`*It all started with one fateful meeting; an almost black situation that I alone had turned snow white.
I`ll never forget the day I first laid eyes on you.
You were to forever be etched into my mind.*´

Our new subject of interest is a lonely man. Now, he is only a man because he is 18 and now considered an "adult." Still, his actions have yet to reward him of such a title. As he exited the bar, he was walking with obscure footing. His body swayed back and forth, and with every step he took, the dizzier he seemed to become. It looks like someone had one too many. As he shook his head, he tried to recover his concentration which he had spilt at the bar he`d been flopped over on. He was traveling up a short staircase, back to the surface world where he "belonged." The only time he was able to forget all his meaningless existance was when he would hide inside the beer garden, being consumed by women and other filthy pleasures. He hated this place - no, more than that. He hated all of Iwatodai with a burning passion. Nothing displeased him more than waking up to the same old town that retained the horrible memories he so desperately wished to forget. And even though he currently resided in the Outskirts, he wasn`t fond of this place or anyone inside it. He had no friends(save for one person), no lover and nothing to hold on to. No dreams or motivations, he was just there; living for no particular purpose and surely for no one else. As much as he enjoyed the company of a few pretty faces, he had little interest in getting involved in other people`s lives. He lived his own way and didn`t want to get mixed up in others. That was just how he is, and no one was going to change the way he acted... Or so he thought.

Leaning up against the wall, he whipped out a lighter and lite up a cigarette. With one puff, he released a horrid cough. He held this cigarette in between his thin lips and ran his hand up against the wall for support. Once he emerged from the underground dungeon, he had scowled in dissapointment.

"Damn it, I stayed in too long..." he murmured, realizing that the sun had long since left the sky. He placed his hands in his pockets and hunched his way back to his current quarters. He wanted to get back with out any distraction, but as he was strolling along, his ears twitched when he heard a noise which sounded like a cry. Normally, he`d ignore the noise as it wasn`t anything new. But this time, it interested him and he relucantly went to go check it out.

A descision he made, purely of free will.

As he approached the cause of the noise, he had seen two men having their way with a girl they seemed to have picked up off the street. The man`s first instinct was to ignore them. It wasn`t his problem. If the police got involved, he sure as hell didn`t want to be apart of it. Being an accessory is just as bad as being the actual crimminal anyway. Even though he did not care, he grumbled and began walking closer to the scene anyway. These boys were lucky, this girl they found was very pleasing to the eyes.

(One little peak wouldn`t hurt, would it?) he thought.

The man had casually slithered by, taking a good look at the girl the men were roughing up. He noticed that she had a black and white uniform on.

"Tch, Gekkoukan High, no less..." he mumbled. A pretty girl, yes, but her choice of education tasted extremley bitter to him. As he continued to scrutinize the incident, one of the men had lifted up her skirt. The man`s desolate eyes ran up and down her legs. They were noticeably smooth looking, much to his liking. As his eyes began to wander higher up her body, he was able to see a strap around her upper thigh. He squinted his eyes, trying to get a better look of it. Upon closer inspection, what the strap held was a shiny object in what appeared to be in the shape of a gun. Grunting, he was taken aback.

"No... She couldn`t be..." he let out. Squinting his eyes one more, he glance again and confirmed his accusation. The lonely man let out a disgusted sigh and ran up to the men. The only thing running through his mind then was a dark thought. If she was who he thought she was, then shit was going to hit the fan.

"Hey, guys. Leave her alone." he said as he approached the two thugs. The men both growled.

"Fuck off, Shinjiro. We saw her first!" Spat the blonde. Shinjiro narrowed his eyes and quickly became pissed off. He ran up and bashed the blonde man right in the face. His victim held his nose and stumbled onto his ass, dropping the F bomb.

One down, and only one left to go. Shinjiro turned his head and glared menacingly at the other one. The dark haired man shook his head and ran back, releasing his grip on Annabell.

"Watch your back, Shinjiro! We`re not going to let this go!" he yelled with an assured stance.

