"Grandle!" I called out, "Where are you!"

"I'm up here, young one." the old voice rang out, seeming strangled with age, yet strong with knowledge. I smiled as I climbed up boxes and ladders until I was at the level of the large house where Grandle sat. he was reading a book, but that was no surprise. He was always reading or writing or something like that.

"Grandle, I was just approved a high enough ranking to become a cleric!" I exclaimed, jumping around, my nature of always having to move coming out while I was excited.

"Really?" he asked, "A nine year old with a ranking that a normal twenty year old could get to? Outstanding."

I smiled, and jumped around more. I was glad that there was no task to complete, as there was in the old days. Once you reached the rank, you could become anything you wanted to become. They had changed that ever since the war, when they needed all the soldiers they could and couldn't risk a high percent chance of losing people in that task.

"So I can go to the next level as a magician?" I asked, "I'll be above the fifteen year old people, and stuff like that?"

Grandle frowned for a second, and then walked over to me. "This must be very exciting to you, but do keep aware what this means to your life." he said.

Now it was my turn to frown. "Grandle, what do you mean?"

"Listen and listen well, the choice you make now will change your destiny forever. I don't think that it is fair to ask so much of such a young boy, so I'm offering you a way out." he began to speak slowly, trying to put emphasis on what he was saying, "I'm going to let you walk away from this path. I'm going to ask you nicely to leave this path and to never return. To go out and find a better destiny than the one you have set in front of you now."

I blinked. He... wants me to leave? Did I hear right? But what about all my work?

"Why, Grandle..." I said, "Is there... is there some specific reason as to why I should leave?"

"There is." he said, "But right now, I don't think you are old enough to understand why."

I got a little frustrated. I may be young, but he's always taught me not to let age get to me. And now he's telling me that I'm to young to understand? How's that fair to me, how's that fair to all the work I put into this? He's telling me to leave and never come back for goodness sakes! What's that all about! This isn't the Grandle that first put me on this path, because he wouldn't be pushing me away from it if it was!

"Grandle, I don't want to leave!" I told him, "I want to stay, I want to learn! I don't know what's lead you to make this decision, but I'm going to ignore it! I will become a cleric."

"Listen," he said, "These kind of jobs are no longer safe for a person of your age, or for a person with your personality. I do not wish for you take this path. We will speak of this no more."

I felt a strange sensation flow through my body... no doubt the feeling of being teleported.

"Wait, Grandle, please!"

But it was to late for that. I was at my mothers house in an instant, far away from Elenia, in fact, on the other side of Victoria Island. In Kerning city.

I was crushed. Sent away from what I wanted to do with as little as nothing. But that wasn't enough for me, no, I needed to become a cleric. So on my tenth birthday, two moths from that indecent, I traveled three weeks to Elenia, and stole a mastery book from Grandles house when he was with the other masters. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted it so bad. And I got what I wanted, I got to be a cleric, and Grandle never knew I was progressing, he would have stopped me if he did. He never found out about the book disappearing, and when I had just turned eleven, I went back, and stole another book, returning my old one. This time, Grandle found out.

I looked up at the house that was in the trees, so high that it would have killed a person who was afraid of heights just by looking at it. I teleported to the top in one blindingly fast movement, the portal not being exactly on the floor, which lead me to land neatly on the roof from a twenty foot fall. Perfect. I looked to my sides quickly to make sure I wasn't being watched before I pressed my hands onto the roof, expelling some mana through the old wood. I felt my mana squeeze through the cracks, and then settle through the wide space that was Grandles house. My mana wasn't stirring at all, which meant there was no one moving in there. I smiled. No one's home.

People are attached to their mana. Using it, you can feel things around you even though you're not there. When Grandle found out his tricks he wrote them down in his little mastery books. When I found out my tricks and wrote them down in my head. That way no one can steal them, like I did to him.

I leaped down off the roof and landed on a branch near to the door. I jumped onto the little plank of wood that extended off the bottom of the door, and quickly ran inside before anyone could see me. No doubt they'd tell Grandle if they saw. Don't want that.

I smirked. You'd think this would be hard. He doesn't protect his house enough.

I looked around, taking in the familiar setting. It still had the same boxes and ladders that lead to different floors which lead to different books. Everything looked the same, but Grandle wasn't in his chair. Good...

I leaped up a few floors. All the books were alphabetized, so all I had to do was find 'P'. There's L... M... N... O... Found it...

