Chapter 2: More Guests

The tension in the air was thick. Music could be heard throughout the gym as the six boys on the mat performed a secret routine for their upcoming competition. Two firm eyes watched each member carefully, marking down any careless mistakes that would cost them first place.

The six boys, or in reality, what appears to be six boys, focused on the task at hand, making sure their movements were perfect and in sync with the others while trying to maintain grace and balance that would be able to pull in the audience into the world that they created.

The group performed the last part of their routine, a part that had never been performed by any other group; a new technique that holds the key to either their glory or their downfall. However, this technique was simple, yet risky. They decided to added it to this routine since they had already planned on something greater for the nationals that would make this technique look like it's part of the basics of rhythmic gymnastics.

The performers stop along with the music, five of them flat against the mat while the leader stands proudly and tall above the rest.

"Okay," he started, "go take a break while I review my notes."

The boys on the floor stood up and lined up by their captain. "Yes, sensei!" they chorused and bowed.

The man nodded and left the mat to a private room as the group went to get their towels and water bottles

Mizuki sighed as she wiped the sweat off her brow. She checked the time on her cell and saw that it was only half past five. She knew that since there's a competition tomorrow, sensei would allow them to go home soon to rest.

Mizuki looked up and saw her whole team staring at her intently. "What?"

"Do you mind if we stay over at your house tonight?" asked Akira.


"It would be easier for our parents since we have to be there early and your house is the closest here." answered Hiroki, taking another sip from his bottle.

Mizuki knew that was true. Her teammates have to travel a bit more distance to get to the gym than she does since her house is walking distance from Rikkai and from that, the gym. She also knew that her teammates are usually the last ones to show up, even after leaving school early. The last thing that they need was for them to be late.

She didn't mind having them over either; it wouldn't the first time that she let them stay over.

Looking at each member, she agreed and they cheered. "I'll cook dinner tonight too, but Satoshi and Yuki has to help me." she said, stuffing her towel and bottle into her duffle bag.

"Yes, sir!" they chorused.

"Our stuff are already here, so we'll walk home with you." added Daisuke then he grabbed his phone to tell his parents the plans.

"Mizuki." Mizuki turned around and bowed. "I want you to make sure that everyone is rested for tomorrow." She nodded. "And no late night practices for you, Mizuki."

"Yes, sensei."

"Good. Now everyone is dismissed."

"Captain, what's for dinner?" asked Yuki as he texted his girlfriend.

Mizuki looked up at the sky as they walked to her house. "Well… what do you guys want?"

"Ooh! Ooh! Remember when we got to tour Asia last summer?" asked Hiroki.

"How can we forget? That was an interesting trip." answered Daisuke.

"Yeah, you made us try all those foreign food." shivered Akira.

"But, you have to admit that it was good." said Mizuki. "We didn't eat anything that tasted bad."

"Yeah! Let's eat something that isn't Japanese! I hate to say it, but ever since that trip, I want something more than miso and ramen." pouted Hiroki.

"Then what do you want that won't make me broke?"

"Well, we could order out! I can definitely pay of it!" he smiled.

Daisuke hit him on the back of his head. "Of course you can! You do go to the famous rich school, Hyoutei!"

"Daisuke has a point." started Mizuki. "However, even though you are rich, you are my guest and I shall-" but she was cut off by Hiroki's hand.

"No no NO! Captain! I want the food! I'll order it! I'll even order extra so that you can have leftovers!" he said as he pulled out his phone and started talking into it.

Mizuki pouted. "I'm not poor." she muttered, but everyone heard her and laughed.

Yukimura was greeted his guest at the front door when he saw Mizuki and her group walking up the street. He furrowed his brow and frowned. Through all the years that he had known her, he never liked it when her teammates would stay over at her house. Though he trusted her, he still didn't like the fact that one lone girl is allowing five boys, five TEENAGE boys to stay overnight.

Just as Akaya was walking into his house, Yukimura ignored him and went across the street. Akaya stood there, pouting while Marui laughed at him. "I guess you're not as important, Akaya!"

Akaya glared at him muttering something about 'red-headed bubblegum freak'.

