Chapter 3

Rikki POV

I dove head first into the water. This was my favorite way to change into a mermaid because I felt free in the water and it felt like it happened faster when I dove in. Anyway I dove in and I stopped while my transformation happened. My toes got tingly then my legs felt magnetized together and then I was a mermaid. I turned around to see Shammie staring at me. I swam to the surface and he came up too.

"That was incredible." He said.

"What was?" I said staying above water.

"Your transformation, I wish I could be human whenever I wanted." He said.

"Well if you think that's cool follow me." I said ducking back down underwater. I turned around and started swimming forward. My tail gently guided me through the water like a torpedo. Shammie swam next to me and we swam in sync with each other. When I would swim lower he would swim higher. When I would flip up he would flip down. It was like we were connected.

I rose to the surface and so did he.

"I want to see your tricks." I said.

"Why?" He asked me.

"Because, I could never afford to come to one of your shows so I want to see them. And I bet you never put on a show for a mermaid before." I said giggling. He chuckled and said,

"Okay, sit up on the land." I wobbled over to the side and with his nose he pushed me out of the water.

"Thanks." I said.

"No problem, here I go." He said diving down into the water. I scooted over to lean against the box with his food and waited for him to show me his tricks. He shot out of the water and landed on his back, then he kept himself out of the water by moving his tail fast, he continued his routine for about 10 minutes. By then I was dried off without even using my power. I stood up and Shammie popped his head out of the water.

"That was really good." I said.

"I have been taught well." He said. We both laughed. "Wait, why aren't you a mermaid right now?"

"Because I got dry." I said.

"Well I know that but aren't you going to stay and swim?" he asked me.

"No sorry, I have to go. I'll come back tomorrow." I said.

"Promise?" He asked me.

"Mermaid's honor." I said. I turned around and walked towards the gate.

"Wait!" I turned around to see what he wanted. "My trainers think they know everything about me but they don't so they keep my water too cold. Could you heat it up?" He asked me.

"Sure." I said. I held up my hand just slightly so I did not boil him. I concentrated and then Shammie said,

"Thank you! This is like a hundred times better!" He said swimming fast through the water.

"I'll cya tomorrow Shammie." I said laughing because he was so excited.

I walked back to my house, unlocked my front door and walked in. I went into my room to find Cleo and Bella sitting on my bed. Uh oh.

"Hey guys, what's up?" I asked them. They both just stared at me.

"You told me you were sick and you had to come home." Cleo said.

"I did come home I just had to go to the store and get some medicine." I lied.

"Then where are they?" Bella asked.

"They didn't have the kind I needed, so I didn't get any." Cleo and Bella both looked at each other because they couldn't think of anything else. "I'm already feeling better though so why don't we go swimming tomorrow. 11 sound good?"

"Rikki, that pack of whales is still out there." Bella said.

"They're called pods." I said quoting Shammie. I smiled at the memory.

"Whatever, Rikki they could hurt us. We can't swim right now." Bella said.

"Says you. What if I think they won't hurt us?"

"We have to take precautions." She said.

"I want to swim, so I'm going to." I said getting up and walking and closing my bathroom door. They both walked out of my room. Okay, so maybe I wasn't going to swimming tomorrow, at least not in the ocean anyway.