B pov

In the world I'm a myth not real I never have been thought as real apparently. I'm only a figment of the imagination. You're probably thinking what are you then? Well from a long line of hybrids all the way from werewolves to vampires. I'm not part giant or troll but you know I'm the mermaid, fairy, sprite, nymph, shape shifter, werewolf, witch, fallen angel, and vampire, and most important is demon. Being part demon takes a huge toll on your life. Being any part demon gives you a lot of power.

Most of my family thinks I'm the devil in disguise and the rest think I'm a science experiment just waiting to happen all over the world mostly cause of what I am. Then there's my aunt Violet my current guardian 'cause my mom and dad died in a house fire about three days ago, my mom was the one with the all those strange origins. My father was a werewolf and my mom and dad we're imprints, he was just full werewolf but from what I heard he's not the only the werewolf in the family. There's more of them or so I heard actually there shape shifters not really werewolf's 'cause werewolf's change during a full moon.

Tonight under a new moon a lot of the magical creatures were going to have a meeting it was about how the funerals will be arranged and my new living conditions I have all readymade my choice.

I put on my black cloak that had sparkly silver colored lace around it. I put the hood over my head and became part of the darkness.

"Aunt Violet I'm gonna leave now" I grabbed a broom and was about to leave until my aunt appeared in a puff of smoke.

"Goodness sake, child have patience, I'm an old lady!" she said out of breath. I rolled my eyes.

"Aunt V hate to break it to you but you only look like you're in your early thirties!" she smiled.

"Yes that may be true but I was born in the eighteen hundreds last time I checked!" she said moving her hand to brush her thick dark brown hair. My Aunt (like my mom) is but she's a half witch and vampire unlike my mom who was … a lot of things. And my dad was a Quileute Indian.

My aunt taught me a lot like how to make potions how to ride a broom and one of my favorite was spells!

"I guess we should go now" she said and then signed.

I rolled my eyes.

"You know instead of using my broom I think I'm just going to use my wings" with just thoughts my black angle wing sprawl against my. My feathers are glossy and black they were really soft to but defiantly not fragile, well if through a couple of bricks at them then they'll probably get sprained but still.

"Come on lets go" my aunt said cutting in on my thought's.

"K" I said half hearted.

I opened the door and I started to fly away.

My aunt was crouched on her broom a technique that's supposed to make you go faster.

"You know you'll never win!" my aunt screamed not caring if the humans heard us. But that's the good thing about a city lot's of humans didn't really notice all that much but where we went in it was dark nowhere near down town.

Once we got close to the old abandoned swimming pool, I used wind to push me and help my wings get their first.

"HA! What, now aunt V?" I said bragging.

"Oh whatever you cheated!" She said.

"Hey I had to use physical power while you got the joy of using magic!" I snapped at her.

"Oh stop it both of you! I swear you to should know better!" said Anya a Russian pixie, that keeps the whole place from going into chaos she arranges our meetings and make sure that none of us kill each other. Or eat each other. Okay I'll admit that last ones kind of my fault but come on I was 7 and Sara was pushing my buttons!

As if on cue the wicked bitch arrived.

Sara was a fake sometimes I actually wondered if she was a plastic Barbie. She's a fake blond with orange skin (I think it was suppose to be tan like my skin is naturally) dark brown eyes that are usually covered up with green colored contacts. She's also the kind of girl that where too much makeup! She has a sluty hoe like body that's sported with an all too short skirt and a shirt that shows her stomach and some high heels.

"What you looking at geek!" Sara yelled in my face.

I don't know why she's here she's less than fifty present witch the rest is all human.

"Nothing" I mumble.

"Better be nothing!" she said in a nasally voice.

"Fucking bitch" I said a little too loud.

"What do you just call me?" she said with hatred spilling out her words.

"I can't believe the world finally got rid of you hoer of a mother and you dog of a dad"

I started to growl and shake and I felt my eyes change to a different color.

I was getting a lot of power swirl around me, all different colors. I could hear in the back ground people gasp and Sara look really scared.

People where in front of me all trying to make me calm down. I cooled down but the powerful feeling didn't leave.

"Sara I think you should go" my aunt Violet said in a dangerous tone.

"Well seeing as I'm not welcomed here I'll go" Sara said a little shaken.

I could hear her heels click as she ran.

I took a few deep breathes and calmed myself down but still like a lost puppy the power never left.

"Okay everyone we need to figure out what to do with Bella and how the funerals are going to be arranged" Anya said calmly.

Everyone started shooting ideas at us.

"HEY!" I yelled.

No one listened. No one ever listens to me…

I wolf whistled.

That got your attention.

"I all ready have everything figured out I'm going to go to a place called La Push where my father grew up and his family is at, we'll burry them in the cemetery by side each other. As for me I'll start going to school at the La Push reservation so I can get to know my other side of my family, I already have the plane tickets I bought a house and I had shipped my car and my furniture there. And that is it!" I said with a lot of authority.

See that wasn't so hard I thought all too soon.

"WHAT?" everyone screamed.

So after that everyone was yelling at me. I'm use to it though.

"Calm everyone at least she's taking responsibility and at least she's responding to her destiny" Anya said and with that everyone calmed down.

Jesus! Not the prophecy crap again!

Okay so basically theirs a prophecy that that states 'there will be a maiden of many mythical origins that will rule over all, she will have a lover that is powerful himself and together with some companions they'll put rightness to the world once again. In which everything will be peaceful.'

