Dear Diary;

I realize I'm the goddess of peace but sometimes I'd really like to choke my fellow gods. In order to refrain from doing so I wrote a list so I could better vent.

Ares- I realize he's the god of war but seriously does he really have to go over the top with it, I mean honestly! I take a vacation for a few decades and he manages not one, but two world wars!

Demeter- that woman is a menace! I put my vacation time in back in during the dark ages because no one was allowed to take time off till the humans got back on track and then Olympians got priority on what decades and centuries they wanted first! She knew I was going on vacation before I left! The fact that the great plains got neglected and we had the whole "dust bowl" fiasco was all her- Not me! Thanks to her I don't get to go on vacation anymore.

Apollo- I should know by now that when Apollo asks me over for wine and to discuss business, he's trying to get into my toga, and when he says art and peace go so well together he's trying to get back into them, and when I find him and Aphrodite having a "business talk" because her and Ares are on the outs again and Apollo says "But Eirene peace and love go so well together" he's being a pig!

Aphrodite- Her "free love" thing completely compromised the message of the 60's movement. And after we got into over Apollo she told me my dress looked hippy so now anyone that's a fan of peace also has to be "hippy"!

Hades- honestly, he just gives me the creeps!

Well I'm off- Ares has started another scuffle using the Americans… AGAIN (he clearly has no originality!)

Ever yours,


A/N: Ok I made fun of my country a little this time (I did with the new Zealand one a little too) Considering the reviews I've been getting, I just won't to remind everyone that I have no problem with any country Ares wants to destroy- actually almost every country on there is one I'd like to visit one day. And another thing if Ares dislikes something it should be a compliment you guys have read both PJ and greek mythology he's NEVER depicted as the smartest cookie. Point is it's fiction, don't take it personal!

On another note, sorry it's taken so long to update, I'm a college student with two jobs, life gets hectic. Thank you all so much for being loyal to this story I hope these few I've posted have been up to your standards, your words are encouraging and I don't know where I'd be as a writer without wonderful readers like you so thanks.