It's a warm summer night at the Misty Lake where two dark, familiar silhouettes lurk about the shore.

A girl's voice asks "so, are you ready?"

A woman's voice replies "who do you think you're talking to, darling? That master of yours?"

The girl keeps quiet for a moment, then says "if this experiment is a success, the possibilities will become endless."

The woman replies "don't forget about me~"

The girl keeps quiet for a moment, then replies "don't worry, I won't. Everything is ready now."

The woman giggles, then says "leave it to me!"

At first, nothing happens, but then there is a sudden flash of light that expands all over Gensokyo; all the way to its edges.

When the light dims down, the girl growls in frustration, then calmly says "it didn't work."

In a playful voice, the woman replies "back to the drawing board with you~"

The girl scoffs, then says "fine. I'll summon you again if I need you."

In a playful tone, the woman replies "I'll be anxiously waiting, dear. Until next time~"

Summer morning at the Hakurei Shrine.

Reimu wakes up to the sound of the cicadas on the hot morning.

She's covered in sweat, and she quickly realize her futon is also soaked.

She thinks "how annoying. So hot. Why did I have to wake up so early?"

She stretches her hands in front of herself and groans, quickly realizing her voice seems high-pitched.

She stops and opens her eyes, then realizes her hands are smaller than what she remembers them.

She screams and notices she sounds just like a little girl, and form outside her room, another little girl shouts "lady Reimu, I'm coming!"

When the girl enters Reimu's room, she's wearing Rika's exact outfit, only smaller in size, has her angel wings, looks just like Rika, but she's just a little girl.

The little girl looks around, trying her best to hold the family sword with both hands, bravely saying "don't worry, miss Reimu, I'll save you!"

Reimu jumps out of her futon, and when she, and little Rika notice they are both little girls, they gasp, point at each other, then start to scream.

Shortly after they stop screaming, a small girl, wearing Mima's clothes phases through the farthest wall and asks "hey, what's all the screaming for?"

Mima stares at little Rika and little Reimu, then they all point at each other and start to scream once again.

A tall woman wearing Suika's clothes, but having two large horns growing up from her forehead, as well as her regular horns, which look longer now, enters the room and looks around with a concerned, yet peaceful expression.

Reimu stares at her and asks "Su-Suika, is that you?"

The woman sighs and nods, then calmly says "calm down, you three. Screaming will not help now."

Reimu, Rika and Mima stare at Suika; something about her seems to calm them down.

Mima suddenly gasps and smiles, then exclaims "MAMA~~"

Suika sweats, but accepts Mima's sudden rush-hug, then Reimu says "sh-she's right. Just looking at you..."

Rika finishes Reimu's sentence with a longing tone "is like looking at our mother."

Suika sighs again, then says "you guys need to calm down, maybe take a bath and have some breakfast. I've already prepared the bath for you, and breakfast is almost ready. We'll speak while we eat, is that alright?"

Reimu nods, and although still in shock, she manages to grab some fresh clothes, and while doing so, she says "look. Even my clothes have shrunk."

Rika immediately runs to her room, then shouts "mine too~"

Suika looks at Reimu with an expression of understanding, then says "please, I know this is a lot, but hurry up. This is a mayor incident."

Reimu notices the urgency in Suika's eyes, so she rapidly grabs her fresh set of clothes and runs to the bathroom, shouting "Rika, Mima, we three will fit in the tub now, so hurry up!"

At Ail's house, Ail has just woken up, and somberly walks to the bathroom, where everything seems out of reach for him, so he flies in order to brush his teeth.

While doing so, he looks at himself in the mirror, but he's still too sleepy to realize that he has the body of a child.

After brushing his teeth, he walks down the small corridor and says "Budou~ It's time to wake up", as he passes by the storage room door, not noticing his child-like voice.

He reaches his kitchen and starts to fly in order to reach the top cabinets, reaching for ingredients to make breakfast.

After a while Ail can hear Budou's door opening and closing, then a woman's voice somberly saying "good morning, papa~"

Ail yawns and replies "good morning, Budou. I'll have breakfast ready in a moment", and still he doesn't realize he sounds like a child, or that Budou sounds like a grown woman.

Budou, who is also too sleepy to notice the change in her own voice, replies "thanks, papa."

