Author's Note: About a year or two after Breaking Dawn ends. This is sort of a prologue of sorts, so hope you like it! Read and review.

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Jacob Black walked down the road, whistling merrily. He was off to see Nessie Cullen, which always put him in a good mood. Glancing around, he saw the green forest he had grown up seeing around. So beautiful.

It was calm, only the ruffling leaves made sound. Fresh air filled his nostrils, putting him into an even better mood then he had before. The forest had a way of doing that to him.

But, suddenly, the peace and quiet was interrupted. Interrupted by a shrill shriek that came from behind him. He turned and saw a red haired girl sprinting towards him with a slight limp. Her expression was terror and her alien-like green eyes were wide with fear.

"Help me! Oh, please," she whispered as she approached. "He's coming! Hide me! Anything!"

She was covered in blood and bruises covered her porcelain skin. Her clothes were rags and she was unnaturally dirty. It was sickening to think that another person had done this to her.

"He's… after me… please, help me," she whimpered then she fainted, nearly falling to the ground, but Jacob caught her. To his surprise, he found two big lumps on her head and a huge crack on the back. Blood seeped down his clothes as he lifted the girl up and sprinted head long to the Cullens. He hoped they would be able to help.

"What's your name?" Jacob asked.

"Theresa…Silvern…" she breathed weakly.

So Jacob ran up the drive and burst through the door of the white manor. Bella sat in the room, talking with Nessie. They both looked up in shock, Jacob thought Nessie looked quite pretty but shook his head to keep his head in the game. Theresa's pulse was slowing drastically.

"Are you just going to stare at me or will someone please get Carlisle?" Jacob asked, panicking at the slowness of her heart.

Bella nodded and ran up stairs in a blur and came back with Carlisle and the rest of the Cullens in seconds.

"What's happened?" Carlisle asked.

"It looks like she's got a crack on the back of her head," Jacob replied.

He nodded. "Set her on the table so I can examine her."

Jacob went into the hardly used kitchen and set Theresa Silvern carefully upon it. Carlisle started inspecting Theresa while muttering, "Crack in the back of the skull… internal bleeding in brain and chest… bruises, everywhere! …left arm broken… twisted ankle…"

The list of injuries went on, it was a miracle that Theresa was still alive. Jacob could still feel the feeble beat of heart but it was slowing, more and more each second.

"The injuries are too great," Carlisle finally said to the audience. "She will either die or I can—"

"Turn her?" Alice spoke up. "Carlisle, I've seen her in our future, go on and turn her."

Emmet looked taken aback. "And you didn't tell us?"

"I guess it wasn't worth mentioning," Alice replied absently.

He looked a bit angry at the news but held back. Carlisle ignoring the angry Emmet bent over Theresa and bit her neck. The girl started writhing in pain as Carlisle lifted his head away.

She must have been around seventeen years old and already she'd be immortal. Jacob thought it was unfair. Couldn't she just die? Edward glanced at him and shook his head. Jacob scowled.

The girl, just before she lost consciousness, pleaded faintly, "Please… Please, help me…."

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