AN: Ok so I know there isn't a lot of Arthur in this. It will come believe me. Now come the part where I list every thing that needs to be listed.

1. This is AU so there will be historical inaccuracies. I'm putting in the rebellions in France because they fit the story. I don't know if that happened in that time period but it fits my story.

2. I might hear that some characters are out of character or not following cannon to this I say. This is AU, so warning!

A. Natalia will be chasing after France like she chases after Russia in the manga. I know that she should be chasing after Russia but I need her to be insane over France to fit the story.

B. The Yao/Kiku pairing. They are cute in my eyes. Yes, Yao still will have his scar but it wasn't Kiku that gave it to him in this story. I know Kiku is seen as cold and distant but I thought he acted like that. I know that in the manga when Japan was little he wanted to be strong and was determined to get away from China. I thought that if you took those same emotions when dealing with wanting to stay with his older brother instead of leaving him, then Japan would most likely be an overprotective and loyal type.

C. Yes Hungary's gender confusing will still be in this fic, and I actually found a book that said that women and men actually had the same strength but men had the advantage since they were bigger. That's why I made her the strongest member of the crew. I know Hungary's name is Elizabeta but from the gender confusion angle and since it's easier to write she will be referred to as "Eli".

D. Arthur was born in England so he has a natural rivalry to the French, also he was in his "drunk" personality when he thought up this plan.

E. There haven't been any names given to Denmark and Norway so Denmark will be known as "Den" and Norway will be known as "Nore".

F. I'm only going to describe their clothes in rare instances. Pirate clothes are hard to explain anyway so readers will have to use their own imaginations for that.

3. Probably the most important. I will be putting ports in places that maybe no where near the sea! I claim the AU right to do that! So I don't want people telling me "This (insert name of place) isn't anywhere near the ocean!" I am warning you now so don't be surprised if it happens in the future.

4. Last but not least, I don't know if their was indoor plumbing on ships during that time or if any of the other things I'm describing existed now or then but I figured "hey Ivan's insane so he would probably work tirelessly trying to invent these things if he was challenged, and since he's Ivan he would succeed."

Ok, sorry for the long AN but I just wanted people to know what they were getting into. Thanks for checking this out!

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Arthur looked out from the docks of the ship. The waves of the ocean rocked his floating vessel into a nice lull. Today Arthur the Bloody was going to take on his biggest mission yet! He was going to kidnap royalty. He could already begin to see the port of France coming onto the horizon. He had been joking with his crew members down in the kitchen yesterday while drunk and they had tried to think of all the things they hadn't done as pirates. It was a surprisingly challenging task. His crew had been out to sea for years now and they had had many adventures. They stole, ravaged the towns, they flirted, they fought the navy and they were known as legendary pirates. It seemed like they had done everything.

Or so it had until Alfred piped up.

"We haven't kidnapped a member of royalty! We totally need to do that! I bet if we did that we would REALLY be legendary!"

The rest of the ship cheered. It was supposed to be a drunken game but Captain Arthur couldn't get what Alfred had said out of his mind. That could have been why he was now on route to France. He had been born in Britain so he had a natural dislike for French people. He could only imagine how mad the King of the country would be when one of his children was stolen! It would be great! He would lock them in a room and feed them only what the pirates ate , then he would drop them at the next port. The royal family member would find their way home and tell them about the awful pirates. The "Supernatural Fairy" crew would be known far and wide then!

It was just a matter of time.

Francis looked out from the balcony. He had begged his father but there was nothing that could be done. Natalia said that she would marry him and only him. In a weeks time he was due to be married to Natalia. To make matters worse she would be coming to the castle later tonight. Natalia was a cousin to the Russian empire. She had a large amount of resources that could be of use to the French empire and well her family just wanted to get rid of the insane lady. The family had offered a dowry that was too good to refuse. Francis ran a hand through his silky blond hair, trying not to shiver as he thought about the psycho he was about to be wed to.

The riots and rebellions in Paris were rising to unimaginable heights. He didn't want to be king! He was happy just flirting and dancing. His little brother Mathew would make a much better king than he would. The younger was always studying politics and looking out for the good of the people. Hell, he had taught Francis most of what the older knows. He asked to be passed over for the crown but his father said that Mathew was too shy to take the throne.

