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All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.

~Anatole France

Chapter 29

This Time Around

"So, you don't hunt humans?"

"No, Bree, we don't. You crave blood, not humans. The source of the blood is irrelevant," I noted as myself, Bree and my brothers worked our way through the thick set of trees. "Did it never occur to you why our eyes are different colours?"

"Riley said it was because you were old and weak..."

I couldn't help the laughter that got away from me. "Yeah, because Riley was big on honesty... It's because we hunt animals, Bree. Human blood gives you red eyes. Animal blood will give you gold eyes like ours."

"Huh? That's kind of cool..."

"I'm glad you think so."

"So it's possible to live without human blood?"

"I sincerely hope so. Otherwise, I have been making an arse of myself for the last four hundred years," I joked.

"Four hundred years? How old are you?" Bree asked incredulously.

"Six hundred and two," I stated, stretching the long muscles in my legs, propelling myself forward with Bree by my side and Jasper bringing up the rear.

"Kali, deer herd, half a mile south," Emmett yelled behind him in our direction. I turned to Bree, putting a hand on her shoulder and bringing her to a graceful stop. The nervous energy was dripping off of her as she began to panic.

"Bree, calm down," Jasper warned, shoving a forced calm over her.

"Don't worry, Bree. Your body knows what it needs and how to get it. We have all been where you are and we will help you," I offered. "Close your eyes and allow your other senses to roam, find the scent that is most appealing to you and go for it."

I released my grip on her arm, throwing a quick look to Jasper, who nodded his head sharply. He was reading Bree's emotions and he was letting me know that she was ready. "Take a deep breath through your nose and move when you are ready, Bree," I whispered, before moving away from her, giving her space to acclimatise to the new hunting technique we had shown her. With one strong inhale, her closed eyes flew open and she took off like a rocket towards the elk herd that Emmett had suggested. As she reached the animals, her instinct truly kicked in, allowing her to hunt in peace. I went with her, figuring the fresh blood would help with my shoulder.

I hissed loudly when the blood hit my body, healing the last of the broken connections in my arm. As I dropped the drained body, I rolled my shoulder. It felt a bit tight, but compared to it being detached, a bit stiff was just fine by me.

"Urgh, that's disgusting!" Bree complained loudly, as she pulled herself away from her second elk.

"It's never going to taste like human blood, Bree. It will, however, allow you to resist it," Jasper advised as he started disposing of my kill for me. "Do you need to keep hunting?"

"I feel kinda full," Bree muttered, bouncing on the spot. "I don't know... kinda sloshy?" She looked uncomfortable and I knew for a fact that it was due to the amount of blood she just had shoved into her. It was necessary though. We had to... I had to keep her safe until we could leave and the best way to do that was to feed her to the point of pain and get her to hold her breath. It wasn't ideal, but it would have to do for now.

"How are you feeling, Bree?" I asked, dumping my kill and Bree's into its makeshift grave.

"I'm done hunting but I will probably be thirsty in a couple of days..." Her eyes fell to the ground as her hands began to fidget at her sides.

"Dude," Emmett boomed. "That's totally okay! It's because you are new!" I wanted to slap him, I honestly did. I was truly convinced that he didn't have a tactful thought in his entire head. This young one was scared, nervous and apprehensive and the big goof ball basically just yelled in her face and called her a baby. "It will get better though, I promise." 'And on that note, he is no longer a dumbass,' I thought with a giggle.

"Like Emmett said, the thirst is bad right now because you are so young," Jasper offered, finally righting him. "It will get easier to manage with practice and time." I felt a swell of love for my brothers as they tried to reassure Bree. They were good guys, really.

"Right, we have to get back to the house," I said, moving to take Bree's hand for support. "WE need to pack up and leave. It's not safe for me or you to be here right now, honey."

"Wait," Emmett growled suddenly. Thrown by the tone of his voice, I whipped around to face him and was shocked by the look on his face. He looked so hurt and angry. "Where will you go?"

"It's not safe for Bree to be around Bella, Emmett. I need to get her out of here. They know I am protecting her and if they come after me, I can't bring them here. I need to go."


"I don't want to argue with you, Emmett. Believe me, I wish there was another way of doing this, but there just isn't. It's this, or me and this one" I pulled on Bree's hand, bringing her forward. "Take a trip to Italy that neither of us comes back from."

"I don't like it," He grumbled, pouting and folding his huge arms.

