To be honest, I didn't like the way this chapter came out but this is probably the best I could have done it. *Edit:I looked this over and Fixed some of the mistakes I made...

Pacing around the Dark room, questions rushed the Irken's head. With each new question that formed, Zim forgot the last. Why do I deserve this? What did I do wrong? Who would want me dead? He couldn't answer any of these questions. It wasn't long before he started showing physical signs of aggravation. He started to pull on his antennae as he went to the corner to sit down for a moment.

"Sir" a voice echoed from the ceiling "Would you like me to assist you in finding possible solutions to your problem"?

"How could you help me" Zim asked, looking up with a dazed expression on his face.

"Well" The computer in Zim's base started "As an AI program I am meant to be able to process at all times".

Zim knew that he was in a mentally unstable state at the moment, but it wasn't in his nature to admit he needed help.

"Fine" He said as he jumped to his feet "Let me, the almighty Zim, listen to your silly little suggestions".

"First off, I'm going to list some of the people who would want you dead, along with reasons why they would". With the conclusion of that statement the large screen once again sprung to life, making Zim jump at the sudden burst of light. "First likely candidate is that Dib figure who has an un-natural interest in you. There are many various reason he would want you dead. Next up is that Purple eyed Irken that seemed to have a quarrel with you some time ago. Her name was Tak, if I am not mistaken. What about the Tallest? You did lead to the failure of the disaster that was known as 'Operation Impending doom 1'".

"Ha" Zim scoffed "I can disprove all three of those".

"Oh really, how so"?

"The Dib would never look outside his own filthy Earth kin for help. The Irken bounty Agency also doesn't accept bounties from non Irkens".

"'The Dib' is crafty though, but you are correct about the Earth kin part. And Tak"?

"She has too much pride. She wouldn't want anyone to kill me, besides her self that is, and do you really think a simple Janitorial Drone would be taken seriously"?

"True, but to my understanding she would only need monies to actually place a bounty on you".

"Like I said, a pathetic little Janitor" Zim said, as a slight smile crept across his face. At least I'm better than that brat in one way. I'm an Invader, and she's not.

"And what about the Tallest, sir"?

"Yeah, what about them" Zim questioned with slight ignorance.

"Do you think that they could be the ones that want you dead"?

Zim paused for a moment "Nah, I might have messed up once, but it wasn't that bad. And they can use all the invaders they can get, and so far it seems like I'm the only one capable of surviving the dangerous conditions of this disgusting grease trap".

"Uhh, do you think there's a reason they sent you here then"?


"Okay sir. May I continue" The Computer asked his master.

"Go ahead, I wish to hear more ludicrous accusations".

"Very well. What about that one girl on…."

As the computer and Zim carry on their conversation they are unwittingly giving Dib precious information, who is listening in up on the surface outside of Zim's house.

The big headed human laughed as he took the headphones off his head from his super ultra listening enhancer, now with 3G capability.

"Oh Zim" Dib exhaled "You don't know how much I appreciate your help sometimes" He stood up from the kneeling position he had been in for a while. So, Zim is being stalked like some defenseless animal. This is gonna be good. I wonder if there is some way to get in on this.

Hearing shuffling footsteps come from behind Dib turns around in a flash to see an old beggar. His beard was stained with could have possibly been whisky, he was wearing an orange beanie, and he had a rip in his green pants right in the crotch. Dib didn't dare to look and see if he at least had underwear on.

"GOT SPARE CHANGE" The old man said, holding out his hand in hope for some money.

Dib looked at him with disgust as he reached into his pocket grabbing some change he left over from lunch "Here, have this". Dib handed the coins to the beggar.

"Thank you" The old man said as he took the coins as he proceeded to take his shirt off. He fell to the ground rubbing the coins all over his exposed torso.

Dib gave him an odd glare as he walked away. I need to go brush my teeth… and take a shower…

Back down in the Comm. Room, the Irken and the Computer finish their conversation after a few arduous hours.

"Do you remember the one weird purple guy" The computer asked Zim.

