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Summary: During the final battle Hermione Granger was taken aside and was raped by the Dark Lord himself. Now, Voldemort is dead and Hermione has attempted to get on with her life while keeping the rape a secret, but what will happen when her secret becomes nearly impossible to keep?

An Enigmatical Condition

No, this wasn't right, this COULDN'T be right. She stared with more shock than horror on her face as the Dark Lord stalked towards her. She knew

the expression on his face, she had seen it, countless times before, on the faces of the illustrated rapists in her Defense Against the Dark Arts

textbooks. She shook her head. No, Voldemort couldn't be one of them, she would have known, or at least heard about it before, sure Voldemort

murdered and tortured people without batting an eye, but raping them? No, she thought again realization passing through her. She may not have

known, not with the older Order members always attempting to censor what she, Harry and Ron learned. Sirius was the only one who ever told them

the full truth straight out, and he was dead.

She began to back away, what could she do to stop this. Tears started to fill her eyes. No! Think Logically! She could try to talk her way out of it?

I'm no good at that, it's Harry's thing! she chided. Her wand was across the room, so that was out of the question. Err maybe if she... She looked up.

He was so close now, only a few feet away. She screamed and began to run. "Crucio!" she heard before she was enveloped in pain and darkness.

When she next opened her eyes he was already tearing her clothes.

She crawled away from the scene, bleeding and crying. Her fighting had only resulted in the long, thin, gashes which were scattered across her,

already bruised, body. She mended the tears in her robes. As she made her way out of the forest, she witnessed several Death Eaters fleeing Hogwarts.

The battle was over. She entered the Great-Hall to the sound of tumultuous applause. She flinched and nearly screamed as the first of countless people

patted her on the back, congratulating her. Ron grabbed her, pulling her into a deep kiss, she began to shake and cry. When Ron finally felt her tears he

looked at her, however, by that time Hermione had contorted the features of her face into something passable as a relieved, joyful, smile. If one thing

was clear to her, it was that no one must know. No one must ever find out.