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A Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction

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A beautiful sunset is over Twilight Town. Cicadas are chirping and dragonflies float in the air.

One dragonfly lands on something metal. The sunlight reflects off of the metal, illuminating the shadows. The light reveals that the piece of metal is sword shaped. What's more, it is impaled into the body of a brown-haired youth, connecting him to a building. Above this building, a great being of power floats, drawing in everything, making the town look like a warped, nightmarish version of it's past self.

"You will not ruin my happiness!"

The building the youth is impaled into explodes into a thousand pieces.

"It's too late Roxas, he's too far gone! We need to take him out, now!" A woman in strange armor shouts at another youth, seemingly floating as well. The woman pulls a sword-like instrument from a blast of light and charges.

A sandy-blond haired youth the woman called Roxas looks down at the ground, looking as if about to cry.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way. Don't you realize this by now! We were friends!"

"You are no friend of mine." The being bellows.

Roxas flinches, as if hurt. "Fine." He raises him arm and a similar type of armor surrounds him, as well as a larger, seemingly more powerful sword-like object appears in his hand. "Then you bring this on yourself." Then he charges.



Sora falls out of bed at the call of his name. He looks around and sees his friends Riku and Kairi standing on tree limbs outside his windows. They climb in.

"You'd better hurry man, we're not gonna be late at your expense." Riku said.

"Yeah, yeah, just leave."

The two head out his door leaving Sora sitting there.

'Was that a dream? It felt so real.' He thought. He held out his hand and clenched it like the people in his dream did, but nothing happened.

'Yeah, definitely a dream.'

Sora looked at his clock and remembered. "Right, school!"

It was their first day back from summer vacation which meant one thing to Sora.

"I'm so bored~!"

"We haven't even reached the school yet!" Kairi says sternly.

"Yeah, but I'm still bored~!"

"Man, you have no motivation do you?" Riku says.

"Nope!" Sora answers quickly.

"That's not a good thing!" Kairi says.

Everyone laughs at this.

When they finally do get to school, they switch their shoes and head towards their classes. Kairi going to one class, Sora and Riku going to another.

Then the morning bell rings.

Everyone in Sora's class sits down as the teacher walks in.

"Rise! Bow! Sit!"

"Good morning, Sensei!"

"Good morning, class. I trust you all had an eventful summer vacation. Now, on to the lesson. OH, before I forget. We are welcoming a transfer student today."

The whispers instantly start up.

"A new student?"

"A transfer student at that too."

"Is it a guy or a girl?"

"Is he cool?"

"Is she hot?"

"Quiet, class! Quiet!" the teacher yells, silencing everyone instantly. He clears his throat. "Now then."

He turns toward the door. "You may come in now!"

The door slides open and Sora's eyes widen and half of the class groan.

A boy with sandy-blond hair walks into the room with his hands in his pockets. He goes to the blackboard, writes his name, turns to the class, and waves.

"Yo. Name's Hoshi Roxas. Just call me Roxas."

And the chatter starts up again.

"Aw man, another guy."

"Ah well, next time maybe."

"Hey, he is cool."

"Yeah. I wonder if he's dating anyone."

"Alright, alright, enough of that. Hmm, let's see. Take the seat in front of Hikari-kun."

"Can do." Roxas said with a very nonchalant tone.

He took the seat in front of Sora, put his bag on the hook, pulled out his pencil and other stuff and started air-drumming.

This continued until the bell. After the teacher left, everyone crowded around Roxas.

"So where are you from?"

"Are you staying long?"

"How old are you?"

"What's your blood type?"

"Are you dating anyone?"

And so on until the bell rang again and the next teacher showed up.

This continued until lunchtime came around. When the lunch bell rang, Roxas got up and left. As Sora and Riku pushed their desks together, Kairi walked in and grabbed one and pushed it in too, as was what happened everyday.

'He looks just like that guy from my dream.'

"Hey, Sora."

"And has the same name too.'

"Oi, Sora."

'Who is he?'


That snapped him from his thoughts.

"Eh? What?"

"Are you okay?" Kairi asked.

"He's been like that since that new guy showed up."

"'New guy?'"

"Yeah, some guy named Hoshi Roxas. Looks like a stoner if you ask me. And I swear that hair is bleached."

"Riku! That's not nice. I'm sure he's just fine." Kairi scolded him.

"Yeah, you and about every other girl in the class. It's like he's girl-bait or something! Pisses me off." Riku said with a scowl on his face.

