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It was never suppose to happen- no matter how many times Alfred told himself this, he couldn't help but keep replaying this stupid scenario in his head. That damn Briton- why did he have to be so stupid and take things so seriously?

He would never know, but it was just a joke- just merely a joke that he cracked while in a meeting with some of the other countries in the UN. They were all talking about their past wars at random and Alfred decided to bring up one of his most epic battles within US history- the Revolutionary War between him and Briton. Of course, he felt a little ill at ease with it, and he could tell Arthur was to an extent, but he went on with it. It was alright, they were all listening, and he joked about how Briton was just not that powerful compared to a ragtag team of colonists who had a score to settle, amongst other things.

It was just a joke, but.. Arthur didn't see it as that.

Rubbing his eyes, the American had tried to not think of it. Stupid Briton. Why was he so stubborn to apologize for over reacting to him and just get over it? It wasn't like he said something awful to the Briton. Well, maybe in Arthur's eyes, he certainly did, but.. stupid, idiot, overly emotional thing. Alfred rubbed at his eyes, huffing quietly as he crossed his arms. As much as he would've wanted to talk to Arthur- considering how close they were, or at least to an extent in their friendship, but.. he wasn't going to let up on this- he wouldn't want the Briton to feel high and mighty, just because Alfred apologized first. Hell no. He wasn't going to let up with that.

He was going to hold down on this- especially since it was NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. None. It was harmless, but stupid Arthur took it in a stupid way and blew it up. Hmph.

Arthur was furious. His temper was on the verge of bubbling over, and he could swear that he was in danger of cardiac arrest. He didn't know why it made him so bleeding mad.

He should've been used to it by now, or, at least that's what the Briton always told himself whenever the other nation would humiliate him in some way or form. But this time, it was too much. Then again, the dirty blond couldn't put his finger on why exactly this one comment made his stomach twist into knots and his heart pound in angrily. After all, worse things had been said before. And even to his face. Alfred.. well, it was usual for the Englishman to be upset with the American prat, but.. his anger level was up and over the roof.

"Bloody fucking git," he mumbled under his breath repeatedly, Arthur remembered, when he quickly made his way out of the G8 room, and left the Summit without a single word. He wasn't going to let Alfred get the best of him. Not this time.

The next few days was spent sitting by the telephone, waiting. Just waiting for the moment when his former colony would pick up the phone and apologize for what he had said, even though to anyone on the outside, it wouldn't seem like a big deal. That's where Arthur's heart differed. He could take shit from nearly anyone else, stand there with a smirk on his lips. But Alfred-... well.. that was a completely different story there. Seeing as how Arthur loved the younger nation, when the golden blond man would ridicule him, or anything of the sort-even in a playful manner-it hurt. It hurt like bloody hell.

But he would never admit this.

Arthur was much to stubborn to do such a thing. So instead of apologizing himself, he waited for days, letting his work pile up and up gradually, jumping at any ring. He just wanted to hear the other's voice. Just hearing the blasted fool's voice would calm the aching pain, even if he didn't apologize.

So the next morning-just like every other morning for the past week-the Englishman forced himself out of bed, made himself a cup of tea and sat down beside the phone, his feet up on the couch and his arms wrapped around his legs. He didn't like this feeling. Without Alfred, he was basically alone.

"Prat.. Just call. Just call already."

'Don't cave in. For God sakes, Alfred F. Jones, do not cave into that stupid Briton. Just because you said some joke that apparently got him all up in arms, does NOT mean you have to apologize to that idiot. He over reacted. His own damn fault. Not yours. You're not gonna be subdued by him not talkin' to ya' for a week to cave in and apologize. Just ain't right.' the American huffed at his own thoughts, rubbing at his eyes.

He shouldn't have to apologize to Arthur. Yeah, that's right, he shouldn't have to- if anything, that weirdo had to apologize to him. He was the one that went crazy and wasn't talking to him. He was the one who just stormed out of the conference without so much as saying a word, not Alfred. This was what drove the American mad. As much as he didn't want to apologize to the blonde, a small part of him actually did want to say sorry to Arthur.

