A/N: It has been way to long since I uploaded. I couldn't help putting this chapter off. The concepts were really hard to work out. Writing this story, I had a general Idea of what was happening, but the plot couldn't work until I had the specifics worked out, and that took effort. Which, as you should now know, is really not fun when your trying to write something quickly.

So, without further adieu, I give you a very complicated chapter. I hope you can understand it, cause it was very confusing to write.

Nancy's soul, vibrant and powerful, stood before the decaying form the rest of her had become in her absence. She looked down at the seeping wounds, the near sagging flesh, and the hollow, tired eyes that her body had become, and ached to be home and one with herself again.

"When you killed him, that first time, you didn't just kill him." She started, figuring out a way to explain the complicated mess her life had become once Krueger entered the picture.

Nancy frowned at her figment. Her soul. They were one in the same, she knew, but they were so different now, apart from each other. "Yeah, I got that. Cause he didn't die, did he? He's still alive, fucking with people and killing children."

"No, it's not that." Her soul struggled to find the words, and the fragments around her buzzed and shook against the imaginary room they were held in. "You took his power away. You… absorbed it, all of it, but it didn't have anywhere to go." She looked at Nancy, desperate. "It shook us, and it hurt, and slowly I broke off of you. Like a hangnail, but you didn't notice it."

"You… you left me?" Nancy couldn't bring herself to feel anger. Confusion rattled her, and somewhere in the distance she heard the sounds of cackling laughter, dark and hideous, and felt the spurts of flame that were rising around her.

"No. Well, sort of. I… I started collecting."

At this, Nancy's eyes snapped to the balls of fabric and light that were squabbling around the room. Some seemed to be intensely focused on the conversation, giving off the eerie vibe of staring intently at her. Others, it seemed, were fighting with one another, like playful dogs, wrapping their light around one another and pulling, flipping and climbing over the walls and chairs.

"I cracked their souls, Nancy. I took bits of them, our friends, so I wouldn't be alone. So next time, when we fought him, we would have a chance."

The full implications of her words struck Nancy like a truck to the chest.

"Jesus, how could you do that?" The anger Nancy couldn't feel earlier bounded up inside her like a tidal wave, crashing in her throat. She wanted to cry, but her tear ducts were caked with blood and mucus. "They could have gone to heaven!"

"No." The figment looked tired, staring at Nancy with vibrant blue eyes and a mournful expression. "They couldn't. Not while he's alive. That's why we have to kill him, Nancy."

The horror in her chest deepened. Her eyes cast around the room, searching for something she needed not to be true. "Why did you look like him."


Her dead eyes flashed at the glowing figment in front of her. Her voice was hard, demanding. "When you first came to me, you looked like him. Why did you look like him."

"I needed the power, Nancy, you have to understand. We needed it, to kill him once and for all. So I took it."

Her figments hands lifted to her chest, hands folded over the space between her breasts, and she grimaced as she pulled. Something dark, writhing like an oily beast in her hands, clawed and ripped its way out of her chest, with the terrible sound of veins and sinew snapping. In her souls hands, lay a heart, black as pitch and gleaming, veins writhing around it like tentacles. There was a hole in her soul's chest, gaping and black as pitch, and she looked weak and distraught.

"I stole it."

As Nancy looked at the piece Freddy's soul in front of her, she had the irresistible urge to laugh and vomit at the same time. She looked at all the souls around her, small pieces of all the people she had ever cared about, and decided.

"All right, then. How do we—"

"Hey, bitch. Wake the fuck up."

Nancy's eye flew open, revealing a very burned man below her, glaring up at her angrily.

"Hey! I was in the middle of something!" Her throat burned pleasantly, and she savored the sensation of being able to feel anything, even if it was pain. The chains that bound her cut into her numb skin, and as much as she attempted, she couldn't coax her other eye into opening. It was crusted shut.

He looked annoyed and confused. "Crazy bitch." He walked underneath a catwalk, out of her swinging view, and slammed his clawed hand down on a leaver. Suddenly, she dropped from the sky, causing her to shriek like a little girl. The awful falling sensation lasted long after she slammed against the ground, her skull cracking painfully against the hard concrete, and she could feel the vertebra shatter against the floor. To top it all off, she couldn't seem to control the sounds she was making. Noises seemed to be coming out of her that were reminiscent of the moans of a dying moose.

"Oh, shut up, bitch. You're already dead, remember? You got nothing to worry about." He smiled nastily, lifting her up to unwind the chains, laughing nasally at her terrified expression.

"Whats the matter, Nancy?" He ran a claw over her bloodied face, tapping her on the nose. His voice shifted to a low, mocking growl. "Fallin for me?"

Okay, so I hope I never have to write two Nancy's in the same room again, ever. I couldn't seem to keep them straight, and they're different in such subtle ways. Think of it as grown up Nancy and young Nancy. Here's as good of an explanation as I can give without being a big ole spoiler.

So Nancy, in the first movie, took all the power from Freddy, effectively killing him. But there was too much power, and her soul, Figment, absorbed it, breaking off from the rest of her. She was scared, lonely, and angry. She found the souls Freddy stole, and while he was weak broke bits off of them, but they wouldn't stay with her because she didn't have enough control. So she broke off a piece of his soul, and plans to use the power she now has to kill him.

So yeah, that's confusing.

Also, upon request, there will be another kiss scene. Smoochie smoochie times are ahead. The sexual tension abounds as Freddy's boner for murder goes un-sated.

Dear lord, did I just say that?