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Being sick in bed was never the most fun thing to do, all I could do was sit here watch daytime T.v, take small pointless naps, and reread books countless times. It got really old really fast.

I closed my eyes and signed as I snuggled back into the warm fuzzy blankets I wrapped around me.

For the past couple days I've looked like a hospital patient, pale, skinny, horrible dark under eye circles, my hair looked thin and lifeless and my cheeks had started had sunk in. It was hard to eat, everything seemed to unsettle my stomach which would send me into a frenzy towards the bathroom. Even the small things made me feel weak like even getting up would make me dizzy as if I had just got out of an incredibly fast ride instead of my bed. And the scariest of all every single of my powers had left me, now I can't even do a simple card trick from the lack of magic.

It was always sucked to feel so useless. It made me feel almost ... human.

But on the bright side I'm feeling better now and I've been getting stronger everyday. I was starting to move much more which was good but siting down was still a lot easier. So all this lying around it gave me a lot of time to just think of what had happened right before I started to feel bad.

I squeezed my eyes and let the note that I had in my hand fall the ground.

In my door way stood the tall silhouette of a man, he stood there for a second before he started walking towards me. His movements where incredibly smooth and almost cat-like.

My throat tightened and my heart was starting to race inside my chest, with my mind and heart racing I tensed up and felt paralyzed with fear.

He stood in front of me now, his hand moved towards me and he grabbed my chin in a surprisingly gentle way "Hm you look like a deer caught in the headlights. We're going to have to work on that aren't we?" He said, his hand was rough and cold.

"W-what?" I said my voice trembling.

"Why are the lights turned off?" he asked changing the subject, he let go of me and walked over to the light switch on the kitchen wall.

I started to back away into the front door, after I made it outside I started to take off. My feet pound on the ground while my shoes gripped on the soil. During my efforts to run away, I could hear his brisk and light foot steps right behind me followed by the sound of another pair of footsteps, it made my thoughts linger on Sam and made me wonder (and partly wish) if it was him.

Suddenly the footsteps came to an abrupt halt and so did I while breathing heavily I looked around and I couldn't see him. I backed up and found my back pressed against the rough bark of a tree.

Everything was quite except for the sound of my loud raspy breathing, I closed my eyes trying to catch my breath but a loud and unfamiliar popping noise rang out in the night and my eyes shot open. I looked up and saw a bullet zooming straight at me barely missing me.

"What the fuck?! He has a gun?!" I gasped while looking at the bullet hole.

By the time I looked up I saw a sword heading straight toward me. I let my instinct take over and I covered my face with my hands and somehow I managed to catch the dangerous thing in between both of my palms.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I yelled "What do you want with me?!"

He let up on the pressure and looked at me in the eye.

"You have pretty good luck but by the time I'm done with you'll be a pro at this" he looked down as he put away the sharp metal object when he said this I was a little taken back.

"What's going on?!" I shrieked finally giving into my frustration.

"Hm? Didn't you read the paper?" he asked leaning back against a tree crossing his arms. 'How can he be so relaxed?!'

"Yeah but what does that have to do with anything?" I asked not bothering to question how he knows about the paper.

"Do you honestly not know who I am?" I shook me head signaling no.

"Introductions are so troublesome" he ran his hand though his hair short dark brown hair "My name is Gabriel but you had a thing for calling me Koda." he said while smirking.

"What?" asked still not processing what he said.

"I'm Koda."

"What but how? Koda was this cute little and you're not... tiny!" I let the words come out of my mouth effortlessly and immediately regretting them as soon as they came out of my mouth.

"I guess you can say that" he gave me a smile and a wink which was surprisingly me friendly "I shifted into that body because I knew you would trust me more than if I just came like this. Plus I was undercover for a while."

"Undercover why?" I wondered.

"I've already said too much. Here how 'bout I answer all your questions when we get home. Someone might hear us here, plus you look like you want to sit down." without another word he swooped me up on his back most likely so I would escape.

When we entered the house I started to feel really dizzy and I immediately knew I was starting to get sick. While the world started to whirl in front of my eyes I decided I had to sit down.

"Okay why were you undercover" I started interrogating.

"I'm in charge of you now and teach you how to fight. As you know your powers wasn't an accident. You're the product of centuries of experimenting trying to get the perfect mix of strength, magical abilities, physic powers, and even beauty." He looked at me darkly "Eventually word got out of the ... progress" he gave a dark chuckled as if it was depressingly funny. "Long story short we had to start hiding your ancestors and we started to lose track of them during the war."

I knew what war he was talking about it was the one where everyone strived for power for the throne. It started after an old king was poisoned by a group of power-hungry people. Everyone got involved in the war except humans of course. Witches, werewolves, shapshifters, fairy's, monsters and even vampires ect... Shit was crazy back then.

"Why didn't you guys use her as a ... weapon during the war" that question was itching at the back of my head.

"I don't think you realise how precious you are" he looked deep in my eyes as if looking for something.

"What do you mean..." my voice trailed off confused.

"You know besides power your ancestors was the other motive for war. Even now coven's are always on your tail trying to find you and use you to they're advantage."