My smirk only grew on my face as I found the book labeled "Priest."

"It's just what I need..." I said, awestruck, grabbing the book from the shelf and then opening it, "I'm one step closer to becoming the greatest magician of all time..."

My eyes began to skim the text hand-written onto these pages. All the time it took me to memorize the last book and to preform ever spell perfectly... and now I could learn new spells the same way... become stronger than I was before...

"Well, you seem to be enjoying my lives' work." an old, damaged voice commented. My brain processed where the voice was coming from in a split second: the bottom left hand corner... that could only mean that someone was at the door from the first floor... someone had just come in, and by the sound of it, it was Grandle!

I flung myself around, book held protectively in my arms, looking with hate-filled eyes into those of the old man.

"Now, listen, I want you to-"

"Put the book down?" I asked with a loud, angry voice, "You want me to turn around and never come back? You want me to go and leave this place and forget my past, forget all of my work?"

His eye brows furrowed as he caught a clear glimpse of the book in my hands, "Hold on a second,"

"You hold on a second!" I told him, "You better learn that if you're going to live on Victoria with me on it, then you're going to let me take this book, and you will never tell another child to leave behind his dream again!"

He reached a hand towards me, "Wait, please listen, there's something I must tell you!"

"To late!" I said, "You should have told me a long time ago."

And then I gathered the rest of my mana and drained myself teleporting to Kerning city, leaving no trace of my being there except for the faint feel of the mana I had expelled earlier, and the missing book that never got returned to Grandle.

I went back and successfully stole the Bishops mastery book about a year later, but this time, I learned something that only Grandle and me know today.

It was nighttime when I got to Elenia. I took all the precautions that I had took the second time I broke in, and again, no one was home. What good luck if that wasn't, right?

I entered the old house, the floor creaking, but otherwise the place was silent. I looked at all the books, and quickly found 'B', with it being the second letter in the alphabet. I had burned the last Priest mastery book, so that no one could use it. It was MINE, I stole it, and burning it just made sure that no one else could use it.

I pulled out the Bishop mastery book. The front had a golden cloth cover on it, the cloth had the writing: Bishop- IV

This is what I've been waiting for. The last mastery book... after this, they will be no more advancements I could make... I could take down Grandle, or die trying. I would crush him like he had done to my dreams.

Before I had a chance to open the book I heard a small creak from behind me.

I spun around as fast as I could, but the only thing I saw was Grandles old rocking chair, one of the only windows in the place making it visible in the moonlight.

It continued to rock, as if controlled. Was Grandle...?

No, I would be able to sense him if he was here: my mana's still in this room, after all. But the rocking chair kept on rocking, and the wood underneath kept creaking.

It's not being controlled... It's trying to tell me something...

I noticed a charm on the undead on the arm rest. The lonely old man charmed it. How sad.

I walked up closer to the chair, and once I came within three feet of it, the rocking immediately ceased. Then I saw a book, sitting on the chair.

My eyes went wide, my back erected, my legs automatically took a step back in shear shock.

Eying me right in the face was a book titled, Patriarch- V

I ran up to it. Is this possible? A fifth advancement? But Grandle had never said anything about a fifth advancement.

Of course he never told anyone! He wouldn't want anyone overthrowing him, correct? Well, with this book, you can! My brain reminded me.

Yes, of course... but-

Suddenly, I heard the turn of the doorknob. Perfect timing. I teleported into the darkness, behind a bookshelf, and waited. I wanted to see what Grandle did in his spare time. Make more spells for himself, maybe...?

All you could hear in the darkness was his footsteps, slow, but never stopping. Eventually I heard him sit down in his rocking chair, probably having picked up that book, and he began to rock, the floor creaking as it did earlier. I looked intently through the shadows, and though I could make out the letter: V.

There wasn't a doubt in my mind that Grandle was reading that fifth book. My eyes narrowed. That selfish asshole. Taking everything for himself.

"You've grown, my child." I heard him comment. A smirk slipped past me, but I quickly fixed it.

"You really think so?" I asked sarcastically, stepping out of the dark, no longer hidden by the bookshelves.

"Why of course." he said, "It's only natural for a boy to grow, anyway."

"I guess it is." I agreed, "But you know whats not natural? What's inhuman?"

"Hm?" he asked.