Just a small part. Not too big, but none-the-less, it was giving him a headache.

But he was staying strong on this- he'd always had to listen to Arthur in the past and apologize for something stupid, but oh no, not this time. He was gonna stay firm. He was gonna be honest. He was gonna show that damn Briton that he meant business this time and that he should come to the American and apologize. If he was so bent on that though, why was he suddenly picking up his cell phone and flipping through the contact list then? Blinking, the cerulean eyed male gawked as he found his fingers searching for the very person he was choosing to avoid. Stupid body. Stupid subconscious mind. Well, maybe a phone call wouldn't hurt. Maybe. He wasn't sure. He just knew he wasn't going to apologize to that over emotional man.

Clicking on the name that read, 'Arthur McEnglandpants' on his phone, he huffed as he pressed the call button. Yeah. He was probably being stupid with this. Well, with over reacting to a potential call that would just be civil- that is, if the Briton decided to make it civil. Alfred knew that when the Briton was angry, he would stay angry. Hell, he was angry for the longest of times after he broke off from the older male and made his own country. Yeah, those few years of silence wasn't that awesome, but.. the blonde shook his head, sighing as he placed the phone to his ear- hearing the ringing tone. Better answer. He better answer.

"I'm wastin' some money on this call, so ya' better pick up.." he mumbled to himself, huffing as he kept hearing the accursed dial tone. Stupid connection. Why did it take so long to make some overseas call? Guh.

The Englishman had just pressed his cup of tea against his lips, letting the warm liquid flow down his sore throat, when his television screen showed the name "American Prat" on the bottom right hand corner. Nearly doing a comedic spit take, the Briton choked on his drink, pounding on his chest to clear it down, his face now a flushed red. Cor blimey. He never expected it to happen. For the longest while, Arthur sat there in a daze, listening to the ringing of his phone drown in with the buzzing silence surrounding him.

'Pick it up. Pick up the phone. It's not that hard,' Arthur told himself. 'Just reach over, pick up the blasted phone, and say hello. Arthur Kirkland it's not that bleeding hard.' After continually muttering this mantra to himself, the Briton climbed over to the other end of the posh couch, and grabbed the telephone, waiting a moment before answering. Why had he even called? Alfred wasn't the type to apologize-unless forcibly, because "Americans were never wrong". After all of these years, the sandy blond haired man could feel his heart thrashing against his chest harshly. So harshly, in fact that he could hear it in his very ears. He couldn't help it. Seeing as how he was so accustomed to hearing the other nation's voice so frequently, even a week was too long, to not hear his voice.

He had avoided Alfred thoroughly. And.. well, Arthur couldn't even put his finger down on what he was mad about. Those jokes were your average run of the mill things that would usually be tossed into conversations at United Nations meetings, and he knew this. He knew this well. But.. he overreacted. Maybe.. he would apologize for once, and let the blue eyed man off the hook for once. He just wanted his company. More than anything right now-he just didn't want to be lonely. Swallowing thickly, Arthur flopped onto his back, sprawled across the sofa as he finally spoke up. "...Hullo?"

Alfred took in a sharp breath as he heard the Briton's voice, only to release a deep sigh after. Okay, at least he answered now, but.. Now he had to talk. Okay, so many his subconscious didn't think too ahead with this. Stupid mind. Why the hell couldn't it have done a better job? Whatever. Stupid, useless behavior. He really should get that checked out, but he had to focus on something more important than that right now. This was it. He wasn't going to apologize to Arthur- he was merely going to talk to him and be civil. He was going to just talk to him and have a good conversation. They were going to just be normal and not have any strings attached, well- more like force anything out of the other. He did know that Arthur had to apologize, but he wouldn't bring it up right now- no, not now, he didn't want another fight happening. He didn't want to fuel the fire.

Alfred felt odd for staying silent- he never even intended to be so silent, but he was just trying to gain his composure. What to say. What to say.. Oh, of course.

