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Tale as old as time..."

Chapter 20
New beginning

Merlin and Arthur were glancing at each other a bit shyly. Finally they knew about their feelings. However it wasn't as easy as it seemed. Most of people didn't accept that kinds of relationships. They thought that love between two males was wrong and even evil. The boys weren't going to have an easy life. Luckily they had each other. Together they could face all the adversities.

There was also the other thing that made them wonder. None of them knew how to make the next move.

Eventually Arthur took Merlin's hand and kissed it tenderly, making the boy shiver and blush. "Maybe we should come inside?" the prince asked softly.

The youth looked at him and nodded lightly. His heart started beating very fast. Merlin wondered if it was going to happen in a moment. He hoped that it would.

The young men stood up slowly, not taking their gazes away from one another. Arthur pulled the boy closer and led him to his own chamber.

There was very quiet there. Or perhaps they just didn't notice and hear anything but each other.

Arthur wasn't sure if it was proper but he couldn't help leading Merlin right towards his bed. The boy didn't seem to mind at all. He willingly took a seat on the edge of the prince's large bed. Merlin couldn't stop thinking that it was going to be his bed as well.

They were remaining silent for a while, taking deep breaths. Finally the blonde came closer to the other man and kissed him tenderly. Merlin let himself fall on the shits. He sighed lightly when Arthur broke the kiss for a short moment. The prince lay on top of Merlin, smirking.

"What?" the boy asked him.

"You're beautiful," Arthur whispered and continued kissing him.


Hunith took a seat on the chair in the dining room. She looked up at Helen who had invited her inside.

"Your son is wonderful. He has broken that spell." Kay's mother started the conversation.

"I'm proud of him," Hunith said, smiling. "I think that it's his way... his destiny..."

"It is." Helen nodded enthusiastically. "I watched them day after day, week after week... They are meant to be together."

Merlin's mother blinked a few times. She was glad that everything ended so well.

"I'm going to miss him," she admitted, sighing. "But it has to be like this. That's the way this world works."

"Don't be so worried." Helen smiled at her comfortingly. "I'm sure that prince Arthur will let you stay in the castle."

Hunith shook his head. "I won't stay here. I wouldn't."

The other woman frowned. "Why? You said that that you're going to miss Merlin."

"Because I've got a library in town." She smiled lightly. "The library is my kingdom. I got used to that small room and my books." Hunith sighed. "Besides I'm not going to disturb Merlin and Arthur..."

The women exchanged meaningful glances.


Merlin felt the pleasant warmth of his prince's body. Arthur's hands were all around the boy, getting to know his flesh. Merlin didn't owe him anything. He was exploring every muscles of blonde's body, finding it very pleasurable.

The young men's tongues were dancing together. It wasn't a fight for a dominance. They both felt equal.

When the lack of air made them pull apart, none of them knew what to say. Arthur used that sweet moment of silence and slid one of his hands under Merlin's shirt.

The boy sighed with pleasure. He even put his hands up in the air, letting the prince take the shirt off. Arthur understood that gesture immediately and after a short moment they both had bared chests.

They were lying, skin on skin. Arthur was still on top but Merlin didn't complain. He liked having prince on himself like this.

Arthur was watching his lover. He loved everything about Merlin. And he couldn't believe that the boy wanted him too.

The blonde slowly leant down and buried his face in the crook of Merlin's neck. He stayed like that for a while. The boy even wanted to say something but right then Arthur started biting into Merlin's neck.

"Arthur!" the boy moaned but the prince didn't stop kissing him. He felt blonde's lips, teeth and tongue on his sensitive skin. It wasn't like if Merlin didn't like it. It was only something very new to him and he wanted to get to know it steadily. But it didn't have to mean slowly.

Then Merlin felt something else. There was something what started rubbing against his thigh. After a while the boy realised what it was. Arthur was aroused. Right then Merlin found out that his own breeches became unnaturally tight too.

He gasped and then Arthur stopped biting into his skin, lifted his head up and looked at Merlin very carefully. The prince's eyes were full of love and lust. The boy felt Arthur's hot breath on his skin. The expectation was in the air.


It didn't take much time for both of the women to start talking as if they had known each other for ages. The view was really nice.

"And then prince Arthur looked at your son and smiled softly. He wasn't angry with him at all! It's incredible!" Helen said, laughing.

"So cute..." Hunith giggled. "Now I think that I'm going to visit the castle very often. First of all I'm going to miss my son but..." She glanced at the other woman. "But I also think that I've finally found a friend about my age."

Helen smiled widely. "You're so nice," she said.

"I wonder what our boys are doing now..." Merlin's mother murmured lazily.

"Oh... I have some suspicions." It sounded very innocently but one look was enough to make both women titter.


"Arthur?" Merlin whispered after a long while. The prince was remaining silent all that time, watching him.

The blonde smiled softly. "I like when you say my name this way," he said quietly, moving lightly. That rubbing thing moved with him, making Merlin moan.

They looked into each other's eyes. The love and lust were even clearlier seen in Arthur's eyes now.

"Do you want it?" the fair haired man asked Merlin.

The boy knew what Arthur meant and he wanted it very much. However he couldn't find right words to express his feelings. Merlin was only able to nod and smile timidly. Although he desired it with all his heart, he also knew that it was going to be a bit awkward. At least at the beginning.

Arthur flushed lightly. Merlin realised that the prince was probably nervous too. It made the boy feel a little bit better. They both didn't have any experience. However they both could go through it all together, learning.

"Are you sure, you're ready?" the blonde asked in a trembling voice.

"I am, Arthur," Merlin said quite firmly as for such a situation. "And don't dare to ask me any other questions."

The prince smiled happily. Then he sat up and started stripping his lover down to the bone.


