Chapter 2:

"Who's this?"

The small, white-haired boy asked, but it seemed more like a loud suspicion.

"Hey, Sasha! Don't be so rude to our guest!" Mafuyu started, defending Ayuri. Sasha rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Don't be just inviting people inside, they could be anyone," Sasha stated, glaring at Mafuyu.

"She's not dangerous! She's just a kid!"

"Sasha-kun.." Tomo placed her hands on Sasha's shoulders gently but firmly. "Why don't you try and meet her first?"

Sasha sighed, giving in to Tomo's mature suggestion. "Fine." He looked at the silver-haired girl, who was staring down at her plate. He felt rather annoyed that he just gave up his argument and followed Tomo. But she sort of had a point, so...

Ayuri shifted her gaze to Sasha. Sasha took in the image: Ayuri's eyes turned crimson and the sign of the Adepts came out.

It all happened so fast. Sasha violently pushed Ayuri against the wall and pointed his blade to her neck.


"Sasha, let her go!"

Ayuri groaned under Sasha's strength. But Sasha had no mercy for the Adepts.

"Who are you! Speak or feel my wrath!" demanded Sasha.

"Sasha, stop hurting her!" reproached Mafuyu.

"Are you an adept? Answer me!" Sasha demanded again, nearly choking her with his blade.

"That hurts.." Ayuri said in a low voice. "Let go.."

"What is your purpose? Answer me!" Sasha's anger and confusion grew. Ayuri raised her right hand with great effort and held Sasha's weapon.

"Let go...!" Her hand pushed the blade away as the sound of an explosion filled the room. Sasha was thrown over backwards.

"What the- " Sasha examined at his weapon. It had been bent and broken. But how?

"Sasha! Are you alright?" Mafuyu approached him. Tomo, on the other hand, had helped Ayuri up.

"Are you hurt, Ayuri-chan?" Tomo said softly, taking Ayuri's hand. "What happened?"

Ayuri dusted her dress, her brow furrowed. "I..I don't know."

"Stop pretending."

Sasha's eyes showed contempt as he headed towards Ayuri. "You're an adept, aren't you? How did you break my weapon?"

Mafuyu cast a worried look over both of them. "Stop it, Sasha, you two are both hurt.."

"What..are you talking about?" Ayuri said, her expression blank once again. But the innocent tone was clearly etched in her voice.

"You. You're an adept!" Sasha accused loudly.

"Adept?" Ayuri said slowly. "Tomo, what is your companion talking about?"

"Well..." Tomo and Mafuyu exchanged looks. Was this girl really innocent or was she just faking?

Ayuri raised her hand to her eyes. Her power had come back... but it wasn't enough.. She stole a glance at the tundra boy. He's strong, too..

"Are you...a qwaser?" She asked Sasha. The three of them looked surprised.

"How do you know about that?" Sasha said once again. So she did know something..

Ayuri did not answer, but looked at Tomo expectantly. It was clear that the little girl would only answer to her savior.

"Ah, Ayuri-chan," Tomo said. "What do you know about Qwasers?"

Ayuri dropped her golden eyes to the ground. "That I am one."

Mafuyu's mind was confused. "Then you do know about the Adepts?"

Ayuri cocked her head to one side. "No, I don't. What are they?"

Seriously, does she think she's going to get through me with that acting? Sasha thought scornfully.

"Ayuri wasn't really aware of the world. She hid herself away after the tragedies and all the painful memories..." Ayuri explained, speaking in third person.

"Does Ayuri-chan have a family?" Tomo continued asking.

Ayuri was struck. A family? Did she have a... family? No. They were all... murdered. She shook her head and did not notice the tear that streaked down her left cheek. Mafuyu and Tomo saw the hurt she had been feeling as she answered silently.

Mafuyu walked to Ayuri's side and patted her head. "Did you know, Ayuri-chan, that once, I was the same? But then, I was found by Tomo's father and then I realized my true family."

She stayed silent and still. Tomo wiped the tear from her face. "It's okay. You can stay here with us. We'll protect you."

The scene was very touching, but Ayuri doubted their capabilites. They weren't qwasers..they were weak. They had no anger and revenge in their hearts. How would they be able to defend theirselves?

"That is just touching, but do you really think she's harmless?" Sasha interrupted harshly.

Mafuyu threw a fit. "Hey, Sasha, don't you have a heart? Stop being so insensitive!"

"My heart is not for the weak and those I hunt," Sasha replied. He brandished his broken iron blade into Ayuri's direction. "Do you or do you not intend the people here any harm?"

Ayuri shook her head once again. He's so protective of the community... but did they even care about him? How weak...

Tomo stood up and blocked Ayuri out of Sasha's view. "Sasha, I think that this has been enough for tonight. We should all getsome rest, don't you think?"

Why is she defending an enemy, or better yet, an unknown person? Women these days...

"Tomo's right, " Mafuyu agreed. "Come on, Ayuri-chan, I'll show you your room!"

Seriously...Sasha rolled his eyes once again. He leaned on the wall near the door post and closed his eyes, searching for some peace.

As Tomo cleaned the table and Mafuyu heading out the dining room door, Ayuri noticed they hadn't been properly introduced. As she passed by, she stopped for a moment and whispered:

"Alexander Nikolaevich Hell.. the Athos Iron Qwaser...I know who you are. But you have no idea who I am, do you?"

How did she-?

"It's a pleasure to meet you. You'll find out about me soon enough.." With that, she followed Mafuyu out to the hall, her long silver hair trailing behind.

Sasha stared at the ceiling in the dark. She is a Qwaser...but she doesn't know anything about the Adepts? How stupid does she think I am?

"..I know who you are. But you have no idea who I am, do you?"

Sasha scowled. I will definitely find out who you are...

But there was something about her honey-gold cat like eyes. They seemed familiar. Was it-?

Outside, the moon had just stepped out from a dark cloud. It was glowing.


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