"Hey there, Arthur. How are ya'?" the blonde asked, leaning against one of the walls within the room he was in. Quietly, the American let out a sigh that he tried to cover up as best as he could- not wanting the other to hear it. "Been drinkin' that tea and what not like usual?" chuckling at that, Alfred stared up as he held his phone to his ear. He wasn't going to apologize. He was firm on this matter. He would stay stubborn and wait till the other finally caved in and would say sorry for freaking out and being a complete woman over this matter. Yeah, it was probably bad he used the term "woman," so lightly, but that's how he honestly saw it. Arthur blew up like a woman on him over something so small and mundane as a joke, but how would he know? He had no idea that the Briton would go crazy and just ignore him for a week. A week. A whole damn week without the Briton.

Alfred wouldn't admit it, but it was pretty.. quiet, and lonely without the other with him. Sure, Alfred was pretty popular amongst the other countries, but he didn't really have that big of a bond with them as he did with Arthur. The only one relatively close to this Matthew, but he was.. well, he'd probably just be awkward with it and feel ignored if Alfred told him all of this. He rubbed the side of his face with his free hand, shutting his eyes as he tried to think of other things. How's the weather? How's that food? Is your cooking still awful? When are you coming to see me to apologize to my face? When are you going to ask me to come over there to talk?

Well, he wouldn't use the last two questions, that was certain. No talking to him about that, unless the Briton brought it up. Even then, it'd be pretty much a flip flop matter with the blonde. It could go smoothly, or it could go awful and then they're back to square one. At least they were attempting to talk now. Even if he wouldn't admit it very often or much, just the fact of hearing that short little hello from Arthur made him happy. Happy, by the slightest- maybe relieved and somewhat content. Yeah, those words fit in quite nicely with it. It was just so awkward to hear nothing but.. well, silence as he leaned upon the wall and was on the phone with Arthur.

God. Stupid Arthur.

He nearly held his breath as he waited to hear a voice on the other line. If this.. If this was some sort of joke, oh boy, the Briton would've been absolutely raving mad. His mind was racing back and forth through what to say, how to say it, to make sure and not stutter, and keep a calm tone of voice as if he didn't care that they hadn't been talking. Hell, the American was lucky he had even picked up the phone to begin with-usually he would wait to long to answer that Alfred would eventually give up and put the phone down.

Sure, it made the guilt sink into the pit of his stomach, but it usually wasn't intentional. Even if he was mad. When he was mad the one thing he wanted to do in the first place would be to talk it out with the other nation. As far as Arthur's state of mind was concerned, they would be having a calm, and peaceful conversation. And when the moment was just right, the Englishman would apologize for overreacting, and they would forget everything. But.. for some reason, even the words "I'm sorry" wouldn't come out right. Upon hearing the other's voice buzzing in his ear from the warm phone in his hand, a small smile curled on Arthur's lips. He cleared his throat once more, making sure to seem elegant and poised-which proved incredibly hard to do when he was laying all over his couch in a sloppy manner. After all, without his former colony there, he couldn't careless about his posture.

The emerald eyed man waited a few seconds before answering in a calm tone of voice. "Ah.. Hullo, Alfred. I'm doing jolly good. You?" He asked in return, his cheeks lightly flushed. He had.. He couldn't help but feel like a ditzy school girl, getting overly excited just to hear the person on the other line breathe, hanging onto every word. Right now he let that slide. It had been an entire week without caving in, he could let it slide for now. Hearing the other's comment, he continued to smile, a soft sigh escaping past his lips. "..Yus, actually I have. Tea and paperwork."

Sitting up, Arthur quietly made his way off of the couch with a light "oof" sound, and slid his brown shoes on. His mind had suddenly clicked. Alfred was always the one to surprise him.. so why not do the same? Here.. a broad grin crossed his features, and he moved around to look for his coat. It was still quite early in the morning, and the American usually stayed at home until twelve or so, and by taking his private jet, he would get there in no time at all.

It was perfect. And the best way to apologize. Hah.

He was so bloody brilliant.

'Well, at least he answered and doesn't seem too mad.' Alfred thought as he heard Arthur talk on the other line, waiting to see if he would react with a typical, "So, what about you, you stupid git?" or some type of insult. There wasn't any. Strange. Maybe he.. Well, he wasn't even sure himself. He was pretty unsure with how to react to this.

