Yeah, I know I have not updated this in a while. I had some kind of a writer's block going on and was distracted by lots of stuff that's been going on. But today I was like, I really should continue this story. I'll try to update more regularly from now on.

Trust Me

You are standing before of the "Queen" and three of her handmaidens alongside Master Qui-Gon, Captain Panaka and the little blue droid. And while everyone else looks at the young woman in her pompous gown, you are distracted by the girl standing right next to her. You are still kind of freaked, yet amazed to see her so young and most of all alive. A true miracle. Hence you can't take your eyes off of her.

"An extremely well put together droid," Captain Panaka speaks to the Queen decoy, "without a doubt it saved the ship, as well as our lives."

"It is to be commended. What is its number?" The fake Queen returns.

"R2-D2... Your, uh, highness." You say without even thinking about it. Of course you know it is R2 but as soon as you said it, you also remember that at this point you don't know, or rather you are not supposed to know this.

"How do you know?" Master Qui-Gon gives you a questioning look.

"Uhm...," and then you remember, walk over to the droid, scarpe some dirt off of its side and reveal the number to the others, "I caught a glimpse at it earlier." You tried to explain. Everyone else seems to be satisfied with your explanation. Only Master Qui-Gon does not seem to be completely convinced but he lets it go for now.

I might have some further explaining to do later... You think to yourself.

"Thank you R2-D2. You have proven to be very loyal... Padmé?" The Queen decoy calls for her. And without hesitation, she bows before her Queen.

"Clean this droid up the best you can. It deserves our gratitude." She orders her. You have always wondered why the decoy picked Padmé of all people to do the cleaning. Was she trying to be funny? Was it so no one would suspect Padmé to be the real Queen? Probably. You have no clue.


"Your highness, we are heading to a remote planet called Tatooine. It is a system far beyond the reach of the trade federation." Qui-Gon begins to lay out their plan to her. Yes, you would have to go to Tatooine again, you would meet Anakin again and you know where that will lead you someday in the future. You try to think of another plan, so you could actually avoid going to Tatooine ever. But there is no alternative. The ship needs fixing and you need to hide. And it probably would have been to easy to just not go there. You will have to find another way to change things.

"You need help?" You ask her when you enter the main area of the spacecraft, just like you did 13 years ago.

"No, thank you Master Jedi." She replies and just like back then, you grin and shake your head.

"No, Milady, I'm not a Jedi Master yet. I'm only Master Qui-Gon's padawan apprentice. My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi."

"I'm Padmé." She returns with the sweetest voice. And there it is again, that adorable smile that you had memorized like a picture in your head, keeping it there for so many years. "And I guess we own our lives to you and your Master then."

"For now it may seem so, Milady. But you need to see that this battle is not won yet. Not by far. Many will die." You warn her. Back then, you had known that there would be a lot of casualties. But there was no way that you could have know what was eventually going to happen. That this would be the beginning of a war that would not end. Now you know. And all of a sudden, you start to feel sick. Grief overcomes you and in front of your inner eye, you see the nightmare of a future that still lies ahead of you.

"Are you alright, Obi-Wan?" Padmé's voice shakes you out of your thoughts. You look at her in confusion, then answer with a slight nod.

"Yes, Milady. I am. I just... There are those visions that keep coming back. But... you should not worry about that, your highness." Again, something you are not supposed to know slips from your mouth. She looks clearly shocked but tries to hide it, laugh it off.

"I am just a handmaiden, calling me your highness is neither necessary, nor appropriate." She laughed. You give her a knowing look.

"You might be able to fool Captain Panaka, Jar Jar or even Master Qui-Gon. But I know you are not just a handmaiden, Milady."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, my Queen Amidala, that I know who you are and that the person currently posing as the Queen is your loyal handmaiden decoy." You reveal to her.

"But how did you...?" She does not even try to hide it anymore.

"I just know. But don't worry, Milady. I will not tell anyone, not even Master Qui-Gone. Your secret is safe with me." You promise her. You intend to keep that promise, just as you did before. You don't want anyone to act suspicious around her.

"Well, Obi-Wan, then you should stop calling me 'Milady' or 'your highness' or 'Queen' from now on I guess." She suggests.

"Of course, Mi... Padmé."

She smiles at you. Your hormones go nuts by just looking at her. You are the happiest person in the universe right now, because there she is and you get to be so close to her again. You have this unique opportunity to make a change. To save her. But at the same time, you still don't know how to do this. There must be something. One tiny move that will keep those nightmares from actually happening. Only you have not figured it out yet.

Be mindful of the future now, Obi-Wan. It is constantly moving. Anything you say or do can change things. The many voices of the Force keep echoing in your head. Among all the people in her life, you have always been the one she has trusted with her life. The voices continue. True. She has always trusted you. You had been her friend. Her confidant.

So many things happened and you know that everything you say or do differently than before might have an impact on the future. So you have to be careful. You move closer to her so your face is only inches apart from hers. You lean in and whisper into her left ear.

"One thing, Padmé. You know that you are in great danger. Trust nobody. Nobody but me. Not your decoy, not your handmaidens, not even Master Qui-Gon. Be cautious towards anyone you meet, no matter how nice or innocent they appear to be. And always stay close to me." The look you give her is almost begging. Begging her to listen to you, trust you.

"Hmm. It's weird..." She murmurs.

"What do you mean?" You ask her.

"I don't know, you just sound like... like you know something. Like you know what's to come. I mean, you knew that droids number even though you never even looked at it once. You knew I was the Queen, and now you warn me from people I have not even met yet."

She knows, you think. You have to tell her. But then again, she would not believe you.

I was sent back in time by the Force and now I need to keep you and my Master and everyone else from dying and this war from happening.

Yeah, she would either call you insane or she would freak.

"I will explain everything to you in time. But for now, you will have to trust me, Padmé. I beg you to trust me!" You reach out and gently put your hand on her cheek, well knowing that this may be inappropriate, as she is still the Queen and you are still a Jedi. But right now, you do not care. Your so close to her now, you probably will never be that close to her again. But you have to somehow convince her. All you care about is saving her.

She looks at you intensely, like she is trying to read your mind. Surprisingly, she does not seem to be scared or suspicious about anything. It is more like she is deciding that she wants to believe you, have blind faith in you. As if she knew that in another life, you were her friend and protector.

You want to tell her so bad. You want to tell her to stay away from Anakin, go away and hide somewhere, quit politics. But she has never been the kind of person to give up and hide like a coward. She always worries about her people, tries to be strong for them. She is loyal to her people. They trust her and she would never let anyone down. You remember that this is just one more reason why you love her so much. Running away would not suit her. Then she nods.

"You want my trust, Obi-Wan Kenobi?" And then she takes your hands in hers, as if she was putting her life in yours. "You have it."