Bulma sighed dramatically as she flopped backwards onto her bed. "You know," she groaned, "this trip to Namek sucks just as much as the last one did."

From across the room, Vegeta snorted. "Speak for yourself."

The heiress cringed slightly as the thought about what her husband was saying. While Bulma had found her own experiences on the original Namek to be unbearably stressful, she could easily admit that her trials had been far easier than the battle, torture, and horrible execution her husband had suffered. Normally she was more mindful of certain topics around her spouse. However, ever since that accidental wish, things had been a far cry from right. "Are you going to keep training this afternoon?" she asked, avoiding the issue.

"Have you not met me?" the brunette snipped back. "Of course I am!"

Automatically Bulma opened her mouth, preparing to snap back, but she managed to catch herself in time. The longer they had to wait for the wish, the angrier everyone, including herself, had become. In recent days she and her husband had spent most, if not all, of their time in one of the Capsule houses she had brought. There had been enough of those for each couple to have one, but the scientist found herself wishing from time to time that she had brought one for each individual person.

"Well," she sighed, sprawling back on the bed, "let's look on the bright side: at least I haven't gotten a phone call from Earth yet about how our son has decided to destroy the planet."

Her back still to the blue haired woman, Vegeta smirked slightly. "That does not mean it is not happening. It just means that you have not checked the phone."

"Oh for crying out loud!" Bulma responded. "You're actually hoping that he does something, aren't you?"


With a roll of her eyes, Bulma sat up. "Just because I have this sick fascination with how your twisted mind works, would you indulge me and tell me why you want our son to wreak havoc on the Earth?"

Finally turning around, Vegeta gave her best imitation of an innocent expression. "What?" she said. "Is it not a good thing for him to take initiative?"

Bulma groaned. "You're insane."

"And yet," Vegeta countered, "you thought that it was a wise decision to legally declare me your partner for life. So truly, who is the least sane among us?"

"Yeah, I'm still going with you on that one," Bulma responded. "Now is there any way I can persuade you into taking an afternoon off of training and just hanging out with me? I know it goes against everything you stand for, but if you don't, I think I'm going to snap. And by snap, I mean completely snap. We're talking writing on the walls in other people's blood kind of snapped. So I am asking you, in the name of not slaughtering our hosts and thus getting our wish privileges revoked, please, oh please, don't train for this afternoon. I need company."

Vegeta rolled her eyes. "Did it ever dawn on you that watching you paint the walls with blood might just be something I find entertaining, not disturbing?"

"Would you think the same thing if the blood I was using was yours?"


Bulma threw her arms up in the air. "You're impossible!"

"And I point out again," Vegeta calmly stated, "that is was your idea to marry me."

The heiress flopped back once again. "I hate you."

"I know."

"Look," she tried again, "could you just do me this one favor? They think they'll have the dragon balls and be able to make the wish by the end of the day. Then you'll all be back to normal, Goku will pop us home, and we can all pick up right where we left off. All I am asking is that you spend a few hours doing stuff with me instead of training."

Marching over to her wife, Vegeta grabbed the heiress and hauled her to her feet. "Come on."

On autopilot, Bulma began trying to free herself. "What the hell are you doing?"

"You want to spend the afternoon with me?" Vegeta challenged. "Then you're training with me. Now haul ass, we're burning daylight."

Bulma smirked. "They don't really have night here."

"Ten seconds from ditching you, woman."

With a laugh, Bulma nodded. "Okay, okay, I get it. But, and this may sound like an obvious statement, you know I don't know anything about training, right?"

Vegeta groaned. "Yes, woman, I am well aware of that."


"So you better pay close attention when I show you how to do something," she firmly said, "because I will not be going slowly and I will not be repeating myself. And I will not be sympathetic in the least when you realize you are in over your head and hurt yourself."

Bulma grinned. Vegeta offering to share training time, let alone offering to take the time to teach her anything, could likely be a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was an experience the heiress would never miss.


Krillen walked by Videl and Gohan. "Who's winning?"

"Shut up," Videl quickly snapped.

The short woman winced. "That would be Gohan, then?"

"No," Gohan calmly explained. "Videl is currently in control of the board and is doing very well."

"Because you're letting me win!" the light eyed fighter retaliated. "I told you, stop treating me like I don't know what I'm doing!"

Krillen had removed herself from the conversation before anything else happened. She had learned the hard way, on multiple occasions, that when a couple began to fight, the best strategy was to get as far away as possible as quickly as a human could. "Okay," she said to herself, "let's find a new way to keep from going crazy."

"I thought talking to yourself was a pretty good indicator that you were already there."

