still a good friend. Like when he lets me read while he experiments. He's got an amazing book collection." I smiled as he dipped me back a little. "He lets you in his room? Wow, you must be a very good friend to him. I'm not even allowed in there most of the time." I blushed at this comment, "Really I didn't know that…" "Yeah, he's actually a very private person…" "Oh, I see… Then that just makes me feel even more special." I smiled and let go of him, "I think I'm going to go see if he's awake now. And thank you for the dance; it's been a while since I've gotten to." "No problem. Maybe you should convince Rayne to try it some day." "Ha, yeah right. The day I get that boy to dance will be the sign of the apocalypse." I laughed lightly and headed back into the mansion.