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Chapter 2

"Hey, Luce?" I said.


"We just past a hill with a huge pine at the top," I stated. She took a U-ey.

Lone behold, there was a steep hill with a pine at the top. Lucy stepped on the breaks at the bottom of the hill. Now that we were stationary, I pressed my nose against the window of her car. I could see a glittering fabric draped around some of the lower branches.

"It's the Golden Fleece!" I screeched.

"Oh my gods!"

"C'mon, let's go!" I exclaimed.

We got out, locked up the car upon Lucy's insistent attitude, (I mean, who's gonna steal it? A cow?) And embarked onward. I nearly fell over three times while heading up the hill, Lucy catching me each time. We had been walking for a minute or so and came to Thalia's Tree with a strawberry field behind it.

Lucy went bug-eyed. "Oh. My. Gods."

"Oh. My. Gods." I echoed. "Come on!" I yelled before I bolted for the tree. Lucy followed. I stopped right before I got to the tree. "Okay, let's step in together." Lucy looked at me and nodded. "1, 2,3!" we said together, and jumped on the other side. I was too busy with my victory dance to notice Lucy couldn't get in.

"Lucy!" I yelled, and came back to the other side.

She shook her head, "I can't get in." she looked at me with tears in her eyes, "I'm just another plain mortal. There's nothing special about me!" she shouted dramatically.

I ran over to her and gave her a hug "Never, ever, ever, say that. You are special. This just…this just isn't your adventure. There's something else out there for you, but" I shrugged my shoulders "I guess this isn't it."

She sighed. "You're right." She looked to me. "Thanks for being a good friend. Now you go to Camp Half-Blood and kick some monster butt."

"Wait- are you going to leave once I go in there?" I asked

"Um, I'll wait for you to come back out and give me the 'okay'," she said. "Does that work?"

"Yeah, that would work. Okay, I'll be right back!" I said before I ran past the Thalia's Tree and into the strawberry fields.

I bolted through the strawberry fields, seeing demigods spotted throughout them. Some ogled because they hadn't seen me before, and some ogled because I had forgotten to take off my camp half-blood t-shirt from Hot Topic with 'I LOVE NICO DI ANGELO' written all over the front and 'AELLA DI ANGELO' written on the back in Sharpie.

I reached the Big House in record time, and I knew this because the last time I had run was when there was a BOGO sale on all Vans shoes last year.

When I got The Big House I decided to make a dramatic entrance. I just didn't know what that entrance would be until I walked-scratch that-burst with pizzazz into the front door. I still wasn't sure what I would do when I opened the door. However, I guess the Fates already had something in store for me. That's when I tripped. And fell onto the floor.

"I hope you had a nice trip!" I heard before a man burst into a fit of laughter over his pun.

I guessed it was Mr. D.

I got up and looked around. My guess was correct. Mr. D was doubled over, sitting at his chair where he was playing cards with Chiron prior to my appearance.

Chiron was trying to hide his giggles when he addressed me. "Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, Aella."

"H-how did you know my name?" I asked, shocked

"Well," he looked at me like it was obvious, "the back of your shirt clearly states your name is Aella Di Angelo."

"Oh." My face turned red, "I um, my last name isn't really-" he held out a hand to stop me, smiling

"I kind of figured that when I read the front of your shirt." My face turned shades of red unknown to the human race.

He laughed. "No need to be embarrassed, Aella, there is plenty of weirder things I've seen in my lifetime."

I smiled "Thanks."

"Okay," he said, "Down to business. Now I'm guessing that you know everything about Camp Half-Blood if your shirt is any indication?"

"Yes, sir!" I said jokingly.

"Well, then let me show you around the camp."

Chiron and I spent the next 20 minutes walking around the camp. He showed me the cabins, the inside and outside arenas, the climbing wall, and the rest of the camp. We circled all the way back to the outside arena where Demigods were practicing swordplay. Chiron and I watched them practice for a minute in silence.

"Wanna try?" he asked, looking over at me.

"HECK YES!" I shouted.

He laughed. "Good. That's the kind of answer I was hoping for."

We walked over to wear the swords were stored and I was trying out one that was way too heavy for me when he said, "I bet your friends are jealous now, huh?"

"Oh, crap." It dawned on me.

In all the excitement of discovering my new home, I completely forgot I promised Lucy I'd go and tell her to leave.

"What?" Chiron asked, genuinely curious

I explained to him about Lucy and excused myself. I ran up the hill to meet her, armed with my 20-pounds-too-heavy sword I forgot to ditch back at the camp.

When I got over the hill, I saw a growling Minotaur and a totaled Prius.

Well, a guess I was partly right about a cow stealing the car.

I looked around, searching for Lucy to give her bragging rights, very aware of the Minotaur glaring at me.

But to no avail, there was no Lucy in sight.

"Um, hi." I said timidly right before the Minotaur charged at me.

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