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Here I was with my husband and his family celebrating my sons 1st birthday. I say my son because Edward is not his father, but Edward doesn't know this. When I got pregnant with Elijah I was at a party and drunk.


I had come to my best friends Alice's party because she had begged me to. We had only been here a few hours but I was starting to enjoy myself.

"Bella love can we go home please, this is getting a bit out of hand." He looked at the boys who were rooting each other on to drink a whole keg. Edward was never a fan of parties, he preferred to stay in and read a book.

"But I'm just starting to have fun plus Alice would kill me if I left now." Edward knew Alice better than anyone, he was her twin. They also had an older brother Emmett who was here as well.

"Fine you stay I'm going to go home and get some sleep." He gave me his puppy dog eyes to make me feel guilty and go home with him.

"No way mister don't do those eyes with me. I don't want to suffer at Alice's scorn." He bent down to kiss me.

"Okay but ring me if you need me to come and rescue you." He turned to find Alice to say good bye. I was just going to go find Alice myself to have some fun but when I turned I bumped into a big hunk of a man.

"Wow Bella you look hot tonight."

"Emmett is that anyway to talk to your brother's wife?" He looked around for Edward.

"Well I don't see Eddie boy around so I don't care. Here have some of this Bells you need to loosen up you've become all house wifey on me." I took the cup he was offering me and took a sip.

"What's in this Emmett?" He looked at me with his signature smirk.

"It's a secret but I'll make you another if you like it." I followed him into the kitchen where he mixed different alcohols together. We sat and talked, while he kept making me drinks. It felt good to get out of the house. Me and Edward had been trying for a baby but the doctors said there was a low chance that we ever would because of a sickness Edward hard when he was a child.

The alcohol was taking it's affect on me, I had lost count of how many drinks Emmett had made me. By the looks of Emmett his drinks were getting to him to.

"Come dance with me Emmett, I want to dance I never get to dance with Eddie around." I was getting really drunk I never called Edward Eddie because he hated it. Emmett grabbed my hand and we stumbled our way over to the dance floor. We started dancing together just as friends and then it turned dirty. I was grinding up on him while he held my hips close to him, occasionally touching my ass.

I turned around allowing me to face him so we could dance some more when he bent down and kissed me. It was just a chaste kiss at first but then it got more passionate. Our tongues were fighting against each other trying to get dominance. He pulled me off the dance floor to a quieter section of the house where he pressed me up against the wall and kissed me again. His hands were roaming all over my body. It felt so good compared to when Edward would touch me. Emmett grabbed my ass lifting me up slightly allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist. I felt him carrying me upstairs away from everyone.

The next thing I knew I was thrown onto a bed and he was on top of me pulling both our shirts off.

"So beautiful Bella." He said looking down at my chest. I brought his lips back to mine while I tried to undo his pants. I finally managed to get them down along with his boxers. I couldn't help but look at him in all his glory he was so well built in every area. I wanted more of him, in my drunken hazed I didn't realise this was wrong. He got my pants off quickly and aligned himself with me. He kissed me as he entered me fully. We both moaned at the contact, we moved together in sync knowing what each other wanted. It wasn't long before we both felt our realises and I tighten around him while he realised inside of me. He rolled over on to his side and pulled me close to his chest. I heard a soft mumble.

"I love you Bella." Before I fell asleep.

I awoke not long after feeling like I was going to throw up. I rolled over and saw Emmett laying there naked, I realised what we had done. I got dressed quickly making sure I was presentable and made my way down stairs. Alice bombarded me.

"Bella where have you been I've been looking for you for hours." Alice was completely gone I don't think she realised that I had go upstairs and had sex with her brother, especially the one who wasn't my husband.

"I'm going to head home Alice. I'll get Edward to come pick me up." I handed her over to Jasper who was standing nearby.

Edward can you come and pick me up please.

I'll be there soon love.

Edward pulled up not long after and took me home where I took a nice long hot shower trying to forget what I had done with Edwards's brother.

End of Flashback

To this day neither Edward nor Emmett knew that Elijah was actually Emmett's. Elijah had gotten most of my looks except for the Cullen's green eyes which Edward and Emmett both had. He had the slightest dimples when he smiled just like Emmett but no one thought anything about it. I had never told Edward about my night with Emmett and I don't think he suspected anything.

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