"Is that why my aunt left?" the tone in my voice started to change from slightly interrogating to a bit melancholy. "Someone came looking for me?" He only nodded at me.

"Don't worry. Your aunt is leading them in a different , plus they wouldn't dare step on this territory" a mischievous spark light up in his hazel eyes I'll have to ask him why his eye's aren't the blue that he had in his wolf form...

"And why would that be?" I said raising my eyebrow.

"Those wolves do a pretty good job of keeping this place safe. especially from the kind that's looking for you."

"And this kind would be what?" I snapped, I was slightly agitated but very curious to know what was looking for me.

"Oh your going to love this." There it was again that mischievous glint but now paired with a smile.


I rolled over on my stomach and frowned.

"What did I do to deserve this?" I muttered to myself while my stomach twisted nervously.

Why is it me who has to have blood sucking mosquitoes on my trail. I almost wished that I could just tell them "I'm not that great I get bed ridden all the time and I can only do some stuff that cool but it's totally useless!"

My body felt damp and dirty it was probably from being in my pj's all day. I was getting tired of just lying around in my pj's.

This week was pretty much me just lying around in bed mostly 'cause we had a long weekend. Not that I'm complaining I just didn't want to go back to school after a couple of days of a personal "break" and be completely lost on what the teachers would be talking about when I got back and have a ton of homework waiting for me. I still had to get that diploma.

Besides missing school I was also missing work Sue was a bit more understanding though (considering her daughter almost murdered me) and even apologized for Leah. I kept telling her it was alright just to like conceal that I was still pretty pissed. I almost died, I knew she didn't like me but that seemed to take it to the extreme.

The door handle rattled making me jump up and turn to the entrance. The door opened and in walked Gabriel with two plastic grocery bags filled with (what I hoped was) food.

"I don't know why we don't just move to the city where take out food isn't such a hassle. I swear every time I go in there that woman is asking "Oh how is she? Is she any better now? Here take some soup its getting cold." his voice went up an octave as he tried to imitated Sue sending me into a frenzy of giggles till my stomach hurt.

"Belive it or not some people actually feel compassion for other people" I said wiping a tear from the corner of my eye. "Plus I have to finish school before I can leave this place."

'And try to get over my imprint if that's possible.'

"Forget it this place has a lot of tree's it's a great place to learn how to fight." He karate chopped the air which looked awkward with the bags in his arms.

"Exactly and if we lived in the city we'd have no choice but to try to go train at the YMCA." Now it was my turn to make him laugh.

"True, I haven't considered that." He put the bags on the table and I kicked off the blanket and made my way to the table.

"Well you're welcome for widening your horizons."

"Speaking of annoying people. Exactly what am I suppose to tell people when they ask me how I know you? They're starting to notice that I avoid the question completely."

"Shit if I know. Just say that you're a friend of the family."

"Guess that works. I though you'd try to play it safe and say I was your cousin."

"We don't look anything a like it be kind of hard to belive that and I can't say your my uncle you look way too young for that. And being my brother is way out of the question."

"It wouldn't be that unbelievable."

"Um yes it would." By now I had started rummaging through the plastic bags he put on the table. I clapped my hands "Yay, you brought chowder and bread."

"Don't eat so much bread, you'll get fat and be unable to train."

"Well thanks doesn't that just help my self-esteem" I rolled my eyes."You didn't bring me juice?"

"I brought you water fatty."

"Dick" I muttered under my breath.

After getting the food out of the bag's, the plastic silverware and napkins out Gabriel started to speak.

"It seems your appetite has returned."

"Yeah I'm feeling way better, before I could hardly stand now look at me" I struck a macho pose "all strong and healthy."

"Your friends will be happy to hear that. Especially the one who's been hanging out over here" he looked at me with a mischievous grin on his face.

I started thinking of the times Tristan has come over and given me homework and kept me company. He hasn't been here that much though...

"Hm? Tristan? He hasn't been here that"- he cut me off.

"No not Tristan."

"Then who" I turned to him casting my gaze up at him confused. I didn't have many friends what was he trying to get at?

"The leader of the wolf pack." At hearing this my eyes widened and a mix of emotions washed over me.

"What the hell are - they've been watching me?" My voice got louder with each word.

"I thought you knew" he looked at me as if he was about to burst out laughing.

I put my fingers on my temples and leaned against the back of the chair I was going to sit in.

"How was I supposed to know? I was laying in bed for the past 4 day's." I groaned in frustration. "Since when have you known?" I asked.

"For a while now" he said casually.

"And when were you planing on telling me?"

"I just told you, didn't I?" he said smirking at me causing me to tighten my fist and resist the urge to hit him.

"You're a jerk you know?" Gabriel continued giving me a smirk which was over all becoming very annoying.

"Man you freaking suck" and with that I ripped a piece of my bread and dunked it into my chowder.

Later at night after going to bed I checked out my window and saw nothing. To hear that they were so close by was ... well it was weird. I wasn't sure I should be scared though, don't they usually walk around here and stuff? There's a good chance it was just a coincidence that he was around here. But it was still kind of creepy.

I signed loudly and put my hands over my eyes after staying like that for a second before I closed the window made sure it I shut it and that the curtains were closed.

