Chapter 1: Destination

Blood, sweat, tears.

These are all the characteristics of a war. Yes, although it involves other things too this was what what mainly consisted of. These three things. No amount of training could ever prepare a person for war. Not the mental, nor the physical demands could ever really truly prepare a person. A person green behind the ears could walk in and naively think they could end this war with one single jutsu but that simply not the case. Unfortunately, that same young person could walk in a meet an untimely death. Why? Because they were too young to be on the battlefield and too inexperienced to sustain their own life. Yes, death in a war is a tragic death but it's a mean to an end. War doesn't give life it can only take it away.

As a mixture of blood and sweat oozed down his hiate and into his sunny, blond hair, the young man stiffened when he saw a yet another comrade get murdered. It was a gruesome sight. His young comrade, he couldn't remember the young chunnin's name, was not only dismembered but he was decapitated and stabbed over and over. The face was no longer recognizable. He was now staring at the blank, hollow hole where the young comrades' brown eyes used to be. He didn't even want to know where the eyes were. More than likely, they were probably squished during decapitation.

16 year old Namikaze Minato gulped but maintained his stoic expression. There were no tears for a fallen comrade. Death was all a part of shinobi life. Every shinobi was taught early on that anytime they stepped on the battlefield could possibly be the last.. Shinobi were to used as a tool. During a war age didn't matter. Although he had not seen any children on the battlefield yet, he was sure it was bound to happen in the future if this war continued. As much as he repeated to himself that shinobi were tools, he still had this unshakable ideal that children shouldn't ever see the battlefield? Was he wrong for thinking that?

As the looked over at his other kicking and breathing comrades, Minato felt detached from the entire scene. He felt like this wasn't real. Almost dream like. He looked to the sky. The sun was shining brightly and there were a few hints of gray clouds in the distance. He could hear the birds chirping despite the loud explosions. It was seemingly a storybook setting for couples but today this majestic scene was the setting of a major battle.

This had been his first assignment in months.. But, the third Great Shinobi War continued raging on. He was a Jounin, of course, but this was the first time he had ever set foot on the battlefield. As he looked back over once again at his fallen comrade,he realized that he too had made the same mistake his young, dead, decapitated, comrade had. He had came onto this with his own set of ideas, his own beliefs, he too had fallen to the ideal of he could end this was with one jutsu. Ironically, it was because he had finally cracked his original jutsu just a few days ago that made him think there could finally be an end to this war. Someday.

Speaking of jutsus, he had been working on his own original for months until he cracked it. It was just a primary transportation jutsu but cracking it took some time. It involved sealing which was a subject he excelled at but the fact of the matter was he had been hesitant about trying it out. The jutsu virtually required no charka. But, it was the fact that he had to manipulate the flow of time that made the jutsu that much harder to crack. When he had showed it to his mentor, Jiraiya, the toad sage thought it was the faster version of the Body flicker Technique. He had to sit down and explain to the perverted sage that his jutsu was not the Body Flicker but something faster, more useful. By manipulating the flow of time, Minato could appear anywhere that was laced with his seal. Now, if only he could master it.

While trying to crack his other jutsu, he had stumbled upon making another original jutsu just in case his transportation one didn't work out. It was a bright, blue, chakra coated sphere of light. He didn't know what to call it just yet but whatever it was it was going to be called would be feared throughout the ninja world.

But for right now, he was just going to call it something generic.

'Blue thunder.' No,

'Blue Sphere?' No.

'Blue Ball.' Yes. That would do for now.

The new name of his awesome jutsu for right now would be called 'Blue Ball.'

Yes, he had to prepare his enemies for the blue ball.


From the corner of his eye, he saw an opening. He didn't know how he could have gotten so lucky to get an opening after all this time but he surely was going to take it.

On the battlefield, an opening means the difference between life and death. As he jumped over the numerous dead bodies of enemies he had taken down, he quickly summoned the famed blue sphere of light. Just as he was about to connect, he saw a small smile pass over his enemies face. He noticed it just in time to see the man quickly making different hand signals. He recognized a couple but the man simply was too fast for the eyes to see.


He had side stepped his blue ball was if it was child's play. Minato quickly created another blue ball just in time to meet another slew of hand signals but this time the man didn't sidestep.

He disappeared in the middle of a black gaping hole. The last thing he saw of his enemy was a dark robe with red clouds on the sides.

It was then Minato noticed what the man's plan he been all along. He was the target.

He barely had time to register the cries of protests from his comrades as he disappeared in a huge burst of white light.

It was safe to say, he wasn't in Konoha anymore.


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