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Arthur stared dejectedly out of the window in the Captain's quarters. They had been on this ship for a whole week and he had only left the room twice. He now had all of his food delivered to his room by Gilbert. He knew that he should make a show to boost moral but he just didn't feel like he had the energy. The fairies swirled around his head as they tried to cheer him up. A small smile came to the pirate's face. No one could say that they weren't persistent.

They were only a few days away from France. The Captain wasn't sure in all honestly why he was going to France. He should just let that stupid Frog and his perfect psychotic future wife live in their supposed peace. Ha! Francis deserved that! Arthur looked at his hand. He felt a small bit of anger at himself. He was acting like an emotional teenager who couldn't make up their mind! He felt that the Prince didn't lie to him. There was no way that the Prince would pursue him so strongly if it was all just a joke. He KNEW that Francis had been lying to Natalia but why did it hurt so much?

A small knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts. It didn't sound like a knock he recognized but what was he to do. He didn't want to be disturbed but he also didn't want to be rude. The last thing he needed was for his subordinates to start giving him pitying eyes because he had been holed up for so long. Who knows? Maybe someone was just checking to make sure he hadn't committed suicide. He wouldn't use that trick until it was really needed. The Captain grudgingly got up, ignoring the cracks that his body made from not moving out of bed for the past week and shuffled to the door.

The knock persisted. "I'm coming! Hold your horses!" The Captain yelled as he meandered his way over to the door. The knocking continued, making the Captain growl as he increased his pace.

"Goddamn it, I said stop the knocking!" Arthur yelled as he opened the door.

"Ve! You don't have to be so loud. Ludwig wanted me to check on you!" Feliciano said as he invited himself in. The Englishman looked at the Italian who never seemed to have a bad day.

"Well, you've checked on me. Congratulations now leave." The Captain demanded. The younger male bit his lip in worry.

"But Captain…..Ludwig would be mad if I left you like this! Ve! He would be so disappointed that you are so sad!" The pasta lover exclaimed as he sat on the large bed in the room. One of Arthur's eyebrow's twitched as Ludwig's pet meandered around the room. Had the Italian never heard of personal space!

"I said I'm fine!"

"But you're not. I don't mean to be mean but.. Ve! You're suffering Captain!" Feliciano exclaimed wit tears as he turned to look at Arthur with an oddly serious expression. For a slight moment the pirate was taken aback. The Italian male was never serious. To see him as such was oddly unnerving. Young brown eyes watched the blond Leader, and almost against his will Arthur found himself talking.

"It's not like you would understand. I am so angry at him! We should have thrown him into the sea the second he stepped foot on this vessel! It's unbelievable. We haven't know each other that long. It makes no sense! I shouldn't feel like this."

"But you do." Feliciano stated. Arthur growled in irritation.

"But I do." The pirate begrudgingly agreed.

"Ve! When I get sad or confused Ludwig always tells me to find out what I'm going to do, and do it! You should do that to!" The Italian smiled as he began to jump on the bed.

"I am!" The Leader argued. His electric green eyes narrowed in anger.

"Ve! Sure you've made the orders but look at yourself! How do you expect to win the war against the royals if you can barely stand!"

"I can stand just fine you little shit!" The Captain angrily shouted. Standing straighter just to prove a point.

"No you can't! You have stubble! Ve! I can only imagine how your body must be all flab from sleeping all the time, and no one has seen you!"

"I was recovering!"

"But how can you expect Francis to come back if you can't save him! You have to be the knight and shining armor! I know you can do it! It's like Ludwig always tells me when I get lazy, "MOVE!".

"Fine! You want me to move, is that it! Then I will move so much that you will never have to guess that I'm moving! Is this moving enough for you! " Arthur screamed as he picked up one of his books and threw it at the wall.