"I don't either. I love you guys and this is killing me, but right now, I... WE don't have much of a choice," I mumbled, stepping forward and wrapping my fingers around his wrist, opening his arms and stepping into them. When his arms closed around me, I felt the safety that only a big brother can provide. "I hate this, Em, but I chose this. I chose to help her and I will. When it is safe, we will come back." I didn't need to tag on the 'I promise' that I wanted to. I had never lied to any of my family and I wasn't about to start now.

"Kali, we need to head back, darlin'. They are waiting on us." Jasper had moved to stand with Bree, keeping her in place while I got Emmett under control. I appreciated the gesture. I was already saying goodbye to them in my head and I needed to start spreading out this misery or it would flat-out kill me.

"Kali?" Bree's voice broke through the fuzzy mess in my head that was threatening to crush me at that moment. "Can we go to Fred? He is alone and he's waiting for me and he doesn't-"

I raised my hand to interrupt her. "Bree, where is he?"

"Riley Park, in Vancouver. He went there to wait on me and he is only there until tomorrow and-"

"Stop it," I chastised softly, walking to her and giving her a quick hug. When I released her, I looked into her almost glowing red eyes. "We will go and get him, but we need to pack up a couple of things first, okay?"

"Okay," She murmured, a small smile playing on the corner of her lips.

"Two newborns, Kali..." Jasper warned quietly, shaking his head almost imperceptibly. I glared at him viciously.

"Not now, Jazz," I warned him, pulling Bree back in the direction of the house. I knew what he was going to say and I didn't want to hear it. I knew exactly how dangerous the situation that I was contemplating was. One newborn vampire would be hard enough to control, but two would be so much more difficult. Not impossibly so, but to call it a challenge would be a serious understatement. "We can head back to the house now, and be on the road in two hours. We will go to Fred and make sure he is alright."

"Thank you." Her fervent response caught me off guard. How was it possible that someone so young could care enough about anything other than herself? She was brilliant. The more I focused on her, the more I felt it... It was like a strength that came from her, bolstering everyone around her. It was like...

"Bree, did you know you are gifted?" I asked when I finally figured out what I felt. It was subtle, almost intangible, but it was there. She was amplifying the abilities of those around her. I couldn't place it before because my head was too crowded... but now, I could definitely feel it. My own gift felt stronger. The ropes in my head weren't as far apart or as heavy to pull.

"You mean, like Fred?" She asked, slightly shocked by my little outburst.

"Fred is gifted? What does he do?"

"I don't know, really... He kinda grosses people out," She shrugged, toeing the earth at her feet. "I mean, he can make it stop, but when he puts it on, you can't even look at him without feeling sick. It's weird,"

"Will he try to repel me if I go and find him?"

"He won't repel me," She replied confidently. "He's waiting on me."

"Well, let's not keep him waiting then..."


"Are you sure you have to do this?" My mother pleaded for the eighth time, taking my wrist in a vice grip and squeezing until it actually hurt. Placing my hand over hers and smoothing the back of her hand with my thumb, I tried to placate her worried state. It wasn't going to work, I knew that, but I had to try something.

"What other option do I have, Esme? I have to get her out of here. It's not safe for us to be around you guys right now." My free hand ran through my hair for the forty-third time since we had got home and I sighed heavily.

We had been having this discussion for the past two hours and, honestly, I was getting sick of it. The only reason that I was still here was that Carlisle and Edward weren't back yet. They had been at La Push putting Jacob back together and we hadn't heard from them. If it wasn't for the fact that I knew that the wolves would behave and let them help, I would have been fucking terrified for them. So we waited. I packed up a couple of bags, got some paper work ready and waited. Alice had abducted my new ward and dragged her upstairs as part of an emergency make-over and complete wardrobe fitting. According to the Pixie, it was entirely necessary and could not be put off until we made it back home. From her thoughts, Bree was terrified of the powerhouse that was Alice.

"When will Carlisle and Edward be home?" I asked as I stuffed the last of my travel clothes into a backpack.

"Twelve minutes," Alice called from somewhere in the depths of her bathroom. "Hold still, Bree. This will go a lot quicker if you just behave."

"Christ, that sounds familiar..." I mumbled, recalling the first time Alice let loose on me. I was highly sympathetic to the young one at that moment. "Just go easy on her, Alice. I have to drive in a car with her. Will you be done torturing Bree any time soon?"

