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I checked my watch. 6:06. Crap, I was already late!

I ran over the stone bridge that was the entrance to Harmonica town. The sun was slowly beginning to set over the untamed sea. I hurried into town, past the mayor's office, and down a slope to the lower stores. I ran past Sonata tailoring, and then took a sharp right. I may have only been on this island for two months, but I knew my way around pretty well.

I stopped in front of a brownish building with big, wooden, green doors: the Brass Bar. Nervously fixing my untidy brown hair and taking a deep breath, I was about to open the door when a voice made me jump.

"Elana, this is a waste of time! We should be searching for bells! Visiting the Harvest Goddess! Not visiting your boyfriend!" A high voice rang out from my left shoulder.

I sighed. I was still getting used to the fact that I had a harvest sprite floating around with me, all the time, pretty much dictating my life. You would think two months would be enough time to get used to that, but it really wasn't.

"Elana!" Finn pressed on. One thing I had learned in the two months with him: don't answer in public. Because talking to tiny little fairies that float around and give you advice, when only you can see and hear them, isn't the best way to make new friends. And I had learned that the hard way. So, as much as I wanted to protest that he was not my boyfriend, and that I had been trying to find the bells all day (it's a long story), I kept my mouth shut, ignored the spazzing fairy floating above my shoulder, and opened the doors.

I was greeted by the scent of fresh cocktails, by the sound of people talking and laughing, and by the sight of people I knew so well by now. Hayden, the bar tender, was polishing glasses, as usual. Kathy was serving the few tables of happy customers, as usual. And, also as usual, Chase was behind the counter in his little area, cooking away.

Yeah, I was here because of Chase. And, no, he was not my boyfriend. He had just agreed to give me cooking lessons. This was my third lesson, and also my third time being late. He was a little mean sometimes, but he kept insisting for me to try again whenever I failed, and never seemed to give up on me. So, as much as I would love for the local cook to be mine, it was never going to happen.

He had finally noticed me when I walked behind the counter and watched him work his magic. Even at age 15, he was an amazing chef.

"Decided to show up, huh?" He asked sarcastically. His purple eyes looked tired and unwelcoming. But I knew they could get softer. I had seen it.

"Sorry! My chicken escaped from her pen again. I really need to get that upgraded, but I'm a little low on cash and Dale won't give me a discount soooo…"

He cut me off with a wave of his hand. "No offense, Elana, but I don't really care."

"Oh, right…" I had this bad habit of going on and on about things whenever I was near him. Which, of course, really got on his nerves.

"Ok," he started, trying his best to look excited, "show me what you've brought."

"Right!" I beamed and took my old rucksack off of my shoulder. After fishing around a bit, I brought out an object wrapped in tin foil. It was herb fish I had made this morning. I had caught some really good fish with the help of Toby, the fisherman's nephew, and had picked fresh herbs from my garden. He was always telling me to use better ingredients, so I was praying he wouldn't throw up when he tasted it like he did last night.

"Ok, give it here and I'll… taste it…" I could hear the hesitation in his voice, and he was probably remembering last night, too. I watched nervously as he unwrapped it, gave it a once-over, nodded, and took a bite with a fork he had picked up off the counter. He didn't say anything, just kept chewing. Then he took another bite, then another, until it was finally gone.

I met his eyes, and, for the first time in a while, he smiled. Like, an actual smile! It made my heart skip a beat, and brought a smile to my face, too.

"This is actually pretty good." He started, throwing away the paper plate and whipping his mouth on the back of his hand. "But, there are a few improvements that could have been made. First…"

And the lesson began. He taught me a lot; how to scale the fish more properly, how to make the dish actually look nice, and lots of other things I didn't even think mattered. And the best part was that he was being pretty nice. I mean, an insult here and there, but nice never the less. He seemed to be in a great mood.

Until two new customers entered the bar.

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