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Full Summary: After his epic battle with Sigan, Merlin was finally able to contain the sorcerer's soul back into the stone. But, Merlin still had gotten infected with the blue smoke. Perhaps not even Merlin's magic was powerful enough to get rid of it all… Some of Sigan's dark side may have stayed inside the young warlock, stirring up some things that are better left hidden.

Warnings: Just a lot of Dark Merlin going on, so not much comedy relief.

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In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy.

His name; Merlin

The fog was clearing as Gaius walked closer to where Merlin was supposed to be standing. Suddenly, Merlin appeared out of what seemed like thin air, a dark look on his normally cheerful face. The warlock walked closer to the physician.

For a brief moment Gaius thought that Sigan had gotten to Merlin, but a smile broke out on the boy's face as he held up the once again shining blue stone. Gaius embraced him in a hug, so thankful that Merlin had survived yet another deadly attack on Camelot and its people.

Merlin hugged his uncle back, suddenly feeling a sense of dread wash over him; dread and a kind of lust he had never felt before, a lust for blood, for revenge. And instead of his eyes flashing bright gold, they went jet black. Sigan's soul wasn't completely contained.

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The stone had been put away and buried by Uther's orders. This had been announced the very next morning. Most of the city had been told to witness Uther make this speech on his balcony. Arthur was at his side, loyal as ever. Merlin and Gaius were down in the courtyard below, listening and blending in with everyone else.

"In light of recent events, the tomb was discovered to be in fact Cornelius Sigan's." A murmur erupted from the watching crowd. "We have secured the tomb tightly and have guards there protecting anyone from entering it. After it was uncovered that a man had in fact been possessed by Sigan," another wave of mutters flowed through the crowd. "it was once again been proven that magic is evil. Anyone and everyone who uses magic will be punished by penalty of death."

The king finished his speech and the crowd began to clap. Merlin was glaring up at Uther Pendragon, a dark and mysterious gleam in his eye. One way or another, Uther had to be stopped. Arthur was no different, obviously, from his father. He, too, would one day grow to be a king, a tyrant. There was no hope for the Pendragons at this point.

Everyone parted, walking away and getting back to their daily chores. "Merlin," Gaius said when his ward didn't move an inch, only kept staring up at the deserted balcony. "You're going to be late for work. You know Arthur doesn't like that."

Merlin turned to look at his uncle and nodded, leaving without a word. The prince didn't like him being late, screw the prince. Merlin was more powerful than Uther himself! He certainly didn't need a prat of a prince to boss him around when he, Emrys, could make Arthur bend at his will.

Immediately, the thought was shaken from his head. What was getting into him today? He would never even consider what Sigan had said to him the night before. That was crazy, so why was he thinking it now? Arthur was going to be a great king, one that will return magic to Camelot.

No, he won't! He's just as ignorant as his father!

That's not… totally true. Sure, Arthur has his faults, but Merlin will see to it that Arthur understands what his father did not. Camelot would be a real home to him. A place where he would no longer have to hide his magic from the world or Arthur, but that was a long time from now.

It doesn't have to be.

The young warlock arrived at Arthur's chamber door and walked right in without bothering to knock. It's not like he's undressing or anything. He was just outside! Merlin chuckled slightly at the thought of Arthur being naked outside in front of the whole of Camelot all because Merlin wasn't there one day to help dress his Royal Pratness.

"Aw, Merlin," Arthur said looking up from his breakfast. "I'm glad to see you on time for once because I've got some chores for you to be doing." The prince said with a sarcastic smile.

"And what would that be, sire?" Merlin asked.

"You need to clean my room, wash my clothes, and polish my armor, muck out the stables, scrub–"


Arthur was taken aback. "Excuse me?" he laughed. "You can't just say 'no,' I'm the Crown Prince." He informed his manservant whist taking a sip of wine.

"I just did, Arthur," Merlin shot back. The boy blinked a few times before realization struck a chord. "Did I just say that?"

Arthur was nodding, eyes closed. "Yes, Merlin, you did." He knew he was in trouble.

"I-I don't know why I said that! Something just came over me, I swear." Merlin defended. Arthur stood up to look at his servant fiercely in the eye. Merlin looked down at his feet, not feeling ashamed, but just thinking as to what was going on. "It must be Sigan," he muttered quietly.

"What was that?" Arthur demanded. Merlin's head shot up to look at his friend.


"Merlin, what did you say." He could tell that this time, Arthur was dead serious and the same lust he felt last night washed over his body. His magic was trembling to get out, sizzling in his veins. Anger was flooding his brain, clouding his better judgment.

"I don't have to tell you anything!" he yelled, yet the prince remained unmoved. "You are not the boss of me. I am more powerful than you or your father will ever be!" Merlin boomed. This, however, did get the prince's full attention.

"You have more power than me?" Arthur repeated. "You may be forgetting who you are speaking to; I am the Crown Prince of Camelot. My father is the king. You, on the other hand, are just a lowly servant and a bad one at that!"

That did it; those last few words did just enough to cause those breaking strings in Merlin's head to snap.

The warlock grinned darkly. "Just a lowly servant," he repeated as his magic was brought to the surface fully. His eyes began to glow bright gold, causing the room to shake. "You think that I'm just a servant who does all of your bidding? Oh, but I am so much more than that, Arthur Pendragon! You have no idea who you are speaking to."

Only one word escaped Arthur Pendragon's lips as he reached for his sword that was magically thrown ten feet away from him. "Sorcerer,"

Merlin chuckled darkly. "I should have expected nothing original from you, Arthur."

The prince tried to dive for his sword, but Merlin's eyes flashed gold and he was flung back onto the wall, landing with bone snapping crunch. Merlin slowly walked over to where the prince was lying. His eyes once again went gold and Arthur felt pain engulf his whole body. It was indescribable and heart wrenching that he was forced to let out a bloodcurdling scream as pure agony washed over him. At long last the pain stopped and he forced himself to look, really look at Merlin.

There was an evil look about the warlock that no one had ever seen before, nor would want to, but the prince saw it. He saw a whole new side to his servant that he never knew existed, and somehow, he knew that Merlin's wickedly dark blue eyes would be the last thing he would see. Merlin held out his hand, ready to cast the spell that would soon bring an end to the Pendragon dynasty once and for all.

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