Alfred did make sure to keep himself composed and not.. well, go crazy like he usually did, which was even odd in itself. Alfred not spazzing and being loud on the phone? Hell, even in general, if he wasn't like that then.. well, pretty much all the nations would ask him what was wrong because he was never like that. The only times he ever was remotely quiet was because of some depression he had a while back, but right now he wasn't depressed. He was just, well down right lonely to an extent. Yeah, he would admit it- to an extent that he was lonely without the companionship of the Briton. Hell, even just being in the same room as him and looking at the other would give him some peace. At least they were on the phone now. At least now Arthur could apologize for all this mess, but Alfred knew it'd take some time. Arthur wouldn't apologize so easily or quickly, even if he did something awful to another person. He just wasn't the type of person to apologize first unless he seriously meant it or knew he had to.

Maybe that's where he got his attitude from with things like this- Alfred just normally never cared if he was convicting or not to someone, hell, even to people he didn't know and he would rarely apologize. He said it like it was.

"Well, ya' know- the usual here. I'm alright, just bored out of my mind with paperwork and.. not a lot of stuff going on. Pretty easy though I guess." the glasses clad male said, shutting his eyes as he heard the other move around. Hm. Probably gonna get more tea- he was always pretty clumsy if he was comfortable somewhere. Bringing himself off the wall, Alfred held onto the phone quite tightly to his ear. Yeah, he probably seemed lame right now, but dammit he was making sure that the other wasn't saying anything bad or plotting. As if he'd plot against him, but still- you couldn't be too careful with it. Even if they were close friends, Alfred knew what the other was capable of. "How's yer week been though?" he found himself asking, his voice laced with a calm sense as his mind was going at a hundred miles an hour and his heart rate beating even faster.

How was your week? God, he was probably gonna be honest or just say something to make him feel bad, well, maybe.

Maybe, maybe not. Alfred wasn't sure, considering that the two were actually being civil now. The blonde just merely wanted to see what would happen if he asked that and if the Briton would give him an honest answer. Maybe he would - hopefully he would. Alfred didn't want to just stand there and make things awkward on the phone when he was finally able to sum up the courage to call Arthur. No, no, not now. He had to be persistent with this, but not too much- he didn't want Arthur to think he was caving in so soon already. Not after constantly telling him how he wouldn't give up on anything he set his mind on- it'd be too ridiculous and almost embarrassing to go off and apologize first for something like this.

Arthur was going insane with this "civil" talk.

He couldn't stand pretending as if they were getting along, and as if nothing happened. It was nothing like them. Not at all.

While it was blatantly difficult to keep a straight face, and not insult the other as he so casually did all the time, the Briton managed to hold his ground. He slid on his corduroy jacket on top of his collared shirt and sweater vest-wearing it honestly just because the American would always make his snide comments about it. About how "dorky" it looked on his body, and things such as that, but he knew Alfred secretly loved it when he wore it. After all, the golden haired blond was the one who bought it for him (secretly, of course) last Christmas. He knew the other would have to smile upon seeing it.

He searched around the room, looking for the keys to his car and briefly pulled the phone away to text the pilot of his private jet that he would be needing a ride in a matter of minutes. He continued to listen to the gentle silence, waiting for the younger nation to make a reply of some sort, while locking the door. This wasn't the kind of conversation he wanted to have with Alfred after not talking to him for a long week.

No. He wanted to be happy.

He wanted to apologize, because he knew he was wrong-even though that was an incredible feat for him, and he wanted Alfred to smile. Which was the exact reason why he was heading over to America. The only thing eating away at the green eyed male was the fact of how similar his former colony was to him. So similar that it was starting to frighten him. Alfred had grown up to be a blunt person, who say anything practically, without caring what anyone else thought, and while that could sometimes be a good trait to have-seeing as how Arthur himself had this trait-he didn't like the other this way.

He missed that sweet, gentle and docile child with sky blue eyes and the brightest of smiles who would run to him after coming home from a long day and squeal about how much he loved Arthur. He knew that child was still inside of the other somewhere. Arthur had been determined to find him since day one.

