WHY HELLO THERE. I've come up with a new story. A full and better summary can be found on my profile page. I encourage you to look at that one. And this story is my new baby. I WILL SMOTHER IT WITH LOVE~ because when I came up with the basic idea for it around four days ago, I loved it. LOVED it. Since then, I've been focusing on the plot for this instead of Forgotten Legends. Which isn't much of an issue. I wasn't really paying attention to it much, but FL is like... almost done. I'm so used to writing like 50+ chapter stories that it never occurred to me I was so near to the end on FL. So I figured it was okay to begin this~

First thing's first, the full title for this story is Fly Away to Open Sea, but I'm a lazy bum who like to abbreviate by simply saying FA. 8D

Our cast is: Link, Vaati (under the name of Itaav here), Zelda (duh), Nabooru, Ganondorf, Cole, and Malladus. Yeah, oh em geez, so many bad gaiz, I know. But only one shall be our token villain. Who? Well, we'll get to that.

Parings: Ah yes, pairings. We've got Ganondorf/Nabooru, Vaati/Zelda, and Link/Zelda. In other words, throughout this story both Link and Vaati will be Zelda's love interest. Which will it be in the end... even I'm not sure. I suppose I'll find out as I keep writing.

Will talk more at the bottom~

From the journal of Buckfee Sallas:

It's hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since that fateful day… the day the goddesses warned us of their plan to flood Hyrule. Heck, it's hard to believe that the goddesses said that at all. But they did. Nobody would have believed it if they hadn't come down themselves.

I still don't quite remember them exactly. I just remember they were terribly beautiful – unreal, really. Nobody, except the sages, could look at them directly for very long. Their words of apocalypse all had us frozen in fear. The evil that the Hero of Time had sealed would break loose, and in order to stop it the goddesses would flood everything. They told us the Hero would not return and in order for us all to be saved, we would have to begin planning a means of survival. They would flood us in one hundred years.

That fateful day marks the first day of the plans for The Pride of the Goddess. Personally I think The Pride of Buckfee Sallas is a much better name for it. It's my child, after all. Well, one of them anyways. Hope my wife doesn't read this…

Construction still hasn't begun on it. Me and my assistant engineers are still working out the exact blueprints for it. It's going to be an enormous ship, a floating country! The size will be unbelievable, so much so that I'm not sure we can get it done in the time the goddess allotted for us. Yes, a century is very long but for something this huge. To our knowledge, the other races will be joining us as well until we can discuss the matter with them.


The blueprints have finally been finished. We're going to begin production on ship as soon as possible.

The Zoras declined our offer, saying they were people of the sea. They could survive the flood. I wonder…

The Gorons accepted our offer. They're helping too, which is immensely useful. Their skills in metal craft and forging will cut down the production time for The Pride. Even so, I still wonder about the time.

We could never find a trace of the Kokiri, whatever they are. The king insisted on inviting them, but I'd never heard of them until then. Needless to say, they either don't exist and are a bunch of legends, or want nothing to do with us. The actual Deku people, however, jumped at the offer. They will be joining us, and supplying us with parts that their many connections allow them to get. Heh, who would've thought those outrageous little merchants would come in handy.

Apparently, the king even invited the Gerudo. Much too nice for his own good, I think. But it doesn't matter. In their usual fashion, the Gerudo declined with utter ferocity, saying that they'd plan their own form of survival.

I don't particularly mind, because that means my enormously huge baby won't have to be as enormously huge as I first thought.

There'll be the central ship. That will have the inner wall. The inner wall will hold those of high class and royalty. The king wasn't fond of this at first, but all the fancy nobles outnumbered him on that vote. Whatever. They get their privacy. So do the civilians. There's the outer wall for that one. That's where all the civilians will live and where the commerce will take place and all that. Then there are the outer ships. All connected to main ship by massive bridges and corridors, they'll each have an individual purpose. There will be the agricultural ship. That's where we'll grow trees for lumber and farm for crops. Then the livestock ship. That one's easy enough to guess. There are two more ships, the scholar ship and what we've come to dub as the "Goron Feeding Ground." I may have designed that particular ship but I have no idea what it's really for. The gorons were very picky when they said that area was exclusive for them. I think that means they may stick dodongos in there. I don't really care much so long as the beasts don't get loose in other parts of my ship. That would be disastrous. But I understand why they need them. How else would they keep their food supply if they didn't have the dodongo to produce rock for them?

Still, the power source for this concerns me. It's such a massive ship… and yes, I have masts designed for it, but wind power is the least of our worries. A salt water steam engine is just… impossible! Or rather, it's possible, but short lived. The salt would corrode the engines within years; we wouldn't have the supplies necessary for constant replacement of them, even with the Gorons. What about storms and hurricanes? And on days with no wind, how will we move? I have no idea.