It was difficult for Krillen to suppress her groan. She knew that her wife was only trying to cure her own boredom, and she knew that as a caring and loving spouse, it would be expected of her to provide some form of entertainment. However, after all those days and nights without any space, the blonde was just about the last person Krillen wanted to see. If ever something was going to put strain on their relationship, it was that trip. But there was no polite way to turn her away, so Krillen forced a smile on her face and turned around. "Touché," she responded.

Eighteen approached, her arms defensively over her chest. She, too, could barely stand the strain of constant companionship. Given the choice, she would just as soon have taken the spaceship back toward Earth on her own and enjoyed some private time. After all, as soon as the wish was made, Goku would once again be able to teleport. The rest of the group would beat her back easily, and she could finally have some alone time. The only thing really stopping her was the knowledge that if she did that, it would take even longer to get home to her daughter.

Not that it wasn't still tempting…

"The last group is closing in," the cool blonde informed her spouse. "They should be here within the hour."

"Wait, what?" Krillen asked, blinking dramatically.

"The last group," Eighteen repeated, "should be arriving in our camp within about an hour. My sensors have been tracking them. If they maintain their current pace and do not encounter any interruptions, they should be here in fifty-seven minutes."

The whoop that escaped the tiny woman was about as far from ladylike as she could get, but Krillen did not care. In less than an hour, she could be herself again. Her own body, her own voice, her own power, her own gender, her own everything was about to be given back. Needless to say, her loud celebration drew the attention of the others, who rushed over to her.

"What's going on?" Gohan asked.

"One hour, kid!" Krillen enthusiastically shouted. "One last hour, and then I'm back, baby!"

The excitement was contagious. No matter how bad a mood each woman had been in just moments earlier, every single one of them suddenly felt new energy coursing through them. Finally and at last, they were going to set everything right.

Videl laughed. "Wait, isn't this the part where everything goes terribly wrong?" she teased. She barely had the time to block the flurry of objects suddenly launched at her head. "Hey! Stop it!"

"You never, ever say that!" Krillen hollered, tossing yet another thing at the young fighter.

"Why?" Videl asked.

"It's called tempting fate," Chi-Chi explained.

"And let's face it," Bulma added, approaching the others with drops of sweat flying off her chin, "fate just loves to screw us over. Seriously, us. This particular band of people. Cursed are we. Damned from the start. Hell, why we bother trying to even attempt to do things that makes sense is almost nonsensical."

Goku giggled. "Hey Bulma, you're starting to sound like Krillen."

Bulma growled and glared at her oldest friend. "So help me, I will kill you."

"See, now you're Vegeta!"

Bulma rolled her eyes and shook her head. "I swear, as soon as we get back to Earth, I'm not going to talk to you for a very, very long time."

"Who cares?" Krillen crowed. "We're turning back to normal!"

With a mild shrug of one shoulder, Gohan whispered to Videl, "How normal were we before all this, really?"

Videl giggled. "How honest do you want this answer to be?"

"How honest do you want your honesty?" the taller girl shot back.

"How long do we have to wait now?" Goku asked.

The others looked to Eighteen, who rolled her eyes and said, "Fifty-four of the longest minutes of my life."

Goku tilted her head to the side and pondered, "Are there some minutes that are longer than others?"

The entire group groaned.


"Has anyone seen my spouse?" Bulma asked, pushing her way through her friends.

Gohan nodded. "Yeah, he, uh, she…that person…is in the ship right now. I was informed that said person was planning to remain there until after the wish was made, just in case, and I quote, 'You imbecilic lunatics maintain your glorious track record and manage to screw this up royally.'."

Chi-Chi shook her head. "As ever, she is the soul of tact."

With a frown, the heiress said, "I was really hoping to be there when she got changed back."

"So go to the ship," her blonde friend told her, her tones implying that the heiress was less than intelligent.

Bulma shot the cyborg a dirty look. "Yes," she snipped, "I had figured that one out. Thank you, oh great master of the obvious."

Eighteen rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

Shaking her head, Bulma sighed. "I guess I really don't need to see the dragon again," she admitted. "I mean, it's always awesome, but I think I've seen him more than anyone else here."

"But isn't this a different dragon?" Gohan asked. "I mean, these dragon balls have a different creator than the ones we normally use. Doesn't that mean that…" She tried to finish her thought, but the hand clamped down on her mouth stopped her very efficiently.

"No worries, Bulma," Krillen laughed, finishing her job of pulling Gohan down, "I'm sure you're not missing anything new. And if anything happens, we'll fill you in."

The scientist gave a soft smile. "You promise?"

"You think we could shut Goku up?"

"Hey!" Goku whined. "I can keep something to myself when I have to! I kept the whole Trunks thing from you guys for years!"

