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Moonlit Night

Chapter One

My name is Isabella Marie Swan (Bella) . It is 4:00 am and I cannot believe this is happening to me.

I'm getting ready to depart on a plane to go to my Uncle Charlie in Forks , for a while. My sister Renee says its just until James moves on to an other girl or something changes.

I haven't seen my uncle Charlie or my cousins since they moved when my aunt died 2 years ago. Their move almost killed me.

My cousins and I were together almost every day and we spent every weekend together . My aunt and uncle became like my second set of parents after both of mine died. I was in custody of Renee but she allowed me to stay with them any time I wanted.

My aunt died exactly 8 1/2 months after my parents were killed in a car wreck . As if her death wasn't enough, my uncle had to move because their house belonged to some of her family and they pulled it out from under him.

Thinking of all this is too much, the tears that I had been holding back since Friday night were coming out against my will. Before I knew it my whole body was shaking with sobs.

Jessie must have heard me as she came running to comfort me. Jessie is only 11, but since their is such a big age difference between me and Renee, she is very close to me, like a sister instead of my niece.

For a few minutes I can't control myself I grab a hold of her so tight. She just cries along with me telling me how it will be ok and that she loves me.

I try to calm myself down so I can let her go, but I don't know how long it will be before I can see her again .

"I am going to miss you so much. " I told her as she continued to rub my back .

"It will be ok Bella we can talk on the internet and we can even see each other on our web cams" she replied.

I know this is true because that is how I have been keeping in touch with Alice and Emmett for the past 2 years now. Well Alice more than him but I am going to jump on him over that.

I gathered myself together a little more, and with a couple of deep breaths I got up to get dressed . I picked out a pair of comfy, light colored denim jeans and a light blue shirt with slightly gathered short sleeves .

It shows a little more cleavage than I like to, but it was one of my few dressy shirts. Since I will be meeting my uncle Charlie, Alice, her boyfriend Mike, Emmet, and his girl friend Rosalie,

I wanted to look nice. I even took the time to fix my hair, and that took a few minutes .

My hair is a chocolate brown color and hangs to my waist in hundreds of loose curls . It usually get slung in a ponytail.

Jessie gives me her approval on the way it looks . So I throw on my make-up and go to get my bags . Which Renee has ready and waiting on me on the table.

I slipped on a pair of sun glasses, because even though my eyes didn't turn black and blue, the blow James gave me across my face caused my eyes to be blood shot .

Then Renee tells me to lift my shirt so she can check the cut I have, which is about 4 inches long and reaches from under my right arm down my rib cage.

I am not supposed to have to go back to the doctor he said he glued it instead of stitches but to watch it for sign of infection.

"Please promise me you will not come back until I say it's safe for you. You know that he said next time he will kill you" Renee said then started crying.

"I will worry about you so much you have never been away from me and what if they don't take good care of you" she said.

"Listen. I will be ok. I have my own money that mom and dad left me for my future and it is time for me to make a new future for myself. I can take care of myself now, you have done it for over 2 years and I will be 18 soon. It's time for me to choose my own path" I try to tell her holding back the tears not so sure I believe myself that I can do this.

I have to try now because for the first time I will be on my own. Uncle Charlie is my favorite uncle, but there is a reason for that, he lets us do anything we wanted.

For instance, Emmett could have girls up in his room and we could get drunk as long as we shared with him. He's not a very good role model.

Then we left to go to the airport. I couldn't help myself, I fell asleep on the plane. I wasn't very much of a morning person and it was 5:30.

I dreamt of Friday night again. It has been just 2 days since it happened but the nightmares are always so detailed and seem to be the same. I can't get away from him, trying to get to Renee and in the house .

Then as he screams "I'll kill you", I wake up in a sweat.

This time I woke to find a sweet little woman looking at me and realized she was looking at me because I had tears running down my face.

I rubbed them off and smiled as I took off my glasses off to fix my make-up. Apparently my eyes looked worse than I thought.

She asked " oh my God, honey are you ok?" "Yes , much better now " I replied.

Luckily we were getting ready to land, so she didn't start with any questions. I didn't want to talk about it to her.

The plane landed and I went found my bags then went towards the lobby.

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