"Percy, are you sure?" Grover asked, trying to figure out if I was joking or not.

"No Grover, I'm serious. It's the only way for us to go, and I'm quite dead serious about this." I told him, concentrating on the word serious as he started chewing on one my couch in my living room.

"You know, we can't do that right? I mean, it's her wedding and she might crush us to pulp if we do it!" he protested, obviously trying to make me see that it was already too late. That it's too late to tell her how I really feel about her.

I glared at him, trying to say through my eyes that his efforts on trying to persuade me not to continue the plan was only gonna go in the garbage can. He threw up his arms in exasperation, "Okay, okay! Just don't try to do anything stupid… I'm only trying to stop you from doing this madness! But since you're so damn eager to do it then I won't stop you. I'm warning you, you will have to explain the situation on your own, okay?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Jackson but the whole business class is already booked." The lady said in the other line when I finally stopped Grover eating half of my couch since it took me three months of saving just to buy that! I combed my fingers through my hair, letting out deep breaths hoping to control my anger.

"Okay, then forget about the business class, does anything else have two available seats?" I asked, trying to find another solution since this woman was clearly not helping us book a flight. She paused for a moment, and I imagined her rummaging through the seating information on the computer.

"The first class, sir, but I doubt you can afford the payment. I can still find another plane for you to take, but you would have to wait another day."

She was kidding right? I can't wait another day! Her wedding would already be over then! I guess I would have to use some of the money in my bank account. "No, first class is fine. Just make sure that two seats are placed side-by-side, alright?"

"Yes sir. That'll be 5,000 dollars. Will you pay by card or cash?"

"Card, and can you please serve enchiladas? My friend is quite obsessed with them".

After my conversation on the phone and 5,000 dollars out of my bank account, Grover and I started packing our clothes for New York.

See, I'm working as a Doctor in Australia. Ever since I've applied for the job, I've never had one absent day of my life.

You might know who the person Grover and I are gonna fly all the way from Australia to New York for, right? The reason why we're going to stop the wedding is because Grover made me realize that I've been blind all these years. I did make a move on her once, but it was already too late since she had already said yes to the guy. And believe me, I can still feel the pain on my cheek and in my chest every time I'd remember that day.

My father and I, Poseidon, still talk via Iris-messaging and he asks me if I am ever going back to America visit my mother. I love my mom and all, but ever since I defeated Kronos, I've wanted to live a life away from America, away from New York, and away from everything else. Riptide is still with me though I only use it when I think there's a monster lurking in the alley that would try to kill me.

As for Grover, he and Juniper got married right after I graduated from college. He's only here with me because his taking a two day vacation from the Cloven Elders. He assured me his here only for two days because his work is quite demanding. I just think it's because he misses his kids especially when he sees other children playing in the park but he didn't complain, "It takes some time to get used to not being near the kids, but I'll get through it." That's what he said on his first day in Australia.

"Percy, we gotta go now, man. The flight leaves at exactly 3:00 pm, and you know it's already 2:25, right?"

I rushed to my bags, and carried them towards my Ferrari I saved a lot of money just to buy that car. After putting the bags at the back, we started making our way towards the airport. I brought lots of enchiladas so that Grover wouldn't chew a part of the car interior. And IT worked well and saved me a thousand in repairs.

We arrived in ten minutes, since the traffic wasn't at all heavy. I started to get a little anxious and guilty about what I was about to do. Grover was… well, Grover is going to do whatever he needs to do.

We didn't wait long for the intercom to announce that we can now board the plane. I texted my mom, letting her know that I'm going home and that she didn't need to go to the airport to wait for me 'cause I already knew the way to our house. After a year of saving, I had finally bought a house for my mom and Paul.

When the plane finally took off, my thoughts wandered back to Annabeth, and I can't help but remember those six months of my life I never thought would change the course of mine and Annabeth's friendship.