"Ah..I see." He mumbled, not quite paying attention as he opened the car door and climbed inside. 'Should be in America in about an hour or so,' the nation thought to himself, as he started the engine. He paused upon hearing the other's question. Here was his opening. But.. why not drag it out and make the other feel just a little guilty? There was no way he would pass up a chance such as this. "...Well," He started, turning the radio on quietly, the music now a soft lull in the background. "...I..It's been a terribly quiet week. I've been buried in paperwork all day. Haven't dared to leave the house. Matthew slept over the other day, but that was the extent of excitement in my house. It was a bit awkward, your brother has always been that way-quiet, invisible. But he was a good listener."

"Oh, really? I didn't know Matt went over and spent the night, but yeah- figures as much. He's always too quiet, I swear." he sighed out, his eyes still shut as he let himself focus on the conversation at hand.

Yeah, he was still bent on this- he wanted to make sure that everything was okay, or well as okay as they would be. Things wouldn't seriously be okay until one of them apologized for this, even Alfred knew that and he was always the one to not know what to do. "But, quiet? God, that's awful, heh'. At least he was a good listener for ya' then. That's better than nothing." he said, trying not to sound like an ass for saying that.

He never really did say a lot of awful things, but he just didn't want the other to take him in a wrong way. Alfred was doing his best to not sound stupid and do something stupid that would ultimately lead to them just being angry at one another for even longer.

"My week's been alright, I gotta admit- well, okay I guess. Nothin' too wild or bad, just was there at my own place doing things. Nothing really that popped out, ya' know?" the American spoke, releasing a soft sigh. 'Come on, Arthur, just say your stupid stuff and then apologize so I don't have to be stuck like this.' the impatient American thought as he heard a sudden random tune enter the atmosphere of the conversation. Random music. Huh, that wasn't on his end- was Arthur listening to music? Possibly, but he wasn't going to randomly go in and ask when he knew that Arthur would probably just ask him another question. 'Why are you listenin' to music now?' 'Well, why aren't you apologizing to me, you idiot?' God, he could only imagine, but maybe he was just letting his mind wander too much right now. Yes, yes that was probably right- he had to keep an open mind.

He couldn't be so bitter and sound like a child, he had to be straight with this. He had to think straight and think openly to see if the Briton would actually apologize first for this.

Hopefully he would. Alfred didn't feel ready to apologize or even know where to begin with something like this. Apologizing was like learning a new language for him at times- just so.. difficult and sometimes so not worth it. Plus, it required a lot of thinking before he would even begin to learn or start on a word.

Okay, probably not the best type of thing to compare it to, but Alfred wasn't even sure now. He just knew that apologizing wasn't an option at this point for him- it had to be Arthur to apologize. It just certainly had to be him to do it. Alfred wasn't about to let his guard down and cave in. Not this time. He would stick to what he had been saying the whole time to himself. He would just accept that small price, but.. Gah, the blonde rubbed his eyes again. He was feeling awkward now- he wasn't bouncing around, screaming or coming up with something random and calling the Briton that. He would never be this quiet and well.. like this. It was out of his character almost- had it not been the fact that he spoke with some sass in it like he usually did, he probably would've sounded a lot different than how he usually was. He didn't even want to think about that, but he just shrugged it off. His mind was already too clouded anyway with thinking of ways Arthur could apologize or when he probably would apologize to him about this.

"I.. I have to go. Can I.. call you back later?" Arthur questioned sheepishly as he revved up the car, backing out of the driveway.

He glanced at the clock. 8:05. The Briton quickly began to speed down the street, making his way towards the airport. He couldn't' stand being on the phone with his former colony much longer. Not when they were talking and behaving this way. Without waiting for an answer, the Englishman sighed softly. "Terribly sorry, but I'll.. see you later. I can't stay on the phone. ..Bye, Alfred."

Hanging up, he stuffed his phone into his pocket, and within a matter of moments arrived at the airport, and boarded his plane in less than half an hour. Hopefully, the American wouldn't be too mad. And he would stay home.