But I don't really think I'm all that attractive, so it's highly likely that I won't get a husband … or boyfriend.

But the other one say 'from the fiery gates of hell will come a demon to rule and she will enslave all mythical creatures and humans alive but …' the only downer is the rest of that version of the prophecy was stolen and burned,but I think that their just silly superstitions and if it's true well I'll just have to deal with that.

As that was done everyone got up and started socializing not my thing.

My aunt and I went home right then and their cause I don't really feel comfortable talking to the creatures who hate me.

I took a shower blow-dried my hair and I looked in the mirror and saw what everyone was scared of.


My hair was flouting around as if air was blowing in my hair. My eyes were a light purple color like lilac everything was the same yet different.

I shook the feeling off and put on my silky pajamas.

I went to bed, walking on the carpet that felt like warm summer grass on my feet. I opened the door with boxes all over the place and the whole room empty with only the twin size bed to make a little bit of home here.

I fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of a place where people love me and except me for who I am…

"I'm bruised and scarred
Save me from this broken heart
All my love will slowly fade and fall apart
Someone please sing this lovesick melody
Call my name if you're afraid
I'm just a kiss away
sang my alarm clock. (A/N: song is mayday parade, bruised and scarred)

I'm finding out in the hardest way
The consequence of every mistake I've ever made
Baby what's it like to be alone?
I don't want to know, I don't want to know.

She gave me every reason to believe I'd found the one, but my doubts somehow they sold me out.

I'm bruised and scarred
Save me from this broken heart
All my love will slowly fade and fall apart
Someone please sing this lovesick melody
Call my name if you're afraid
I'm just a kiss away

So baby be honest
Is this what you wanted?
We lost what we started and found out much more than we want to know
About how we're letting go

I'm bruised and scarred
Save me from this broken heart
All my love will slowly fade and fall apart
Someone please sing this lovesick melody
Call my name if you're afraid
I'm just a kiss away..."

Today was my last day at school. I went through the routine only at my aunt's house.

I decided to wear my blue halter with my dark blue faded jeans and my silver gladiator sandals.

I went down stairs to get a granola bar and some orange juice.

My aunt violet floated down the stairs.

"Hello darling I'll come home early so we can go to the airport together" she smiled and went off to work.

"Sure whatever," I murmured quietly.

I walked there. It was kind of far but for me it's just a small stroll.

High school.

It's a fucking pain in the ass.

I hated it here I'm always rejected from all groups at school Sara (that bitch) is miss popularity and anyone that hangs out with me is instantly rejected.

This place never felt right to me I can't even run in wolf form because it's a city.

By the time I finally get there I can already feel the awful tension here.

I decide to stay in the big tree while messing with my homework. I climbed down because I'm not allowed to jump off in public.

As I walked in the school I felt stares on my back. I start to speed walk.

Jesus! I'm getting self cautious.

High school is what makes me hate life I was constantly made fun of, when I was a kid it was because I was a klutz then it was and well they just made fun of me for no good reason.

Truth be told I love my eyes, they always change color all the way from dark red to a purple-ish black. And sometimes they actually look like the rainbow's right in my eyes. Thus the strange colors everyone make fun of me. But I love my eyes just one of the things that makes me individual. And I guess people just don't like my personality.

School past by fast. Every class was a blur of word I just stared outside of the windows enjoying the beauty of Arizona.

By the end of the day I was smiling.

Suddenly I felt someone attempt to shove my on to a locker but I just turned around… big mistake.

Most of the popular people were here.

"What do you want?" I said anger and irritation ringing in my voice. I narrowed my eyes.

"Well we all wanted to give you a good-bye present" said Sara with a smirk on her face while everyone else chuckled and snickered.

"Whatever" I said walking away.

Someone put their hand on my back by instinct I grabbed that persons hand and flipped her I'm guessing by the amount of weight.

Well there on the floor lied the football quarterback Drew Anderson. The look on his face was shock. Same goes for everyone else.

"You guys have made my life a living hell so leave me the fuck alone! I mean what did I ever do to you? Did I ever call you names? Did I ever lower your self-esteem? The answer is no and if I ever have I didn't know and for that I apologize. I'm also sorry for the fact that we couldn't solve this like civilized people and not like cavemen. And to the rest of you I hope you all die and burn in HELL!" everyone had their mouths dropped and with that I walked out of the school.

I took a deep breath and made a heavy sign.

That felt good to let out.

I started walking away back to the house.

My aunt was all ready there.

"Come on lets go" she said with tears in her dark brown eyes.

I got my suitcases and got in the car.

We sped off while my aunt was whimpering silently.

"Aunt V you can stop by any time you want ya know I wouldn't even care if you got on the plane with me" I said.

"Ya but I got to take care of the house… but I promise I'll try to visit you and I'll defiantly come for the funeral so I hope you'll have enough room in your new home which reminds me do you remember that spell to make small spaces bigger than they seem?" she asked.

"Yes and the one where I can make the furniture talk like beauty and the beast" I remember she taught me that one when I was 9 we had just watched the movie and I forgot to clean my room and my parents were coming back in thirty minutes and I was going to get grounded if I didn't clean it.

When we got there I only had twenty minutes until we left so I said my good-byes and I got on the plane.

Once I was on the plane I had a strange feeling. A feeling of being mature because now I'm on my own…

Oh I'm so screwed.

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