The power problem is now the least of my worries, thank the goddesses. Another amazing thing happened. Something I thought I would never dream of seeing… The Great Fairies came and offered us their help in exchange for their own kind to live aboard our ship! I've no idea what fairies would need to worry about or their housing… but they said our current plans were adequate! Needless to say, it's amazing! The Great Fairies are our power source! We have engines now, engines that don't need salt water steam! Already we're having engineers train in magical arts to better understand the workings behind our new power source!

But it was bittersweet. As soon as the Great Fairies and their kin arrived, the Great Fairies passed. Our power source is literally them. They have trapped themselves within crystals, never to come out again, in order so that we may all live. They may not be truly dead, but they are not truly living either.

I must make sure their sacrifices do not go in vain.


It's been so long since we started The Pride of the Goddesses. I am old now… and I knew I would never see its completion. Still, I wish I could. Alas, I must leave it up to my children and their children's children and the many generations to come. No doubt the ship will be glorious when that day comes. Any deluge the goddesses may send will pale in comparison to the fruits of our labor, our means of survival.

But I wonder… When land comes again, will we continue to sail the seas in The Pride, or will we go back to land? In fact, who's to say the goddesses are wiping out the whole world? Perhaps just Hyrule. Again, questions I will not live to see the answer to. But fun to think about.

Nonetheless, I leave these words to my descendants:

Live. Do what you must to survive, but never forget to live. Chase your dreams, no matter what they may be or no matter what others may say. Don't be afraid to come up with crazy ideas, because more often than not, those crazy ideas will get you somewhere.

Just make sure it doesn't land you in the gaol!

Ah yes… this will be my last entry. I know it. And I'm glad I did it with a hearty laugh!

May your futures be bright, wherever The Pride may take you!

"Itaav? Itaav, where are you?"

A small boy writhed in his cramped bunk. When he heard his name called again, he sat up and bumped his head on the top bunk. Itaav Sallas cussed as he rubbed his head through his purple hair. He hated this bunk. He hated this room. Heck, he just hated being below deck. It was always so tight and cramped. And this part of the ship barracks was no exception. In the orphan quarters it was two bunks per each little room. But then again, he supposed it was better than having live parents. Then you slept in an even tighter spot cramped in between them.

The people in the Inner Wall didn't sleep like this.


"I'm going!" He shouted back, immediately waking up his neighbor in the top bunk. He didn't really care. He quickly put on his boots and a jacket before stomping out the door. Below deck, he had no idea what time it was, but he had an idea it was probably obscenely early in the morning.

He went down the hall, ignoring opening doors and people scolding the little kid for waking them up. He turned a corner, to see where the source of the voice was. It was the foreman, and he had his hand on the shoulder of a little blond boy. The kid was his own age, maybe a year or two younger, and he was definitely a recent addition to the orphan barracks. He had that sad look about him with his eyes plastered to the floor.

"There you are Itaav." Said the foreman satisfactorily.

The pale boy just grumbled something rude in response. He was just staring at the new addition. He had no idea why… but he didn't like him. Nope. Not at all.

"Itaav," the foreman went on, "This is Link Dollet. He just lost his parents in the hurricane last week. They got caught in a weak barrier and now… Well, I figured since you're the closest in age to him, you two might make good friends. I was hoping you might be able to show him the ropes, that this place ain't so bad."

It all went in one ear and out the other. Itaav did not like this kid, this Link. The kid hadn't spoken one word but Itaav got sick to his stomach looking at this… Pathetic worm. His mind paused for a moment, wondering where that came from. He'd certainly never called anyone a worm before. Pathetic, yes, worm, no. Weird.

"So is that all right with you, Itaav?" The foreman asked, seemingly not for the first time.

The older boy looked up at the foreman, then back at Link. The blond boy seemed to have gotten a little courage and taken a peek at him. Blue eyes briefly made contact with his own red, and Itaav felt that indescribable sense of loathing return.

So he kicked Link in the shin and hauled ass out of there before the foreman could catch him, giggling uncontrollably at the sound of the man's shouting and Link's crying.

Alright, first off I want to say the name Buckfee came to me in a dream. I dreamt I had managed to hatch a Night Fury, and he called himself Buckfee. I thought it was a lousy dragon name... but I like it as an ordirnary name. it's fun to say... Buckfee. Sallas came from my random need to generate a last name. I thought Salazar, then Salad Bar, then i went "wtf why the animaniacs reference?" and then just went to Sallas. Itaav, who I will not hide is this story's Vaati reincarnation (will get into that later, but the theory behind it courtesy of fleets), is a descendant of Buckfee. But we'll talk about that in later chapters.

And if it's not entirely clear, this is like an alternate universe of Wind Waker. Remember how at the beginning of WW we have the opening sequence with the legend of the Hero of Time. Basically the same thing here. Except the goddesses decided not be bitches and gave everyone a chance for survival rather than a chosen few when they flooded the place. The result was The Pride of the Goddesses, a truly massive five part ship that replaces Hyrule.

I will try to update this every other week. I will go to weekly updates when FL is finished. But I do hope that you'll like reading it as much as I like writing it~