A weary sigh exited the blond as he looked up in the cloudless sky. He wished that he would be saved from this fate. He was like the princess from those fairytales desperately looking for his prince. He wondered how long he could stand his future wife. Maybe he should commit suicide now? France shook his head. No. That would be a last resort.

The "Supernatural Fairy" docked at the port. To the naked eye it would appear to be a market ship. The sides bent upwards making it look like a floating store (which it was), to hide the logo of the supernatural Fairy there was a flipping sign that was controlled by levers in the underbelly of the ship. Eli whistled loudly as she began to set up shop while Feliks began putting out the items for sale. Gilbert and Arthur were already going around as tourists to look for possible entrances into the castle. A group that consisted of Norway, Yao, Kikku, Roderich and Felicano were going to the market for items that they needed restocked. Alfred, Ivan, Denmark, and Ludwig stayed behind to do the monthly maintenance on the ship.

She was sure this would be the greatest heist ever! She had never met a royal and wondered what he or she would be like. It would be nice if the Captain wasn't such a shut in and actually ended up finding love.

"Eli! Stop Fantasizing about later tonight and help me open the store!" Feliks yelled as he started putting out the ship's wears. This was how the ship made money. The crew would sell their worn out weapons, jewelry that they had gotten on previous raids, and anything else they didn't need.

"Ok! But think twice about taking that tone with me again. " Hungary went and pulled the levers. She always loved how the siding would rise up and let the sunlight in. She was by far the strongest on the ship. The sound of the city filled her ears as the wooden boards methodically slid into their places on the ceiling. Feliks gave her a thumbs up before she went out into the street shouting.

"Come one! Come all! See what this market ship has! Need a ring for your lovely? We have that here! Need a knife to protect your family? We have that too! The best quality in the seven seas! Come one come all!

Feliks let out a serene smile as he watched Eli. She was one of a kind that was for sure. While most other girls would be shy and quite Eli would be out there screaming and fighting. He laughed a little to himself. She was almost like a man trapped in a woman's body! To bad she would probably never notice him.

While Eli was out selling their possessions, the other group was out gaining more. Roderich fingered the gold in his pocket as he looked at the market's selection. The dried meat was rather expensive but it was worth it. The eggs looked to be of a high quality. Flour, sugar, salt, and pepper sat innocently on the shelf. A sigh exited the cook. Stupid Prussia and his (very loud) demands for protein! He wished they were going to raid that castle instead of just kidnapping that stupid Prince. Imagine all the exotic ingredients he could get then! He loathed the idea of spending money but just this once it had to be done.

"Sir, is everything alright?" The shop keeper asked.

"Yes, I would like to get these ingredients. Enough to last a group of seven people for a few months."

The store owners eyes widened but he didn't say anything. He was too busy counting the dollars in his head.

Feliciano went on his way to the fabric shop. Feliks had insisted that they needed some leather, cotton, new needles, thread, and more buttons. It surprised the little deck hand how fast the tailor's personality could change when one mentioned clothes. One minute Feliks would be shy and the next BOOM! Now you need to get smooth leather, not rough! I want the threads to be different colors! I need lace! I want it to be PURE cotton! I need standard buttons and as many pretty ones as you have the extra money for!

Feliciano shivered at the thought of the chewing out he was going to get if he didn't get this right! Maybe he should just buy everything in the store! Yeah, that made sense, then Feliks couldn't get mad at him! It's a win/win situation! The deckhand abruptly stopped as he passed a jewelry store. Behind the glass on display was a beautiful wedding ring. The ring had a gold band with a single ruby on top. The seventeen year old let out a sigh.

It was stupid but he wondered if Ludwig was ever going to give him a wedding ring? He didn't want to act all girly but he had fallen in love with the man the day they first met. Hell, he had even joined the "Supernatural Fairy" to get close to Ludwig. Maybe he should propose? The Italian furiously shook his head at the thought. No! They had a good thing going on. Feliciano wasn't going to screw it up by wanting more, besides he had to get those fabrics!

Yao and Kiku were wandering the streets for a repair shop. Ivan had sent Yao out to buy some pipes, some sealant, some nails, and some other mechanical things. When he asked Ivan why the repairman couldn't get out and do it himself he was told that Alfred had given him another challenge and he needed to do his monthly repairs to the ship while it was docked. Yao couldn't think of a reason to refuse since he was probably the only one who could remember the measurements. His little brother Kiku would help him carry everything, sometimes his apprentice was just way too overprotective.

