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Sometimes being an empath really sucked.

Feeling everyone's emotions was usually not an issue, but when he had to experience six times of what he himself was already feeling, it did nothing to help. The sadness had now become a depression, while the anger and hatred had boiled harshly to become the most repulsive pain he had experienced since leaving Maria. He could barely stop himself from controlling his family's emotions, knowing full well that none of them would appreciate his ability tonight.

He attempted to loosen his grip on the arm of the couch, hoping not to ruin another piece of Esme's furniture. Peering around at his family, he observed each of them and noted the slight differences in their auras.

Carlisle was sitting across from him, glancing from Edward to the ground continuously. Jasper felt his worry, not only for the obvious reason, but also clearly for his eldest son. While his anger was not as strong as most, it was still powerful enough, as were his sadness and nervousness.

Esme sat next to her husband, sadness etched across her usually warm face. Her sorrow was the strongest, motherly instinct deep for even her newest child. She too would glance at Edward, but took in each of her children in the room with equal concern.

Edward, who stood staring out the large glass wall across the room, was completely consumed with rage. Jasper was sure that, had he been a vampire new to his ability, he would have struggled to find any other emotion from his brother. Beneath this, however, he felt a strong sense of sadness, like everyone else, and also the smallest hint of kind-hearted affection. Though he understood the reasoning behind these feelings, it was still a strange combination to experience, especially from Edward.

Alice was impassive, however he knew this was because she was continually searching the future for further signs of trouble. Nevertheless, during the few moments between, Jasper felt his wife's sadness and anger better than anyone else's. After all, he had known her emotional line the longest, and the physical contact between the pair also increased his sense. Despite this, he was content to continue letting Alice's head rest against his knee, running his hand through her hair comfortingly.

Emmett was pacing silently near the staircase, pausing every so often to look upwards at the ceiling. His usually good-humoured expression had disappeared from his face, leaving only concern to match Carlisle. Alongside the sadness and anger, Emmett was feeling a great amount of unease, and Jasper knew the reason behind it.

The final member of their family was not with them in the lounge room. While Rosalie had listened to Edward when he returned home that night, the moment he finished speaking she had disappeared upstairs. She did not leave the house as Jasper had expected, her emotions too strong to be from a lengthy distance away. Rosalie's grief was nothing new to him, memories of her past frequently causing her to fall into distress. Her anger was even more familiar to him, having experienced her bitter hostility more times than he cared to remember. And yet, there were emotions resonating from her right now that he had felt little of in their acquaintance.

'Edward,' he called in his head, focusing his mind on the other boy. While he knew it was not wise to distract his brother's thoughts, Jasper was concerned for his twin.

Edward's head inclined slightly to the left, confirming his attention.

'Is Rosalie alright?'

He watched as Edward looked up slightly, paying attention to her thoughts for a moment, before sighing deeply. The exasperation flowing from him proved that he thought she was fine, and did not welcome the interruption.

'What is she thinking about?' Jasper persisted, knowing that something was not right within his sister.

Edward turned, and the look he received told him everything. She was once again thinking of herself, unlike the minds of everyone else in the house. And yet, this concerned Jasper even more, as the emotions he was feeling from her were so unlike anything he could have predicted.

He was sure that Rosalie did not want to be disturbed, as even Emmett had not chanced a trip upstairs in fear of making her worse. In spite of this, he knew that he needed to comfort her, regardless of the consequences.

"Emmett?" he called quietly, causing everyone in the room except for Alice to turn and face the person to break the silence at last. "I'll check on her. Just make sure Alice is okay when she comes back."

Emmett took his place on the couch, allowing Alice to rest against him as Jasper moved away from his family and up the stairs. He felt curiosity from everyone with the exception of Edward, who was no doubt irritated with him for focusing on Rosalie more than the night's events.

Jasper's eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness of her room, discovering Rosalie sitting on the ground by the window. He moved towards her without a sound, placing himself beside her and following her gaze out to the forest.

They sat unmoving for what felt like hours, though to a vampire it could have been anything from days to mere seconds. Jasper had not attempted to initiate a conversation, waiting until he felt Rosalie calm a little before beginning.