After a while, they eat their breakfast, staring at each other from across the table, but again, they are still half-asleep and don't realize what's happening in front of them.

Finally, Ail starts to pick up the dishes, and Budou says "thanks for the meal, papa."

Finally, Ail notices something and says "you're wel... Um, hey, why am I flying to reach the table?"

Budou takes a good look at Ail, and notices he's just a child now.

Ail takes a better look at Budou, and notices she's all grown up, her wings are larger, matching her body, her hair is longer, and her chest has also grown, making her look like Sanae.

Budou points at Ail and with a shocked look on her face, she says "pa-pa-papa's a little boy!"

Little Ail points at Budou and exclaims "Y-y-you grew up already! You almost look like Sanae!"

Finally, they get close to each other, stare, then gasp.

Outside the house, the entire forest trembles when Budou and Ail scream at the same times, unsettling everything in the surrounding area.

Back at the Hakurei Shrine, Suika forces Reimu, Rika and Mima to wear chicken-print bibs while they eat their breakfast.

Annoyed and humiliated, Reimu glares at Suika and says "you didn't have to make us wear this! Regardless of how we look, we are still mature."

Rika holds a spoon on her right hand while staring at Reimu with a most content smile and says "but miss Reimu, you look so cute with that."

Suika sighs and places a hand under her two new horns just above her forehead and says "speak for yourselves", and points at Mima, who has her face and her bib covered in rice and soup.

She looks back at Reimu and Rika, who continue to stare, and in an annoyed tone of voice, she asks "what'cha looking at? Want me to bop ya one?"

Suika grabs hold of Mima, as a mother would grab hold of her child, and gently start to clean her face with a moist towel, ignoring Mima's futile attempts to kick, punch and scream herself free.

Suika forces little Mima on her lap, then looks at Reimu and says "Reimu, I'll try to help as best I can, as this incident is affecting all of Gensokyo."

Reimu finishes sipping on her bowl of soup, revealing her lips covered in sauce, and while Rika quickly cleans her up, she asks "so I take it you know about this?"

Suika gently brushes Mima's head with her fingers, making Mima fall asleep on her lap, and says "I know that in the village, some adults are now kids, while some kids are the adults, though not everyone has been affected, still a large quantity has."

Rika sighs and asks "but do you know who did this?"

Suika shakes her head and says "all I know is, it seems this affects our ages, though in some cases, it's different."

Reimu stares at Suika and asks "how so?"

Suika starts to scratch Mima's head, making her moan contently, and says "at the Scarlet Mansion, that maid grew up instead. I'm not sure, but it might be the same for other special cases."

Reimu rubs her chin while thinking, then says "I'm going to have to visit that mansion. Maybe Sakuya's ability is what helped her."

Rika asks "but what if it's not?"

Reimu sighs and says "it's our only lead. We have no choice..."

A red ball mysteriously bounces out of nowhere in front of Reimu, getting her full attention and making her chase after it, happily saying "ooh, a red ball! I want to play!"

At the Moriya Shrine, the trees look a little unsettled, though full of life.

Inside the shrine are a child-like Sanae sits in front of a child-like Kanako, and a grown-up Suwako, who continues to tuck in her stomach while expanding her chest, showing off her large bust to Kanako, making her feel a bit jealous.

Sanae clears her throat and says "lady Moriya, you stop that already. This is serious!"

Suwako stops tucking in her stomach and says "sorry", but the expansion on her shirt around her chest still annoys Kanako.

Sanae tries her best to sound serious, but her childish voice makes it hard for her to do so, making Suwako cover her mouth while chuckling, and Kanako stare at her with pink cheeks, while hearts flutter above her head.

Sanae ignores the goddesses and says "it is obvious this is a mayor incident."

Kanako, with a proud, yet childish voice, asks "and how do you even know this is a mayor scale incident?"

Sanae smirks and says "glad you asked."

She reaches for underneath the table and pulls out a tiny Hatate, who is sucking on her own thumb.

Sanae whistles toward the shrine door, then an adult-looking Momiji, carrying a small child-like Aya in her hands, enters and says "young lady, girls shouldn't whistle like that."