"Keeping skills from the public. Skills that they all deserve to know at least exist." I said. He froze at my words, and I smirked.

"So you've found out about the book, have you?" he asked. I nodded.

"You did a good job in hiding it old man. You left it right on your chair." I said. He looked down at the armrest or the old rocking chair.

"Did I now? How clumsy of me." he commented.

"Yea, quite." I agreed, "Now, how about you hand me that little book, and I'll be on my way."

He looked at the floor and sighed. "I'm sorry." he said, his tone sincere, "But I can not let you."

"And why is that?" I asked, my voice raising a little bit.

"You're too young to understand."

I stood there, thinking that I had heard wrong. Did he just say... no he didn't... he couldn't have.

"Do you realize how far I've come?" I asked him, "Do you know how much I worked to get to this point? I've worked harder than any of your students. No, I've worked harder than all of your students combined! And now you're telling me, after all these years, that I'm still to young?" my eyes narrowed into shards of sharp glass, "Like you told me the first time?"

He didn't move his head up from that position. "You have been bad, disobeying me." he said. "And not yet been punished."

"Punished for carrying out my own dream?" I asked, "How's that fair?"

"It may not seem fair." he said, "But you stole my work to complete your dream. And that makes in unfair to me."

"So it's unfair to both of us, is that what you're saying?"

"More so on me." he said and stood. "Do you realize how long it took me to work out the power of a Priest? And then you go and just ruin my work?"

"Do you know how long it took me to train to rank thirty, and rank one twenty? And then you go and throw me away as if I was nothing!" I said. We were in similar situations, but even I could see that his was worse. Getting from level thirty to one twenty was probably easier than deciphering the mysteries of a Priest.

"I know that you know that it was worse on me." he said.

"Yea, so?" I asked.

He was still for a moment, but then he walked painfully slow in my direction. Step after step got louder as he got closer until he was finally right in front of me. And then he did something I wouldn't have though he'd do in a year.

"Do you want to know why I wanted you to quit so badly back then?" he asked.

I blinked. "What use would it do now?" I asked, "You should have told me back then-"

"But I think you're old enough now." he said. More with the age thing...

"Sure, why not, Grandel?" I spat, rudely. He ignored my tone and spoke.

"You know about the war going on in Sleepy Wood, correct?" I nodded, and he went on, "Well, then, there was a great chance of the war spreading to Elenia. If that happened, then you would have been in great danger. I was trying to get all of the magicians away. I had managed to get you out late: but still, just in time. The very next day we were attacked by the assassins for out land, and perhaps, some magical skills." he said.

I didn't care. "Go on."

"A lot of magicians died, but we drove them out. The only thing that I think you should know is... I was in a situation where it was me and your father." he paused, looking at my reaction. My face didn't change so he went on, "A... certain magician... gave us the choice of one dieing... the other being set free."

"And?" I asked when he stopped. Wait a second... if it was one of them living... and he's here... "You chose my dad." I realized.

"It's not that simple, I can assure you-"

"Oh my god," I said, my head doing a little flip. I knew my dad was an assassin: I grew up in kerning city, so he should be an assassin... but... dead? "My dad's dead because of you..." I said.

"Wait, please let me-"

"No!" I said, "You are so unfair! He's dead? You just lay that out to me? You're cruel, stupid, and hateful!" I said, launching a holly arrow at him, which he carefully and surprisingly gracefully dodged.

"You will let me speak!" he said, slamming the end of his cane of the ground. All of a sudden, my body wouldn't obey me: I was frozen still.

"A while ago, me and your dad were ushering people out of Elenia, helping the children first." he began to explain.

I didn't care. Oh my god, let me out of here!

I expelled an explosive amount of mana out of my skin, and it broke the shield Grandle was using to keep me still. I launched another holly arrow that hit him and sent him flying across the room.

"That's it!" he said, freezing me again in a much, much stronger shield. "If you want to become a soldier in war, then fine! You can keep that mastery book and learn from it, but from now on, you will be doing what you would have otherwise been sent to do when you were nine!"

I would have widened my eyes if I wasn't frozen.

"To rescue the beginners! One of the islands most dangerous jobs."

My eyes slowly slid open and then fluttered slightly when bright light attacked them. I raised my hand in front of my face for a moment so that my eyes could dilate. It wasn't until I heard the voice that I realized where I was.

"Oh, no, he's awake!" a male exclaimed, "You said yourself that he wouldn't wake for at least another five hours!"

