Another day comes by and passes. While the sun released its grip in the sky, the moonlight rose and stole the limelight, eminating a calming aura throughout the atmosphere. Night had swept over the Iwatodai strip and everyone was safely inside their abodes, having not a care in the world of what could be happening outside their doors. Most of the universe should have been dreaming by now, save for only one person.

Annabell was still out and about, drifting through the deserted streets of Iwatodai. Last minute shopping had to be completed and she was determined to finish it. Making haste, she tried to scurry out of the grocery store and head back to the dorm. She knew better than to walk around alone at night; it was common sense to anyone. No one knew what exactly lurked about in the corners and alleyways when the sun went down, but there are times where dear little Annabell can be a bit... dimwitted. When something had to be done, it had to be done and it did not matter to her what time or place it was. If it was important, it would be most certainly carried out to the fullest. As the sound of crinkling plastic bags filled the thin air, Annabell had come across a few freaks infected with the Apathy Syndrome. This was not her first sighting of said beings. They had been wandering about for a while now with new victims popping out from left and right. Every person affected by the sydrome she had passed by made her cringe within her school uniform.

"I know what I really need to be fighting for. I don`t want to end up like these guys..." she muttered softly to herself.

Her motivations were these people inparticular. They were like zombies, dead yet alive and still moving around. Nothing made Anna more upset than seeing one of these unfortunate souls wander around as if they were brain dead. She had to keep fighting! To make her own hometown better, hell, to make the world a better place. Once everything was back to the way it should be, then she`ll be able to finally rest and relax. As Annabell dodged and swept passed a couple of ghostly figures, she had heard what sounded like whispers. They were very unexpected and it was almost as if the whispers were directed towards her. In response, she stopped in place and stood still to hear the whispers. They had to have come from a human being, right? But for all she knew, it could have been the Sydrome infected beings talking amongst themselves. When she glanced back, no one was there in her sight. Annabell scrunched up her face and looked over her surroundings repeatedly, but still no one could have been seen. She tilted her head in unsatisfaction.

"Hello...?" she let out.

No one replied. Annabell ended up shrugging it off and spun back around. Though, just as she made her complete circle back, she ran into something hard. Rubbing her nose, she backed away and met the figure of what appeared to be a man.

"Why, hello there pretty girlie..." He let out softly. His voice was calm, smooth and sounded quite sincere. Though, Annabell knew better. No one looks for new friends at this time of night, he was someone with malicious intentions no doubt. She gazed at him with fearful eyes. He was a blond man with and evil aura and dark eyes. A streetlight had shone behind him making it hard to make out any other features other than a scar that was placed on his left arm. As the man took a step forward, he lifted his hand out infront of him to reach out to her. Annabell dropped all of her things and stepped back, trying to get away from him. But to what reason? As she backed away only to bump into another being. The man behind her snickered and quickly placed his arm around her neck, choking her. Annabell gripped onto his arm and tried to pry her way out, yet this attempt quickly became futile.

"Fidgeting will only make it worse, baby..." hissed the man behind her. She looked up to see a man holding dark hair and light eyes. Contrasting colors, yet he also looked as baleful like his horrid companion. The blonde man in front walked up to her and placed his hands at her hips.

"Well, what`s a fine piece of woman like you walking around here at night? Didn`t your parents tell you any better? Men like us lurk around the streets at night. Ah, well.. Seems like you`ll have to pay the consequences for being too stupid!" Shouted the blond with a venemous tone. He leaned in front leaned in and sniffed her with flared nostrils. His grin was compiled of malevolence and his stained hands had began their slow descent onto new areas of her body.

"This bitch it wearing perfume! Seems like we have ourselves a classy woman. Heh, well this just became more insteresting." Mused the blond. Annabell let out an expression of disgust. How odd that tonight of all nights she was to get caught in a trap! She cursed at herself mentally for her carelessness. Maybe if her guard wasn`t down, then she`d never be in this predicament. But, one must take the time to see a bigger picture here.

Everything happens for a reason, no?
And while this wasn`t quite the situation anyone would want to experience, this was something that would mark the begining of a new adventure for her. Almost like a once in a life-time opportunity that would change her for as long as she continued to live.