Sanae sighs and says "sorry~", then thinks for a moment and shouts "hey, wait a minute! Are you making fun of me?"

Momiji giggles as she places little Aya on the floor, then says "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyway, what's the plan?"

Sanae grumbles for a bit, then calms down and says "I'll go to Reimu's shrine and she, Marisa and me are going to solve this incident. Simple, right?"

Before Sanae realizes it, Suwako has her sitting on her lap along with Kanako, brushing both their heads with a content look, and a bit of blood coursing down her left nostril.

When Sanae realizes this, she gets mad and starts to wave her little fists in a rage, but feeling Suwako's gentle strokes on her head quickly soothe her and make her fall asleep, right next to Kanako, who is sucking on her thumb while moaning contently.

Momiji smiles at Suwako and says "it's easier to keep control, isn't it."

Suwako nods, then points with her head behind herself.

Little Aya and little Hatate and fighting over Aya's camera, Hatate screaming "it's MY turn to take the photo!"

Aya screaming back "it's my camera! You can't have it!"

Momiji sighs while lightly palming her head, then bends down and gently scolds the girls, only to get struck by a silver washtub that knocks her to the ground, where she curls up in pain like a ball, holding her head with her hands while tears hang from her eyes.

Aya and Hatate watch Momiji for a moment, then resume their fight for the camera, arguing over who takes the photo of the event.

At the Misty Lake shores, away from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, a woman excitedly calls "Dai-chan! Daiyousei, are you here? It's me, Cirno!"

From behind some trees, the adult Cirno jumps out and excitedly looks around, a big smile on her face.

Her hair has grown long, her wings look like giant icicles, and even her chest has grown, evident on her clothes, which are the same as always, but like everyone else, hers have changed to match her new size.

She finally spots a pair of golden wings that look just like Daiyousei's, only larger in size, so she excitedly runs toward the thick concentration of trees and bushes near the shore.

Sitting on a stump in the middle of a small clearing, the grown-up Daiyousei tries to hide herself from the grown-up Cirno, using her new translucent, multi-colored wings for useless cover.

Cirno gasps and exclaims in amazement "Dai-chan! You grew up too."

She looks at Daiyousei's chest and notices she is bigger than Daiyousei in comparison, giving her a sense of accomplishment, then says "oh, I see I really AM the strongest."

Daiyousei blushes and tries to look away, smiling weakly while asking "Ci-Cirno-chan. What's going on? We are so big now?"

Cirno smiles boastfully confident as she says "who knows, but now I understand to many things! Like my spell, Icicle Fall! No WONDER it kept failing, but I couldn't see that before! Now I can beat that Reimu and Marisa with EASE!"

Daiyousei smiles friendly-like, then says "that's my Cirno-chan! No matter what, you'll keep your spirit high and never give up!"

Cirno's boastful smile changes to a wise and gentle smile as she looks to the sky, then softly says "but... now that I think about it, there really isn't a reason to be fighting with them. Well, other than to have a bit of fun."

Daiyousei stares at Cirno for a moment, then thinks "wait, is this really Cirno-chan? She looks so calm and so powerful too. I wonder what's she thinking?"

Cirno turns her head away from the sky and stare at Daiyousei, then says "come on! I have to show you something!"

Cirno suddenly grabs Daiyousei by her arm and drags her along to the lake while she exclaims "wait, Cirno-chan! What's this all about?"

Cirno stops just before the water very suddenly, making Daiyousei crash against her back and fall to the ground.

Cirno turns around and helps her friend back on her bare feet and says "sorry about that. Got a bit carried away. But look!"

Cirno stands just next to the edge of the water and raises her arms to chest-height, then closes her eyes to concentrate.

A cold mist forms all around her, freezing the lake water next to Cirno's feet, then Cirno opens her eyes, and without exerting much effort, she releases a blot of ice that freezes a large chunk of the water, all the way to the Scarlet Island, and forms a perfect ice bridge with a perfect sculpture of Letty Whiterock on the middle.

She turns around with a gentle smile and asks "what do you think?"

Daiyousei watches awestruck and exclaims "Cirno-chan! You did it! But how?"

Cirno looks at her own hand, then looks at Daiyousei with peaceful eyes and says "it appears growing up has affected me in many more ways than I could have ever imagined."