Helen and Hunith went to the one of the living rooms where they could continue their conversation in a better and more friendly atmosphere. They found there Gwen and Lancelot whose relationship started developing. The couple had been chattering like lovesick teenagers before the two women walked in.

Guinevere smiled at them and came closer. "You are Merlin's mother, aren't you?" she asked politely.

"Yes, I'm Hunith," the woman said, shaking her hand.

"My name is Guinevere but you can call me Gwen." The girl looked at the only man in the room. "And this is my friend Lancelot."

"Friend?" Merlin's mother raised her eyebrow, making the couple blush. She knew better.

Lancelot wanted to break the awkwardness, so he decided to change the subject. "Where are Merlin and Arthur?" he asked.

"Together," Helen answered meaningfully. "Isn't it obvious?"

"Of course." The man cleared his throat. He couldn't understand why that two women had to talk and probably think almost all the time about one thing. There was no such a thing between him and Gwen. It was true that they had been always close but last few years didn't let them develop it in a romantic way. He'd been a candlestick and she'd been a wardrobe. It just couldn't have worked.

"I think that I should go to the kitchen and help there," Gwen said suddenly. "We're going to have a very special dinner today."

"There's no rush," Helen assured the girl. "We'll have to wait for our boys and it can take a while." She and Hunith laughed lightly.

"However I'll go down now to the kitchen and ask." Guinevere looked at Lancelot.

"I'll go with you," he said immediately.

"You and kitchen?" Helen asked doubtfully.

"I guess Gaius was looking for me." Lancelot didn't wait for any reply and quickly went out of the living room.

In the corridor Gwen sighed with relief and smiled at her friend. "My God... That women are kinky," she spat it out.

The man nodded. "You're totally right."


Merlin and Arthur were lying under one duvet, naked and sleepy. The dark haired boy's head was lying on prince's chest, a bit sweat but also incredibly sexy.

They had no idea what time it was. It didn't matter.

"It was... great," Merlin whispered the hundredth time and his lover smirked proudly also the hundredth time. "I didn't know that you knew such a things."

"I didn't," Arthur admitted lazily.

The boy lifted his head up to look into prince's blue eyes. "Then how did it happen?" he asked.

"I was improvising," he said frankly.

Merlin didn't look convinced.

"I'm telling the truth," the prince whispered, kissing his lover's hair. "Thanks to you I've discovered things that I had no idea about. You made me think and guess on the new level."

The boy burst into laughter. He couldn't believe that he had such an effect on Arthur.

"Do you have any other ideas?" Merlin asked the blonde after a while.

The prince's arms tightened around thinner boy. "Maybe," he whispered seductively. "But it's not time for them."

Merlin was a little bit disappointed.

"We're too tired," Arthur tried to convince him. "Now we should rest by taking a nap."

The younger boy knew that the prince was right. He closed his eyes obediently and let Arthur lull himself.


"It's time for dinner," Gwen said, looking at the others all around her.

"Quite late dinner," Lancelot stressed.

Helen shook her head. "We have to wait for them," she said firmly. "Arthur is a master of that castle."

"Apparently he has better things to do," Lancelot whispered to Gwen, making her blush.

"I've heard that!" Helen crossed her arms.

"Maybe one of us should go to prince's chamber and inform them that dinner is ready," Gwen suggested with all her kindness.

"No way!" Helen was serious. "We cannot disturb them."

Hunith watched that whole situation with amusement.

"Of course we can't," Lancelot said. "They are too busy by screaming each other's names."

Gwen couldn't help slapping his nape. Now Lancelot started to become a pervert as well.

"Hey!" He looked at her, massaging his neck.

"You deserved that!" she said firmly.


Merlin woke up but he didn't open his eyes. He felt Arthur's scent and warmth of his body. That was enough to him. The boy wanted to lie like this in prince's arms for next few hours. He was truly happy.

Suddenly the youth felt as the blonde moved slightly and after a several seconds prince's lips touched his skin.

"Merlin..." Arthur whispered softly into boy's ear. "Merlin..."

"What?" the younger man murmured, burring his head in prince's chest.

"I think we should go and tell the others about us," he said quietly.

"Tomorrow," Merlin asked him.

"We've been here all day." The blonde tried to sound reasonable. "They deserve some explanation."

The boy looked up at his lover. "And you think that they don't know..."

Arthur hesitated for a while. "They probably do but we should see them anyway." The prince kissed him tenderly. "Besides I suppose that we need to eat something if we want to continue..." He smirked.

That argument seemed to convince Merlin because he sat up and smiled at the prince. "Get up, Arthur!"


They both walked slowly through the corridor, holding hands. Merlin was truly happy. He had never supposed that it all could end so well.

The men went into the dining room where the others were eating the dinner.

"Sorry, Sire, but we couldn't wait any longer," Lancelot said.

"That's okay." Arthur looked at Merlin. "First of all I'm glad that I can see all of you in human forms. However we want to tell you something else, though I guess that you already know."

The dark haired boy nodded enthusiastically.

"We're in love," they said.

Then Arthur leant down and kissed his man tenderly in front of everyone. He wanted to prove that Merlin was his and that they belonged together.

The others didn't need any proof. However they were glad seeing young men so happy.


Morgana watched it all from afar. She had the other magic mirror and she was very glad because of it.

"Another happy end," she said to her black cat. "It starts to be boring..."

The cat shook its little head.

"You're right." The witch smiled at her friend. "It had to end this way. They deserved that."

This time the cat agreed with its mistress. The animal knew that people didn't like witches and sorcerers. They thought that they were evil. But the truth was that they were afraid of something that they didn't understand. Magic could be used for good things. Morgana le Fay used it in that way. Merlin and Arthur were a real proof.

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