Chapter 1: A Convincing Performance

Summary: Miura Mizuki had lived her life as a male for as long as she could remember. How can she adapt when something starts to change?
An OC story
[A/N: Crappy summary, I know.]

"Kaa-chan! I want to do rhythmic gymnastics!"

"You already are, sweetie."

"No! I want to do it as the boys do it in a group!"

"You can't."

"Why not!"

"Cause you're not a boy!"

"But, kaa-chan!"

"l can train her."

And with that, it began.

Miura Mizuki sighed as she ran her hand through her short brown hair. She was amazed at herself, thinking back ten years ago when she made a switch from being a female to being a male to enter the men's rhythmic gymnastics team. Sure, she was still a girl, but to the world, she was a boy. She chuckled thinking about how nobody had been able to tell that she was a girl, even the teachers didn't know- they just knew that she was special.

Though there were a few that knew her secret. Her whole team knew, well only those who had helped her make up the six men team in competitions; of course her coach knew, since he had been training her for the past ten years; the headmaster knew, only because her coach happens to be the headmaster's nephew; lastly her childhood friend and his family knew, for why wouldn't they?

Mizuki broke out of her trance when she heard the door open below her. Looking down she saw a group of boys that were pretty well known in Rikkai, the unbeatable Rikkai tennis regulars. She saw them walk near the edge and sit down, opening their bentos before digging in.

Mizuki stood up, silently jumped down and made her way to the door, only to have someone call out her name.

"Ah, Mizuki!"

She let go of the handle and turned around, silently bowing to the team. "Seiichi..."

Yukimura Seiichi stood up and walked over to her, a smile on his face. "It's been a while, eh? How is tumbling going?"

"It's been fine." she answered then paused. "Ne, Seiichi…?"


"We're having another competition this weekend, do you think that you would be able to come this time?" she asked, hoping that he would agree.

"Oh? I didn't know that the great Miura-kun swings that way?" smirked the trickster.

"Niou-kun, behave yourself." commented the gentleman.

Mizuki shot the trickster with a death glare. "I don't swing any way, jackass!"

Niou Masaharu placed his hands up by his head. "Okay, okay, geez take a joke once and awhile will you?"

Yukimura chuckled, making her turn her attention back to him. "I'm sorry, Mizuki, but we have to practice this weekend, but I'll try my best to be there."

Mizuki frowned, that was always his answer. "Aa, I see." She turned around and before she left, she turned to him once again. "Stop by the gym before you start practice, Seiichi."


"No buts! Please…?" she begged.

Yukimura sighed, but agreed nonetheless. With a smile, she left the tennis regulars to themselves again.

"So… that was Miura-senpai?" asked the junior ace.

"Yup. The famous third year Miura Mizuki who had won… what was it? Like five national titles." replied Niou.

"Seven." corrected Yukimura as he returned to his spot. "He and his team have won seven nationals total in the group division."

"What? He doesn't do it alone? I heard that he's an awesome performer in the individual competitions." said Marui as he put a spoonful of cake in his mouth.

"He does, if I'm not wrong, he had won a total of five individual titles, right, Yukimura?" asked Yanagi, fully knowing that he was right.

"Aa, but he just wants to participate in the group competitions."

"But, isn't rhythmic gymnastics… girly? I think it's kinda lame that that he's doing a girls' sport!" laughed Kirihara Akaya only to get hit on the head by their fuku-buchou.

"Akaya, tarundoru!"

"Sanada's right, Akaya, you shouldn't say something like that. Miura-san gets really mad when people say that." said his half-Brazilian senpai.

"I get it! But, I don't see why he's so special! Doesn't he miss like every class!"

"No, he only misses last period everyday besides every Friday." replied Yagyuu Hiroshi.

"And he doesn't get in trouble with that!"

"The last class is P.E. with class A and C. The points that he misses in that are being made up for by going to training with Nakamura-sensei." answered Yukimura.