Cirno's mind drifts to memories of all her blunders and boasting, some being older memories that seem as though happened the day before; others being very recent, all allowing her to see mistakes she could not see before.

Daiyousei looks worriedly toward Cirno, but before she can ask, a little girl with light-pink hair and wearing Letty's clothes, jumps out of the bushes and with a childish smile on her face, she demands "play with me!"

Cirno and Daiyousei stare at the little Letty, and with amazement in her voice, Cirno asks "Letty? Letty Whiterock, is that you?"

At the Moriya Shrine, little Ail and the grown-up Budou land in front of the shrine entrance, and as soon as they both land, Ail calls "Sanae, Suwako, Kanako~ Are you here?"

Budou pats Ail's head, and with a motherly smile on her face, she says "now, now, let me handle this."

She takes a breath of air and loudly calls "mama, big sis, gramma, we're coming in!"

Ail stares at Budou, unable to believe her, then says "if we're just barging in, we shouldn't announce ourselves, don't you think?"

Budou takes a disciplinary tone of voice and expression, then lifts her index finger while saying "young man, you shouldn't talk back to the adults like that."

Ail frowns and lowers his head and sadly says "sorry~"

Little Sanae is the first to walk out of the shrine, and gasps in surprise, then asks "you guys too?"

Budou giggles and says "papa, you were right. Mama, is Kanako a little girl too?"

Sanae looks worriedly toward the two and says "I don't think this is a laughing matter, you two. Come, let's go inside already."

Inside the shrine, Budou and Ail stare at the two little crow tengu, sleeping on Momiji's lap, while little Kanako stares dreamily to the ceiling, while grown-up Suwako happily combs her hair with her hands.

Ail stares at Sanae, then sneaks away with a mischievous smile on his face, while Budou asks "so, does anybody know how this happen?"

Suwako sighs and says "this is Gensokyo. Take your pick", and pulls a notepad out of thin air and tosses it to Budou.

The adult bat youkai reads the first page, which says "Possible Reasons for the age swap, by Suwako Moriya. 1. Spell gone wrong, 2. Something's wrong with the border, 3. Marisa did it again, 4. Kanako got drunk."

Suwako shrugs as Budou stares at her in disbelief, then smiles and says "pick anyone you like. Each is as possible as the next."

Budou continues to stare at Suwako, then angrily says "big-sis, what's your problem? This is serious! It's not that I don't LIKE looking as I do..."

Suwako rapidly says "yes, you do look hot."

Budou blushes, then angrily says "could you just listen? Who knows what kind of effects this might have on us!"

She looks around for Ail, then realizes he and Sanae are gone, then worriedly asks "where are mama and papa?"

Outside the shrine, Sanae's cries echo all the way inside, startling the little tengu and Kanako and making them wake up and cry.

While Suwako and Momiji stay inside to try and calm down the kids, Budou rushes outside and finds Ail holding down Sanae's skirt, while Sanae just cries and points at him, bawling "he pansed me~!"

Budou takes a reprimanding tone and says "papa, what's the meaning of this!"

Ail lets go Sanae's skirt, looks down in shame, then says "I-I'm sorry. I don't know why, but I just did it. I... I'm sorry."

Sanae quickly recovers and already has her skirt up, hugs Ail's neck and with pink cheeks on her smiling face, she says "it's ok. I'm not mad anymore."

Ail feels disgusted for some reason, and with a desperate look while trying to escape, he thinks "this feels so wrong!"

Budou stares at them and thinks "oh my, it seems whatever caused this is also causing them to regress. He's picking on mama because he likes her, but hates it when she touches him."

Budou looks back to the shrine building, then says out loud "Suwako, I'm taking mama and papa to the Hakurei Shrine!"

Suwako shouts back "alright! I'll go there later with Kanako."

Budou looks back at Ail and Sanae, who are now wrestling on the ground for Ail's freedom, then thinks "it's not just them, but... me too. I'm thinking differently. Oh, I hope Hakurei Sis can help!"

At the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the gates are locked, since there is no gate guard.

A blue skinned youkai approaches the gate, thinking of entering the mansion to explore it, but stops when he hears voices from inside.

A woman calls "Sakuya~ I really need your help here!"

