Author's Note: Thanks for the reviews! Sorry this took so long. I've been having a lot of trouble writing this was hard to keep everything in character (and I'm not sure I did). Also, I want to apologize in advance for my stage move's not exactly my forte. I'm not the best at describing what's going on...which kind of comes out in the last part of the scene. Hopefully you can use your imagination though.

(cut to Buffy leading him to her bedroom. She walks over to her desk)

Buffy: (looking for the lighter) Umm… (she finds it and hands it over to Spike)

(Buffy then looks back at the cigarettes she bought and grabs them.)

Buffy: Here. (she offers him the pack)

Spike: (Spike looks at her for a moment before taking it) …Sure your boy Kevin won't be needing them?

Buffy: They weren't for him.

(Spike looks up at her and gives a classic Spike-head-tilt…trying to figure her out)

Buffy: (looks down) Sorry…about last night I mean. I didn't—

Spike: (shakes his head) You don't have to say anything (looks down)

Buffy: (blurts out) We're not together. Me and Kevin. We only went out on like three dates…He's sweet…but a total nerd.

Spike: Not quite your type.

Buffy: Yeah…

(The two linger there for a moment….Spike then moves toward the door)

Buffy: Spike…can we talk?

Spike: (smiles sheepishly) Thought that's what we were doing love.

Buffy: …about us, I mean.

(Buffy sits down on the edge of her bed)

Spike: Why? Things about to get pear shaped?

Buffy: (frowns) Huh?

Spike: It's not usually your favorite subject is all…except when the world's coming to end.

Buffy: Yeah, well there are a few things I need to—could you just sit?

(Spike sighs and sits down next to her on the bed)

Buffy: Um, I know I haven't always been straightforward when it comes to…to us…but with you back I… (sighs heavily) I need to be honest with you…about how I feel…(looks up at Spike, hesitates for a moment) Um, okay, here goes…first, I know you and Angel have had your differences, but you need to know—

Spike: Buffy. You don't have to…I got it. (he nods nobly)

Buffy: Just…Wait. You don't know what I'm going to say. (Spike looks at her, waiting) It's just, you need to know that…Angel was my first love…and he'll always be in my heart.

Spike: Well, pegged it pretty well

(He gets up to leave but Buffy pulls him back down)

Buffy: (rolls her eyes) Will you just let me finish. (Spike glares back at her) Okay? ...Okay. Second, (she pauses) uh when we last saw each other…at the Hellmouth, I thought…well, I…(sighs in exasperation) I don't know…I mean I didn't exactly think I'd see you again.

Spike: (looking down with sad understanding) Right then

(Spike stands up and starts walking toward the door)

Buffy: Spike—hold on.

Spike: (turns around, sighs heavily—there's anger in his voice) Unless this list of admissions of yours ends with a nice staking, I think I'll leave before number three.

Buffy: (gets up) Spike—

Spike: Look Buffy. I came here to track down demons, I wasn't trying to find you, interfere with your life. You want to snog Angel again, or anyone else for that matter, go ahead. You bloody well know where I stand...

Buffy: (getting angry) Do I?

(Spike frowns back at her with confusion in his eyes)

Buffy: Sure, you talk big, but where were you? I haven't seen you in years Spike. You didn't think to, oh I don't know, let me know you were alive?

Spike: (makes a sound of disgust) Oh come on. I got this soul for you, remember? Saved the world…for you.

(Spike looks down, shakes his head)

Spike: You know why I didn't see you, after it happened, after Sunnydale? (Buffy looks back at him blankly) The Hellmouth was supposed to be my final bloody curtain call…(gets quiet) figured it would be better if you thought it still was.

Buffy: (shakes her head while smiling with disdain) You know, for people who hate each other, you and Angel are a hell of a lot alike.

Spike: (pointing his finger) Hey now, I am nothing like Angel.

Buffy: (rolls her eyes) Really? Two vampires with a soul that fall in love with me and then decide that it's in my best interest to stay away.