"The headmaster!"

"No, the headmaster's nephew." replied Yanagi.

"Okay, but what's so great about rhythmic gymnastics?"

"Well, I guess you'll get to see this afternoon." said Yukimura as he took a bite of his onigiri.

"Ah, Miura-kun, I'm sorry for being such a bother." exclaimed a female coach as she bowed to Mizuki.

"It's no problem, sensei. I don't mind showing the teams my routine." replied Mizuki with a smile.

"Okay, just go get changed and I'll get everyone ready." she said as she left the room.

Mizuki pulled out her tights, shirt and pants. Normally, during practice, the extra pants are not needed, but on normal boys, there's a mound in an area that Mizuki would never be able to fill, so the extra pants were necessary in her case.

Mizuki exited the room and slightly smiled when she saw the same group of boys she saw during lunch. Giving them a small nod, she stepped onto the mat and stood next to the coach.

"Everyone, we're lucky today to have Miura-kun show us one of his past routines that won him the nationals!" she exclaimed. The girls' team clapped and cheered while the boys' team groaned.

Mizuki took a pair of hoops and stepped into the center then… the music began.

"Sugoi!" yelled Kirihara and Marui as they watched Mizuki tumble.

"This is what won the individual competition five years ago." Yukimura paused. "If I recall correctly, his total points were 18.7."

"Is that good?" asked Niou.

"The scoring system is out of twenty." said an unfamiliar voice.

The regulars turned around and saw a group of five boys, all wearing different school uniforms.

"Who are you?" asked Sanada, but a guy with blonde hair hushed him.

"Not while our captain is tumbling."

The music ended and Mizuki ended in her last pose, a perfect split while the two hoops are around her shoulders. Everyone clapped, well – the men were forced to due to the coach's and Yukimura's glares.

Mizuki bowed when she heard whistling and loud cheering. A slight smile appeared on her face as she slowly approached them. "Everyone…."

"Excuse me, but visitors are not allowed on campus." scowled the coach.

Mizuki stepped in front of her. "I'm sorry, sensei, but these guys happen to be a part of my team. The six of us compete together in the group competitions."

She gasped. "This is the team that won seven national titles together?" Mizuki nodded. "Oh please! Do you guys mind showing us a routine?" she asked like a star-struck fangirl.

"Umm… well…?"

"I don't mind." said the blonde. The others nodded in agreement.

"Akira, take everyone to the back to change then! You guys have five minutes to get out here!" barked Mizuki.


When the team had disappeared, the coach turned to her. "Miura-kun, tell me about your team."

"Well…" she paused. "the blonde is Ayame Akira, dark green is Tanaka Hiroki, the white-silverish is Kuro Yuki, navy is Watanabe Daisuke and black is Saitou Satoshi. Sensei, I'm pretty surprised that you don't already know their names by heart." she smirked.

The coach blushed. "Umm… well… ahh…"

"Captain, I didn't know you were attracted to older women. Sorry, sensei-han."

Mizuki rolled her eyes. "And your Kansai accent will kill any living girl, Daisuke. I would never be able to get one with you around." she joked, both knowing full well that Mizuki was straight. "Are the other's ready?"

"See for yourself, captain."

Mizuki sighed. "Satoshi, give sensei the track, the rest of us will stretch a bit first."

"So now we get to see a group performance? Puri."

"Yukimura, are you sure about this?" asked Sanada.

"It's not every day that you get to see a national team perform." smiled Yukimura, signaling to Sanada that it was best to keep quiet or face running five hundred laps.


The team lined up and Mizuki stepped in front, raising her hand up high. "Ready!" she shouted before stepping back into position. They all took a deep breath simultaneously and stepped onto the mat, getting into position.

The air was thick and full of tension as the music began. The air is always different when it comes to a men's group performance; the performance itself tells a story with no words, communicating with the audience through body language. The graceful movements as usually rendered the audience speechless as advanced movements are performed.

