I thought this was kinda interesting o.O...so you might wanna read if you're bored ^^; Sorry that it's short

Like An Angel

It was late at night when Goten and Gohan were lying on their futons, staring up at the ceiling. All was silent except for the peaceful chirping of the crickets outside.

"Hey, Gohan?" Goten said, now looking at Gohan.
"Yeah?" Gohan replied to his little brother.
"What's my daddy like?" Goten asked out of pure curiosity.
Gohan looked at the small half saiyan and then back up at the ceiling. "He's like an angel…" Gohan said, a dreamy look falling upon his face.
Obviously interested in what Gohan had to say, Goten propped himself up with his elbows, his chin resting in his palm. He stared at his older brother, mustering the courage to ask him what an angel was. "What's an angel?" he inquired, cocking his head to the side.
A smile spread across Gohan's face now as he closed his eyes, trying to remember himself what an angel was like to him "An angel is like a guardian who watches over you 24/7," Gohan responded, pausing as he thought of a way to tell Goten without confusing him. "You can sense that they're there with you all of the time, whether you're sad, or happy, or mad. They make you feel…warm inside and you just seem to forget all of your worries when you're with them," he finished telling young Goten, stumbling a bit with his words.
"Oh…" Goten said, glancing at the floor. He sighed and then lies back down, putting his arms behind his head.
"What's wrong?" Gohan asked, looking at Goten in a concerned matter.
"Nothing…just wondering if I had an angel," Goten mumbled sleepily.
"An angel can watch more than one person, you know…and I bet that angel of yours is watching you right now," Gohan said with a smirk.
"Really? Who is he?" Goten inquired his brother yet again, now fully awake.
"It's dad, silly…" Gohan replied, laughing a little at Goten's peculiar perkiness. "Even though he's not here he's always looking out for you, Goten…any kid would be happy to have him for a father. I hope he'll come back someday…" Gohan looked over at the window and stared at the starry sky.
"Can you talk to him too?" Goten asked cautiously, afraid that someone might hear him for who knows what reason.
"Yeah…and I know he listens. Angels are wonderful things to have in your life…don't ever forget that," Gohan replied seriously.
"I won't…" Goten said with a yawn, now closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep.
Once again, Gohan's eyes wandered up to look at the ceiling as he sighed in anguish. "Dad…you have no idea how much I miss you…and I would give anything to hear your voice again…" Gohan whispered, a single tear streaking down his cheek. "I wish you were here…we all do…I know Goten would be just as proud of you as I am…" He then closed his eyes and went to sleep too.
Almost if on command, the window violently blew open and the wind howled wildly. It soon fell silent as a soft voice called out, drifting in through the open window.
"And I'm proud of you as well…my son…"
Almost as if Gohan could hear that familiar voice, a grin appeared on his gentle face as he dreamt about all of the good times him and Goku had together when he was alive. Gohan felt safer that night, knowing his father was there watching over him…like an angel.