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SIDE NOTES: Rei and Minako play the main pairing, however they will not "get together" deeply until later. They do not start out madly in love. Other pairings include a few off the wall ideas hardly challenged such as AmixZoisite, and the more daring, if not crazy MakotoxSetsuna. Yuri pairings are found as the basic building blocks for this take on an old Mary-Sue annoyance. Also, I want to state I am making Zoisite a woman in this fiction, more on why as you read. I know that he was a man in the Japanese series; however, I believe that an AmixZoisite pairing works very well when Zoisite is used as a female.

Another thing to be noted is the fact that the setting takes place in the Silver Millennium. This does not take place during the fall of the kingdom nor the battles preceding such an occurrence. This is where my fiction differs highly. Instead, it will be under the pretense that the battles will not come and it is, in all reality, a peaceful place to live. Rather, I wish to look at this fiction as a way to study the characters personalities as a whole as we see in both the SUB and the DUB (since some are drastically beaten into a pulp and changed) hence Zoisite being a woman.

I want to try and find the peaceful place to bring the two sides of personality changes into an even balance and perhaps take a look at the various changes. As a result, one could say that in a small way, the fan fiction is a crossover of itself. (Nice paradox there… ) Like I said some things in this are very much Mary-sue in order, however they will not be Mary-sue in format I can guarantee you this. (The pure pairings and ideals I know I will put into place can assure this without a doubt.)

Again I want to state that I DO NOT own Sailor Moon and am merely a fan of the series.

Prologue: The Price of Royalty.

The air was hot and dry on the sandy desert found on the planet where the greatest of warriors took residence. It was a place many found the least bit enjoyable as the sand scorched bare feet because of the blazing sun. Dressed in the lightest of clothing a figure ran freely, enjoying the searing heat. The girl was on the cusp of womanhood as she allowed the adolescent energy take hold of her. A red skirt was discarded quickly followed by a matching top embellished with a red coral called Moonga. It was that of Mars and that of war. The gem was a mark of pride for her people.

She jumped into the oasis she had found. It was a rare sight on her planet, and one that once found she quickly had to covet. Her planet was that of combat, of true battle; however that was only one face known by the race known as Martians. Yes they were possessive; they were strong, very proud, and overtly nomadic. Mystic in ways of mental energy was another trait found among them, as was a deep foundation of honor and beliefs.

Beyond that came a softer side that very few could really understand. Perhaps it was the eyes of adults that allowed such serous images, this girl, though a princess wasn't nearly as serious as her father. She enjoyed many things, and, she was far from the blood thirsty ways found among a battle front. Her people as a whole were very peaceful. They had families, knew of love and care. They understood remorse and how to mourn. Their blades were that of protection, their heart that of valor. True to combat, but also true to community, and unity, they would not case aside people in need of aid nor would they willingly take the lives of those who had caused no harm. Each planet was like this, they had demons that were overplayed, core values that were easily mistaken among those who would never understand. Despite all of the Martian downfalls if one looked at this girl then it was all too clear how large of a heart she had.

Her violet eyes shimmered in astonishment as she swam in the exceptionally warm water. Her long arms and legs allowed for even strokes as she took laps too and fro. Long hair cascaded over her bra, hiding any indecency she may have provided otherwise. Overtly obvious was a level of mirth, perhaps followed quickly with loneliness and a hidden sense of self loathing. Why, well that was harder to explain. Her eyes wouldn't speak freely, her lips, though parted for breath, would not speak of her inner pains. Her mind was filled, but to the outside observer one would never truly know what went on to make her trapped within her own psyche.

This was indeed for the best; she was a princess after all. A princess of mars didn't run around like a mad woman. A princess of her planet didn't expose herself openly just for a swim. She was expected to have a level of poise, of elegance, and of discipline. She was to be able to lead an army in such times of need, though in all honesty, these times were very few and far between. Sighing she exited the water and replaced her clothing, she should be getting back to her camp. It wasn't a long walk back, but she knew she would dry before she reached the outskirts. That simple truth allowing a mischievous smirk to find her lips only momentarily.

Once she reached the small but effective campsite she saw lunch being prepared. It was very simple today, most likely some sort of slain animal, or other flora that could be found under the sands. A tall brunette girl knelt over the cooking pot sighing in grief before looking up too see the raven girl next to her. "How in the name of Jupiter do you cook this thing Rei?" The girl grimaced again as she tossed what looked to be a failed attempt at cooked snake into the bushes.