"Yeah, yeah. It`s what you said last time and you didn`t do shit. Shut the fuck up and get lost." Shinjiro snarled. The dark haired man helped his beaten friend and proceeded to disappeared into the darkness of the alley way. Annabell mewled and slide down onto the hardtop ground. She shut her eyes and dozed off for she felt a bit woozy. Shinjiro then walked up to her. He eyed her over and bit his lip.

"I see now... She is quite a catch..." he uttered under his breath. He knelt over and examined her over. She retained a familiar aura to her as if he`s met her somewhere before, but this couldn`t be the case. Shinjiro was sure that he`s never seen her before in his life.

"Still..." he let out, tilting his head to the side. Finally snapping back into reality, he had shooken his head. Now was not the time to ponder over a petty assumption. He looked over at her legs and became hesitant. He had gone this far, so there was no use in not continuing.

(I just have to make sure...) he thought anxiously. As he He ran his hand up her thigh, he felt his heart pound while he lifted her skirt. It was now or never, but just as he reached the strap, Annabell began to stir. She blinked a few times before her vision became clear. And all she was was a strange man with his hand almost in her panties. Shinjiro had glanced into her eyes with a fearful expression.

"I-It`s not what it looks like...!" he blubbered with a red tint on his face. He felt his heart skip a beat as Annabell shook her head and kicked him in the gut. Much to his surprise, she was quite strong for someone of her stature, yet she wasn`t strong enough to bring a guy like Shinjiro down. Shinjiro grunted and gasped for breath as the pressure of her foot was removed from his abdomen. Usually, this would`ve sent him into a spiral or rage, but he didn`t appear to be cross at all. He looked down at her and acknowledged the fact that she was beganing to hyperventilate. He clutched his stomach with one had and removed her gag with the other, allowing her to breath. She took a deep, long breath.

"Are you okay?" he asked with unconcerned eyes. She nodded.

Their eyes met and her innocence was practically dripping from her weary eyes. He truly did save her from what could have been a terrible outcome on her behalf. Shinjiro got closer to her and placed his arms around her body, untying the piece of cloth that held her wrists together. Anna gazed at him with dreamy eyes. Shinjiro could feel her eyes stroke his person and became a bit nervous. It was so quiet, neither of them spoke a word; he was even able to hear his unsteady breathing. He tried to concentrate on his task, yet for some reason, his focus had left him. To make matters worse, instead of a simple "Thank you" to praise him of his deeds, words he`d never thought of escaped those delicate lips of hers.

"You`re very handsome." she finally said, breaking the stiff silence.

Shinjiro grunted and fell back, with cloth in hand. Annabell removed her glance from him and looked down to feel her wrists. She nodded and gave him an all too charming smile. He could feel his cheeks burn harshly.

"You`re very handsome."

(Why would she say that? Aren`t people supposed to say thank you...?) he thought. Annabell looked back at him and could see that he was flustered.

"Thank you." She said kindly. Shinjiro shook his head.

(Now she says it...)

Shinjiro got up and discarded the cloth. He glanced over at Anna and scratched his head. He cleared his throat and let out a frown as he felt his knees almost give out.

(What the hell`s wrong with me?) he though with a bit of aggravation. A soft giggle interrupted his thoughts.

"You seem very nervous. Are you okay?" She teased with a very attractive and tantalizing expression.

(Goddamnit, what`s wrong with me? She spits a few words to me and I`ve lost my balance. What the fuck is she? Some type of witch?)

Shinjiro glared at her. Something about her wasn`t sitting right with him. He watched as Anna tried to get up, but failed. Her legs were like wet noodles, they seemed to lack the proper structure to support her. But this wasn`t surprising. She wasn`t completely over what could have- and almost did, happen. She sat there and sighed, calming her nerves. Shinjiro looked at her again, this time with a softer expression. He was going to just wait till she got up, but it appeared as if she wouldn`t be standing anytime soon.

(Now`s not the time for me to be acting like an asshole...) he pondered. Despite hit conflictied feelings, he offered her his hand. Anna looked at him and smiled. Blushing, Shinjiro turned his head and looked away. She gently gripped his palm and pulled herself up, along with his help of course.

