Another Perfect Day

Chapter 2: A Distressed Trunks

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* * *

Wondering what in the world Trunks could be doing there, she opened the window. "Trunks get in here before you catch a cold!" Trunks climbed in the open window shivering. "What are you doing here? You look horrible." Pan said, fully taking in Trunks appearance.

Trunks looked, to put it nicely, like shit. He was completely drenched, his eyes were red, puffy, and bloodshot, and it looked like he hadn't slept in days. Come to think of it, Pan remembered seeing him a few days ago and he looked perfectly fine.

"Oh my God! Trunks, what's the matter?"

Trunks just stood there looking like a lost puppy shivering in the cold. After a few moments of silence Pan decided to get Trunks out of his wet clothes, and get him something warm to drink.

"Come on Trunks lets get you out of these wet clothes."

Pan led Trunks upstairs to her room and asked Trunks to get undressed. While he was undressing, Pan went into her parents' room and took a pair of her father's clothes. She walked back to her room and opened the door. There stood Trunks completely naked before her eyes. She quickly turned around and was about to walk out when Trunks called to her.

"Pan?" Trunks said with a hint of sadness and whining in his voice.

Pan stayed where she was her face as red as a tomato. "Yes, Trunks?"

"Is there something wrong with me?" His voice broke off as a loud sob escaped his lips.

Pan felt her heart break for him. He sounded so lost and heartbroken that it was tearing her insides apart for him. Finally trusting herself to turn around, she closed the door and went to Trunks.

Trunks was now on her bed crying his eyes out. His deep sobs were wracking through his entire body. He hadn't meant for this to happen. He just wanted someone to talk to, not cry to. Yet, Pan had always brought out that part of him and he didn't know why. There was just something about her, and she was the only one that he would show any kind of weakness to. He felt Pan wrap her arms around his cold, naked body, which only made him cry harder.

"Shhh, Trunks-chan. It's alright." Pan sat there holding him, whispering comforting words to calm him down. "Come on Trunks. Now tell me what's the matter." She said it as more of a plea than a command.

Still not trusting his voice to speak, and feeling very cold, he decided to at least put some clothes on, considering his only warmth coming from Pan's small body. He shifted on her bed to get up. Pan noticing this moved over out of his way. Seeing the clothes that were next to Pan he reached over her and grabbed the pants that she had brought him.

Pan jumped when Trunks reached over her not expecting him to do that. Feeling embarrassed again she made an excuse to go and put his wet things in the dryer. Once in the laundry room she let out a huge sigh.

She was confused as to why Trunks was there. The more she thought about it the more realization hit. Something had happened with Marron. Even though Marron was her friend she still swore to Dende that she would kill that bitch if she did this to her Toran-kun. But what was she thinking. Was she jealous or just a caring friend? She had Uub and didn't understand her feelings about this. Wouldn't a friend just have words with someone like Marron, and a jealous friend threaten to kill them? Instead of pondering more on her feelings she decided to get back to Trunks before he worried about her.

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