"If she is compliant..." I couldn't help but laugh at my little sister's tone as I zipped the last of our bags shut. She was completely absurd sometimes.

As I dumped the last bag in the hallway, I realised that I had three months; Three months until it would be safe to bring Fred and Bree back here. Bella would be changed, Fred and Bree would be safe around humans by then and I could come home. The feeling of loss hit me hard, punching me right in the chest and leaving a massive hole there. It was difficult to think around it and breathe through it. This was fucking awful.

"Kals, are you alright? You look like you want to puke," Emmett teased, nudging me and breaking me from my, as usual, morose and morbid monologue.

"Yeah, I'm alright, Em. Can you take this out to the Hummer for me?'' I held out the last of the bags that I had packed and tried to smile… pretty sure it looked more like a pained grimace though. He looked down at me as I sat on the sofa and patted my shoulder, giving it a little squeeze.

"Sure thing, sis." He took the canvas backpack from me and turned on his heel, marching out of the room and through the front door. He had been uncharacteristically quiet since I had told him we needed to leave and it was worrying the hell out of me.

"He'll be fine, you know?" My head whipped around to look at Jasper, standing at the foot of the stairs, his body turned to face them, ready to bolt at the first sign that Alice was in any danger. Not fucking likely though. She handled herself with style during the fight with the newborns and taking control of Bree would be simple as hell. Jasper didn't even have it in him to turn around to look at me when he talked. The concern and stress was still pouring out of him as he ran his hand over his newest bite wound. "He's just missing you already.''

I smiled sadly and stood, giving Esme's hand a little squeeze before standing and moving in front of him. "And you, Major Whitlock?"

"Does it even need saying?"

"Normally, no, it wouldn't, but I am feeling awkward and annoying right now." I winked playfully and shoved his shoulder.

"You feel like a smartass," He interrupted. His grin spread across his face and highlighted a few of the old scars on his cheek and eyebrow.

"Well, you would know how I feel, soldier…"

"I'll miss you like crazy, Darlin'," He murmured, pulling me in for a bone-crushing hug. Warm feelings of love and support filtered from his body to mines, making my chest feel a little lighter. While wrapped up in my brother's arms, I took the opportunity to deposit a single key into his back pocket with a grin. Upon feeling the slightly weight against the denim of his jeans, Jasper frowned and pulled back, reaching and retrieving the little metal object, holding it in his palm and letting his jaw hang open. I just laughed at the expression on his face.

"Is there a problem, Jazz?" I asked, lifting a hand and closing his mouth for him. He seemed to be lacking the ability to do it for himself at that moment.

"Kali, this is the key for the Maserati…" He whispered-yelled, leaning forward to inspect the key more closely; a completely pointless act considering out natural abilities as a vampire would allow him to see every slight imperfection in the metal. ''You can't be serious…''

"You, of all people, should know how serious I feel, Jasper. It's not a gift. I'm letting you borrow it until I get back and, so help me, if there is one single scratch on my baby when I get home, I will rip your head off and use it as a hood ornament. Are we clear?''

"Yes, Ma'am," He barked, snapping a salute and grinning like a fool.

"Sarcastic fucker," I laughed, ruffling his shaggy blonde curls with my hand and clapped him on the shoulder as he re-pocketed the key. Our attention was drawn suddenly to a rather shaken, but more suitably dressed, Bree as she descended down the stairs, the Evil pixie fast on her heels and gibbering a million miles an hour about hair products and clothes and shoes and colour coding and I tuned her out to save my own sanity.

"Isn't she perfect, Kali?" Alice asked excitedly, bouncing on the balls of her feet, vibrating with the thrill of her most recent Barbie doll conquest.

"Alice, she is fucking terrified! What did you do to her?" I demanded playfully, reaching a hand out to Bree and bringing her close to me and slightly behind, acting as a shield between her and the fashion crazed little vampire in front of us.

"I only showed her the importance or the correct skincare ritual and exfoliation.'' Alice pouted, folding her little arms across her chest with a huff of breath. I gawked at the absurdity of her statement.

"Alice, none of that stuff will work properly on her… her skin is just like yours. You know, impermeable? Why would you show her that and not more tips on how to look human until I get her someplace safe?''

"Because, it's important."

"Bullshit, why it is important?" I demanded a little more firmly, turning to have a look at Bree who looked like a reject from those bad MTV shows Alice insisted on watching over and over again. You know, the ones that make you feel like your head is melting and your eyes and ears are bleeding… yeah, those ones.