"How many times do I have to tell you that snakes have to be grilled, not put into soup." Rei sighed gently at the wasted food source. "Our food isn't as plentiful as Jupiter, you need to be careful or we will have to move camp again. Give me that knife." Her order was direct and precise as she pulled a live snake from the wicker barrel. She made sure that the snake ended its life quickly, in the most humane way possible. She may have wanted to eat, but she hadn't wanted the snake to suffer in the process. From there she made sure to cut the meat into the proper sizes and took the water pot off of the fire, placing a metal grate over it instead.

Rei then proceeded to keep watch on the flanks of snake as she heard Makoto banter on about poor survival and lack of food. Rei took sympathy, but stated important facts. She was the teacher for the week; it was her job to explain the importance of such things. "Makoto, I know our ways of life are new to you, but that's why we are out here to begin with. Just as I have to put up with your storms, you'll need to learn how to survive in harsh conditions you aren't used too. It's part of our training, and as much as I agree with you on the distaste on eating wild animals in the manner we are currently, sometimes I hate to say, we have no other option."

"It doesn't mean you have to slaughter the snake." Makoto shot back, she could cut prepared meat just fine, but she didn't have the heart to kill her own food. She couldn't watch it happen, even if natural order and survival dictated that some less desirable measures take place. "Aren't there any plants that we can eat? I saw a cactus a while back. Can't we strip and eat that?"

"No, I've already told you, that is our liquid foundation. To have clean water is important. We need to keep that cactus there or the roots will die and so will our water supply." As she turned the cooking meat she continued softly, caring, and almost understanding of the plight Makoto had to endure. "The roots hold the soil and sand down, without it, that plastic would do no good, and the water basins to collect the condensation would be useless. We cannot drink the oasis water since it is contaminated with sulfur. That one cactus is providing for us, just as this snake has done."

Makoto growled at this. "How can you even begin to say that?" She did eat mainly plants when she was out having to forage on other planets. She couldn't understand the real meaning being Rei's words. This world was freighting too her. A place with no rain was a dry, desolate place. It was sad to see a planet with infertile soil and lack of easily obtainable nutrients. "I'd rather die than hunt. We don't have to worry about this at home. This would never be an issue on Jupiter. We would never have to scrounge around so hard for things to eat and drink. This is a horrible place to call home. Having to kill things like snakes to survive in such a manner is just outright cruel."

You don't know what you're speaking of." Rei remained calm. She didn't like it either, and although she was slightly offended, she felt just as out of place on other planets and as a result she didn't fault her taller acquaintance. "We need to be thankful that it has given its life so we may be fed. It may not be a wonderful thing to think about, but it is necessary. Your people do the same. They don't only eat vegetables and just because you as a princess don't have to hunt for your food, some of your people do. Never forget that. Your meals come cooked, and you know little of that animal's life. I know the food I eat, where it comes from, and what it suffered by my hand. I am the hunter and it is the hunted. No matter who does it, that animal gives its life, and it does not matter if it is by your hand or not. You must give thanks that it has provided you with what you need to survive. When you have to hunt and take a life, you learn very quickly that natural selection does exist, and it does happen. You learn the value of that life when you are force to take it by your own hand."

"How can you do that so willingly?" Makoto could cook, and loved to do it often, yet her food was already ready to be cooked. She didn't deal with the messy effects to prepare a meal. She never needed to hunt for herself and that had been a very rude awakening the past few days she had been here. Her voice softened. "You make it look so easy. I know you're a planet of war, I know you have different ways to live, and I know that you have a gut to deal with these types of things…" She trailed off, she missed home, she missed the storms, and mostly she missed being blissfully unaware of what other planets called normality. "But…" She couldn't continue. She didn't want to upset Rei, and she knew that the shorter girl had dealt with quite a lot having visited Jupiter the week before.

"It doesn't get any easier Makoto, regardless of what you may think." Rei handed a metal plate of food to the tall girl from Jupiter before fixing her own and taking a seat. "One thing we Martians learn, and most likely the one thing that is misunderstood about us, is the fact that we are a combative planet. We are much like you Makoto. We fight, we know battle well, but that does not make us as barbaric as we may look. We as a unity are a peaceful race, we don't like to kill. Be it a beast like a snake, or that of another planet, or even our own people it does not matter. We don't like to do it. Sure we do have our power hungry idiots, but every planet does. The only difference between our morals is the fact that we do what is needed and then move forward knowing that it had to be done. Your people dwell and feel guilt where none should be placed."