Spike: Yeah, well, he was cursed with a soul. I fought for mine. (She looks up at him) Look Buffy, I didn't mean to hurt you. I wasn't trying to stay away to be noble or—

Buffy: Then what?

Spike: (sighs with frustration) With all the evil I've done, with all the people I've killed (pauses) Buffy, let's face it, I'm no hero…but I'd rather you remember me as a man, not a monster. Figured that ending was the best I was gonna get. So, yeah, I didn't call back to say hello. (mutters, looking at the ground) Not that it matters now…(sits down on the edge of the bed) Look, whatever else you were going to say, might as well get it out.

(Buffy looks at him, hesitant)

Buffy: (solemnly) You were right. (Spike looks up in surprise) about living a normal life. Being the slayer is a part of me and I can't…

(Buffy pauses)

Buffy: Will's been sending me out on all these dates, thinking I just needed… (sighs and shakes her head) And each time I tried to—to act normal—but I always left feeling more alone. They just reminded of what I really was. And then, when you came back I thought it was just one more thing to make my life miserable.

(Spike's looking at her intently, frowning, trying to understand)

Buffy: But for the first time since…I think I'm seeing things clearly. (her eyes are watering now as she looks directly at Spike) When I'm with you I don't feel alone…(smiles like she did in Chosen when she took his hand) I feel loved.

Spike: Then why—

Buffy: I still need to be honest with you—yes, I still love Angel and no, I didn't think I'd see you again…but I—

Spike: (intrigued) And the third thing? What else were you going to tell me?

(Buffy looks at him, kind of irritated that he interrupted her…she sits down next to him)

(Here the scene changes tone into something more playful…but angry…like angry playful)

Buffy: (Matter-of-factly) You're an idiot.

Spike: I'm a what?

Buffy: I told you I loved you at the Hellmouth and all you could say was "No you don't"? I mean, who says that?

Spike: (now full-on arguing with her) Yeah, well, maybe I was a little distracted by all the falling rubble and, oh yeah, the fact that we were gunna die.

Buffy: (rolls her eyes) Whatever.

Spike: And, and…first of all, who waits til the end of the bloody world to say they love a person? I mean, how do you expect anyone to take that seriously?

Buffy: Oh, okay, so you wanted me to say that to you after you were all dead and buried? Fine. Probably would have been easier.

Spike: (fuming) You know what? You are just…I just, (sighing angrily) I love you.

Buffy: (crossing her arms) Yeah well…I love you too.

Spike: All right then...

Buffy: Okay...

(The two sit there for a moment in silence, angry at each a funny way :)

Spike: So, don't suppose there's—

(Buffy raises her hand up to Spike's cheek and caresses him. Spike is startled, and looks up at her)

Buffy: (looking directly into his eyes) I want you Spike.

(Buffy leans in to kiss Spike gently on the lips. He kisses her back lightly. She slowly continues to kiss him on the lips, each time the kiss becoming less platonic and more passionate. Spike closes his eyes and starts to give in…but then hesitates for a moment)

Spike: (quietly) Buffy…are you sure?

(Buffy responds by stopping, looking at him deep in the eyes, and then kissing his lips again as an indication of her answer. They finally give in and passionately kiss one another a la Once More with Feeling and Tabula Rasa. Spike starts to kiss down the side of Buffy's neck, and she closes her eyes in elation, breathing hard and even beginning to moan. Buffy grabs the bottom of Spike's black t-shirt and lifts it up before completely yanking it off and exposing his tight chest. The two continue to make out as they fall back on the bed. Spike is now sitting on top of Buffy as she lies down on the bed. They pause for a moment and look each other deeply)

Spike: Buffy. (He kisses her down the side of her neck and then moves downward as Buffy continues to breathe hard. His head eventually goes out of frame as he moves down past her abdomen…but we see Buffy moan a few seconds later)