"Yeah! That's great! Ve! Move! Move! Move!" Feliciano cheered as he jumped on the bed! Arthur's eyebrow twitched as he noticed that his attempt to intimidate the Italian epically failed. Despite his failure, Ludwig's pet's excitement was contagious. In another rush of anger he threw another book, then another, and another…

In took only a few minutes before the Italian jumped in. The fairies screamed as the flew underneath the door to seek out Nore. There was no way the pale blond male would ever stoop to such violence like the Captain. In a matter of minutes the room was trashed but Arthur could admit that he was feeling a lot better.

"See! Wasn't that fun? Ve!" The Italian asked as he jumped off the bed.

"WHAT IS THE RACKET!" A Booming German voiced yelled from the door.

"HEY POTATO BASTARD! SHUT UP! How dare you yelled at my fratello like that!" Lovino's voiced carried through the door as it was opened. The two stared at the mess in a dumb shocked fashion.

"Lovi, what's wrong? I heard you yell." A Spanish voice cooed.

"When is he not yelling?" The Second in command muttered under his breath.

"WHAT! WHAT WAS THAT? YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY TO ME POTATO FREAK!" Lovino screeched at the older blond, who only stared at the younger.

"Ve! Look Captain! Ludwig is back!" Feliciano happily stated as he went to run by his Master's side. The other Italian's eye twitched.

"Ludwig? What about me you idiot!" Feliciano turned to give an innocent look to his brother.

"Ve, oh sorry fratello." If possible the twin brother got angrier.

"Sorry? That's all I get!"

"SHUT UP! Here you all are going to clean this room up, and you can stop when you have either learned to get along or the room is clean!" Arthur yelled as he walked past the group and slammed the door.


The days passed fairly quickly despite the injuries among some of the pirates. It was also a great help that they had a few extra hands. Being fueled by anger alone, Arthur was often seen now doing laps around the ship. Oh the pirate had a plan alright, and no one would tell him it wasn't possible!

"So that's the plan huh?" Felik's smirked as he pulled out some boxes from the closet.

"What are you doing?" Toris asked.

"Giving into my life's passion!" The tailor dramatically yelled as he finished pulling all the boxes out. Gilbert groaned as the transvestite pulled out a Lolita maid's outfit.

Arthur groaned as well as he stared at the monstrosity. He didn't like this idea but it seemed to be the only way to get into the castle to get the Frog. He was sure that everyone would be on high alert for the wedding and he knew that he could trust Feliks when it came to hair and makeup.

"I am NOT wearing that!" Ludwig's younger brother yelled.

"You Bloody well are! This needs to be done properly and I will not have it ruined by you!" The Captain snarled back. The albino huffed as he slid against the wall. Ludwig looked at the outfit with a certain bit of contempt. He was happy that he was going to be a handler and not have to deal with being a maid. Berwald looked out of the window, a pleased smile crossed his face as he watched his lover play with their son. The plan had been set in motion. With Toris and Berwald aboard they now had guides for the castle and where to go. Make no mistake, the servant didn't want to help the pirates destroy his Mistress so it was only with a vow from Arthur that no harm would come to Natalia that Toris agreed to help.

"Lovi! You will look so cute in this!" Antonio cooed as he held up a bright red outfit. If looks could kill the Spaniard would be six feet under by now.

"Oh SHUT UP! Stupid! I don't see what you're so god damned happy about! You have to wear one too!" The Italian yelled as he pointed to a box that held a mauve outfit just a few inches from the Spaniard's feet.

"I know! I will look as good as a juicy tomato in this!" Antonia squealed back as he picked up his own outfit, holding it securely to his chest. Feliciano' brother let out a huff on annoyance and rolled his eyes. Damn the Spaniard! The Captain sighed as he looked at his own maid's outfit which was an army green. Kiku's Lolita outfit was an emerald green, while Yao's was a burnt orange color. Kiku's eyes furrowed in annoyance as he thought about his beloved brother getting involved in this. Yao could get hurt! But oh, his brother had insisted that they have a doctor on the field. Kiku gripped his sword tighter. He supposed if that was his brother's will then he would have to stay extra close to protect the elder.