A soft, and elegant woman's voice replies "immediately, my lady!"

Another woman, this one sounding girly and immature, calls "hey, Sakuya! Don't listen to her! I'm bigger than her now! You should listen to me!"

Suddenly, a little girl starts crying, then Sakuya says out loud "miss Flandre, you make her cry again!"

Inside the mansion, grown-up Flandre, who has longer hair now, larger, and brighter wings, and a large chest, has a tiny Meiling on her lap, crying because she stopped shaking her around.

Flandre, sounding quite immature, says "well it's not my fault. This is boring! Besides, I want to go see Marisa. I want her to see how much I've grown!"

Sakuya approaches Flandre, showing she's also grown up, her silver hair grown a little longer, and her chest looking quite normal.

She sighs as she takes the little sobbing Meiling on her arms and says "look, you're grown up now, but that's because of a spell. Once it wears off, we can get on with our normal lives."

Remilia enters the living room, her hair grown slightly longer, her wings matching her size in width, and her chest slightly larger than Sakuya's.

She looks around the living room and spots the little Meiling on Sakuya's arms, so she approaches them, and while gently rubbing the little girl's cheek with her finger, she says "this is why I didn't want to grow up in the first place."

Sakuya turns around, making it easier for Remilia to play with Meiling, then asks "by why, my lady? You look so beautiful, and your powers have increased ten-fold."

Remilia sighs and says "save your compliments. Look at me! I look HOT! I fit in my bed just perfectly, it's a little uncomfortable to bend my wing every time I enter a room, and now I have to wear a bra all the time!"

Sakuya imagines Remilia struggling to put on her bra, then smiles as a stream of blood falls down her nose.

Remilia gasps and takes little Meiling away from Sakuya, saving her from getting her head covered in blood, and making her giggle contently as she hugs Remilia and presses her cheek against her chest.

Remilia blushes and says "thank goodness she's so cute like this, or I'd throw her away!"

Flandre stretches and drops on the couch behind her, then says "it's gonna be a shame when this spell wears off. Just being like this helps me prove how I am much better than onee-sama."

Remilia, Meiling and Sakuya stare at Flandre, who smiles and says "well, I am stronger, more powerful AND I'm hotter. Well, when I change back to normal, I'll still be cuter."

Sakuya sweats as she stares at Remilia with the corner of her eyes, then steps away from her mistress, however, instead of an outburst, Remilia calmly says "Flan, catch!", then tosses Meiling to Flandre, making the little door guard squeal with glee.

After Flandre catches Meiling, Remilia walks to the window, summons a small scarlet spear to her hand, then tosses it to the ground, which explodes promptly.

Sakuya asks "what's the matter, my lady?"

Remilia smiles and in a sweet, yet cold voice, says "just some poor youkai whose fate came just a tad sooner."

Back at the Hakurei Shrine, little Reimu plays around the shrine's courtyard with little Rika and a little red ball.

Rika is about to kick the ball to Reimu and calls "here it comes, miss Reimu~"

Reimu rapidly says "could you PLEASE call me Reimu for now? You're ruining my experience!"

Rika stops entirely and her lower lip starts to tremble, then Reimu sighs loudly and says "don't cry now! Just kick the ball, come on! Who knows when this spell is gonna wear off."

Rika rubs her eyes and sniffles, then smiles and says "alright... Reimu."

Rika kicks the little red ball as hard as her tiny legs can, sending the ball high to the sky, making Reimu fly up to catch it.

Reimu giggles happily after catching it, then slowly floats back down to the ground, saying "even though I can't fly for long, I can still float. Feels tickly!"

Rika sweats and smiles, then says "um, I can see your underwear."

Reimu gasps and thinks of covering herself up, but she forgets about it when she sees Budou flying over to her shrine, carrying little Ail and little Sanae in her arms.

Reimu points to Budou and exclaims "YAY~ Friends came over!" then pauses and thinks as she lands on the ground, then says "w-wait... Why am I so excited over that?"

Just as Budou lands and places Ail and Sanae on the ground, Ail calls "Reimu~ Big problem. I mean, little problem.. I mean... Hey, a ball! Can we play?"

Reimu stares at Ail for a moment, then pulls her little ball away from him and says "no way! It's mine!"

