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Reflecting now on how things could've been. It was worth it in the end-September, Daughtry.

Death took Anthony Dinozzo as quickly as its wicked hands could.

A heart attack at age 67.

Most likely caused from overworking. After Ziva's death Tony put 120% into every case, same percent he put into his family. It took his mind off of her. Even though sometimes he wanted her to be the only thing on his mind.

Anthony D. Dinozzo

Agent, Son, Husband, Father, Friend

"Here's looking at you, kid."

He leaves his wife, Emma, his two grown children, Janiel and Tony Jr., his three young grandchildren, Jethro, Thomas, and Anna.

Tony also leaves behind his best friend Timothy McGee along with his life partner, Abby and their daughter, Ziva, who is pregnant.

He leaves behind Palmer and his wife, three kids, and one grandchild.

He also leaves behind his job, his legacy, his life altogether.

There is a bright light that read cliché all over it. But Tony's eyes do not squint; the light does not burn his eyes.

Momentarily his stomach feels like it's making its way up to his head, las if he's on a roller coaster. The feelings soon ceases and then, nothing.

He is in a white room, or at least it may be a room. But he can see no walls or floors or ceilings.

Taking a breath, he soon realizes what's happened.

He had felt a numbness and a quick, sharp pain in his chest. And now he was here.

Yea, he had died.

He rubs a hand around his face, its smooth. He rubs a bit harder, both hands now. Then he takes them off his face, inspecting them. Running a hand quickly through his hair he's come to another shocking discovery. He's at least 30 years younger.

He smiles contently. But his happiness is short lived.

He takes a look around at all the white. It's missing someone, something, anything.

"Anybody home?" he begins to walk but realizes there's nowhere to go.

And that's when he hears it.

The loud click of heels.

Turning around, he sees her, and beams.

"Kate." He does no realize how loud he says her name or how much glee is in his voice. "How've you been?"

"Dead. Like you." She smiles proudly.

"Yea, kinda figured that. Where am I?" he asks as she comes face to face with him. She's still smiling.

Lifting up her hands slightly, as if she's presenting a showcase on The Price Is Right, she speaks. "You're…here." She says simply.



He waits a moment.

"Is she here?" Kate smiles softly at the hope quivering in his voice.

She nods. "Yes. She's here. We just got the news of your death." Her voice turns perkier with each sentence. "She waiting for you, but I'm the welcome party."

He chuckles. "You've been keeping an eye on her?"

Her smile is not yet gone; she doesn't think it ever will be. "We all have, me, Gibbs, Ducky, Jen. She misses you though. She tells her sister about you." She breathes a laugh.

"I miss her too."

"You can be with her." Kate assures him, putting a hand to his shoulder.

Tony shakes his head slowly. "I love Emma too." He hangs his head.

"Tony." She places her hand underneath his chin, lifting it up. "Somehow, this place finds a way to make you happy, completely…happy. It'll find a way for you to love Ziva, and still love Emma when her time comes. It just does. Don't worry. Not here."

He breathes, her friendly eyes reflecting in his emerald greens.

"Welcome to forever Tony." She places a soft kiss on his cheek. He twitches a smile. "Now go, she's been waiting for you." Kate holds back her lower lip, directing him to turn around.

And so he does.

There, looking exactly as he left her, only more healthy and perhaps more beautiful than he remembered, was Ziva David.

Her delicately strong olive face, decorated with her chocolate glistening eyes and sweet smile, is surrounded by her soft brown curls. As he realizes it's her, his smile grows wider and his breathing becomes filled with light chuckles.

"Shalom Tony." Her lips curl inwards.

"Ziva." he breathes, overwhelmed.

She walks towards him, his feet choose not to move. Placing her both hands on his cheeks, she is soon covered by the warmth of his own hands on top of hers.

His eyes melt into hers lovingly and she cannot believe that after all these years her stomach still fills with butterflies, and neither can he.

Ziva places her nose on Tony's. But she cannot cry; this place has collected all tears, along with pain and sadness.

"I missed you." Her voice is barely a whisper, but it still tickles his lips.

He cannot resist another moment of his lips not on hers and he soon fills the gap between them. He lets go only for a moment, and quickly misses her taste, so he kisses her again.

He wraps her hands in his and slowly moves both of them both down.

"I heard you've been talking about me." He smiles and almost shivers as her hands move up to his neck.

She laughs. "Perhaps." A smirk slips from her lips. "I saw your children, and Emma. They're beautiful."

"Heh, thanks." Neither of them has torn their eyes off of each other.

"Gibbs sort of misses you." She teases.

"Well he's got no one to slap up here."

"I believe he can hear you." She chuckles.

"Think they allow headslaps here?" he smiles once more before kissing her. And he holds his stare for a moment when he lets go. His eyes are full of love, its a look she misses, and its a look he misses giving her.

"Come on," she intertwines her hand in his. "Let's go."

"Where to?" he asks as they walk in no particular direction.

"To forever."

I will love you all my life and when I die I will still love you through eternity and beyond.



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