Yukimura greeted the group as Mizuki was opening the door. She smiled as she opened the door. "You know what to do and if you don't, then its five hundred laps around this house."

"Hai!" they chorused, stepping into the house after taking off their shoes then bowed to the picture frames of Mizuki's parents. "Thank you for having us over!"

Mizuki smiled then turned her attention to Yukimura. "Is there something you need, Seiichi?"

He chuckled. "Not really, just wanted to see if you had any plans this afternoon."

She shook her head. "Not really; just have these guys staying over the night for the competition tomorrow. We're just resting, but that's about it."

"Oh? Would you like some company?"

"Company? I have them though."

"The tennis team is staying over at my house tonight and kaa-san and tou-san has company over soon."

"Aa. Well, I don't mind." she paused and looked over her shoulder. "Guys?"

"We don't mind!" they shouted.

"Actually, I want to meet the Rikkai regulars since Atobe won't stop talking about Sanada-san and such." said Hiroki as he wrapped an arm over Mizuki's shoulders but immediately let her go feeling the change of atmosphere around Yukimura.

Mizuki nodded. "Just tell them to come over, but they're going to need to introduce themselves to kaa-san and tou-san."

Yukimura nodded. "Of course." He smiled and turned around to go back to his house.

Mizuki turned to Hiroki. "You're going to need to order more food. That or I can cook."

Hiroki grinned and pulled out his phone. "You need to be relaxing, captain!"

Mizuki sighed, walking into the house to greet her parents.

Yukimura walked into his house, surprised that the whole team was already there. Akaya pouted. "Buchou! You completely forgot about me!"

Yukimura blinked. "When did you come over?" Akaya cutely crossed his arms and turned away like a little kid. "Anyway, we're going to be staying over at Mizuki's house, if you guys don't mind."

"Why are we staying with Miura-senpai?"

Niou smirked. "Yukimura, don't tell... me…." but he didn't finished his sentence because of the glares he felt bore into the back of his head.

"Just take your bags over there. Oh, you'll have to greet Mizuki's parents when you get over there." he said, opening the door.

"Miura-san's parents? I thought they died last year." commented Yanagi as he went over the data in his head.

Yukimura didn't say anything and the group walked across the street. He rang the doorbell and instead of Mizuki opening it, it was her navy haired teammate. "Oh, you're Watanabe Daisuke-san, right?"

Daisuke smirked and stepped aside. "Mizuki's currently changing and so are the other members."

Yukimura nodded, stepping into the house after removing his shoes and the rest of the group did the same. He then stopped in front of two picture frames and bowed to them. "I hope you don't mind me staying over for the night too, oba-san, oji-san."

"We're bowing to picture frames?" asked Akaya.

"You do it or else I'm kicking you out of this house." said Mizuki with a glare as she came down in basketball shorts and a FILA t-shirt.

Akaya was going to say something else, but Daisuke pushed down his head. "It's disrespectful to not greet someone's parents." he commented.

"Neh, captain! The food will be here any minute!" yelled Hiroki as he ran down the stairs.

Mizuki placed her hand up, signaling him to be quiet of a minute. "Our guest won't be getting any food if they don't respect my wishes and greet my parents."

"They won't greet your parents?" asked Yuki as he and the rest of the group came down. "I thought Rikkai students were some of the most respectful students there are!"

Akaya bit his lip as he bowed deeper. "Hello, I'm Kirihara Akaya, a teammate with Yukimura-buchou. Please to meet you!"

Daisuke smiled as he removed his hand then looked at the other members. "Can you all do it yourself or do you need help like your kohai?"

They shook their heads then bowed and greeted the frames, introducing themselves to Mizuki's parents. Mizuki smiled. "Satoshi, can you please show them where they would be staying while Daisuke and Akira, you two come help me step up."

"Yes, sir!" Daisuke and Akira followed her into the kitchen and Satoshi motioned them to follow him.

"The studio big enough to hold our two groups." said Satoshi as he pushed open the door at the top of the stair case.

"The whole second floor is a practice room?" gaped Marui.

Satoshi shook his head. "Most of it is, but there's a different stair case that leads to Mizuki's room." He motion to the laid out futons. "Just pick one and then come downstairs for dinner."

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