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WARNING: Really dark, really scary, really violent. You will NEVER look at these guys the same way again after reading this.

Rating: at LEAST PG-13

I kind of tinkered with Oyashiro… I mean, after all, he's s'posed to guard Hinamizawa, and Amity Park's not Hinamizawa. In fact… he's not even a HE. She's a cute little loli who's not even really curse-y. So, I figured… Use the name, but nothing else. And after this chapter, it just kinda… goes off.


Danny Fenton walked through the doors of Casper High on a rainy Monday morning. Rather, he shuffled drowsily. He was half-asleep due to pulling an all-nighter ghost hunting the night before, and was looking forward to a nap in math class.

His friend Sam was absolutely no better off. Her violet eyes were laden with dark bags, barely masked by her eye makeup, and her dark hair greatly resembled a bird's nest, without even the usual ponytail to keep it out of her haggard face. "Hey," Sam mumbled weakly.

Danny replied with only a slight grunt, to show that he was still alive.

Unfortunately, Tucker was used to spending nights awake, playing video games or something of the like, and was now one hundred percent awake, and happy about it. He bounded up to the miserable two, with his usual 'good-morning' grin on his face. "Hey you guys!"

Danny groaned. "Tucker, how are you not half-dead right now?"

Tucker shrugged. "I dunno. But what's up with you guys? You look like you could have bit-parts in Resident Evil."

"It's called being human!" yelled Sam. "You should try it sometime!"

"Yikes. Someone's cranky this morning…"

Sam growled. "Someone should take your beret and shove it up your-"

Danny sighed, getting between his friends yet again. "You guys, let's not do this. It's way too early."

"…You're right," said Sam reluctantly.

"Yeah, sorry."

Danny nodded. "Good." A bell rang. "We should probably get to class."

In Lit class, Danny was literally forcing himself not to go to sleep. He knew that Lancer didn't put up with people sleeping in his class, and doing so would practically mean getting locked in the Chokey.

Still… That didn't make him pay attention any. Danny saw Lancer talking, but all that he heard was "blarghity honk honk blargh". He felt himself start to doze off.

"FENTON. Are you sleeping in my class?"

Danny woke with a start to find his classmates staring at him, some giggling. He groaned.

Lancer scowled down at him. "Fenton, see me at-"

"The end of school today," Danny sighed. "Yeah, I know."

At lunch, the trio sat at their usual table, discussing random topics, as usual.

Danny sighed "Yeah, well… Lancer caught me dozing off. Again."

"Are you serious?" asked Sam. "That's like the third time this month."

"Your parents get on to you yet?" asked Tucker, mouth full.

"Nope. Actually, I don't think they know I've been gone. They've been working on some new invention."

"Huh…" said Tucker. "What kind of new invention?"

Danny shrugged. "Fenton plasma… Something, I don't care."

"You should. What if it's useful?" asked Sam.

"Yeah, maybe it could help us catch that new ghost!"

The new ghost mentioned was the same that had kept them all up that night. It looked like some masked Asian deity, and its powers were still unknown. Still, it had attacked them, and was obviously hostile.

The worst thing about it was its mask. A gold, grinning, demon face, with horns, and gaping holes for eyes. The rest of its body was black and cloth-like.

"Guys guys guys!" a tall goth boy with green hair and dark-rimmed glasses came running up, carrying a laptop under one arm.


Luke stopped abruptly in front of them. "You guys. Guess what?"

"You're… gonna stop saying 'you guys'?" asked Danny.

"No," said Luke, bobbing slightly as he spoke.

Sam smirked. "You finally got a girlfriend?"

Luke paused. "Funny, but no." He sat his laptop down on the table and opened it. "You know that ghost that was crashing through Amity Park last night?"

The trio paused. "Yeah…"

"How did you see it?" asked Tucker.

"How would I not see it? I mean, come on. I've got cameras all on my roof for this stuff." Luke shook his head, trying to regain concentration. "Anyway, I did some research on that mask, and I got a few leads."

"Then go ahead," said Sam with an air of sarcasm. "Grace us with your wonderful information."

"I will," said Luke. "Took me awhile, but what I found out shocked me."

"What was it?"

"That ghost? Turns out it's a Japanese entity known as Oyashiro. Check it. He possesses people, makes 'em go crazy, kill people, and then he finally makes 'em disappear."

Sam snorted. "Yeah. Thanks for that."

"What? You don't believe me?" Luke asked. "Fine, then. That's cool. Just wait."

"Why are you telling us this, anyway?" asked Danny.

"You guys are my friends, first off," Luke replied. "Second, dude, your parents are ghost hunters. They can find out what he's doing here, then get rid of him. Oyashiro needs to be stopped."

Danny nodded. "Yeah he does. But… Maybe not for the reason you think."

"Or maybe so." Luke raised an eyebrow.

"Either way, he's going down," agreed Tucker.

That was when they heard a scream from behind them.

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