(Her hands are very soft...) he thought.

Anna dusted herself off and proceeded to face him.

"Where do you come from?" He questioned.

"Iwatodai Dorm." she replied. Shinjiro felt his heart stop beating.

And there goes the shit.

(So, she is a Persona user...)

"Do you mind walking me home... uh, Shinjiro?" She questioned. Shinjiro made a face.

"How do you...?" he trailed off.

"I sort of heard one of those guys. He sounded pretty chafed at you."

"Yeah, most everyone is..." he muttered whilst rolling his eyes. He took a glance at her again and saw that she was swaying a bit.

"Alright?" He asked. Anna half shook and half nodded her head. He wasn`t able to comprehend her gesture.

"What?" He hollered. She let out a soft moan before falling forward into his arms. Shinjiro`s entire body froze solid.

"H-Hey...!" He uttered. She didn`t answer.

"I`m sorry..." She let out weakly. "I don`t mean... to trouble you... anymore..."

She was exhausted from the events and fell unconscious. She had been through a lot this past hour.

"Oi, Y-You still with me? H-Hey, wake up! P-please...!" he was stammering. He held her close and knelt over. She was as limp as if she had no bones.

"How feeble is this woman?" Shinjiro asked outloud, slightly irked. He picked her up bridal style and looked at her.

(She`s so light...)

He clutched her tightly as he turned around and began his journey back to the dorm; a place he never thought he`d see ever again. Gazing at the moon, he let out a small sigh.

"At least it`s not a full moon or else this shit would`ve turned out way worse." he said. This short adventure was going to take a while, no doubt. It was well passed midnight therefore it was well beyond the Train Station`s closing hours. Not only that, but whoever was outside at the time had transmogrified, so it felt as if Shinjiro and Annabell were the only two people on the earth. A sorrowful feeling of isolation crept inside him. Caressing Annabell`s thigh, he continued on.

Seconds turned into minutes, which then transformed into hours. Well, to be honest, only one hour had passed since the begining of Shinjiro and Annabell`s trek, but with the deadly silence flowing about, it seemed more like an eternity. Shinjiro recognized his whereabouts and was almost certain that he was not too far from the dorm now. Suddenly, he felt Annabell twitch. He ignored her and kept treading on. In his secure embrace, Anna began to slowly open her eyes. She grumbled and looked around. She was able to distinguish the surroundings and relaxed into his arms; this was the way to the dorm no doubt. She took a deep breath. Shinjiro felt very warm and welcoming. Her ear was placed next to his chest, listening to his heart beat.

"You`re very warm... Shinjiro." she mused quietly. Shinjiro grunted and spazzed out. He fell forward and dropped her, falling onto her not long after. Anna let out a not so appropriate noise as his body slammed ontop of hers. It was oddly enticing. As he lay on top of her, he contemplating on what she had just said to him.

"You`re very warm..."

(Why does she say these things to me?)

"Um… Sh-Shinjiro..? Please, you`re hurting me." Anna squeaked. Not to say that he was fat or anything, he was just... heavy. Shinjiro gulped, sat up and began to collect his scattered thoughts. Annabell watched with great amusement.

"Did I make you nervous again, Shinji-kun?" She playfully inquired. Shinjiro flashed her a quick gander and his face flushed. Oh yeah, she most defiantly made him nervous.

("Shinji-kun" ...?) he thought frantically.

They two had just met, they were in no way close friends. So, she obviously had no right to go and address him as so. It was quite a rude gesture, but she said it anyway. And yet, the way she said it, tickled Shinjiro`s cracked heart. Surprisingly, he enjoyed the way she spoke it.

"Shinjiro?" She called out. Shinjiro shook his head and got up. He picked her up once again and simply began walking. He was going to disregard what just happened and expected her to follow suite. Which, she did. Annabell brushed it off and cuddled closer against him, with her ear to his chest once again. This time, his heart beat was more erratic and peculiar. Silence, rather, and awkward silence had engulfed the two strangers, elongating the trip. But as long as it may have seemed, not much time had passes before the two finally reached the dorm. Shinjiro walked up the stairs and set Annabell on her feet. Annabell beamed while her companion felt very inconvenient.

