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*Camille's Best Day*

And How It Got Ruined

The four members of Big Time Rush were headed out through the Palmwoods' lobby on their way to yet another practice session at the studio. Camille walked right through their little group with not so much as a glance at them. She had a serene and almost giddy look on her face that threw the boys off a little.

"Camille!" Kendall spouted to get the diminutive actress' attention.

She turned in seeming slow motion to face her four friends. "Hey guys. Nice day isn't it," her blank happy gaze was unfocused on any of them. She was not acting like the Camille they knew, and that was definitely saying something.

"You look pleased about something," Logan commented as his eyes narrowed slightly.

Her eyes flickered briefly with recognition of his words, but it was gone too soon and she was lost to them again. "Yes, nice day..." Her words trailed off softly and she turned again to continue towards the elevators.

The four stood there watching until the doors shut behind her. "That was odd," Kendall commented almost to himself.

Logan nodded, not even realizing he was doing so. His mind was racing faster than he knew what to do with. Carlos grabbed his arm and practically dragged him to the car.

Several hours, and a grueling harmonies practice later, the boys were headed back to the place they'd called their home for the last several months. While the others discussed their poolside activities for the afternoon, Logan couldn't help when his mind drifted back to the look on Camille's face that morning.

"I know that look."

Logan looked up with a start to see the other three members of his team watching him expectantly. He sniffed indignantly. "What look?"

Kendall shook his head. "Don't give me that. It's the look that says there's a plot brewing under that spiky black hair of yours."

"There is no plot! Plotting is off the menu." Loan protested, waving his arms back and forth.

The others looked at each other sceptically. "Right. Don't believe you," James said with and arched brow. "Tell us what's going on or we will torture you until you spill it."

Logan sighed dramatically. "I was thinking about Camille."

"Oh." Carlos dragged out the word with a wide grin.

Logan scowled at him. "No. What? No! I was just thinking that she was acting weird this morning."

"So? It's Camille, she's like that." Carlos adjusted his helmet.

Logan frowned in thought but it was Kendall that spoke. "It was different, she seemed... off," he mused.

"Right?" Logan exclaimed. "I say we find out what's going on."

James and Kendall looked doubtful but Carlos leaned forward in his excitement. "I'm in! Sounds like fun!"

Logan smiled in response and then looked pleadingly at his other two friends. "Alright!" Kendall broke. "We'll help you. Just stop looking at us like that, it's creepy." Logan and Carlos exchanged hi-fives, then the four spent the rest of the ride to the Palmwoods hashing out their plan.

When they arrived they decided to split up to look for the actress, then meet back in an hour to report their findings.

Kendall went in search of Jo. She was the most likely to know where the other girl was. James and Carlos went upstairs to check Camille's room and the hallways between here and there. One was to take the elevator, the other the stairs so they would be sure not to miss her. Logan had the lobby and pool area.

Kendall was about to knock on Jo's door when it suddenly opened. "Jo!" the startled singer exclaimed.

She was dressed in a bathing-suit, sandals, and a mesh cover up; she was also carrying a large bag, and a towel was thrown over her shoulder. "Headed to the pool?" he asked with a cocky grin.

She looked down at herself slowly then back to him with a raised brow. "Ya think?" He nodded nervously – very un-Kendall of him – as she shifted from foot to foot. "Did you want something?" she asked with greater softness in her tone.

He blinked at her a second before he remembered why he was there. "Oh, yeah. Have you seen Camille today?"

Jo was a little put-out that he'd come to ask her about another girl's whereabouts but she didn't let it show on her face. "I've been out shopping all day and I just got back. I haven't talked to her today."

He stared at a point on the wall thoughtfully. His sudden broodiness hurt her, but she told herself it didn't matter if he was hung up on someone else. She'd pushed Kendall away so many times he was bound to fall for someone else eventually. True, they'd had a great time together at the boys' "Social Gathering" but that was almost a week ago and this was her first time seeing him since then. Maybe it was because she said she couldn't stand hockey? "Why are you looking for her?" She didn't know how she was able to squeeze the words out.

"She was acting weird this morning and we're worried about her."

She brightened at that. "We?"

"Yeah, Logan and the guys. Well, mostly Logan I think," he trailed off.