Ail slumps and says "aww, come on. It's just to play. I'm not taking it."

Reimu stares at Ail and thinks "wow, that was so selfish of me. I couldn't do that when I was a child before. I mean... I couldn't play, or have my own things. All I could do was train, and learn, and all that boring stuff..."

Reimu lowers her head and starts to giggle, though it seems she's crying.

Ail panics and just as Sanae reaches his side, he quickly says "w-w-w-wait, don't cry! I swear, I wasn't going to steal it or anything!"

Reimu starts to laugh, confusing both Ail and Sanae, then says "I-I'm sorry, hahaha! Let's just play!"

Rika quickly stands by Reimu's side, smiles confidently, then asks "shall we play in teams?"

Sanae and Ail look at each other, smirk, then Sanae says "you're on!"

Just as they start running to the front of the shrine, Ail calls "loser gets to buy treats!"

From the side-entrance, Budou calls "you kids be careful not to fall!"

The four kids reply "OKAY~", just as Mima floats above Budou, smirking while saying "I'm gonna have fun!"

Inside the shrine, Suika sits behind the small table, sipping on some tea, when Budou enters and asks "any ideas when will things go back to normal?"

Suika lightly shakes her head, gulps down, then says "I'm worried. Reimu is taking things too lightly, and is only playing with that ball. Come to think of it, I still don't know where it came from."

Budou sighs and says "papa's been the same. Even mama has been acting too calmly about this."

Suika nods, then calmly says "I don't understand it, but there's something about watching them play like that. It feels like... everything is alright."

Budou looks outside and watches as Ail, Sanae, Reimu and Rika try to play, while Mima grabs the ball and tries to fly away with it, then drops it on Reimu's or Sanae's head, then says "I don't understand either, but... you're right. If feels alright. So peaceful."

Budou and Suika look at each other, and each ask at the same time "but why does it feel like this?"

Rika stands silently on the porch, having let Mima take her place as Reimu's partner, and after listening to Suika and Budou, she says "maybe it's because my lady has earned this."

Suika and Budou stare at Rika, who immediately says "d-don't get me wrong. I wish to turn back to normal. It's really hard to serve my lady Reimu with this small body."

Budou asks "what do you mean, little one? Oop... Sorry about that."

Rika smiles and nods, then says "it's alright, miss Budou. I am little. About miss Reimu... You see, ever since our pact ceremony, I've been having dreams about my lady's past. I mean, at first I thought I was just dreaming, but then... Well, anyway, the thing is that miss Reimu, as a child, never had the chance to BE a child. She was always in training, or busy studying. She never had a proper childhood. That's why..."

Suika continues for Rika, saying "that's why you've been so compliant. I suppose we can wait until she's had her fun. She deserves it."

Budou nods and says "I see. Maybe papa and mama are the same. I mean, I don't really know much about their pasts, but... Maybe this is why this feels so right."

Rika and Suika nod and continue to watch, as the four children continue their little game.

Back at the SDM, Flandre is in her room, admiring herself in the mirror, smiling and whispering "I look so much better than her *giggle*. Maybe I should challenge her for the title as head of the mansion..."

She twirls in place and looks at herself in the mirror once more, then says "nah. Let her do all the icky stuff as head of the mansion. I'll just focus on looking better than her."

Sakuya mysteriously appears next to Flandre, and looking at Flandre with the corner of her narrowed eyes, she says "that's the best decision you could have made, lady Flandre."

Flandre stiffens and jumps in place, shrieking right after Sakuya speaks, then turns to face the bowing Sakuya and shouts "don't sneak up on me like that!"

Sakuya chuckles, then says "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Still, It seems you haven't noticed, but miss Remilia has gotten more powerful too. Maybe even more than you."

Flandre angrily asks "how do you even know that?"

Sakuya calmly replies "you saw how she dealt with that youkai. I don't understand exactly how, but she sensed it long before you or I could, and she only used roughly five percent of her full power."

Flandre sighs and says "geez, then I was right. Well, I'm still stronger."

Sakuya smiles and giggles, then says "yes, you still beat her in strength, my lady."

Sakuya and Flandre look at each other, smile, and start to giggle, then suddenly, Remilia's voice echoes all around them as she calls "Patchouli Knowledge~ You have some explaining to do!"