He smiled. Alfred was always challenging Ivan to invent something new for the ship. One could say that he was grateful because Ivan used to be completely unbearable until the "hero" joined them. It was due to Alfred's challenging that they now had a working latrine system and a garden. Alfred had this time challenged his lover to make a water purifying mechanism so they can stop boiling their water and storing it. They would stop by the repair shop after they went to the pharmacy. Yao was running a bit low on some things.

Kiku walked closely behind his older brother. His stoic sharp eyes taking in everything that was happening around them. He wanted to relax and fall into the peaceful lull that his brother had been drawn into but he found that he couldn't. There was really only one way he could be peaceful and that was when he knew his older brother was completely safe. The nineteen year old gripped his concealed knives a bit harder at the thought of someone DARE trying to take his brother from him.

"Kiku?" Yao asked. The younger blinked, realizing that he had completely missed the question.

"I'm sorry. My mind must have wandered off. Will you please repeat what you said?" Yao laughed lightly which made the apprentice's normal subdued expression turn into a light smile as well.

"I said, What do you think Alfred will challenge Ivan to make next?" Kiku's thought turned to the older brutal repairman who was obviously insane and then to the hyperactive, too optimistic and troublesome for his own good Alfred. The younger did a light scoff.

"I have no idea what Alfred will think of next. Those two are completely insane." Kiku said in complete seriousness, which only made the doctor laugh harder.

"Yes, I suppose they do suit each other" Wang Yao agreed as he lightly kissed the younger on the cheek. The two lapsed into a companionable silence as they continued to walk to the repair shop.

Nore walked down the street. He didn't have a clue what he was looking for. Den had just told him to "get a souvenir". All the others were told to get something specific from the other crew members but Den never had him do anything like that. He supposed he should be thankful since he often heard horror stories from the others about the ass chewing they got when they bought the wrong things. What would Den like anyway? A small voice piped up in his mind that Den wouldn't care because he always treasured everything Nore got him.

The twenty two year old smirked as he thought about the time he bought den that hat as a joke. It was a small baby sized black hat. He had wanted to get a reaction out of Den because he was angry at him over something. To his surprise and horror Den loved it and wouldn't take it off. He just got frustrated when the hat would fall off because it was too tiny for Den's large head. To remedy that Den got Feliks to sew barrettes at the bottom of the hat so it wouldn't fall off!

He was going to give up and go back to the ship when he saw a small nursery at the side of a house. Maybe he could get some new vegetable seeds for his garden. With a complacent smile Nore went to knock on the old lady's door. He would worry about what to get Den after he was done here.

"It looks like the servant's quarters would be the easiest way to get in." Gilbert observed as he walked around the castle with Arthur. Ludwig's brother discreetly looked talked through the bushes to his captain. Arthur let the espionage pirate jump over the fence and scan the castle.

"Yes but we're not going for easy. Royalty always stays at the very top rooms." Arthur roughly reminded him. Gilbert nodded behind the bush.

"I know. Totally unawesome right? Thankfully my totally awesome self thought of that too. There is a steel ladder that leads up to for the roses. I have no idea who thought that would be a good idea but on the bright side they have pretty flowers." Arthur laughed.

"This just proves it. The French are stupider than I thought they were."

"Yeah it was not awesome. With the ladder we should be able to get up there quickly. The ladder stop around the seventh floor so we'll have to hoof it the rest of the way. Totally unawesome. They probably wont have too many guards and the rest will be taken up by distractions so all that remains to be seen is getting out." The red eyed man explained.

"No worries. I have a plan for that." A grin spread over Arthur's face as he looked up at the castle. Oh yes, you just enjoy you're little comfortable life because later tonight it would be gone. The Captain couldn't wait to show those Frenchy French good for nothing bastards how the other side lived. It was all just a matter of time.

Yeah, like I said before not much Arthur and Francis but in the next chapter they'll have more interaction. This chapter was just an introduction to the pairings. To review, Ivan is the insane repairman, Feliks is the tailor, Roderich is the cook, Arthur the captain, Feliciano and Den are the deck hands, Yao is the docor and Kiku is is over protective swordmaster/apprentice. The rest will be revealed soon! Hopefully there will be more yaoi in the next chapter as well. Thanks for reading and please tell me what you think! All critiques are appreciated!