Both men were silent. Sirius fisted his cheeks, trying to wipe away his tears. Charles made no move to wipe away his own. "My God." he whispered, blinking quickly. "How do you go on after that?" Charles asked quietly.

"I barley made it." Sirius hissed. "I couldn't make it through an entire hour without thinking about her." he drew in a shuddering breath.

"How did you end up in here though. I know you were accused for murder, but it wasn't hers, was it?"

"No." Sirius murmured. "You remember the man, Peter, I spoke of. It was before the wedding. We were worried for him." Charles raked his memory for a moment before realization dawned on him.

"Peter Pettigrew!" Sirius nodded. "the little bastard." he snarled.

My body shook with anger as I paced along the sidewalk. My mind chased itself in circles as I clenched my fists, waiting for Peter to come. I gritted my teeth when I thought about it. The letter, Peter begging me to understand why he did what he has. Why he sold James and Lily's secret to Voldemort. How he told him exactly where - I crumbled in pain when I thought around her name. She would be on Lily and James' wedding day.

Knowing we would never be together again, made my heart give a painful thud. I looked up when there came the tell-tale crack of an apperation. I jumped to my feet, and saw that Peter stood under the street lamp, and smiled as I approached him.

"Sirius!" he called in his high-pitched voice.

"You vile little rat!" I roared at him, grabbing him by the neck, and pushing him up against a wall.

"Now, Sirius, my friend."

"I am not your friend!" Sirius growled ferociously. "How dare you even think the word after what you did to James and Lily… what you did to Melody!" Peter flinched at the words, and I dropped him. He coughed, and clutched his throat.

"You did that yourself…" Peter said, looking up at me. My anger was beyond words, so I simply snarled at him as I pulled my wand from my pocket.

"If I hadn't done what I had, He would have…" Peter began, but I cut him off, grabbing him by his collar and hoisting him to his feet.

"Peter." I spoke as though speaking to a small child. "You sold James and Lily to Voldemort!" I tossed him into the road. Not lucky enough for me, though. There were no cars this time of night. "They are dead Peter. DEAD!" I crouched over him. "Their son was only a year old. He'll never get a chance at life."

"I'm sorry Sirius." Peter whimpered, cowering against the pavement. "He would have killed me if I didn't tell him where they were…"

"So you just went and told him." I huffed.

"And Melody… I didn't want to tell him. Honest I didn't Sirius. I thought he knew about her…" I glared down at him.

"You…" My eyes widened when I realized what he meant. "You told him about the Prophecy!" my teeth snapped together with an audible clack. I stood and pointed my wand in his face. "Crucio!" I hissed through my teeth. Peter writhed on the ground. The moment the curse came from my lips, I saw Melody's disapproving look, as she folded her arm and tutted me. Like she had when her brother, and I got into too much trouble. I broke the spell off, and yanked him to his feet. "How could you Peter? After all they'd done for you! How could you betray them like this?" I sneered. Peter looked down at his feet, shuffling them against the pavement. When he didn't offer any words, I took a deep breath. "What made you do it?" Peter looked up and pressed his lips into a tight line.

"They came… it was late, and I wasn't prepared. I could have probably fought them off if I had simply been awake."

"And that gives you an excuse? Good job Peter. You might as well have said the Killing Curse yourself. Because everyone is going to know you betrayed the Potters. You gave away their secret. You told Him about Melody." my voice broke around her name. "She died at eighteen Peter. She never had a chance to live. She never had a chance to be a mother!" My anger was returning. My hands balled into fists. Peter squeaked, and held his hands up in front of his face.

"I'm sorry."

"No matter how many times you say that Peter, it will never bring any of them back. It won't fix any of this!" I sneered. "I'm going to turn you in to the Dementors. Peter. And you are going to pay for the damage you have caused. After Dumbledore learns what happened, he'll make sure they give you the Kiss." Peter's eyes suddenly became bright.

"Now, Sirius. I don't think that will ever happen." he said, reaching in his pocket for something. I brought up my wand quickly. Peter pulled out a small pocket knife. "Because after tonight. No one is going to believe a murderer." I chuckled darkly.

"You are insane if you think that you can kill me while I hold the wand, and you have… that." I raised an eyebrow, and questioned his sanity.

"Oh, no. Not me Sirius. You. Everyone is going to know the story about how you sold the Potter's to Voldemort. Your new Master."

"No one would believe that!" I hissed.

"Because you were sad, Sirius, that you shunned your families ways when you were a child. And you embraced the Black in you." Peter's mouth curved into a malicious smile. He grimaced as the blade bit deep into the skin of his finger.

"What are you doing?" I called out, wondering if I should do something, intervene.

"Everyone in the world will know how you maliciously murdered your good friend, Peter Pettigrew, and all that was left of the poor boy was a finger." he cried out as the top part of his finger fell to the ground. I sneered at the sight of the blood pouring over his hand. He just grimaced and glared up at me.

"Goodbye Sirius. I hope everything works out for the best." he reached into his other pocket, pulled out his wand and pointed his wand at a cluster of apartments that held sleeping muggles.

"Peter, don't!" I called. But it was too late.

"Incendio!" he called. A large ball of fire blasted into the side of the building. There were screams as the Muggles lucky enough to be missed by the inferno, scrambled away from the sudden heat. Peter shifted into his animegus form, the fitting image of a rat, and scampered into the sewers.

"Sirius Black!" someone called. I turned just in time to be rendered motionless by the body bind curse. "You are under arrest for attempted exposure of our world…" but I knew that they would come up with a lot more before this was done. I simply allowed them to lead me away. I never even attempted to get away.

James was gone now. Lily and Harry were gone as well. They were my only escape from the real world. When I was with them, we could laugh, and remember times past without tears getting in the way. Now that they were gone, there was just no point in fighting.