"Because it just is!" She yelped, stomping her foot like a kid throwing a tantrum.

"You just wanted to play Barbie again, Alice. Don't kid yourself or anyone else in here, it isn't going to work," I pointed out, reasonably amused at her attitude.

"I like to live a little vicariously and my normal play toy isn't here. Sue me." She rolled her eyes before winking at me.

"I'll be sure and tell Bella you said that." I teased

"You do that," She countered, directing a returning Emmett up to my bedroom to retrieve another bag. I sighed at the thought. There was only one more upstairs and the one at my feet. We were so close to leaving now and the rest of my family wasn't back yet. I was getting increasingly more nervous and stressed at the fact that I might have to leave and not get the chance to say goodbye. Alice put a stop to that line of thinking with a tiny hand on my forearm. "They will be here before you have to leave, Kali. I promise."

"I just really need to see them before I go," I murmured, looking down at the ground and covering Alice's hand with one of my own. I knew I wouldn't cope for months on end without saying goodbye. It wouldn't feel right. Just the thought brought the hollow feeling back into the middle of my chest and it throbbed and stung like hell. My family held my heart in their hands…. And I was leaving it behind with them.

"Kali, I'm seriously going to need a Kleenex if you keep this up," Jasper muttered, placing a hand on my lower back, a single finger of his coming in contact with the exposed skin between my baggy pants and my shirt, bleeding a strong sense of comfort through my body. I turned to see his face tight as he wrestled with my widely swinging emotions, breathing a sigh of relief as the sound of Carlisle's Mercedes turning onto the driveway and Bella's heartbeat filled the room. "Thank God!" Jasper exclaimed, releasing my back when he felt my spike of happiness at their nearing. I turned on the spot and grabbed Bree's wrist, pulling her to me and behind me, standing between her and the ever-appealing heartbeat that was making its way up the front steps of the house.

As they made their way through the house to the living room, I listened, measuring everything around me; Bella's heartbeat, Bree's body posture behind me, the minds of those present and Jasper's gentle and careful manipulations of the emotions and moods around us. Carlisle appeared firs and if it were possible, he looked exhausted. His usually youthful and bright face was creased along the forehead with what Jasper's thoughts were telling me, was worry. Edward was directly behind him, his eyes trained in Bree's direction, his jaw clenched and his posture mirroring my own; protecting Bella from the newborn.

"Bree won't get near Bella, Edward. You need to relax," I said evenly, forcing him to drag his attention to me. ''You're making her nervous.'' A wind picked up and blew through the still open door, thrusting a fresh wave of Bella's scent straight for us that made me shudder. Bree whimpered loudly and I could hear her teeth grind together and her lungs stop pushing and pulling air. ""Good girl, Bree," I said, holding her hand tight and pulling her to me, wrapping my arms around her as both a way of comfort and of restraint.

"Is she safe?" Bella asked, looking over my arm and into the back of Bree's head. The sentiment was appropriate enough, but it didn't stop irritation beginning to leak into my system. Asking Bree if she was alright would have been more polite.

"Kali now is not the time….'' Edward warned gently, his thoughts sounding clear as a bell inside my head. With a quick and frustrated huff of breath, I nodded my agreement; there were much more important things going on right now and proper decorum really wasn't on the list or priorities. Refocusing my attentions elsewhere, I felt Bree tense and tighten sporadically, fighting her natural instinct to go after the warm blood in the room… she was completely amazing.

"Everyone here is absolutely fine, Bella. However, Alice did get to Bree…'' I trailed off, shooting a glare over to my pixie sister before continuing. "She taught Bree about the importance of exfoliation."

Carlisle chipped in, looking totally puzzled. "But Bree's skin is impermeable… why would you do that, Alice?"

"BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT!" Alice bellowed, causing Emmett to start giggling like a little girl.

"Do you see what I have had to put up with for the past two hours? It's ridiculous," I muttered, giving Bree a quick once over and slightly loosening my grip when I was sure she had at least the most violent parts of herself under control.

"You know what she is like, Kali…" Carlisle said, trying to act as diplomatic as possible, but from his thoughts, he found the concept as absurd as I did.

"Yeah, that makes me feel a lot better," I grumbled, letting my hand slide up and down Bree's arm a little, comforting her as she continued to struggle internally with her thirst. "How's Jacob?"