As she was in the clutches of the man`s arms, his companion was making his way towards her black skirt. Annabell knew what he was going for, and well, she was damn sure that she wasn`t going to let this happen. Annabell never stood back helpless. She looked up to the guy holding her who the latter returned her glance with a smirk to accompany it. She shook her head and jumped up, with he top of her head striking him in the chin. The dark haired fool released his grip and placed his hands over his jaw. His companion removed his attention from her to his injured comrade. Annabell took this opportunity and kicked his nasty blond friend in the gut. The blond man grunted and back-handed her, causing her to fall to her knees. She yelped and held her now red and pulsating cheek.

"You damned broad!" he shouted with anger.

"Hey, lets take her back with us. Someone will be able to see us here, dude." Said the dark haired bastard, as he returned his grip on to her. He recovered from his injury faster than Anna would have liked. The other man nodded. Annabell had her hands tied behind her back and proceeded to be tossed over the shoulder of the blond man. She was gagged and hit again bluntly on her face.

"Damned failures... I`m still conscious..." she deemed hazily.

Her eyes dashed from side to side, observing her ever changing surroundings. The men had traveled the opposite direction of the Dorm and seemed to have taken her to the Iwatodai Station. But they didn`t stop moving one they were there. Soon, she realized were they were taking her: not the Station itself, but its outskirts. Annabell widened her eyes and let out a muffled yelp.

She had been there once, with Yukari, Minato and Junpei when they were investigating the whole situation of Fuuka Yamagishi from the classroom over. Even being surrounded by her friends, the nervousness she felt while inside the area hadn`t dissipated. They were greeted by a group of shabby people with Yukari being the one to egg them on. As the situation became dire, a single man had come to their rescue and had it not been for him, Anna probably wouldn`t be here right now. But that was then. What are the chances of him coming to her rescue, now? That encounter was about a month ago.

As she was brought into the Outskirts all she was able to inhale was the filthy aroma of alcohol and cigarette smoke. Not a very pretty combination. A few people were scattered about, conversating, smoking, messing around,the works. Anna saw the eyes of each and everyone of them become glued to her. This was most embarrassing for her and she knew that she would probably never get back home. The men mumbled to themselves, most likely choosing an area to which they could play with their prey in peace. They seemed to be taking their sweet ass time as it seemed like hours had passed by since her arrival. Nevertheless, the time did not matter and now Annabell had grew tired and all she wanted was to go back to the dorm, to her home. She had seen enough of this place and its inhabitants and wanted out. Anna began to wriggle and squirm as she tried to get herself free, but the knot on her restraints were tied too tightly for her to pull free. The blond man holding her shook his head while clicking his tongue.

"I don`t think so, darling." he spat as he thrusted her up against a graffiti stained wall. Annabell let out a soft whimper as her spine hit the cold brick wall behind her. She shook her head and began to tear up.

"P`ea`, don`!" she let out in a muffled cry.

"Tch. That`s quit a nice body you`ve got there, we`re not letting you slip away, sweetcheeks." said one of the men. Anna shut her eyes tightly as she stood there with no way of escaping and the feeling of greasy fingers caress her trembling body.

She was there. Alone. But elsewhere, other people had no clue what was occuring just outside their own walls of security. While time seemed to have come to a complete halt for Annabell, in other places, everything was just as normal as ever. Time always passes and no matter what you do or where you go, this is not going to change. What is happening now, will soon become the forgotten memory of yesterday. Sometimes though, during times like this, unexpected things happen. You could be quietly sitting at home, and the moment you walk out of your house would be the last you ever see of it. And sometimes still, while you may be in the face of danger, that one person walking out of their home could be the one to relieve you of your unfortunate predicament.

...Or in this case, the home happened to be a bar. Alcohol was consume inside, and also in it were ruffians who have had more than their share of hardships. They were cold and tempermental, cruel and not wanting to associate themselves with anyone outside their comfort zone. Nonetheless, there is always one person in the group who is different. Even if he doesn`t realize this now, he will soon find out that this isn`t where he belongs.