Yukimura closed his eyes and tried to regain his breath. It's been a while since he had seen Mizuki tumble. He was usually always so busy with tennis that he missed out on her competitions; even his own mother scolded him for not attending to cheer her on since she has no one else besides them. Just seeing this performance in front of him, the way that she glided through the air and gracefully moved like a dove, really did have the full effect on him.

"Yukimura-buchou? Are you alright?" asked Kirihara.

Yukimura opened his eyes and smiled. "Yes, I am. Don't worry."

"Are you sure, Yukimura?" asked Yanagi.

"Aa. It's just been a while, I guess."

The music ended and so did the group. The audience fully clapped for them, even the guys, though they were more unwilling to, but even they knew good sportsmanship. The group bowed and stepped off the mat, grabbing their towels.

Mizuki looked through her bag only to find that her towel was missing. She frowned. "That's odd… my towel's gone."

Before anyone else could offer her theirs, Mizuki saw someone hold out a towel for her. Looking up, she smiled. "Thanks, Seiichi."

"You did great out there." he commented.

"Really? I thinking that we were a bit lax on this routine. I mean, I missed my stepping twice and Hiroki forgot a step and there were other careless mistakes." she replied as she redid the whole routine again in her head.

Yukimura chuckled. "I think you did well. Besides, this was an old routine anyway."

"I guess so."

"Well, I think I'll see you this weekend, Mizuki." he said as he started to walk away.

"Does that mean you're coming, Seiichi?" she asked, hoping that he would agree.

He didn't reply, only turned around and smiled, but she knew fully well that that meant 'yes.' Turning around to her team, she gave them an order. "We're going to do some running then some practice today for this upcoming competition."

Most of them groaned, but agreed to anyway knowing how important this competition was to their captain now.

Mizuki sighed as she opened the door to her house. It was probably around eleven when she finally got home, but she didn't care. Taking off her shoes, she greeted the two pictures of her parents. "I'm home; I hope you weren't too worried about me." she said as she bowed.

Walking to the kitchen, she pushed the button to her voice mail. Grabbing a bottle of water from the refrigerator, she heard a message from Yukimura's mother.

"Mizuki-chan, come over for dinner tonight, okay? It doesn't matter what time you come over, but just do. It's been a while since we've seen you!"

Smiling, she looked out the window to across the street to the Yukimura residence to see the lights still on. Leaving the house after telling her parents where she was going, she ran across the street and opened the door with her key.

"I'm back." Mizuki said as she entered the house. Yukimura's mother entered the living room with a smile.

"I was afraid that you didn't get my message." she said. "Now come on, let me just reheat the food."

Mizuki entered the dining room and bowed to Yukimura's father. "Oji-san."

"Mizuki! It's been a while, hasn't it?" he asked as he patted the seat next to him. "How is gymnastics?"

"It's been going great. We're aiming to win another nationals this year." she answered, sitting down.

He laughed. "Just remember that's it's not all about winning."

"I will." she replied. "Ano, I think I need to borrow some clothes from Seiichi. Do you think he'll mind, oba-chan?"

"Of course not, Mizuki-chan." answered his mother. "Why don't you go get some while this is reheating?"

Mizuki nodded and slowly and quietly went into his room only to see that he was still awake in bed. "I thought that you would be in bed by now, Seiichi."

He smiled. "And I would thought that you would have come over sooner."

Mizuki laughed. "I need to borrow some clothes; I hope you don't mind."

"The only thing that I mind is that we have a similar build." the two laughed.

"Ne, Seiichi?"


She turned around and smiled at him. "I'm really glad you're coming this weekend."

He softly smiled back. "I wouldn't miss it for the world, Mizuki."

A/N: This whole series is mostly based on the drama Tumbling. Well, sort of, but not really? xD; I don't know; I just know that I started writing this after I started watching Tumbling. Also, the pairing right now is very unknown to me, so suggestions would be nice.

A critique would be nice also. :)