He took note of her emotions, especially the unforeseen ones. He felt her anger, which was almost as strong as Edward's had been, while her sadness rivalled Esme's. But the two foreign emotions were stronger than either of these, and Jasper had recognised them the moment they had appeared during Edward's recount. Though they were unfamiliar to his family, Jasper found them both staggeringly memorable from each of his lives; his human life, his life in the South with Maria, and his current life with Alice and the Cullen's. They were powerful feelings that had engulfed Jasper many times, but for obvious reasons. Jasper simply could not understand why Rosalie had become overwhelmed with the two devils of his past- guilt and self-hatred.

"Rose?" he whispered, silently asking for her permission to continue. Her gaze shifted ever so slightly, and he knew that she was listening. He was suddenly unsure of how to continue, only too aware of the anger inside her threatening to intensify at the slightest trigger. "What…?"

"It's the second worst thing I've ever felt," Rosalie responded quietly, disgust lacing her words.

Jasper knew exactly what she was thinking of now, having heard this explanation before. She was recalling her worst memories, the last from her human existence, in which Royce King and his companions had assaulted his beautiful sister to the point of almost death.

She had run through the memory in her head uncountable times, but the emotions that engulfed Jasper still took him by surprise. Her anger had risen again, as had the sadness and disgust, and the sharp ache of pain joined them to create her torture. Hers, and now Jaspers.

He sent her small waves of tranquillity, endeavouring to make Rosalie's pain weaken a little. He knew that it was probably useless, and that it could even make her even worse, but he had to try.

"Stop!" Rosalie snapped, turning to glare at him. The devils had intensified again, and her next words shocked Jasper to no end. "I don't deserve to feel good about this."

Jasper stared questioningly at her, stunned by her outburst. "They deserve hell for what they did, Rose. And you deserve every good feeling they ever experienced."

She shook her head vehemently. "I'm responsible for what happened tonight."

Now Jasper was completely unable to respond, trying to comprehend her words. What had occurred just hours before couldn't have possibly been influenced by Rosalie in any way, shape or form. It had been an unavoidable situation, having been undecided until just moments before. Otherwise Alice would have seen it, and been able to potentially stop it from happening. Even his stunning wife was not blaming herself for what had happened, so why on earth was Rosalie feeling so responsible? That was obviously the cause of the devils within her, but she had no reason to experience them.

"Rose, you were nowhere near-"

"I am the reason Edward wasn't there earlier. I am the reason she was even near those…those…" she took a shuddering breath, which despite not being needed, released intense waves of anguish and hatred. Her wall was beginning to crumble, the enraged exterior giving way to the agonized core.

"Edward doesn't blame you; no one blames you."

"I blame me!"

"You would have never intentionally done anything like that, Rose, I know that."

"I told him not to go to her, Jasper. I told him that she would ruin our lives. I made him so mad…he could have stopped it from even beginning if I hadn't been so…"

All was silent for a few moments, until a loud sob echoed through the room, and then her wall had well and truly fallen.

"Jazz…" Rosalie whimpered, and he immediately swept her into his arms. He knew better than to try and change her emotions right now, but he did the best he could- he sent her wave after wave of love and reassurance.

Still holding her tight, Jasper allowed himself to feel the shock of Rosalie's outburst. He could remember just one other time when she had permitted such vulnerability in front of him, and that had been during their first meeting. He and Alice had just arrived at the Cullen house, and shortly following Carlisle's invitation to stay, Rosalie had fled from the room. Sensing fear, Jasper sought her out to calm her down and explain himself, when he found her examining herself in a full length mirror. He approached her slowly, not wanting to startle her, but she was already speaking. He heard of her worst human memory from beginning to end without a pause, listening intently as she willingly opening herself up to this stranger.

"I know you can feel me," she had said when she finished, catching his eye in the mirror. "I don't mean to be scared of you. It's not even you that scares me…you remind me so much of him, one of the men who hurt me. His hair fell just like your does, so I could never see his eyes."

Jasper recalled quickly sweeping his hair back before saying "I would never…"

"I know," she replied quickly, turning to face him. "When I first saw you, I knew you were dangerous. How else would you have gotten all those scars? But then I saw your eyes and I…I knew that something about you was different. At least different from the time you got your scars."

He had smiled in a way he hoped was friendly and inviting, and sighed, "Alice." He then felt her confusion, and added, "She's what made me different."

"So love saved you?" she murmured with a ghost of a smile on her face. She had swept past him in the doorway and left the house, but the last thing he heard was her whisper of "I wish it could have saved me."

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