Her call is followed by Meiling's childish voice, repeating "you got some ss...'splainin to do!"

Sakuya and Flandre look at each other again, this time, their smiles turn to a wriggled frown, both fearing the strict tone of voice used by Remilia.

They both rush out of the room, only to find Remilia and little Meiling standing in front of them.

Remilia places her eyes on Sakuya, then on Flandre, making them both flinch, then says "come with me. This will interest you two!"

Quietly, and without questioning, Sakuya, Flandre and Meiling follow Remilia as she furiously walks her way toward Patchouli's library.

She pushes the doors open, making a loud bang, then enters and looks around with her eyes.

Again, she calls "Patchouli, where are you?"

A little girl replies with urgency "over here! Hurry!"

Flandre picks Meiling up, and sits her on her shoulders, making Meiling giggle and say "giddiup!"

They follow after Remilia and Sakuya, and shortly after, they find an older-looking Koakuma holding on to a short-haired, tiny version of Patchouli, with hearts flying all over her head as she snuggles against the unwilling little magician girl.

Patchouli looks up to Remilia and says "please, help me. She won't let me go!"

Koakuma says "she so cute! I'm NEVER letting go!"

Remilia smirks, her eyes glow bright, then she says "serves you right!"

Everyone stares at Remilia with confusion in their faces, then Remilia smiles and calmly says "you see, I did some thinking, then some snooping, and I decided to pay a visit to the shore around the lake."

Sakuya stares at her grown-up mistress, blinded by her newfound beauty, and is unable to ask, or say anything of the matter.

Flandre growls softly, then little Meiling pats Flandre's head with her little hands and asks "and did you find something, my lady miss Remilia?"

Remilia hops next to Flandre and Meiling, pats little Meiling on the head, and while smiling, she says "you're such a cute little gate guard, aren't you?"

She hops back to her initial standing point and says "well, I found a hastily rubbed out magic circle, immense magical residue, AND, this cute little pink ribbon. A ribbon... belonging to..."

Remilia points at the tiny Patchouli on Koakuma's arms and says "this little shut-in."

Patchouli stares back at everyone with her casual, unfriendly stare, then whispers "dammit, she already found out."

She pats Koakuma's hand, which is on her belly, then says "Koa, run away!"

Before Koakuma can even blink, Remilia already has the little purple-dressed girl hanging by her arm, held by her left hand, and says "you're not going anywhere. I want a complete explanation of this mess you caused!"

Patchouli sighs as the dangles above the ground, looking down to Remilia's feet, then says "alright, you win. Koa? Could you be a dear and bring my notes here?"

Koakuma stands up with a gleeful smile on her face and says "nope. But, if you give me a kiss, I might consider it."

Remilia lets Patchouli drop to the ground, and with a wicked smile on her face, she says "better do it, Patchy, or I might have to give you one of MY special kisses."

Patchouli sighs again, then stands up and reluctantly walks toward Koakuma, who is already kneeling and expanding her arms to greet Patchouli with that big smile.

Before even reaching her face, Patchouli finds herself embraced by Koakuma, and kissed so hard, she thinks she's going to get eaten.

When it all stops, Patchouli notices she's standing on her desk with her notes spread over them, and Remilia, Sakuya, Flandre and Meiling staring at her with the outmost curiosity on the other side of the desk.

Patchouli clears her throat and says "well, very efficient, I see. Now then, where should we start?"

Remilia smiles and says "how about from the beginning."

Patchouli stares back at Remilia, admiring her incredible beauty and grown-up features while feeling a soothing cold chill course up her spine.

To be continued...

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios belong to ZUN –Team Shanghai Alice-

Ail and Budou were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot2010

JUN 6 2010

Written by

Willie G.R.


Well, this took a while. I WISH I could say it was due to laziness form my part, but this time, I was forced to work on some heavy chores. God, I don't like chores... but at least my room smells nice and clean. Now then, this was VERY, VERY hard for me to make at first. It was becoming confusing to separate the adults form children. But I finally managed, after 3 attempts. I really hope you like this lighthearted spin-off, and please, any constructive comment is welcome. Thank you all, take care, and see you next chapter, if the spirits will allow.