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Air caught in Allen Walker's lungs as he momentarily forgot to breathe.

It wasn't like he hadn't practiced this a thousand times, because he had, but the idea of performing for Lavi in hopes of pleasing him was for some reason, absolutely horrifying.

"Come on Allen, I bet it'll be amazing, as always." Sincerity rang in the redhead's voice, a tender clasp on his shoulder urging him to start. The male swallowed, placing his fingertips on the ebony of the keys with a slight hesitation as his eyes squinted to read the music he had scribbled into the score book. "Allen?"

The silver haired male jerked his attention to his best friend. "Right, right. Sorry." Emerald irises rolled in amusement at his reaction.

"Stop apologizing and play for me."

He stroked a key of the piano with his thumb, taking a few more seconds to recapture his focus and kill the nervous butterflies waltzing in his stomach. "Alright, here it is." Allen straightened his back, easing into the piece with a skillful pair of hands, his gaze never leaving the paper as he flew through note after note- near flawless with his years of practice.

Arms slinked around his waist, a firm jaw line resting in the small crevice between the male's neck and shoulder. His shoulders tensed at first, but relaxed after a mere moment of growing used to the heat of the other's presence. Lavi's frame pressed firmly into his was comforting in the oddest of ways; exciting, pleasant, inevitably intoxicating-

The familiar ringing of Lavi's cellphone drifted to his eardrums- the gentle embrace the pianist was wrapped in disappeared to answer.

Distracted like a kindergartner with a box of crayons, he slipped up with a frustrated swear.

"Could it kill you to turn that off, Lavi?"

Apparently, it would, seeing as he was chatting up an excited storm down the hallway. A hum of disappointment found it's way out and into the air, the silver eyed boy pushing back on the seat to stand up straight.

This always happened.

Gliding into the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of water, he eyed the boy with a curious but angry stare, soon to be hidden by the length of the refrigerator door. Finally retreating back to his living room with the object he had been searching for, he plopped down onto the couch.

"Yeah, no, that sounds wonderful," Lavi said into the receiver, all attempt to keep his voice hushed failing.

There were a few more audible words, but piecing them together, Allen seemed to make no logic out of the conversation between his friend and the other. Water dripped into his throat as he waited, time ticking slowly...

"No, right, I will, thank you." The only other sounds now were the faint clicking of a shutting phone, small footsteps on the creaking floors of the bedroom, and his own, pitiful breathing. Pitiful. There was no other adjective to describe such a loneliness- one that coursed through his entire being that very day.

Allen was entranced in thought, so entranced as to completely shut out the world that continued to spin outside his mind- even the reaction of heels slapping against wood as they came back into the living room.

"Hold on, don't stop playing because I left." The green eyed male playfully stated, leaning against the doorframe. His slender body fit along the wood, Allen's light gaze observed, and his leg was tucked neatly under the other in his stance.

The silver haired male pressed his lips together. "I do recall I was only playing because of you."

"Right, I forced you to play."

"Actually, Lavi, you kind of did."

"I don't remember."

"You wouldn't," he sighed, stuffing a hand in the depth of his pocket, the other casually holding the bottle to his cracked lips. "Who was that?"

His eyes darted to the electronic device balled up in his fist. "On the phone?"

"No, under your bed." There was a slight hint of sarcasm, Lavi laughing at his choice of words as he removed himself out of the doorway. "Yes, on the phone."

A sly smile took ahold of his expression. "Oh right. Some girl wants to hook up tomorrow~! She's suuuuper pretty and has big-"

"Do you want to hear that piece or not?" Allen's hurt beamed through his words as he cut him off. But thick headed, the redhead only crinkled his nose in confusion. Pushing that aside, he nodded eagerly at the thought of hearing his skilled friend again.

Acknowledging the motion, he allowed his feet to lead him back to the piano bench. The pale being took his rightful seat, managing to look back at Lavi every so often to make sure he hadn't left.

For the second time that morning, his fingers were evenly spread on the keys, adjusting slightly with each passing second. "Any time noooow."

"You're so impatient," Allen remarked, stretching his back as to taunt him with the fact he was in control of when he started, not Lavi. When ready, he sat upright, and tapped down on the first key- smiling with agreement.

The delightful moan of the instrument beneath his fingers sounded in the redhead's ears, notes clashing and bonding to form one melodious piece. The air danced in tune with the music; their partner, in this what seemed to be, an everlasting waltz of harmony.

But the climax of the composition died down eventually. And with so, the Walker boy ended with a stroke of the board, and one last frantic pound of a small section of the keys.

"That was amazing," Lavi hummed beside his ear. "You really, are like, the best pianist in the world. Definitely the next Mosaic!" Clasping his hands together in a signal of excitement, his lips upturned into a blinding smile.

"It's Mozart, Lavi, Mozart. And my talent is far less advanced than Mozart, or Beethoven, or any other pianist out there." His emerald eyes locked on his, just staring in the awkward moment of silence. "What?" Allen asked uneasy, touching his face in subconscious reaction.

"No, it's just, I thought Beethoven was that freakin' dog in those movies who always got into trouble!"

With this, the silver haired male laughed. "You're hopeless."

The older of the two pulled away to check his phone, pout evident on his lips. "Honest mistake," he murmured, scrunching his face like he always did when he had to read, "Shit, I have to go Allen. I'll see you later." Lavi's mouth found his forehead in a friendly kiss goodbye before he ran out of the room at a crazed pace.

The piano rang as the male left alone, rested his elbow on it.

"Bye, I love you, Allen." The silver eyed male mimicked in pure hope as the door slammed down the hallway his best friend ran down moments before.

Following a sigh, a fairly weak smile graced his lips, as he responded: "Yeah, I love you too Lavi."