"Well, I say you try to make friends with him. It must be weird, being in a new school and all."

"Umm, I don't think that's such a such a good idea." Sora muttered.

"Ya see, Sora gets the same vibe from him I do. I say we stay far away from him."

"Riku, be quiet. Sora, why don't you want to talk to him?" Kairi asked.

"I-I don't know, he, something just about him. I don't know."

"So it's settled, we don't talk to him." Riku said stuffing a piece of fried octopus in his mouth.

"Well, I'm going to." Kairi said as she got up and walked out the door.

"O-oi! Kairi-chan!" Riku called after her as he got up too. Sora followed to help.

"Where are you going?"

"The roof. I saw a blond guy I haven't seen before heading that way when I was coming here."

"Are you sure that this is a good idea?"

And so they went to the roof. However, no one was there.

"Hmm. Was I wrong?" Kairi said with a finger to her chin.

"C'mon, let's get back, the bell will ring any minute."

"No, there must be someone up here, you just don't vanish from a roof."

"Well, maybe he can fly." Riku said sarcastically.

"Riku, don't be such a smartass!"

"Hey, can you keep it down?" came a voice from above them.

They looked up and saw Roxas seated on top of the doorway structure with his bento in his lap.

"Thanks." He said with a smile and put a few grains of rice in his mouth.

"Um, Hoshi-kun, right?" Kairi asked.

"Yeah, but please, call me Roxas."

"Um, okay. Roxas-kun?"


"Why are you up there?"

"I like the view. You can see the whole town from up here. And the wind. It's windy up here. I like wind."

"See? What'd I tell you?" Riku whispered.

"Shut up!" Kairi whispered back. "Okay, but how did you get up there?"



"Ladder." Roxas said nodding his head and motioning to a small ring ladder in the concrete. "Care to join me?"

"Um, no, I don't think that will be necessary."

At that time, Roxas noticed Sora and Riku.

"Hey, I know you two. You're in my class." He points at Sora. "And I sit in front of you. Hikari-kun, right?"

"Unn." Sora said nodding his head slowly.

"Heh, cool. I don't think there's enough room up here for three though. So I'll come down there."


Roxas then got up and jumped down a good 20 ft. fall and landed on his feet without spilling his bento, then walked over to the railing, sat back down, and continued eating his bento. When no one moved he looked up.

"What? Did you guys not come up here to eat lunch?"

"No." They all said.


After a few more moments of Roxas eating, the bell rang. He then got up, walked passed them, and waved them goodbye as he went down the stairs, while Sora, Riku, and Kairi just stood there.

"He like a ninja." Riku finally says, causing the other two to face-plant.

"Read the mood Riku. Ah well, let's get to class."

The rest of the day went fairly smooth from that point. After school was over, Sora and Riku met up with Kairi and they went to their usual haunt/part-time job, the Twilight Town clock tower/train station.

After getting off and changed, they got a few things of the best thing to eat after a hard day at school and/or work. Sea-salt ice cream, Twilight Town's specialty. Weird, since it isn't anywhere near the sea.

Kairi unlocked the door to the clock tower and they headed up to the top of the tower, the absolute best view of the town by far. However, today was different. For one reason or another, Roxas was there.

"How did you get up here?" Kairi yelled, startled to find anyone else up here.

"There is a door. And I could ask the same."

"We work here." Sora said.

"Oh, well, I guess I'm not supposed to be up here then?"


"Oh, well. Later."

Roxas walked around the corner toward the door and grabbing a skateboard, before turning around, running forward and jumping off the edge.

"Whoa!" They all screamed.

They thought for sure he had just killed himself, but what they saw next was stupefying.

Roxas curled himself up, and when he hit the ground below, he rolled, got up, and walked away without a scratch.

"Like I said. A ninja."

"Shut up Riku!"

End of Day 1

I just close my eyes

And float through the gathered masses

Like a spirit

Author's Note: Yeah, I made Roxas a bit different from before, but I like him like this. Oh, and what he just did was called parkour. Don't know what that is? Look it up. It's awesome. And I'm going with haiku instead of long poems. Those got really difficult. And the job thing? I always wondered why the hell those guys would be there, even get up there for that matter since those things are usually locked up, so I thought that that would explain some plotholes (well, not really plotholes, more lapses in logic)

that weren't really explained. Hope y'all like it. R & R.