"This is such an uncool idea Iggy!" Alfred complained as he looked at his sky blue maid's outfit. Ivan stood over his over with a creepily mellowed out expression on his face as he imagined the younger man in the costume. It was a pleasing enough though that the insane repair man didn't focus at all on the large lavender outfit he himself was holding. Denmark giggled as he watched Nore's face as the spiritual pirate looked disgustedly at his dark blue outfit. Feliks was in heaven as he put on his own yellow maid's outfit which only had the effect of making Toris bush.

"Feliks! Don't change your clothes in front of everyone!" The servant pleaded as he quickly stood in front of the tailor.

"Oh isn't he just the gentleman? Defending my honor like a good man should!" Feliks dramatically proclaimed as he pulled the brunette into a kiss.

"Where's Eli? Wasn't she supposed to be here?" Roderich asked as he held his own deep purple garment to him.

"Yeah, but she said she'd catch me later. She's finishing up he daily training. Now everyone go to their room and change! Then come back here to get hair and makeup done, and remember! If any of you ruin my wigs you will have to pay for it out of pocket!" The feminine man proclaimed as he ushered the others out of the room!

"What he said! I expect full use of these skirts to hide weapons! We have a wedding to crash!" Arthur added on as he walked out of room. He would admit that the idea wasn't the best but it was all they had to go on. They would go in under the guise of being extra maid's sent from Russia from Natalia's family. Toris had been kind enough to tell them that Natalia's parents wouldn't be there since she was more or less the "family shame". Ivan would speak Russian to pull off the part and the men that weren't wearing the dresses would come in carrying large gifts that would hide their faces. The ship had docked close to the French port and it was easy to listen to the rumors to find out that the Prince of France had been safely returned from awful pirates and was getting married in a day. The pirate was also lucky to find out that the whole town had been invited to the union! It worked to his advantage.

Ludwig let out a sigh as he tipped his top hat in his tuxedo and made the horse drawn carriage go forward. He would have liked to say that they went crazy and stole it but the military pirate thought it would be better if they just rented one for the day. The carriage held six people. Two up front and four in the back. Ludwig looked to the side of him to see the Captain. Feliks was a miracle worker there was no doubt about it. Arthur wore the Lolita maid's outfit wonderfully. The skirt was a little bit longer to hide the weapons but it fit rather well. The neck was more closed off and tight so the adam's apple wouldn't show. Felik's had put a light blond wig on the pirate and let the hair down, the hair was then accentuated by a green headband. Once the fake eyelashes, makeup, and lipstick were added, along with the legs being shaved and Mary Jane shoes. The Captain looked just like a girl!

"Ve! Everyone looks so cute! Hurry home Ludwig! I want to dress up too!" Feliciano yelled as the carriage pulled away, making the German blush and Lovino give him an dirty look from the other carriage. In the back of Ludwig's carriage Gilbert and Roderich both sat on one side while Yao and Kiku sat on the other. Gilbert had been accessorized with a long platinum bond wig which had went down to his shouders. It didn't have the volume that Arthur's did but it still looked natural. His make-up was done in pale tones, and peach lipstick. The espionage pirate was happy that everyone had to shave their legs because the smoothness was getting to him. Roderich's wig was down to the middle of his back with light curls nearing the end and he had been given "natural" tones of makeup with a light purple lipstick. Kiku stared stoically ahead while Yao gave him gentle smiles from time to time. Kiku DID NOT like that his sword had to be hidden in gift wrapping to travel with them. He always felt edgy without his weapon. How was he supposed to take care of his brother defenseless?

