"Come on, you said you would play for me today!" Lavi whined, wrapping an arm around his roomm mate's waist while he made a cup of coffee. All he received was a glare from a rather cranky set of silver eyes.

Allen Walker wasn't exactly a morning person.

"My whole body is screaming, thanks to some sex-crazy boyfriend of mine," he muttered, blowing the steam from his cup, "so, I say no more little concerts until my body agrees with you."

Lavi huffed, his bottom lip protruding in a pout. "It's not my fault youattacked me with your mouth, were undressing to shower right in front of me. Really, you brought this upon yourself, Allen."

Of course, being fucked for the first timemore than once, then waking up with the after effects wasn't exactly helping Allen's mood either.

"...I never did get that shower."

"Do you want to take one together?" He suggestively raised his eyebrows at his boyfriend, his tongue grazing his bottom lip.

"Lavi..." The male shuddered, turning his head away from his devious intentions. He sipped at the hot coffee, slipping out of his hold to enter their living room. "No, no sex. At all." He couldn't deny how much he wanted it, even with the aches his body was facing at that morning.

He trailed after him, holding out his pinky. "I just want you to play the piano! I promise!" Lavi waited patiently for him to link their pinkies and lock them, and when he reluctantly did, a grin spread across his face.

"Fine, I'll play the piano."

Morning grouchiness began to disappear, Allen shuffling over to sit at the bench in front of the instrument. He sat down the mug on a side table, cracking his fingers before moving on to slide back the cover partially hiding the keys. Much to his surprise, a small velvet box sat upon them, ebony contrasting ivory.

"What is this?..." as

"I didn't attack you with my mouth, I simply kissed you!"

"Did you know, that today is our one year anniversary?" He found a seat next to Allen, picking the box off the piano to place it in his smaller palm.

"That's really sweet of you, Lavi... But, I didn't get you anything-"

He pressed a finger to his lips. "Just open it."

Swallowing, he took a quick moment to clear his thoughts, before prying the box open. A gasp caught in his throat as he looked down to see something he never would have dreamed of getting (maybe once or twice, now he thought about it).

A ring.

"So, will you be mine forever, Allen Walker?"

"If that's you asking to marry me," Allen whispered, looking him in his emerald gaze, "then, yes, I would." The redhead leaned in to steal a delighted kiss, taking the box to slip the ring onto his finger.

"Now play for me wife," he smirked against his neck, nuzzling it with fondness and dominance.

Allen shot him a glare. "What did you say?"

"I love you?"

"I love you too," he replied, the smile overtaking his mouth, seeming as though it'd never disappear. Lavi's arm slinked around him as the male began to play for him, the beautiful melody he had performed during the competition he had won months prior.

As his fingers danced among the many keys, singing notes in harmony, Allen thought to himself-; heart thumping wildly in his chest;.

Sometimes Lavi Bookman could be overly sweet, much to his liking....

A slick tongue grazed his earlobe, sending the piece in array as the malehe jumped in his seat in excitement and shock. .

And sometimes, he could be terribly naughty.