"Listen I already told you, NO ONE BUT AN IRKEN CAN PLACE BOUNTIES AT THE I.B.A." Zim shouted, obviously growing weary of all this thinking.

"Yeah, but that guy was funny".

Zim let out a disgruntled sigh. "Listen, I'm just going to bed right now, I just want this day to be over". He walked over to the elevator that took him to the Comm. Room and went down a few levels until he reached his private quarters.

Walking into his room he headed over to one of his containment pods. He got undressed and threw his clothes down a chute, which shortly after would decontaminate his clothes and prepare them for another day, and opened the pod to get his night clothes on. Walking over to his bed he threw himself onto it. Looking up at the ceiling he grabbed a pillow and held it tightly against his body. He let out a barely audible sob before hearing a strange noise from the elevator shaft.

"Hello, who dares infiltrate Zim's base" The short Irken yelled, as he sprang out of bed. There was no response; instead he was greeted by a sudden power surge. He turned on a light that he got from his Pak. Come on Zim, remember, don't show fear, and show no weakness. "I demand you show yourself, now".

Walking over to the elevator door he heard something behind him, turning around to be greeted by the visage of a shadowy figure, standing idle in the darkness. In the blink of an eye, however, the figure seemingly appeared next to Zim.

Attempting to get away, Zim turned around and tried to run, only to be tripped and fall straight on his chest. His jaw hit the ground as well, chipping some of his teeth. Feeling a hand push up against his back, Zim closed his eyes ready for the worst. An intense pain shot through his body as a blade ripped through the flesh on his back. He was then forcibly flipped over; so that the assumed Theron could look him in the eye a he dies. Zim wanted this to be over already, but he didn't feel his life slipping away. Only pain.

The figure dug his knee into the defenseless Irken's stomach as he took the blade and put it up against Zim's chest. He let a sick, disfigured, smile appear on his face before he would thrust the knife into Zim's torso, over and over again.

Tears were now streaming from the bleeding Irken's eyes. Why won't this end?

As the Tears continued to pour down the Irken's cheeks, a familiar voice echoed through the dark room. "What's the matter Zim? An Irken such as you couldn't defend yourself" Tak teased as she walked from the shadows.

There were so many things that he would have wanted to say to her there, none of them flattering, but he was in to much pain to think clearly.

"Aw" Tak walked over to the defeated Irken "I see a little smeet crying right now, not some 'infallible Irken Champion'". She bent down to get a better look at her defeated enemy.

Zim wanted to die right now, but couldn't. He didn't know what was wrong. Was it some kind of chemical on the blade that seemed to heal the wound as soon as it stabbed someone? Why Am I still bleeding then?

Tak took her claw and ran it down Zim's chest to one of the open wounds. She let out a bitter snicker as she dug one finger into the wound and curled it. Her finger still curled hooked a piece of flesh and tore it from Zim's body as she violently wiped her hand back.

Zim knew she was loving this right now. She seemed, taller now though. A lot taller. Please, someone kill me.

Maniacal laughing broke the silence now as another tall figure walked out of the shadows. "This is too good Zim" the now tall Dib human spat as he walked closer to the pool of blood that Zim lie in. "Taken down by your own Kind" Dib mocked "Pretty pathetic for such a 'great invader'".

Zim couldn't take it anymore. He tried to get off the ground enough to remove his Pak, but Tak and Dib restrained him from doing so. The Theron now decided to do a bit of his handy work inside him. Feeling an even more intense pain as a gloved claw was violently shoved inside his Squeedilyspooch, Zim finally was able to let out a scream as he appeared back in his bed.

The trembling Irken looked around to make sure he was alone. He turned all the lights on and lay in a ball on his bed, holding the pillow closely. A dream? It was only a dream.

Just for a note, the Irkens' Paks allow them to have very realistic dreams due to holding most of their memories and other important stuff.

I also wanted to get much more descriptive with the ending, but I'm trying to keep a T rating. I'll have to make another story, for another time, with lots of gore. Or better yet, I'll have an unedited Version of this on my DA account...