The two Asians looked like little princesses. Kiku looked especially delicate with his bob cut and extravagant makeup to highlight his features. Yao looked especially young with his long hair braided and tied into a bun on each side of his head. He still looked older than Kiku but now it was filled with feminine charms of seduction. Feliks had made sure to make the doctor's lips a deep wine red. In the other carriage Den was dressed in a tuxedo that was the same black as Ludwig's as he drove the carriage. Next to him sat Nore, who hadn't needed a wig. The aristocratic pirate was already mistaken as a girl on a near constant basis and with the cute clothes to match it was more so. In fact he took the least time out of everyone. A brush through his hair and a little powder and blush is all that was needed. In the back Lovino and Antonio sat. Lovino had grumbled all through the whole process. He was by far the most foul mouth person that Feliks had ever had the displeasure of meeting. It hadn't exactly helped that Feliciano sat with him yelling about how lucky his older brother was. The Italian had been given a wig that was brunette with a little tiny curls in it in combination with a "darker" makeup set. Antonio had been delighted by the whole process and per usual wasn't phased by anything. He had been given a dark brunette wig with wavy hair that was put up in a bun.

Across from them sat Feliks and Toris. Toris didn't have to wear a dress and was going to get them in. He knew that the men guarding the door wouldn't ask questions if Natalia's servant showed his face. He was still a bit up in the air about why he was helping these people. The servant shook his head. He had been promised by Arthur that Natalia wouldn't be harmed which he supposed was the best he could hope for. Toris wasn't a fighter and there was no way he could take down so many powerful people. He was still a bit confused about Francis's marriage to the Captain, especially since Natalia never stopped talking about how Francis was marrying her, but maybe he misunderstood? It wasn't like he had anything against the pirates. They had all been nothing but kind to him even after being captured. Especially Feliks. He had never blushed to much until he had met the tailor. Feliks didn't look too different. The tailor had mastered looking like a female long before this mission. To Toris, Feliks looked like Feliks in a Lolita maid's dress.

In yet another carriage that was being driven Berwald in a tuxedo there sat Eli, Ivan, and Alfred. Eli looked like she normally did but her features were more defined with makeup, and instead of the war demon that Eli was known to be stood the most gentle looking woman that you would ever know. She looked like she could have never hurt a fly. She was the only one who's costume accompanied shoulder length gloves to hide her weapon. Ivan looked like the great Matron of all maids. His fitting had not been an easy one. He was so much bigger than the other men that Feliks had been forced to use a corset. The Russian has a robust figure, with cleavage that would appear to be spilling out if it weren't for the closed top designs of the uniforms. He had been given a wig to put on that matched his skin tone that went down to his elbows. His make-up appeared caked on instead of delicate but for whatever reason it worker for him. The Russian was taking shallow breaths as he sat ram-rod straight to not break the corset. He was only doing this because Alfred begged him and the artillery expert was going to pay dearly for having him go through this humiliation. Alfred sat next to his lover looking like a pure lady. His hair had gotten a bit long so Feliks was able to curl it into a short curly flirty hairstyle. Unlike the others that were given make up to make them look gentler, Alfred had been given a "sunny" makeup set which made him have a healthy glow. Ivan looked over at his partner. He had to admit that Alfred looked particularly like the gentle sunflower that the repairman often claimed him to be, but he still preferred the male version. Behind them sat tons of wrapped gifts for the weddings. The ones that held the weapons of Kiku's sword, Den's ax, Arthur's sword, Gilbert's sword, Ivan's pipe, and Berwald's staff were wrapped in a green wrapping, while the others were wrapped in white. You know what they say? Beware of visitors bearing gifts.

Francis sighed as he looked in the mirror. His face was freshly washed. His hair was pulled back. His tuxedo shone a pure white and boasted the finest silks. For a wedding that had only taken a week to prepare. Let it not be said that Natalia didn't know how to get things done. Normally a wedding of this magnitude would take months to prepare but apparently the Russian believed that she deserved a full wedding. He looked deeper into the mirror, hoping beyond hope that a portal would open up and take him from this situation. All that stared back at him were tired blue eyes. It was one of the rare days where the Prince let his true feelings show. It had been horrible. He couldn't get the passionate pirate out of his mind. He wanted so badly to go back, but Arthur was probably long gone by now. It didn't help that he had dreams with nothing but the Captain staring at him with those heartbroken and angry eyes. His mon petite lapin was no doubt better off without him.