She smiled and threw her arms around Kendall's neck. When the brief embrace was over there was a giddy, confused look on the boy's face.

"What was that for?" Whatever it was, he was willing to do it again for that reaction.

Jo only smiled shyly. "I don't know where Camille is, but if I see her I'll tell her you guys are looking for her." With that she brushed past him.

He watched the subtle sway of her hips until she disappeared around the corner.

A minute later he remembered to breath.

Logan stepped out into the bright sunshine that bathed the pool area. He, like the other guys, loved this part of the Palmwoods. It was a far cry from a Minnesota winter.

The Jennifers swept past him shooting him disdainful glares, he caught whiffs of their perfumes but today neither thing could distract him. He was focused.

He scanned the poolside but couldn't see that specific curly head he was searching for. He was about to move on when he heard her laugh. It was coming from one of the cabanas. He stalked over and crouched down next to one of the curtains.

He was surprised to hear a male voice as well as Camille's coming from inside. Logan couldn't make out what they were talking about but Camille was laughing at whatever the guy was saying.

He heard their voices move, but before he could get up he was thrown back when the curtain hit his face. When he looked up he had to squint against the sun.

"There you are," Camille exclaimed as she leaned down to lend the singer a hand up. "I was hoping to run into you before Dustin had to leave, though this isn't exactly what I meant."

Logan took her hand and got up rather ungracefully, all the while eying the boy that stood next to Camille. This new guy was slightly taller than him and had movie-star good looks. His strawberry blond hair perfectly set off his bright blue eyes.

"Dustin, this is Logan. Logan, Dustin," Camille said, taking care of introductions. She smiled and looked more content than Logan had ever seen her before.

Dustin held out his hand and smiled at Logan. "It's nice to meet you. Any friend of Cam is a friend of mine."

Logan looked down at the extended hand with a frown. He made no effort to reciprocate.

Dustin's smile slipped into a look of confusion and he let his arm down. He shot a glance at Camille but she was looking at Logan in utter shock. "Well... I should be going. I'll see you tomorrow, Cam."

She recovered and gave the blond a warm smile and a hug. "See you tomorrow."

He smiled back and glanced at Logan again before slipping on a pair of designer sunglasses and leaving.

Logan turned to watch him walk away. "Camille, the guys and I have been looking for you," he said as he started to turn back to her. "We wanted to ask you..." he trailed off when he saw her face. "Camille?" He was frightened by the look of pure hate she was giving him.

"What is wrong with you!" she screamed in his face. He held his hands up in surrender, but she went on. "I've never been so humiliated! Alright, so maybe I have, I just can't think of a specific instance at the moment. But at least it wasn't at the hands of someone who I thought was my friend!"

Logan's jaw dropped. He'd seen her play-acting mad before but never rip-your-head-off-real-life angry like this. Before he could function enough to respond she slapped him – hard. He toppled backward, landing on the ground again. She stood over him and looked even more ferocious with the setting sun lighting her hair on fire.

"Thank you so much Logan," the words dripped with venom from her lips. "You've just managed to ruin one of the best days of my life! I should've held to my promise and not talked to you this week." Her voice cracked a little and tears started to well in her eyes.

He opened his mouth to speak, even from his place on the concrete, but she dashed off before he could get out a single syllable.

Logan didn't know how long he'd been sitting there on the ground but he knew it had to be close to an hour. That hypothesis was confirmed when the other three guys came to find him.

They looked at him wordlessly then looked at each other. "Did you find her?" Carlos asked in a tone that said he knew the answer.

James squatted down to get a better look at their seated friend. "What happened? Your face." He pulled out his pocket mirror to hand it to Logan.

The boy took it without a word and surveyed himself. There on his left cheek was a raised pink welt. He touched it gingerly and winced at the contact. He sighed and handed James his mirror back, then pushed himself to standing. He looked at his band-mates. "I found Camille. She was with a guy, but..." Logan glanced away, not sure how to continue.

"But?" the other three exclaimed in unison. They were anxious to hear the rest of the story.

Logan threw up his hands. "I don't know! I said something wrong or did something! I don't know! She blew up at me and did this," he said pointing to his face.

"Dude," Kendall said with sympathy.

James shook his head. "No one can push that girl's buttons like you can."