"He will be fine. Phasing is out of the question for the next few weeks, but he should be alright once his bones set properly," He rattled off, as if it wasn't the first time he had given that little speech. And given the look on Bella and Edward's face, I could only guess who he had first recited it to. "When are you leaving?"

My eyes instantly dropped to the ground, the toe from my very comfortable skating shoes scuffing lightly over the cream carpet. "We needed to leave a little while ago, but we didn't want to go without saying…." I couldn't say the last word. It caught in my throat and felt like it was choking me. I looked up with slightly stinging eyes, realizing that my entire family were here; much like they were weeks ago when they accepted me as one of their own. The only difference this time was that I was leaving. My still heart felt like it was splintering painfully as the silent seconds dragged passed; my resolve crumbling as each one pulled me a little further away from my family. The whole room felt stifling and for a single moment, I felt like curling up in a ball and hiding under the blankets of my bed.

"Kali, I knocked these together when you were getting changed and packed," Jasper murmured, the weight of the emotion in the room causing his voice to crack as he handed me a large, brown envelope. "The ID's are in the Douglas-Cullen name- Bree's as well. Birth certificates, passports and drivers licenses for you both. Two credit cards and a small amount of money are in there too."

"Jazz, when you say a small amount…."

"Forty," he stated, shrugging his shoulders and releasing the envelope into my hands. My eyes rolled at the thought of his idea of a small amount of cash. Forty thousand dollars isn't a small amount, but I was grateful that he had at least thought about it, sending him a quick wave of emotional gratitude as I dropped the envelope into the bag at my feet.

"Thanks, Jazz," I smiled, before dropping my eyes to the floor again. This was it, then. My eyes stung more bitterly than before, clouding slightly at the amount of venom washing over them. Whatever quirk in evolution robbed my kind of the ability to shed tears was a total abomination. The people in front of me, the glorious, wonderful people I was blessed enough to call my family, deserved my love and my tears. "Well, guys, I think it's time," I whispered, releasing my grip on Bree, only for Jazz to take over, allowing me to take a step forward to address my loved ones.

"This fucking sucks!" Emmett protested with a growl, taking three huge steps forward and scooping me up into his massive arms and squeezing me into a bear hug that I genuinely thought would leave permanent indentations on my body. "You look after yourself, sis," he whispered into my ear, releasing me and turning on heel, heading for the still open back door and out into the yard.

Rosalie quickly took his place, stepping in front of me and gracing me with a comparatively chaste hug and wishing me luck before following her clearly upset husband and mate. Jasper nodded to Carlisle, letting him step forward to hold Bree in place and freeing Jasper, letting him come to my side and wrap both of his arms around my now shaking shoulders. "We will see you both in three months," He said strongly, his warm southern drawl bringing a weak smile to the corner of my lips as my arm circled his waist to return his embrace.

"Three months, Major," I agreed, releasing him and offering him a quick salute as he moved back, motioning to Alice who had been standing more still than I had ever seen her.

"Kali, I want to show you something," She whispered, I nodded once to let her know I could hear her mind and she battered me with pictures. Bree and I could be seen standing in a park at the base of a huge tree, talking to a blonde vampire. The three of us in Mexico, tracking the dark haired vampire from Bree's memories. The four of us co-existing perfectly until it was time to come home… It was beautiful and it comforted me greatly. My face split into a true smile as I hurled myself at Alice at full speed. I was able to knock her back three feet before she could dig her heels in and absorb the impact.

"Thank you, Alice, for everything," I whispered sincerely. "I will see you soon." Alice chose not to respond verbally, opting instead to show me how much she would miss me with her thoughts. The lump was back in my throat again. When I finally released her, I turned to the two people who I was desperately dreading having to say goodbye to. "Carlisle, Esme… I…" I was officially out of words. I couldn't bring myself to say the words that would take me from them. I took two steps towards them and froze. Jasper was holding onto Bree, almost gasping at the flood of despair he was feeling and Edward's eyes were screwed up tight as he tried to block Jazz and me out. Esme had pity on all of us, taking the final step forward and pulling me to her in a tight embrace.

"It's alright, dear, It will be alright," She soothed, stroking my hair in an attempt to comfort me. I let out a single, solitary sob before Carlisle engulfed us in his arms.