Rei could see the pained look in Makoto's eyes and even if the girl wasn't the best one to seek a comforting hand from, she would try her best. "That snake doesn't need to feel your remorse; it needs to feel your thanks and profound never ending respect that you are benefiting from its death. When we take a life in battle it is the same way, we must move on, understanding that it had to be done. Still, it does not mean we like to do it, or that we simply forget about it. We just handle our emotions differently. That's really the only difference we share." Her words were spoken as fact, her emotions withdrawn from the painful reality.

It was her way of showing her detachment, and perhaps in this way, her way, to show a deeper respect for her people and those around her. She would not feel anger for those she knew wouldn't understand. She would not show her tears for that which had to be done. Instead she would be neutral, her ability to be disciplined overriding her natural anger she may have felt for someone like Makoto. The brunette could both acknowledge and accept this as fact.

"What do you think the princess from Venus will do when she sees this?" Makoto asked aloud. The next trade off would result in Minako visiting Mars and in effect Rei having to deal with a woman who understood very little on violence at all, let alone to kill something to eat. "I know she wasn't altogether thrilled with the sparring she had to put up with on Jupiter, and I am sure she's never taken a life of an animal to eat it."

"I don't know." Rei smiled apologetically knowing Makoto was off to visit Pluto next. "But I'll warn you now, if you think this is bad, be mindful of Princess Setsuna and her mother Trista. Their home is a place that even I find to be a derelict. Trista is the queen of Pluto, but currently she resides at the gates of time. Setsuna is rather aloof and I found her to be a little cold. Since she has not married yet she hasn't been able to take the throne. You'd better watch out with her since I'm not sure what to think."

"She's the oldest out of all of us right?" Makoto wondered. "I know Minako was born around the same time we were, but from what I heard Setsuna had been around a lot longer." She continued to eat slowly, inwardly feeling the guilt Rei had told her not to be doing as she tried to forget what she had seen. "Minako was the first to visit her and she told me that Setsuna is really far older than she appears and that she comes from a slowly aging bloodline. From what I was told, she could, for all intents and purposes as far as age is concerned be our mother. What do you think?"

"Age wise?" Rei asked receiving a nod. "By that standard alone the answer is yes, but her body aged slowly too, and will continue to do so, really, she's no older than us if her life expectancy is taken into consideration. I hear Trista was around long before any of us were born, but that's just what I understand. It could be more or less a bunch of rumors since both of them are like a steel trap." She had finished her plate and placed it into a bucket with soapy water. "I couldn't get any secretive information out of either of them, and only generic responses if anything even protruded from their lips. Setsuna is so self-involved I'm actually worried about her."

"Are you sure it's really self involvement?" Makoto quirked an eyebrow confused. "Minako told me that she thought it was more the fact that she didn't think Setsuna knew how to open up to people, let alone trust them enough to get close to them emotionally. She has been alone for a long time, I know that much. Take it from me, it's not easy to be open when you don't know how, or feel as if you lost everything."

"You're open with me." It was more of a matter of fact statement, but anyone who really knew Rei, knew there was a question behind the vocal inflection. "I am, but I've known you all from since I was a little kid. I have learned to be open with you, but, we aren't kids anymore and now we are taking on more planetary responsibilities. Sooner or later we will need to find a suitor and ascend the throne ourselves. I'm just thankful that Mercury has the medical side of everything down pat. You know, it was a brilliant idea to finally complete the sperm cell project."

"Yeah, now explain that crazy one too me. I'm still lost by all of it." Rei sighed thinking of Ami and her abilities in fields that no one should dabble in, let alone be masters of. She was smart, but she was also eccentric in many ways that Rei couldn't grasp. Her planet wasn't primitive, but, it certainly wasn't a place founded on technology beyond a normal capacity. Walking supercomputers and robotic armed forces were only a small glimpse of what the planet of Mercury could wield. It was a great power, and also a great strength. Medicine was also a study founded deeply in the roots of such a culture and that made many of the other planets worried and interested in the raw power of the studies performed. "It's made from bones right?"

"Well, it's made from the bone marrow. Quite ingenious if I do say so myself. She says it's still highly unstable, but it is an ideal method if it can be done correctly. The way I understand it is that they extract bone marrow from you and do something too it, though I got lost in that explanation, and somehow it ends up sperm that can be used to fertilize an egg."