(Stop looking at meeee...!) he whined mentally.

"Yukari was right, you are very kind." She said. Shinjiro tilted his head.


She giggled.

"You gave that same reaction last time when she said that." She let out, amused. Shinjiro then widened his eyes.

(She couldn`t be from... that group of dumbasses who came last time, could she? Her name... A... I know it started with an A...) He brooded ferociously.

His thought was interrupted by a certian touch. He looked over to see that she had placed her hand on his arm.

"You are very nice. You may not be good with others, but I know... you`re not a bad person." Annabell spoke with a heartwarming tone. She roughly pulled him down and stood on her tippy-toes. She placed a quick and satisfying kiss on his cheek. Shinjiro stopped breathing and regained his previous stance. Annabell beamed again. He sneered and backed away, stopping just before he almost fell off the stairs. He hunched over, placed his hands in his pockets and began to walk away.

(Kiss... she kissed me... yet, I just- We…!)

Shinjiro let out a rather nasty scoff as he was trying to think and analyze what had just happened. He placed his hand over his chest and felt his heart. The damned thing was going haywire! For all he knew, it would`ve exploded right then and there and that would`ve been the end of him.

But it didn`t. This wasn`t his time to leave, not yet.

He became afraid of said outcome and tried to relax his nerves. But the way he was sweating profusely wasn`t helping any. He then moved his hands to his face and felt his cheek. She seemed to have left a burning indention within his skin, making him blush. Meanwhile, Annabell watched as he had his little episode. When Shinjiro seemed to have recovered his aloof demeanor, he just walked away with nothing more to say.

"Hey!" she called out. Shinjiro paused.

"When will I ever see you again?" Anabell asked with pleading eyes.

Shinjiro made a face.

"Shut up." he said frostily. Anna frowned.


"I said, shut up. Don`t say shit like that. You... You don`t want to see me again. I`m not a good person to be with; I`m dangerous."

She shook her head and held her hand out.


"Leave me alone! I... I don`t want to see you over there again, you hear me? I won`t come to your rescue like I did today. I`m not as kind as you may believe..."

And with that, Shinjiro trotted off not even daring to look back. Anna smiled to herself. She could hear it in the way he said his last sentence. He was uncertain and he didn`t mean it. And even if he did he was very bad at hiding how nervous he was. Annabell opened the doors and walked inside the dorm with a relieved aura. She felt the tears well up in her eyes as she was finally back into the saftey of her home. The lights were out, and when she turned them on she noticed someone on the couch.

"Akihiko-senpai?" She let out softly. He looked as if he was waiting for someone but fell asleep during the process. Annabell giggled, walking over to him and began to wake him up.

Elsewhere, Shinjiro was taking his time returning to the outskirts of the station. The only thing that seemed to be on his mind was her.

"Why..? Goddamnit, Why?" he shouted. He kicked the ground and spun around recklessly. Taking a couple of deep breaths, he did his best in recollecting his usuall attitude.

"Why am I only thinking of her? I should have forgotten about her by now, so why..?" He thought out loud. Good thing for him, the only people out were the Apathy syndrome freaks. If anyone else had heard, they`d never let him live it down.

"Girls complicate life, I don`t need to hinder myself with thoughts of her!" he growled.

Once back into the outskirts, a couple of women were waiting with another guy. They weren`t being harrased and had most likely followed him here. Shinjiro watched them with great scrutiny. One of the girls was very appealing to him. He smirked. It couldn`t hurt to have a little fun, right? After what he`s been through, he`d try anything to rid his mind of Annabell.

But he will soon realized, it wouldn`t matter what he did. Because she was going to be etched into the back of his mind. It wasn`t that he was going to endanger her. She was endangering him. Annabell was more lethal to his health than she knows.


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