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Yes you're lovely, with your smile so warm,
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you.
And the way you look tonight.
The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra

Tony walked off the elevator, two bags digging into his right hand. He hurried over to the bullpen, where he dropped both bags onto his desk in a heap, hoping nothing was smashed. In his hurry, he'd put the chopsticks in his mouth, and he now spit them out onto his desk chair. He coughed slightly, before picking the wrappers back up and wiping them off. He could just hear Ziva in his head, reprimanding him for putting the chopsticks in his mouth. He could also hear McGee's voices, asking how it was possible he didn't choke…

But the Probie wasn't still in the bullpen, working on the case. He was out with Gibbs. Which meant no jokes.

"Did you put those chopsticks in your mouth?"

Tony jumped as Ziva came up behind him, appearing out of nowhere. He turned around to face her, and was greeted by a very smug expression.

"No. Why would you think that?"

"You are obsessively wiping them off. You did something to them."

"I could be wiping them off because I think they are covered in food juice."

Ziva quirked an eyebrow, before searching through the bags for her food. She pulled out a tub of chow mein, and held out her hand for a pair of chopsticks. Tony was still rubbing them with the napkin, and she smirked. She was about to make an inappropriate joke when Tony went to hand her the chopsticks. Ziva almost grabbed, but Tony pulled them away. She tried to grab them again, but Tony had moved out of her reach.

"Tony, give me my chopsticks please." Ziva said, setting her food container down. She moved forward, and Tony advanced backwards. He was no in front of McGee's desk. He simply shook his head. Ziva stepped right up in front of him now, and he held the chopsticks over his head.

"Why do I feel like I am dealing with a child?"

Tony shrugged, moving the chopsticks up a little higher. She stood up on her tiptoes, and reached with her hand. She could almost get his hand.

"A child would not be able to hold chopsticks over your head."

Ziva grabbed Tony's arm and pulled it down. In a flash, Tony had pulled his arm away and was now farther away from Ziva.

"Tony, I am hungry. Do you wish for me to tackle you to the ground to get my chopsticks?"

"You would do that?"

Ziva glared at him, and put her hands on her hip. Tony smirked, and Ziva stuck her lip out. Tony nearly lost his composure, looking at the plump lip sticking out. He wanted to reach out and…

He handed her the chopsticks, moving around her to get his food. When he sat down in his chair, she was smirking at him. Perching herself on the edge of his desk, she began to eat her food. They were silent for some time, both chewing on their dinner. At one point, Ziva moved so she was leaning against the cabinet behind Tony.

"What were we supposed to do for Gibbs?" Tony asked, breaking the silence between them. It had gotten to the point where he felt stalked.

"Wait for his call."

Tony turned around to face Ziva, balancing his chair back. She was finishing her noodles now, and Tony bit his lower lip.

"Something else you would like to ask?"

Tony came back to reality, and found that is eyes were already focused on Ziva's face. He couldn't form a sentence in time, so he merely shook his head.

"Because it sure looks like it."

She was teasing him now.

Sitting forward, Tony smirked.

"No, just thinking."

"I didn't see any smoke. Are you sure?"

Tony almost laughed at Ziva's statement, making a mental note to kick McGee later for saying that across the bullpen one morning during some usual banter. Ziva seemed to be enjoying her little joke, as a smile was splashed across her face. Taking a deep breath, Tony continued.

"What would you say if I said I was thinking about you?"

Ziva paused for a moment, before shifting her weight towards Tony.

"I would not say anything." Tony tilted his head at her answer, and she moved her hands in only a way she could.

"I mean, I am sure you are thinking of me only because we are in such proximity and are having dinner at the moment."

Tony shook his head, and it only seemed to frazzle Ziva further. Leaning forward, Tony grabbed the belt loop of Ziva's jeans and pulled her over to his chair. His nose was right above her belly button when looking straight ahead, and he found the position arousing.

"That would be true, in any other situation. No, right now I'm thinking about something else."

Ziva looked down at him, her hands coming to rest on his shoulders.

"Sometime today would be nice."

Tony smiled again, placing his hands on her slender hips before continuing.

"I was just thinking about how much I love you."

Tony's eyes flew open, and he lay still for a moment. He scrunched up his face for a moment, before turning over onto his side to face his nightstand. With a groan, he realized it was only 3 AM and he had plenty of time to sleep.

However, after that dream, Tony wasn't sure if sleep was an option.

Turning over, he stared across the bed. A smile forced its way onto his lips as he remembered the person who was sharing the bed with him. Moving over, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to his chest.

As he lay awake, he replayed the dream in his head. He was so engrossed in his dream that he didn't noticed his partner was awake. It was only when she touched his face that he realized.

"Oh, hey." He said quietly into the darkness.

"Why are you awake? Bad dream?" She teased him, and Tony had to laugh. His eyes were beginning to see in the dark, and he could make out the shape of her face.

"More like a daydream."

She moved in the bed, and her leg went up around his waist.

"Was I in it?"

Tony nodded, and she hummed. She kissed him softly.

"We were having a conversation in the bullpen."

She laughed, the sound filling the room. Tony loved it. She didn't ask any more questions, and Tony felt her body falling back to sleep. He smiled into the darkness as her mouth relaxed and her face calmed. Her hair was up in a ponytail, and her shoulders looked amazing in the moonlight.

Closing his eyes, Tony smiled again.

Ziva always looked better in person than in his dreams.

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