"That doesn't sound natural, but alright I guess." Rei sighed, outlandish was only the tip of the iceberg, and that was both a metaphorical view and a literal sense when one thought of the tendencies that Mercury had within its power. Freezing a planet so close to the sun was no small feat, and yet, here they were defying all realms of normal logic. "Then again, if logic and Ami mixed into a common logic situation, she would be walking in a pit of lava and flaming magma, not sitting pretty in a glistening land of ice and hard rock."

"Too true, too true." Makoto could agree with that sentiment perfectly. "Then again, defying basic logic seems to be Ami's specialty, but she also has enough of it left to counterbalance her nut ball ideas." As she stood to stretch and look at the darkness setting it she smiled lightly at the more obscure memories of their childhood. "I just hope she hasn't gone loony with Minako around her all week long, or dare I say, let's hope Minako stayed away from any odd glowing matter that she may find to be a toy."

"She isn't that bad you know." Rei frowned. Minako was flighty, but she wasn't an idiot. "Just because she likes to goof off a lot doesn't make her a bad person. She can be smart when she wants to be, she kept you out of trouble at the moon palace if you remember."

"It's not my fault I thought Usagi was a commoner. The way she was stuffing her face surely wasn't very royal like." That had been years ago, but looking back, Minako had always been a responsible person under that fun loving exterior. Perhaps that's why Rei had a stronger friendship with her than the other Senshi. Minako was a polar opposite in the way she presented herself, and yet she was much like Rei.

For both Rei and Minako duty and what must be done came before all else in her life, including their own happiness. Minako was just far more exuberant about seeking out other means of enjoying life. While Rei could be slightly pessimistic or perhaps even downright overbearing under extreme pressure, Minako was far more positive about even the most negative of situations. Offering encouragement and unconditional support in ways perhaps others would never be able. When Makoto reflected on these simple facts it made sense why Rei would be second in command once she took the throne and Minako would be first. "Still." Makoto continued. "It surprises me that she's so forgiving, both Minako and Usagi."

"That's just their way." Rei stated. "We all have our jobs and an order in rank. That is the way of a dutiful army. Minako will be the first from her planet to take a place as a leader among the Senshi. That is a great honor and as a result it is something we must be proud of. I know Father is displeased. In all honesty, I am happy to know I'll be able to be told what to do, barking orders isn't easy. I can admit I'm not the best leader for combat, but you and I are the two strongest. The order is actually one of the first in galactic history I'll have you know. We are going to be wonderful Senshi, and top notch queens, but for that to happen we need to take the steps to learn now."

Rei had been born and raised to know her job above all else. To be wise on the battlefront was only part of that. Another large part was to know one's place in the grand scheme of the universe and all that it entailed. "We all have areas to improve. Although we may not like it, our planets hold the tools for leaning right on the ground we stand as each respective race. Our homes are all very different but we managed to be friends as children. In my eyes that's all that matters. In a few days you'll be free from this place that I know you think of as a hell hole and I think of as home. Minako will come here and you'll see what I found to be the worst place in this galaxy thus far. I don't think there is much more difficulty to this situation than that. Minako was the first of us to know that, the first one to make sure we grew the friendships needed for this to be possible now. I know regardless of what she learns here she will be a leader that will help Usagi further the Kingdom and lead us, as warriors to greatness one day."

Rei sounded so sure of those facts that Makoto found comfort in the spoken words. Life of peace was nice, but as warriors they had to be ready. Small civil wars broke out a lot, and although none were really worth mentioning most did cause issues among the other planets. Strong leaders with strong bonds prevented this from happening. Life was more of less matter of fact for these girls. They had their paths chosen for them already, and these paths had been placed upon them at birth. Some things had been changed from the norm and other things were something they wanted to fight to avoid at all cost, yet no matter where each girl stood, all had a price to pay. A cost that would be dear to all of them.

Simply accepting other planets and understanding the way of life was one of these prices. There were many more down the road. Prices of love, devotion, time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears were only things spoken and yet very little was actually understood by them as of the moment. They were still teenage girls, with all of emotions that one would carry, but, beyond that they were princesses who carried a larger burden than anyone else of their planet.

This was the truth and it was only now, in the extremes of another planet that the true weight of decisions they faced settle squarely and solely on them. This was their burden, this was their truth, and this sometimes stressful life was one of many things they would knowingly pay. Unflinchingly they would walk the paths expected of them. Without batting an eye they would let go of all personal hatred for a planet and values they frowned upon. They would learn and do things the rivaled and outright obliterated any and all moral codes they had learned as children if only to better understand others. In the end they put their takes before their own happiness, and all the while they knew, this was the price if being a princess.

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