Bulma rolled her eyes. "If I recall correctly," she pointed out, "ten minutes after finding out about that, you were telling me that you hoped I had a healthy baby."

"Yeah," the tallest woman defended, "but I didn't say with who, did I?"

Confused, Videl softly asked her partner, "Um, what are they talking about?"

Gohan groaned. "It's a long story."

"But you're going to tell me, right?" the bright eyed fighter pushed.

"Videl," Gohan responded, letting out a long, slow breath, "I have a feeling I am going to be trying to explain our group's insanity for the rest of my life."

Videl smiled as she leaned against Gohan's taller body. "Hey, there's no rush. I'll be around that long."

Gohan's cheeks turned red, and somehow managed to go even deeper in color as several members of the group started to make hooting noises. She sheepishly scratched the back of her head. "Uh, thanks," she finally responded.

"Well, if we're done taunting Gohan," Bulma laughed, "I think I'm going to head over to her royal highness. After all, we've got a wish to make!" She turned to leave, but hesitated slightly. "We are done taunting Gohan, right? Because I'll stick around if…"

"Go!" Gohan cried.

The heiress laughed and waved as she headed back to the ship. She had not been lying when she had said that she wanted to see the dragon again, but it was probably for the best that Vegeta stayed out of sight with the transformation. After all, many of the citizens of New Namek still held a grudge against the prince for his actions on their former home world. And even though she was curious about the concept of a new dragon, she would have been lying if she claimed she did not want to watch her husband change back with her own eyes.

Eighteen turned her head and looked to the sky. "Last one's here," she coolly said.

The other five women cheered triumphantly as a very tired Namekian landed, the enormous orange orb in his hand. Gasping for air, the green man handed over the treasured prize. Quickly they gathered with the local villagers, all excited at being able to see the powerful magic at work.

They remained silent as the village elder spoke the password and brought the dragon out. No matter how many times they saw the mystical beasts, the dragons always inspired a sense of awe from onlookers. With a deep, thundering voice, the enormous creature demanded to know what the mortals wanted.

The elder turned to his guests. "How would you like me to put this?" he kindly asked.

The six women exchanged a glance. "Um, shouldn't it just be to undo the last wish made by the Earth's dragon balls?" Krillen asked.

"Seems good to me!" Goku quickly answered.

"I can't find anything wrong with it," Gohan chimed in. The others all nodded, agreeing that it seemed to be fine phrasing.

With a smile, the elder turned back and voiced the chosen words. A hum filled the air as the spell was cast, and everyone closed their eyes for a moment as a bright light flashed.

"How are you guys not blind yet?" Videl muttered, trying to blink away the flashing spots in her eyes. "I mean, how many times have you looked directly at this?" Oddly enough, though, no one answered. "Guys?" she asked, looking up. Her cheeks immediately turned red when she did.

The three standing near her who had been affected by wish had, in fact, turned back to their natural forms. They had not, however, been wearing clothing quite large enough for those bodies, and had virtually shredded their clothes entirely. "Oh my…"

"Don't look!" Gohan hollered, trying to keep himself covered as best he could.

Krillen, who had kept his clothes intact slightly better than the others, looked over at the Sons. "Oh, please tell me someone here packed guy pants."

As father and son both looked sheepish, Videl walked over by Chi-Chi and quietly asked, "Is it just me, or is this a lot like how we found them after the last wish?"

"You mean barely modest with Gohan dying from it and Goku somewhat oblivious to it?" Chi-Chi sighed. "Yes. Yes it is." The teenaged girl, her cheeks still slightly flushed, giggled as the mother rolled her eyes. "Goku, Gohan, it's fine. There's plenty of material in the ship and I brought my sewing kit. You can wear pants made from sheets and curtains for a few minutes. You can wear the ones I'm not turning to fabric until then."

"You'll be needing these, then."

They whipped around and found Bulma standing there, her arms extended as she offered bedding. "Figured you might need these."

"How?" Krillen asked as he and Gohan snatched the cloths and wrapped them around themselves.

Bulma smirked as Chi-Chi also grabbed a sheet and tied it around Goku's waist with her own hands. "You know how Vegeta was hiding in the ship for the wish?" she chuckled. "He was in there because he got dressed in his old clothes before the wish, and it looked a little ridiculous, especially as a fairly stacked chick without a bra on. Plus, before the wish the only way to keep those pants on was to stay lying down. It looked stupid before the wish." Her smirk got a little more evil. "Not nearly as stupid as you look after it, though."

"Eh, it's not that bad," Goku casually dismissed. "Come on, we're all covered up and we don't really need to stick around for pants. Let's get everyone together and go home!"