I collapsed on my bed and stayed like that for a second, then crawled in the sheets and took a blanket with me.

Oh gosh I can't stand it. It's so hot, I feel like I'm lying on a boiling hot heater. This type of heat wasn't the kind that I was accustomed to. Humid and heavy this was more like a burning sensation from all over.

"This fucking sucks" I look around blinking the room is still so dark, my eyes are trying to adjust but just keep blurring. I'm so tired I want to sleep but I can't because of how much pain I'm in, my throat hurts really bad.

I wiped sweat off my forehead and kicked off the sheets, in hope of cooling down but my pj's still stuck to my body none the less.

From out of no where I started to have a coughing fit, every time I cough it hurts, it feels like I'm trying to get sand out of my mouth. My mouth is so dry too, it feels like I stuck a lot of cotton in my mouth. It's a struggle keep the air in my lungs.

Frustrated I stand up and walk toward my desk where I keep a bottle of water. I take a drink, expecting it to have some sort of taste, but I ended up spitting it out and throwing the bottle on the floor wetting my feet.

"Ugh fuck this." Not caring about the mess I grabbed my keys and my phone. I did my best to leave quietly and only realize I don't have shoes on when I'm already in the car and mud and leaves are sticking to my feet. I start my car and it begins to purr to life I backing out of the drive way and I have no idea where I'm going. After driving around on some kind of auto poilet I look around a see a house.

I grab my phone and start texting the only person who's in my contacts, Tristan.

Hey can you meet me outside your house?... It's an emergency.


Oh God what am I doing? You know I'll just tell him to forget it.


Then I look down I see his reply: Alright.

After a couple of silent seconds I saw Tristan walk over his black hair stood in almost awkward directions he had on red plaid pajama bottoms and a hoodie zipped up almost all the way but his bare chest was still visible. I unlocked the car door then he opened it and then sat down. He looked a me his gaze looked tired and I was immediately hit with guilt.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have texted you so late... I should have let you sleep."

"It's fine I was already awake" I looked at him and raised my eyebrow at him. I could barely see him only with the help of the glow of the car could I make out his eyes. "I have a bit of trouble going to sleep."

"Oh..." I cast my gaze down.

"Look I said it was fine. So what's on your mind?" he turned his body towards me.

"I'm not sure really, to tell you the truth I just drove here. I couldn't sleep either My throat was really dry..."

"Your getting worse? Maybe you should see a doctor"-

"Nah it's ok. I'm just really so thirsty..." a smile broke out on his face and he started to laugh.

"That's it? Drink some water."

"It's not that simple I did and I'm still thirty. Plus I was really hot it felt like I was in an oven."

"Hmm maybe the devil was hugging you" I widened my eyes.

"I'm just kidding" he said after seeing my reaction.

"Don't say that. That's creepy." I said softly I've never considered that maybe my inner devil was trying to take over. I'm pretty sure that's not what he meant but in away it makes sence ... well to me at least. I closed my eyes took a deep breath and tried to relaxed back in my seat.

"Let's go somewhere" Tristan said after an abrupt silence.

"Where? It's really late."

"I don't know ... we can go and cruise around for a while and we can go on the dirt road. All we'll have to worry about is the "gang" he made quotation marks in the air.

"Gang?" I asked raising my eyebrow.

"That's what they call Sam's group of friends. It makes sence they practically take it upon themselves to be joy killers and try to keep us all "safe."" again he used the quotation marks thing while I just nodded my head in response, letting a small silence followed.

"Your lying though" now the confused look that I wore a second before is now mirrored on his face.

"What do you mean...?"

"We also have to be wary of crazy serial killers, little girls that come out of wells and all the sort." I said doing my best to keep my voice monotone and my face serious. To my right hearing him snort slightly before we both bursting in laughter my stomach twisting slightly from laughing so much and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. The tension ,that I had just noticed was even there, had suddenly melted away.

"So let's go?" I said in a better mood.

"Yeah which direction should we go?"

"In one direction!" I pointed straight.

"Were you trying to be cute or are you just naturally stupid?"

"Pshh I don't try I am-"


"No you dork!" I said sticking my tongue out at him and shoved him gently.

The drive was pretty fun but after a while we both started to get tired. I slowed the car to the side to shake my head and make sure I wasn't about the fall asleep on the wheel. Right now just didn't seems like a good time for potential death threatening situations.

"You tired?" he asked. I was still so thirsty and it seemed the more I sat in the car the more it felt like tiny claws scratched at my throat.

"Yea" my voice came out raspy.

"Are you alright?" 'I think it's close by... the thing that I want so badly...'

I just nodded. What is it that I want so badly?

My vision was slowly slurring and a small buzz was ringing in my ear I think even my heart started to beat a little slower.

I looked up and my gaze connected almost like a click with pretty blue eyes. They were coming closer a musky scent suddenly lingered in the air thumping with life. I think I was saying something... I was asking for something.

My lips met with something warm and smooth ...

That's all I remember the rest is all a blur of heat, lust and worst of all the very thing that was able to quench my thirst.

Blood... so much blood.

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