"Hello!" Toris greeted as they were stopped at the gate. The officer gave a friendly smile to the servant.

"Oh Toris! Good to see you made it back! And just in time! Natalia will no doubt want her most faithful servant with her on her wedding day." The brunette chuckled nervously in agreement.

"Yes, I brought the maids she ordered and picked up her presents from her family." The servant shakily lied through his teeth. Berwald kept his face lowered.

"Oh well alright. The men aren't coming in are they?" The guard asked.

"Oh no! The drivers are just going to give these lovely ladies a ride in and help us move the presents into the castle. " The brunette nervously stated.

"Ok then. Have a good day!"

"You too!" The servant called back. The carriages drove into the back entrance, passing many more carriages that had been parked to the side from the wedding. The "maids" got out of the carriages after it was parked near the "entrance of the help". They were immediately welcomed with open arms by the maids from the castle. At this point any extra help was fully accepted! Arthur followed the maid in front of him, holding a tray for fruits as an appetizer. The Captain made a special effort to look for the damn frog. So far all he had seen was many upper class citizens and one hell of a banquet hall. The pirate looked to the left to see two huge golden doors. There was no doubt that this was where the wedding would be held. This continued for a few more hours. The men tried not to speak unless spoken to, do to the "sensitive" nature of their voices.

All was going well. Until the harmonious sounds of the organ began to play. All of the maid's lined up outside the castle's chapel. They were granted the privilege to watch the wedding through the open doors. They weren't allowed in since the banquet was directly after the wedding. Arthur watched carefully at the end of the line. His stomach dropped as he saw Natalia near the alter in a beautiful white wedding dress. The pirate hated to admit it but she looked beautiful. The Captian leaned further out where he could see Francis standing at the alter. In that second he got cold feet. Should he do this? Francis seemed happy enough. Though cold feet might have been enough for Arthur it wasn't for Eli who played out her role perfectly.

"Alright everyone! Put your hands in the air or die!" The lady yelled as she stepped out of her place in the line of maids. A gasp resounded in the chapel. Natalia looked at the woman in front of her and sneered.

"What do you think you're doing? I know, you're jealous that I have such a wonderful man in my life and you don't right, dyke? Well, if you think for one second you will ruin my beautiful day you are wrong! Guards! Take her away!" The Russian screeched. It was then that a gun shot rang off the walls, taking down the priceless chandelier above them. Alfred chuckled as he held his guns near him. He was so happy to use his skills! The massive crash brought only a few seconds of shocked silence.

Arthur took out his own gun and pointed it at the royals. It was mass panic. The guest began fleeing, which gave the pirates the perfect opportunity to move closer to the two. Francis felt his heart seize as he was roughly pulled back by a blond haired maid and a gun was put up to his throat.

"You fucking frog. I should end your life right now for doing that to me!" Arthur harshly whispered to the Prince. Francis blinked as he recognized that voice. It was his mon petite Lapin!

"Arthur!" The Prince whispered reverently as he pulled the pirate into a hug, forgoing the warning. By now guards had come storming into the building allowing for a more one on one approach. Feliks, Roderich, and Toris were no were to be found. Kiku was ruthless, going from one slash to another. Yao stood behind the Japanese male using his acupuncture needles as an attack. He hated to admit it but the Mary Jane shoes were pretty comfortable. Den had his ax out stopping the majority of the people from escaping, and Nore had his sword. Ivan was in psychotic heaven he his rushed the crowd with his trusty pipe. Alfred was giggling on top of the Russian's shoulders shooting randomly into the crowd. Gilbert followed Alfred's lead with his own gun.