Logan narrowed his eyes. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Carlos put a hand on Logan's chest to stop him from advancing on the pretty-boy. "He just meant that where it concerns you, Camille can be a bit touchy."

Logan settled down. "I never noticed. Well, I noticed, but I thought that's how she was around everybody. I didn't know it was me."

The other three looked at each other. "It was you!" they said in tandem.

It was time to take this show indoors they were starting to draw a crowd. And not in a good lets-see-the-teen-idols way, more like the wow-a-car-crash-I-can't-look-away sort of way. The guys led a still stunned Logan to the elevators and then to their apartment.

Logan sat woodenly on the couch staring across the room with a blank expression on his face. He was clearly in shock.

Katie walked in and observed her brother's friend's odd expression – or lack thereof. Kendall, Carlos, and James were staring down at him as he just sat there. "What's wrong with him?" she asked, crossing her arms.

Kendall dipped his head to his sister and stage-whispered. "Camille slapped him."

"I thought she wasn't talking to him this week. What did he do to her now?"

Kendall's eyebrows rose. "That's right. Logan, is that why she slapped you? Because you tried to talk to her?"

Logan looked up at his friend and shook his head. "No. She was happy to see me at first. She was just plain happy..." he trailed off again.

"So she was happy, and she was with a guy?" Carlos asked, stroking his chin. "Maybe he was her boyfriend!"

A look of disgust washed over Logan's face, but Katie was the only one to see because she was eye-level with his downcast face.

"It would certainly explain her giddy behavior this morning," James put in.

"It could also account for why she was mad at Logan," Katie said as she walked towards her room.

"What do you mean?" Kendall called after her.

She popped her head back out to look at the four. "She's probably seeing Logan clearly now, and not through the love-haze she'd been in since we got here." With that the small girl disappeared into her room.

"She loved me?" All of Logan's breath escaped with the sentence.

"Hold up, man," Kendall said, sinking down onto the couch too. "Don't get carried away.

"But you heard what Katie said!" he pointed in the direction the girl had gone.

"It's true that Camille really likes you but I don't know about love." James sat on the coffee table facing them. Carlos flopped down on the other side of Logan from Kendall. It was silent for several moments as they all thought.

"What are you going to do when you see her again?" The question came from Kendall.

Logan let a puff of air escape his lungs as he rubbed the back of his head. "I'll have to apologize, though I'm still unclear on what I did."

"And if this dude turns out to be her boyfriend?" Carlos pushed.

Logan's eyes flashed wide before resuming their blankness. "I will be happy for her, and congratulate her." He stood suddenly, startling his friends. "Now you'll all have to excuse me, I've developed a headache and I need to go lay down." He brushed past them and disappeared into the room they shared.

It was still early so the other three decided to go back o the pool before dinner even though they were all worried about Logan. Their good time was dimmed a bit not having their fourth, they also still didn't know what exactly was going on with Camille.

Kendall zeroed in on Jo and was at her side a minute after they reached the out-doors area. "Hey," he said in what he liked to call is "smooth" voice.

"Hey yourself," she answered with smile. "Did you find Camille?"

"Logan did."

"That's good."

"Not really, it isn't. She went nuclear and slapped his face."

Jo's jaw dropped. "What did he do to set her off?"

Kendall shrugged. "As far as we can tell; nothing. So, I guess you haven't talked to her?"

She shook her head. "I saw her storm through the lobby but wasn't near enough to catch up."

"Where was she headed?"

"To her room I think." They were silent for a moment as they thought about their friends. "Do you know why Camille is mad at Logan?" Jo's eyes were soft with worry.

"Not sure. It may have something to with the guy that was with her when Logan saw her."

"Really?" she was surprised. "What guy?"

"We suspect he was her boyfriend."

Jo fell silent so Kendall glanced at her. To his shock the girl exploded with peals of laughter. He wanted an explanation but he had to wait until she'd calmed down. James and Carlos heard her hysterical laughter and came over to see what the joke was.

Jo wiped her eyes and struggled to reign in her breath. "I'm sorry," she said between gasps. "Whatever you think is going on here isn't. I haven't known Camille that long but there are a few things I know for sure about her. She hates liars, and there is only one thing in this world she loves more than acting."

She paused and the three leaned forward. "What!" they spurred her on together.

Jo grinned. "Logan Mitchell."

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