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I was walking home. It had gotten late and had become suddenly dark. Once I got out of the town and onto the path leading home, lights were scarce and I had to squint to see the old dirt road.

Finn was still hovering above my shoulder, complaining. "Elana, I get that was important romance time and all, and that all teenagers need a little of that, but tomorrow you need to totally devote yourself to the Harvest Goddess, ok? We still need to save the land, remember? The people on the island, including your little boyfriend, won't be able to survive here if you keep slacking. Understand? Elana, are you even listening?"

I wasn't. I was too busy thinking about the lesson. I had learned a lot today.

I had learned how to chop a carrot without cutting my finger off.

I had learned how to scale a freshly caught fish, and how to prepare it for the oven.

I had learned lots of tips on how to make a dish not only taste edible, but look edible as well.

I had learned how to use an ageing pot; something I didn't really plan on using in the near future (it smelled terrible!)

I had learned lots of things about axes.

I had learned it's actually possible for Luke to stay quiet for more than 5 minutes.

I had learned Luke likes me more than I think.

I had learned that guys get jealous easily.

I had learned why Chase hates Luke.

I had learned that Chase might like me a little more than I think.

I had learned that I like Chase a little more than I think.

But I had also learned I like Luke a little more than I think.

This is going to be difficult.

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