"Kali, you are our daughter and we love you. We always will and nothing can change that." He said, rubbing a strong hand up and down my back. "You are a Cullen. You are strong and you will help Bree and then you will come back to us. Is that understood?" I pulled back slightly, looking into his eyes and nodding quickly. My eyes burned terribly as my gaze flickered between the two people who I had adopted as friend, siblings and parents. Their eyes were reflecting nothing but love and pride. My hand reached up instinctively and a single finger traced the smooth silver around the pendant I hadn't taken off since I had received it.

"Once a Cullen, always a Cullen, right?" I asked, managing a fairly genuine smile.

"Most definitely," He agreed, before letting me and Esme go, allowing me to turn to the last two members of my family. Bella was tucked under Edward's are, tears silently rolling down her cheeks and onto his shirt. Edward had his poker face in full effect now, putting on a strong front for Bella when she needed it. Inside his head, however, he was a total mess.

"If I come back, and you are still human, I will kick his arse!" I promised Bella, earning a watery chuckle. I could practically hear Edward's eyes taking a tour around their sockets at my comment.

"I'm going to miss you so much, Kali," Bella said softly, giving me a warm, throat scratching hug.

"It's only three months until we are back and we will all be together again,'' I said as I gently passed her to a waiting Alice before turning and facing my brother, focusing completely on him.

"Edward," I thought. "We are going to have to do this silently because I honestly don't know if I can do another goodbye. It's killing me.''

"I know, believe me, I know." He replied, taking a step towards me and freezing.

"Am I doing the right thing?" I asked him. The whole family had respected and accepted my decision without even questioning me. I hadn't flat out asked anyone for their opinion, and I respected Edward's more than most.

"Kali, we all love and support you and we will support you in whatever decision you make.''

I thought for a second, chancing a glance at a growingly impatient Bree and sighed. ''I want to save her.''

"Then do it," He replied silently, as he stepped closer to me and enveloping me in his long arms and pulling me to his chest. Well, that did it. The metaphorical flood barrier burst and the dry sobs came thick and fast, catching in my now tight throat. ''We will all be here for you when you guys get back''

"I know… I know... this just fucking sucks,'' I grumbled, all eloquence gone now as my emotional state started to tumble wildly. I gave Edward one last squeeze and stepped away, clenching my eyes shut to help with the sting. I voiced my last statement out loud, a small smirk pulling at my lips as I caught the look on his face. ''You know, Edward, she is going to be magnificent."


"Bella." His face shone as a smile spread over it slowly. "Right, seeing as I am being an emotional freak and I literally can't say it again, we are going to go." I indicated for Bree to join me as I lifted the last of my bags and headed for the front door. "I love you all and I will see you all sooner than you think." I about turned and took Bree's hand, pulling her with me out of the front door and down the steps on the porch. Tossing the last bag into the back seat, I slid into the passenger side of the Range Rover and gripped the wheel tight. As Bree assumed the position in front of me, buckling her seat belt and tucking her knees up under her chin. I revisited the urge to chastise having her shoes on my cream leather, but was mercifully distracted by a soft sigh releasing itself from her lips. The burgeoning motherly instinct inside me instantly went on 'protect and defend' mode, forcing me to place a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you ready, Bree?" I asked, keeping my tone as low as possible.

"Yeah," she replied, studying the denim stretched over her knees, looking as uncomfortable as it was possible for one of our kind to look without moving. After a second, her eyes lifted, staring straight into mines and her expression softened. "What about you? You ok?"

"I'll be fine, Bree," I smiled softly, turning the key in the ignition and startling when the engine sounded a hell of a lot more powerful than it had before.

"Kali, I tuned and upgraded parts of the engine while you were packing." My head whipped around and my eyes landed on eight of the most prefect creatures, standing assembled at the front of the house. Rosalie was, oddly enough, standing in front, leaning against Emmett's chest with her arms folded. She gave a soft smile and continued; ''And Esme and I will see that your cars are taken back to the Seattle house for you. "

My eyes stung again as I focused on Jasper's ability as much as I could, blasting them with as much love as I could physically manifest, whispering a heartfelt "Thank you," before turning away, slamming my foot onto the accelerator and rocketing away from the house, down the driveway and pulling onto the highway with Bree pressed into the back of her seat with the sheer speed.

Three months. Three months until I could be back where I, and now Bree, belonged. We had to wait three months until we were back in the embrace of our new family. I smiled at the thought. I waited six hundred and two years for them… I could wait for three months for my life to start again.

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