The king and Queen sat on their thrones, growing more confused by the second. The King grabbed his wife as she was about to flee. His anger went through the roof.

"ENOUGH!" The King yelled at the top of his lungs, commanding instant attention. Everyone stopped in their tracks, including the pirates.

"That is enough! I command you to leave at once!" The King addressed the pirates. Arthur reacted without even thinking. He grabbed the Prince, holding a gun to his head and challenged the King.

"I'll kill him. Don't think for a second I won't kill him." The King quickly summed up the situation before Francis intervened.

"Father! I…I'm sorry but this is my fault! I didn't want to marry Natalia so I allowed this pirate to kidnap me! I only wanted to be free! I hate her Father! I don't want to be a King!" The Prince beseeched the King.

"What? No. Francis? Beloved? You love me. Remember, you said you love me!" Natalia yelled in a confused voice.

"No I don't! It was all a lie so you would leave him alone!" Francis shouted back as tears came to his eyes. This was too emotional. The King roared in rage, which only resulted in the pirated raising their weapons a little higher.

"All this because you won't accept responsibility! You know this treaty with the Russians is important! I would be fine with letting you go but who would take the throne!"

"What about Mathew! He knows more than I ever have about the political process! And he's wanted Natalia since he first laid eyes on her!" Francis yelled back at his Father in rage. A contemplative look passed the King's face. He was not happy to have his family issue drug before the general populace but perhaps his son was right.

"Mathew is this true?" The King snapped. The shy blond stood from the pew he had been sitting and agreed. The King nodded his head.

"And Francis you do realize that by doing this you won't ever be allowed to come back. You will forfeit your title as Prince and spend your days forever being hunted by the empire you once had stake in?" Francis nodded as he looked sideways at Arthur.

"I understand Father." The King nodded again.

"Very well. I want you and the pirates to leave immediately. You have until nightfall to set to sea. Guards! Open the gates! Mathew! Get up here!" The guards opened the gates which let the remaining people leave (which they happily did). Mathew gave his older brother a concerned look but hurried to the alter none the less.

"No! This can't be happening! No! I want Francis! Give me Francis you stupid Frenchies! I will kill you all!" Natalia screeched as she ran down to where Francis was, pulling a knife from under her skirt. She was caught rather easily by Berwald who came out of no where. The former heads guardsman gave a salute to the King he easily disarmed the royal. This was petty but he felt a need to get even with Natalia for what she did to them before.

"You will be silent!" The Queen seethed as she marched up to Natalia and slapped her across the face. The Russian's eyes widened. She had never been hit before. Arthur would have liked to watch the drama a little more but he realized that they were quickly wearing out there welcome. With a high pitched whistle the pirates gathered to escape.

Francis once again found himself in the Captain's Quarters. His heart thumped from the adrenaline. He knew his Father would keep his word when it came to the pirates. There was a small bit of longing for what he was giving up but the Frenchman tried to not think about it. He would have to put his faith in Mathew. His little brother will make a great King.

Arthur opened the door. Giving his supposed "husband" a dirty look. They were together now. It would have been nice to say that with this time back they made passionate love, but in reality the pirates were high tailing it out of France as fast as they could. Arthur glared at the Frog before snuggling into bed and going to sleep. The former Prince could sleep on the floor for all he cared.

Little did they know that in another room Roderich laughed as he held the crown jewels in his hands. Gilbert stood to the side of the room. Ah, it was nice to know that he was having a positive impact on the musician despite how this dark side of his lover was slightly scaring him. Deep violet eyes met ruby red before the cook smirked.

"What, I am a pirate too you know." Gilbert winked.

"Very awesome. I am amazingly proud." The violinist flushed at the compliment and before a kiss was stolen from him.

"But you still have a long way to go before you're at my level of awesome Specks!"

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