"Well, I'm sorry! I didn't think he would wake up!" another male voice said.

I was in a circle of green light. Two people, who must have been clerics, were using heal continually on themselves, but I knew that they must have been circling their heal around me mainly because I could feel my muscles mend. It was a bit painful, but also a bit relieving, as if you were stretching after taking a very long nap, but there was more of that burn feeling.

They stopped because I was waking up. I knew they could continue to heal me when I was awake, but that burn feeling would eventually become unbearable. This is because when a cleric heals someone, they focus mana into rearranging the particles in a persons body. Depending on how much damage the person has suffered, they might need their particles rearranged more, and therefore, heal might need to be used more than once. Because the feeling of heat is cause by particles moving about rapidly, being healed to much will make you feel extremely overheated. If you were asleep, you wouldn't feel anything at all.

"How bad's the damage?" I asked them. They both looked at each other before answering.

"We're surprised you're alive." The one on the right answered, "You had a poorly mended leg, arm, and some ribs broken. You almost suffered brain damage, along with a fractured skull." he eyed me carefully before asking, "What on earth did you do that put you in such bad condition?"

I smiled and put my head back down, closing my eyes. "One of the new kids fell when he was crossing the path of the portal. I went to go get him."

There was a slight pause before realization of what had happened set in. "You shouldn't have done that." the other said, "You could have died-"

"Well, I didn't." I interrupted him, my eyes flinging open and showing a horrible expression of anger in them, "Did you ever think of that?"

Again, they paused. "Well?" I asked, raising my voice. "Well?"

"Please, lower your voice!" the right one said. My eyes must have grown fierce for he cringed back. I turned my head, avoiding his hurt stare.

"I wish I could leave this whole place and just go where there's no fighting." so I could take it over easily...

"Don't speak those words." the one on the left scolded me, "They're foolish! The only world you will ever be living in is this world. We need you here, we need someone to go get those kids-"

"No." I said simply, "You're wrong."

He stared at me for what seemed to be an eternity. "And what do you think-"

"I think that you don't need me. Not at all. You could go through your daily life, doing whatever, without me. Am I wrong?" I asked him.

"Well... no... I guess you're not wrong, I don't need you in my life. But it could interfere with other lives. Like the person who has to take your job. You'd be messing with his and your own destiny!"

My eyes flung so wide with surprise that he had said that to me. Did... did he, that cleric, the lower class, the simple, small, less experienced magician, just tell me about destiny?

My eyes narrowed. These people were just getting me into a bad mood. "You." I said, putting emphasis on every word, "Know nothing." I attempted to get into a kneeling position, seceding when I ignored the pain shooting up my spine, "About destiny."

His eye brows furrowed. "And you, a fourteen year old, are suggesting you know more?"

It was true, he was older than me, probably by a few years. But I knew more. The things I've seen wouldn't compare to what he's seen. Imagine seeing a person who just came into this world, savagely get her head cut off, and then finding yourself unable to care. Or a boy, inexperienced, get hit with a stray bullet from his own side, and having to try to force yourself to feel sad. Or have sent a beginner boy into nothingness to get killed, and then found yourself feeling no sadness at all. That hopeless, lost face as he fell into the unknown. I know that's not destiny, that they didn't die because they were supposed to. I know they died because this world was to dam shitty to keep them alive.

"We shape our own destinies. Some people take the path of goodness and virtue. Others take the path of selfishness and hate. Help others find the right path, lest you find yourself on the wrong one." I said, ignoring any facial expression that may have crossed his face, "Find your own destiny, first, because the chances are there are some people out there waiting for you to do it."

The cleric made no move to stop me when I got up, still in pain but dealing with it, and headed for the door.

He most likely though that I was on the path of goodness... oh how wrong he was...

"Oh and I got a message to tell you," the one on the right said. At first I wasn't interested, I get messages all the time. But then... "It's from Grandle."

My eyes went wide. A message from him? "What is it?" I asked

"He says he just wanted you to know he trusts you. And that maybe you can have your job switched."

My jaw dropped. I was glad I wasn't facing those two, or that would have been bad. That way they couldn't see the evil grin spreading across my face, and they couldn't see my eyes shine with a hateful look.

"Genesis." I said, and with a wave of my hand, all that remained of the two clerics after a blood chilling scream was a pile of red liquid.

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